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More “Nightmare” Details From Metal Hammer Interview! Song Titles, etc.
June 2, 2010, 8:37 am
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Avenged Sevenfold revealed some awesome details on their album “Nightmare” in the newest issue of Metal Hammer:

– Theres a 11 minute song which is the very last one on the record.
– Theres a one called ”So Far Away” which Synyster Gates wrote which also includes Synyster’s Dad playing guitar as a tribute to Jimmy.
– Theres also ”God Hates Us” which as they said ”it’s the heaviest thing weve ever done”

Thanks to Perri for sending this in!


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Brilliant! This sounds great! :)

Comment by Aanchel

so far away i like the name

Comment by BC

Actually thats the only thing that I don’t like in this post lol….reminds me way too much of shitty Dragonforce

Comment by Drew

reminds me of that song by staind

Comment by David Castleman

lol i dont know anything by them, but i do know that Dragonforce has the words “so far away” in the chorus of like eight of their songs….one of the many reasons why i think they straight up cant write music

Comment by Drew

I’m so fucking excited!

Comment by Vayne92

“god hates us”…

avenged sevenfold going slayer?

haha this record sounds like it’ll be awesome

Comment by Anonymous

Its killin me

Comment by Christina

why do you say Jesus? if god hated them so does he lol

Comment by Metal

11 minutes!!! The longest songs they got are so beyond epic.

Shattered By Broken Dreams, I Won’t See You Tonight, MIA, Strength Of The World, A Little Piece Of Heaven…all those were only 7 to 9 minutes…

Comment by Brandon

Im pretty sure its the song “Fiction” that the rev wrote right before he died. im excited in a very sad way.

Comment by Anonymous

I hope 5 minutes of the song isn’t a solo and intro

Comment by Jmac

i do. thats the best

Comment by Anonymous

nope, shadows said they put a song after that one

Comment by Anonymous

they said that fiction was the second to last song in an interview

Comment by Anonymous

god hates us…thats what the title of the DBN post about the studio

Comment by BC

Is this 11 minute-long song Fiction? The one the Rev called his masterpiece and the song that has clips of him singing in it?

Comment by mesa

If I remember correctly, M said that “Fiction” would be the second to last song on the album.

Comment by deathbatnews

yea it was supposed to be the last song but then they moved it around

Comment by BC

When did he say that?

Comment by Lands.

in one of his interviews that i saw one here listened to too many in the past few weeks to remember which one…sry

Comment by BC

He said it in one of those recent interviews that were posted here a few weeks ago. The interviewer was asking about Fiction and called it the last song on the record and Shadows said it was the second to last song.

Comment by PM7X

Oh, I wonder wat the last song is gonna be called.

Comment by Lands.

No, i think that will be a short song

Comment by Anonymous

A good 3-5 minutes? Lol. I hope, all I know is that it was written by the Rev and it was the revs nickname and it started off with the title Death.

Comment by Lands.

shit! i hope so. i think i recall someone saying that fiction was the last song on the album but i could be wrong but if it is then FUCK YEAH!!

Comment by Metal

awwwwhhwhhwhwhhw the heaviest song ever?!?!?!awwwwhhhahwhh cant fucking wait!

Comment by Andrew


Comment by Anonymous


I’m just playing along with the body-part game.

Comment by Scratch


Comment by crystal

Wow. 100% sure this will make me cry like a baby.

Comment by Juan

Geddon Perri you beast :)

Comment by Hannah O'Neill

This is shaping up to be the most EPIC record EVER!

Comment by Ghostflame83

“So far away”, I’m gone.
Please don’t follow me tonight
And while I’m gone everything will be alright

Lyrics from I wont see you tonights part 1….

Comment by Sephyr

PART 3!!!!!!!!!!! LOL i have dreams about a third part

Comment by Andrew

Sweet child, we’ll miss you.
So faaaaar awaaaaaay, far awaaaaaay
lyrics from Burn it Down…

Comment by Mickey

So far away, we wait for the day…
lyrics from Through the Fire and the Flames

Comment by Herman

been far away
for far too long

lyrics from Nickelback

just thought i’d play along

Comment by Alley

“and now that were here, so far awaaaayyy”
staind lol

Comment by Anonymous

Im so far away! Ive been changin’ but but you’ll never see me now!-Crossfade lol

Comment by DK deathbat

FUCK i’m so excited!!

Comment by Stephanie Cote

Ahhhhh, I can’t wait to get my hands on thiiiis!

Comment by Vanessa

All I can say is…damn it. I can’t fucking wait, and yet at the same time I’m nervous because I know this album will break my heart.

Comment by Sarah

If god truly exists then he hates Avenged Sevenfold, and I refuse to surrender my will to that asshole.

Comment by Sephyr

How can you say He hates them?
They’re famous, rich and you know

Comment by Danniel

God most certainly does not hate Avenged Sevenfold. The five guys were his greatest creations and they display what humans are capable of doing. They are the best of men, and if God exists, he recognizes that.

foREVer </3

Comment by Luke


Comment by Scratch

Dear God/God hates us: please help me to understand…it’s because jimmy died…?

Comment by matt V

It might be one of the former ‘concept’ songs. And even if it isn’t, that doesn’t mean it necessarily mean that ‘God hates us’ as in ‘God hates Avenged Sevenfold’. :P

Comment by Sarah

I completely agree with you Sarah!!

Comment by Alicia

yes but maybe it means:”God hates mankind because He lets men die and suffer…” but in my opinion this is blasphemous…

Comment by matt V

Wow, an 11-minute song! I’m so anxious for Syn’s song! *_*
Ow God, 1 month and 25 days for the album to be released. I CANT WAIT!

Comment by Rianna

Can anybody scan it for us? :)

Comment by arielle

I am so excited for this album… Mayhem fest the day the album is out… Gonna be so good. :D A7X foREVer!

Comment by Emilee

I cannot wait to see them at Mayhem!!!! ahh :D

Comment by Stephanie Cote

the only thing that sucks for me is getting up early so i can get the album before mayhem.. in a way i want it to get leaked so i can be somewhat familiar with the songs before i see them!


Comment by Rob

This is gonna be an amazing record. and very hard to listen to without tearing up… but i cant fucking wait.
‘god hates us’? ahh cant wait! >.<

Comment by Chazzy Vengeance

damn it all its gonna brain fuck me!!!

Comment by shagydrummerx

Maybe the last song will be “I Wont See You Tonight Part 3”? If its 11 minutes long then its gotta be that song, since the first 1 was like 8 minutes long.. Hopefully the ‘God Hates Us’ song will be amazing. if it is the heaviest thing they have ever done. Im just saying, this cd looks to be amazing, I cant wait to listen to Fiction and So Far Away. I cant wait til this cd is released.

Comment by Lands.

All I’m gonna say is, that comment that “God Hates Us” is the heaviest thing they’ve ever done better not be exaggeration… Unless, of course, they mean ‘heaviest’ in that it’s the most emotional or disturbing/depressing.

Comment by Skull Cupcake

Unholy Confessions – Dear God – God Hates Us

Headin back to the roots!!

Comment by JC

i cant get metalhammer in hungary!! :( sounds awesome though!!!

Comment by mcra7xbfmv

YOUR HUNGRY? ME TOO! lol jk but yeah that suck you should order it online thats where alot of new a7x stuff is

Comment by Metal

O my god!!! I can’t believe it! I’m so excited!!!

Comment by Sojacked

The emotion of the band has clearly been channeled through the songs, just their names say it all…

Comment by Tholomew

Yet another song titled “So Far Away” that’s probably going to be an all-time favorite of mine, along with Staind’s and Crossfade’s.

Comment by Julie

So we got 2 more song titles that’s cool. I think this album will shock the music industry.

Comment by josh


Comment by WARNERVE6661

11 minutes???????
Hell yea!!!

Comment by Angst

Hell yeh! I cant wait.

Comment by Lands.



Comment by James

11 mins? woaah! i fully can’t wait.

Comment by rexy

i’m super excited.

Comment by ruth

YES. I always love new details on the record. So far this is easily the most hyped up record of my life. This is how excited I was for the last record…times 100,000,000,000! I wonder what the 11-minute song is going to sound like..

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer


Comment by Ghostflame83

hell yeahh..!!

-danger line
-So far away
-god hates us

Comment by a7xjandro

Nightmare should be the first song, then So Far Away. Then to end it, I think it will be Fiction then Danger Line? If thats the last song.. Then idk where God Hates Us will be put.. Maybe 6 or 7.

Comment by Lands.

I wonder how many songs will be on this album i heard in a interview..shadows said they have 11 ideas does that mean 11 songs???

Comment by Jonathan

Fuck yes!

Comment by Inge

lmao its gonna be the best when i first get the record.
lol im gonna stay up all night listening!!! XD no one better disturb me -.o

Comment by Jeremy

This is like slowly peeling off a band-aid….hahahaha!! I am sooooooo ready for this album!! Patience is not a virtue I was blessed with, so I’m on pins and needles for this new album. I appreciate their creativity and how they push themselves to do something different with each album, all the while keeping the hard rock roots that have made them my favorite band of forever and always. So I’m ready to rip this damn band-aid off already….come on July!!!!!!

Comment by Christen

I have never been so hyped up for a record in my entire life….this is the coolest thing ever, I CANT WAIT!!!! brains will melt at the epicness XD

Comment by Alicia

How many songs is there gonna be over all? :S

Comment by Hannah7X


and 11min song? 2 points for A7x!!

Comment by Darkness6661

*like* infinity :-D


Comment by Andrea

OMJ i so can’t wait for this cd…ahhh i’m so pumbed!!!

Comment by Zacorra

man i’m beyond stoked. mostly for fiction though.


Comment by dvengenz

Oh man, can’t wait any longer!

Comment by Aline

i’m going to shoot a pasty load in my shorts.

Comment by niko.


Comment by ^britt^

Not sure if this has been answered. I’ve read and watched and listened to sooo many interviews. I can’t fully remember…haha
Has the number of tracks on the album been released yet?
I’m hoping it’s a big amount.

Comment by Thomas

No they haven’t said I don’t think. And I follow them very closely.

Comment by Aaron

I thought I heard 9 somewhere.

Comment by Scratch

11 mins…awesome,i absolutely love all their lenghty songs

Comment by me

I don’t think there will be a I Wont See You Tonight pt. 3 as the only reason there was two parts is kinda like Slipknot with Vermillion pt. 1 and 2. But I do wanna say an 11 minute long song will be pretty epic and could be the best thing ever for Live shows. My question is I wonder if Syn and his dad will duel guitars for Syns song to the Rev ;)

Comment by Terrance Phifer

I Wont See You Tonigt pt.1 and 2 is about Justins Sane? the lyrics is parts of his suicide letter, or am I totally wrong? xD

Comment by RaZoR

Not quite… Justin didn’t commit suicide, he tryed though! And the “part 1/part 2” thing is inspired by Pantera’s “Suicide Note” (which also as a ballad-like part 1 and a hardcore part 2).

Comment by Anonymous

A song heavier than their STST/WTF stuff? Can’t wait to hear it, and the 11 minute song (their long songs are always great)

Comment by Jon

Someone know if the song “God Hates Us” was written after or before jimmy´s death ?

Comment by Anonymous

Pretty sure it was after, as a letter to him.

Comment by Revenge

no i think it was before the only song that was after was the one syn wrote so far away

Comment by BC

I’m pretty sure it was before, since Jimmy wrote most of it, including the drums that Portnoy played. Since Portnoy probably didn’t write any drum parts, they must have already been written by Jimmy, which would mean before.

Comment by Seth

Possible bane for the last song: the reverend bartholomew plague?

Comment by zach

This album will go down in history. Its gonna be soooooooo fucking amazing! I hope they still have that instrumental they always used to play live – I’ve been waiting a year and a half for that

Comment by FretMuppet

yeah man that sounds soooooo good. I hope its in one of there songs….if not an instrumental. But i bet itlll sound better with lyrics and more to it.

Comment by eh7x

Anyone else think the last one is gonna be ‘Fiction’? I can’t remember if Matt said what number that one would be, but Jimmy’s songs are usually longer; look at ALPOH.

Comment by Revenge

fiction is the second to last it was going to be last but i think syn said they moved one after it

Comment by BC

Well, I’ve read that that song exist out of piano parts and 3 lines of lyrics, so I don’t think that’s enough for 11 mins

Comment by lean99zz

Matt said in an interview fiction is 2nd to last.

Comment by Anonymous

Matt said that Fiction is the second to last song on the album.

Comment by Aaron

God hates us better have som screamo, crazy drumz,n awesom guitar solo,this album sounds lik da best A7X album,A7X foREVer!

Comment by Sergio

that was the one with the picture that DBN had a while ago with lead voc, screan voc, verse bgn, total nightmare and god hates us
and yes i think it will

Comment by BC

i cant fucking wait to hear this whole album, im anxious for Fiction writen by the rev and God Hates us. its gonna be fucking sick!! best album forever forsure!!

Comment by Chris Chaos`

Pssible name for last song: the reverend bartholomew plague?

Comment by zach

i bet that “sorry did i wake your sleep” thing is a joke referring to the album cover. probably a child and a giant deathbat haha

Comment by eh7x

Well, why would god take someone so close to us knowing all the pain and misery it would cause us. Because he hates us. That must have been their mind set writing that song. Man, i can’t wait to hear this record!

Comment by Julian

If you search you can see a preview of the magazine and it lets you zoom in on 3 pages so you can read the article. Its a really good interview!

Comment by SaraLeann

lol, 11 mins :p that won’t even fit on youtube

Comment by lean99zz

To claim the heaviest song yet…..they better live up to the hype thats all Im saying :D

Comment by Terrance Phifer

Cut it out withthe I won’t see you tonight part 3 bullshit. Those songs were about suicide

Comment by Anonymous

I’m so exited about this album, but ”down to the devil’s show, to be his guest forever” and God Hates Us…I hope they’re not turning satanic, lol.

Comment by Danniel

Lol! I doubt it. God Hates Us makes me think of the feeling a person gets once someone dies, like “Why them? Why did god have to take them?” You start to scorn god for it. That’s only my guess, though.

Comment by Scratch

Really looking forward to it, not so sure there’s gonna be an IWSYT pt. 3. What would it be about? Pt. 1 was the view from the person who committed suicide, and pt. 2 was from a good friends view. What else could their be?

Comment by Seth

no the idea is that the new “11 min heaviest song ever” has to beat IWSYT pt 2 in heaviness

Comment by Alley

The 11 minute song isn’t gonna be the heavy one…they didn’t give a title for the 11-minute one and the heavy one is called “God Hates Us”

Comment by Drew

…I’m not thinking you understand what I said… It just doesn’t make sense to have an IWSYT Pt. 3.

Comment by Seth

ah man i’m not a cryer, but this is gonna be such a hard album to listen to without crying =[
having said that though, we could be hearing screaming on ‘God hates us’

Comment by JordanA7X

God, an 11 minute songs? The long songs are always fucking brutal. (MIA, I Wont See You Tonight, ALPOH) & I can’t wait to hear “God Hates Us” as well.

I’m very proud of these boys. They’ve really worked hard on this album.

Comment by Alex

Heavier than Desecrate Through Reverance or I Won’t See You Tonight pt. 2? Could they do that without the sreaming?

Comment by Seba

Let’s hope not lol. I’m personally crossing my fingers for screaming on this album

Comment by Drew

Me too! But I try not to think about that… :P

Comment by Seba

I can’t fuckin wait! I KNOW that this is going to be epic.

Comment by Alyson

11 minutes??? If I’m not wrong… the last song is “Fiction”, The Rev’s song… so that song is a 11 minutes song? o.O

Comment by Polay

no it was moved to the second to last song they moved another one to the end

Comment by BC


Comment by SYNNER

omg cant wait!
wasn’t there a song that shadows wrote for him as well?
well anyway i cant wait to see them…anyone who’s going to San Diego on September 18 to see them tell me!
A7X foREVer

Comment by emilyA7X

Heaviest thing they have ever done eh?
Even heavier than I Won’t See You Tonight Part 2?

Comment by Brandon N

only waiting this album!!!

Comment by Malus

Okay, I stand corrected, looks like God Hates Us was a title after all =p

Comment by David Castleman

omfg I can’t wait for this.. I CANT FUCKIN’ WAIT!!

Comment by ChrisPL

Heaviest song ever huh…can’t fuckin wait!

Comment by avenged7xdotcom

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