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Listening Information On M Shadows & Zacky Vengeance X107.5 Interview Today!
June 7, 2010, 10:26 am
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As I posted before Dustin Carlson from X107.5 in Las Vegas wanted to base his interview with M Shadows and Zacky Vengeance off of your questions! Today is the day of the interview and we’ve got some information for those interested in listening.

The interview will air around 4:20pm PST and an extended video version of the interview will be posted as an mp3 once it has gone through editing. For those of you listening in the US you can listen live here. For those of you outside of the US we will post the interview once it’s up on X107.5’s website.

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awesome.can’t wait for it to be posted.i really would like to hear it.

Comment by jax

woot :D

Comment by moshiz

i just posted on his facebook wall about this and he pretty much said the exact same thing.


Comment by synystersam

I want to know which question’s he’s going to ask… I’m kind of nervous actually.

Comment by Victoria

Yay! This should be an interesting interview.

Comment by Alyssa

hah, I hope they answer my question :p

Comment by lean99zz

Is there any way I can listen live even though I live in Canada?

Comment by Stef

I hope they talk if there some screaming in the new album. that’s the question i asked

Comment by hcmanu

Video version in mp3 format? Well maybe it’s not that important, but couldn’t help but notice

Comment by JIK

Does the extended video also include the rest of the interview? I’m not gonna be able to listen since my class starts at 4.

Comment by Caroline

Was wondering when it would on EST, clicked the link, and it came on lol.

I’m magical.

Comment by Scratch

I hope they read my questions. I’m from Jakarta,Indonesia by the way

Comment by Nuzul

OMG! This interview had me cracking up.

Comment by Ghostflame83

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