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Accidental Overdose Cause Of Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan’s Death.
June 9, 2010, 12:43 pm
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Orange County Deputy Coroner Mitchell Sigal has confirmed to Rolling Stone that Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan passed due to an accidental overdose. The full story can be read here.

Avenged Sevenfold drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan died on December 28, 2009 from an accidental overdose of prescription drugs and alcohol, Orange County Deputy Coroner Mitchell Sigal told Rolling Stone. Toxicology reports indicate that Sullivan suffered “acute polydrug intoxication due to combined effects of Oxycodone, Oxymorphone, Diazepam/Nordiazepam and ethanol.”

“To all of us who loved Jimmy, the only thing relevant about December 28 is that is the night we lost, too soon, a son, brother, friend and one of the most talented artists in the world,” the band’s manager Larry Jacobson tells Rolling Stone. “Every day, his parents and sisters, and his brothers in Avenged Sevenfold smile at the many memories they have of Jimmy and his fans around the world revel in the musical legacy he left them.”


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R.I.P. foREVor

Comment by fatboy

D: reading this ruined my day..

Comment by dvengenz

mine too. I kind of wish I didn’t read it and let it go as some sort of a mystery. it’s so sad. :( r.i.p jimmy


Comment by stephie

this news makes it worse for my, I wish I didn’t know this D:

Comment by lean99zz

* for me.. (sorry)

Comment by lean99zz

ruined your day? this has left a whole in my heart!

Comment by tank

as much as I love this guy, this really pisses me off. What a waste.

Comment by Seth

ya i agree have you noticed it seems tpo happen to almost all the great ones?

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Lisa


Comment by Derek

my thoughts exactly.

Comment by Alicia

At least now his family has some closure on what happened. :'( Rest in peace Jimmy.


Comment by B

thats heavy

Comment by Anonymous

Why so late too tell us O.C Deputy Coroner Mitchell Sigal!!?

Comment by Noel Contreras

Wtf. No. This has to be a load of shit. Why couldn’t they keep is quiet? I don’t understand.

Comment by Victoria

right i have to agree…but at least well now know…but it still sucks :/

Comment by melissa

On a higher note, we always knew he had a big heart :)

Comment by B

i said the same thing.

Comment by christine

thank you that brightened my day

Comment by syn gates

this made me smile :)

Comment by melissa

I’ve been going around for the past five months telling myself that he wouldn’t do an overdose… and then this shows up. I’m in shock… and kinda angry with him, but also really, really sad. But well, his mom said in an interview that he hadn’t been in pain, and that’s what counts…
Fuck fuck fuck.

Comment by Alex

Its really sad but it wasnt leisurlie drugs like cocain or something this was perscription but he had it with to much alcohol which can have bad side affects the way he died was not foul play

Comment by sam

so sad ): he shouldn’t have died… he was such an amazing musician and i can remember the first time i listened to a little piece of heaven and thinking wow, ive missed out on a whole genre of music. Now i’m a complete metal head and it’s all thanks to jimmy. I wish he was still here with the a7x boys celebrating their new album. i know it’ll do him justice.

Comment by hannah

Wow i cant believe it was by OD…
It does not make a difference to me cuz the world still lost an amazing person that day no matter what i toxicologist says…

Comment by colt45

See this is why you dont do drugs!

Comment by Josh

dude it was freakin advil! This sux. I’m still crushed. I love you Jimmy. You will always be in our (smaller) hearts.


Comment by Luke

i dont think he did it on purpose he just liked his drink, he probably didnt even think it would affect him.

Comment by Anonymous

Damn man. Shame to hear. FoREVer.

Comment by austyn

Breaks my heart……RIP Jimmy…….. I’m gonna cry I think…..

Comment by Thomas

I swear to God if anyone starts crowing about him being a druggie or ODing and shit I will punch them in the face.

Papa Gates said it best on his MySpace blog after Jimmy died (and he knew the guy better than a lot of people – certainly better than any fan or press writer).

‘As is always the case with a person of such pure spirit, he was simply too beautiful and fragile to walk this earth for long. God touched him with the gift of art, but not the gift of resilience to handle a harsh and cruel world.’

Comment by Sarah

Thank you! Well said! <3foREVer<3

Comment by Katrine

I agree.. I had many people try to shove it in my face that he was jus a druggie and they regretted sayin it to me… Jimmy was beyond a beautiful person he was an amazing drummer.. Papa Gates was right he was a person of such a pure spirit.. We miss you Jimmy and love you foREVer…

Comment by Kayla

i agree good words he had a big heart and no one can compare …he was the best and i wish he was here still cewlibrating the new album but hes not so all fans in the world celibrate for him and im sure hes celibrating in heaven having the time of his life

Comment by nikki harris

Always sorta fgred it was an OD:(
RIP love ya Jimmy

Comment by Mickey

Oh man. Wow.

That’s just… I don’t even know.

Rest in peace, Jimmy. We love you.

Comment by Cassie

No… I just can’t believe this…

I’m glad it was just prescription drugs, but that’s still awful.

Comment by Aanchel

By that, I mean that at least people can’t say shit about how being a druggie caused him to pass away.

Comment by Aanchel

dude.. what was he doing with does drug anyway? thats heavy shit…. and adding alcohol?!?! xP

Comment by opo

It almost doesn’t seem accidental….

Comment by Scratch

it was accidental he probably had medication due to his condition also he had jux had lasik surgery they kuld of been for that.. he probably mixed em up on accident

sad thing though either way
Rest in peace Jimmy

Comment by Licha

OMG that is EXACTLY what i said!! he came home drunk one day n said ‘oh shit i need to take my meds!’…i’ll always love n miss you Jimbo </3

Comment by CharleneMarie

prescription drugs are obtained from a medical professional. he probably took a lot on accident and may have later forgotten that they were still in his system so he was drinking and those elements combined making a fatal killer inside of him that destroyed his system.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by CharleneMarie

Yeah, it was stupid to add the alcohol but he obviously needed the drugs for some reason if they were prescription.

Comment by Aanchel

Who cares how it happened? He’s dead, the only thing we can do is showing respect for a great fallen artist…

Rest In Peace Jimmy… foREVer…

Comment by Seba

wow it seems like only yesterday

Comment by russell

K seriously guys, I miss the guy and no one in drumming has influenced me more than the rev, everytime I drum I think of him…but don’t kid yourselves, everyone knows how easy it is to get prescription drugs without a prescription. Especially in Cali and when u have a lot of money. This happens to people all the time. They wanna get higher than last time and just like that it’s all over. And it definitly wasn’t from LASIK. I just had it done and aside from 4 different eyedrops meds there was absolutly no pain…and those drugs they listed were pretty heavy…there isn’t a single physician out there who would even think about prescribing someone all of those medications at the same time. Especially being as young as he was, no matter how enlarged his heart was…sorry if I come off as an ass but I do have the upmost respect for the man and his art. I thought he was funny and always wanted to shake his hand and thank him for his influence but I have never envyed his lifestyle…RIP

Comment by Anonymous

I agree, also if he really had an enlarged heart, that doesn’t mean that he was sick, people who are working out cardio tend to get enlarged hearts with a slower heart rate than people who don’t work out, perfectly healthy! Show some respect people.

Comment by Panteraya

Actually, doctors will prescribe those together. It happened to a friend’s mom. She was seeing at least three different doctors for the same problem and they had her on so many strong painkillers that eventually she couldn’t keep track of what she was on. She died of the same problem, because just took what she was told to take and was over medicated. I know these drugs can be gotten without a prescription but I have faith in Jimmy that he needed them and had them legitimately.

Comment by Kel

They said they were perscribed to him. He didn’t go and buy them from some drug dealer.

Comment by Anonymous

a tool song says it best “you think drugs have done nothing for society just look at all of the musicians, actors, comedians who have enriched our lifes all way fu@$in high on drugs.” guys you dont get that painkiller cocktail from a dr cause of its danger. i dont care why or how im only saddened. what a tragic loss. your memory will live forever in your music. rest in peace

Comment by j

r.i.p jimmy, it still doesn’t seem real.


Comment by dor

Omg, just too sad :(
RiP Jimmy ♥

Comment by Céliaa.

He is now our Angel, playing those drums. Jimmy you will never be forgotten and truly missed. Taken to soon but will foREVer be around in the music he created with his brothers. Matt, Syn, Zacky and Johnny: You guys have continued (with this new album)to keep the Rev alive and that I thank you. A7X foREVer!

Comment by Jolene

How awful… :(

Comment by Jake

Fuck. We miss you Jimmy.

Comment by A7X81

How terrible. It’s depressing to see such an talented young man pass away because of something so easily avoidable.

Comment by Zach

It happens to the best =/

Comment by Jasmine


Thats all I can really say to this.

Comment by Taryn

Not blaming you DBN at all, but i would have gone better not knowing that he basically killed himself. This fucking blows that this happened, and that it happened this way. I WOULD GIVE ANYTHING TO HAVE HIM BACK!! WHY JIMMY OUT OF ALL IN THE WORLD FOR THIS TO HAPPEN TO…. WHY YOU?

Comment by Noel Contreras

No, he didn’t basically kill himself. It was an *accident*. It was careless, perhaps, and at best an honest mistake. But there is a very big difference between an accidental death and a purposeful suicide. :)

Comment by Sarah

what was he doing with those drugs anyway? thats heavy shit… heavy shit
and adding alcohol?!?!?!

Comment by opo

he had just had lasik surgery and was seeing 2 different doctors for the same problem he was drunk from partying and probably walked in to his house hammered as can be and said shit i need to take my pills and took them all they oxys 1 from each doctor and then diazapan to calm him slefdown becasue he was so hyper so it destroyed his system it was an accidental overdose not intentional RIP jimmy you will be in our hearts foREVer

Comment by Alex

Well now I know why… I could kill whoever got it for you, the pills or the drink… I could be mad at you, but it wouldn’t change the fact that I still miss and love you Jimmy. :'( You are still my hero. And you always will be. foREVer.

Comment by Sahsha

I feel lightheaded…

We love you, Jimmy. FoREVer.

Comment by Ava

poor rev…rip were a great person and will always be remembered… A7X foREVor

Comment by Jessy Miller


Comment by Anonymous

regardless of what or how Jimmy died he is still a huge miss by family, friends, his avenged brothers & fans

Comment by DeathBatCullen

Thanks for posting this. Though even now knowing what caused his death still does not change the love for Jimmy & his amazing talent or how much he will be missed. I was lucky enough to get to see him play December 2008, never imagining that would be the last time. Gone too soon, but never forgotten. R.I.P. FoREVer.

Comment by lala268

this really bumbs me out even more now :/

Comment by joe7x


Comment by Stephanie Cote

Ugh. Despite the fact he’s been gone for 6 months, all the emotions just rushed back while reading this. RIP Jimmy.

Comment by Tom

I am seriously crying right now…an overdose? Why Jimmy, why? :'(

Comment by Alyssa

I never cared how he died (thank you anyway for sharing) because Larry is right.. Jimmy left us all way too soon. I am glad there is closure tho.

We miss you Jimmy!! foREVer

Comment by Andrea

i agree with you its terrible that he passed and i kinda didnt wanna know but it doesnt change anything ill still miss his crazyness,and geniuse the same as before

Comment by Kenny

thats so sad… RIP The Rev

Comment by Anonymous

I kinda thought that it was drug related. But an accidental prescription drug O.D. sucks

Comment by Hef

Just makes it all the more real.

Comment by Emmy

May he rest in peace! Its so sad when someone loses their life to something so trivial, regardless of who they are. I’m not going to focus on that though, and I’m going to remember all the joy that he brought to myself and millions of others around the world. He will be missed, now and foREVer!

Comment by Christen


Comment by Scratch

Larry said it all. We miss you, Jimmy. <3

Comment by Atrum

Oh jimmy why did you have to leave us!!No matter what you are loved and missed by so so many!!Im sorry to hear! But I dont believe in judging him!! foREVer rest in peace James Owen Sullivan

Comment by crystal

It was an accidental overdose of prescription drugs? :( That is so unfair, thats how we lost jimmy? I was almost 100% positive it had something to do with a medical condition he already had though, ;( am glad we were finally told though….

Comment by Dante7x

Well, they said he also had a heart condition that may have contributed to his death. So, there’s that… :-/

Comment by Sarah

I’m just speechless..i don’t have words.


we love and miss u jimmy

Comment by jax

this just made me cry. i know i didnt know jimmy personally like the guys of A7X did and it may sound weird to say but i miss him. and to the guys of A7X if you guys really do read our comments… i truly am sorry. i know what your going through. i know its not easy. my older brother passed away 4 years ago, and a very close family friend who i considered a brother, passed the year after. it was your music that helped me then and i admire u more than ever for continuing on now. <3

Comment by Shea

I had a gut feeling but holy crap thats some pretty serious shit. I mean he might have not taken it “all” in one night. but all those relaxers and alcohol combined will slow your heart rate down til it just stops.

Comment by josh

wow, i didnt think they would ever release it.

Comment by Anonymous

why jimmy? man, what a sad, sad mistake. youre still foREVer in our hearts.

Comment by Chris L.

I always wanted to know where Jimmy died from, but knowing this doesn’t feel good :((

Comment by lean99zz

In his sleep at his home

Comment by josh

I don’t know what else to say, besides oh Jimmy… We love you, and will be forever in our hearts.

foREVer. <3

Comment by ashleyxsynyster

We miss and love you, Jimmy. Keep rocking up there.
R.I.P. foREVer

Comment by nicotinestain

This article is a punch to the freaking gut man. :'( RIP Jimmy

Comment by Ghostflame83

I had a feeling it was an OD but I was hoping it wasn’t kept insisting it wasn’t. Well now I know it wasn’t of natural causes.

It seems like everyone is dieing of acidental overdoses. This sucks.


Comment by Alicia

Hmm… Why did it have to be an overdose…:(

Comment by Jessica

I’m not saying he’s a druggie, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t get all those drugs from a doctor. There’s no way a doctor would prescribe somebody all of those. I’m about 99% sure he got some from outside sources. Prescription doesn’t mean he got them from a doctor.
Extremely disappointed.

Comment by Seth

I wouldn’t assume that because it is possible a doctor prescribed him that medication. I have family members that are prescribed with a lot more medication then this and they are mostly painkillers. Anxiety medicine isn’t uncommon, so there isn’t much to say about that.

There isn’t much to say about this post because its really devastating but I think that people are assuming way to much in something they don’t really know much about.

Comment by .

I’m shocked that most people here are shocked that this was an OD. not a suprise to me. Dude was a rockstar afterall and they party.

Tragic nonetheless

Comment by Anonymous

Agreed, no shock here. I thought it would be cocaine.
RIP the Rev though :C

Comment by Seth

It breaks my heart to hear this, but it’s also nice to know what it was, it’s been bugging me since the day he died. All my friends/family insisted he OD’d, because he was a musician and all, but I didn’t believe it. And it still isn’t entirely true, it was accidental. As said, it could have been a careless mistake.

But Jimmy did leave us quite a legacy, and he was an amazing musician the time he WAS here, and that’s all that matters. :)

Can’t wait for Nightmare… FoREVer<3.

Comment by Spiffy

So he took a lot of downers with a heart condition that already slowed the blood through his system… though with his antics, downers are no surprise. :)

RIP Jimmy – No matter how you went, what kills is that you’re gone.

Comment by jennifermhill

So sad. :((
I miss him more and more each day.

Comment by Sierra

i just knew it. i told myself he passed peacefully in his sleep, which he probably did, with the help of those drugs & alcohol. such a stupid way to go!!!! i hope to God he didnt do this on purpose. i mixed painkillers & alcohol once & it ended up scaring the shit out of me. word to the wise: DONT DO IT.
i almost woulda felt better if it was a car wreck or somethin, but now people have more room to call him a junkie n shit. it pisses me off that people will be so quick to judge & probly say ‘he deserved it’. go fuck yourselves you heartless cunts.


Comment by dani

More and more I’m having a hard time believing that this was accidental, but I’m hoping, praying, that it was. I knew he always had a problem with drugs, but…dear lord, Jimmy; this breaks my heart to pieces. I’m angry at him, angry at myself for feeling angry at him, and just sad.

It just seems like…such a waste; now we’re all left here wondering “why?”.

RIP Jimmy….

Comment by Scratch

Who Needs Prescribed medicine? KEEP IT NATURAL!

Comment by Miguel Sotelo

keep in mind they also said he had an enlarged heart

Comment by joe7x

This breaks my heart all over again, in the back of my mind I thought this is what happened, but I NEVER wanted to believe it!! Its just so sad because it adds to the stigma that rockstars are druggies and alcoholics, but I will knock someones face off if they speak of him that way!! Jimmy was a genius and wonderful person, and as other people have stated Papa Gates says it best :) This does not make me love Jimmy any less, but I will always cherish the music and memories that he left behind- I just hope this gets easier eventually…

Comment by Ashley

As people have said before, I hope this will be a wake-up call for the guys to stop drinking as much as they do. Whenever I see them, they always have some kinf of bottle open. I truly love Jimmy and the guys, but life is short, and drinking as much as they do won’t help them to last long. I love A7X for life and afterlife and cannot wait for their new album.

Comment by Anonymous

Pappa Gates said it all, there is a very thin line between creativity and mental illness, Jimmy lived different world then everybody, and cynical on death and his perspective on how the world worked. He was a musical genius who did what ever was in his heart, and no influence from others.

Comment by Mike Kolb

Here’s what pisses me off. Why do the news sources or the police have to lie before they know what really happened? Or do they think ‘natural causes’ is a perfect explanation as long as it exists in nature?
Anyway, RIP Jimmy. We’ll miss u

Comment by JIK

by saying “natural causes,” they mean that there’s no obvious or apparent reason for death at the time. meaning, he didn’t have any bullet wounds, or stab wounds.. the cause just appeared to be natural with no foul play.

Comment by synystersam

its sad. but most people predicted it would be od, i mean they are rock stars..there is even a video clip of zacky vengeance and johnny doing blow on their all excess. it was an accident as the report states, I really hope this won’t change the way people remember jimmy he is still a legend. foREVer.

Comment by kenny

They didn’t do coke in their DVD they were fooling around.

Comment by Anonymous

yeah there’s nothing on the table in that clip, LOL, they’re completely joking

Comment by Alicia

Comment by So sad. I already knew but atleast those who didn't have some kind of closure. I didn't think they were going to release that information though, that was so brave of them. R.I.P Jimmy

well didn’t he have some sort of surgery before he died for his eye or something if he did then he must have been on prescription for that and didn’t take it right

Comment by Lewis

I’m sorry Jimmy. I’m sorry :[
I miss you and I always will.
This wasn’t how I thought it’d be, but it’s okay, I’ll live for you.

Comment by ruth

Kinda figured this all along. He was a crazy dude. Very talented though. Such a waste just like lots of other musicians. My only question is why the fuck isn’t this listed above the Preorder. This is by far the most important news in a long time. I know your promoting the special edition but I think this should have precidence.

Comment by J-mac

So sad to hear about what the cause of the death was, so I did a little research into the matter and came out with this: 

Poly drug is a psychotharmaceutical drug which is used for changing parts in the bodies nervous system, so these could have been anti depressants, sedatives, stimulants or pain killers. So for many of you thinking he took a purposeful overdose think again, these drugs can be prescribed or brought over the counter. They can be used also to therapeutically relax the mind in situations of high tension and intensity. His cdi (combined drug intoxication) was due to several drugs or ingestion of alcohol around the same time, not necessarily one after another. The several drugs mixed and created a lethal effect within the body. CDI is on the increase but is deemed rare, so the rev wasn’t a lucky guy. The substances he took: oxycodone is simply a pain killer which is used to treat severe or moderate pain and an oxymorphone is the same, used to treat sever or moderate pain. Diazepam is one of the worlds most common medicates and is used to reduce tension, help anxiety, insomnia or seizures; which include muscle spasms, alcohol withdrawal etc. So he may have had sleeping problems, cutting back on alcohol or suffering from muscle spasms. Ehanol is contained within alcohol, so whether he had a drink later that night or earlier before and became mixed with his drugs, or had sleeping problems and took pain killers because he was in pain. Who knows. But in conclusion diazepam he could have taken to cure anxiety or alchol withdrawal or insomniatic sleep problems, he had pain killers to stop pain, and drank alcohol but these may not have been at the same time. The substances reacted with each other to form a deadly reaction, all the chemicals combined and led to an actual polydrug intoxication, which was said how the rev died, that’s what I think after doing research on the drugs and happenings of each, effetcs etc. We love you jimmy and you’ll never be forgotten, we walk proud in your name, and your brothers are putting out the music you wrote, in your memory; foREVer jimmy; we miss you a he’ll of a lot. 

Comment by Omar Butt

Cool research, but maybe you should see how long each medication actually stays in the body, and estimate a time frame he would have to take all of them in.

Comment by Seth

Well Seth, Oxymorphone is a time released pain killer which is dosed 2 or some times 3 times daily. Oxycodone can be dosed up to 4 times daily to curb breakthrough pain. Diazepam can be dosed up to 4 times a day for any of the reasons Omar mentioned.

The length of time the meds stay in the body varies from person to person. It depends on physiological makeup; i.e. weight, body fat, physical exercise, age. Usually the drugs listed stay within the body for 2-3 days. However if they were used for a chronic condition, which that is what they are prescribed for, they can be found in the system for much longer periods of time.

None of this really matters though. Whether you think it was an accident or not, we all lost a great man with a great talent.

Comment by Rachel

Ahh well done on the time elapsation rachel, so whether it was accidental it seems most likely so he could have taken different medications within the whole day and mixed, maybe he had oxycodone and oxymorphone when maybe he only had to take one certain medication and mixed them by accident which may have been the result and exaggerrated the condition by taking the alcohol within the time period.

Comment by Omar Butt

Maybe because of his enlarged heart he had to take the meds. I’m confident that it was accidental. RIP Jimmy we miss and love you brother!

Comment by Veng6661

I wondered about the enlarged heart thing, and I found out that it’s not actualy a disease, but a symptom of other pathologies, such as high blood pressure, viral diseases… and drug abuse.

So it could be a result of their rockstar habits of the past, not saying that he was a druggie lately, just that what we do to our body leaves lasting consequences. And well, as someone said before, so many strong painkillers… it can’t be anything good.

What I want to say (after this enormous comment LOL), is that I really hope the rest of A7X are taking real good care of themselfs. Cause the world needs them, cause they need each other.

A7X forREVer

Comment by Damon001

cocain makes heart valve disease, which in return enlarges your heart due to it having to work harder to meet the body’s needs.

Comment by Panteraya

well i checked up on the Loveline interview back from 2007 with Shads and the Rev. and the rev did say that back in high school and early in the band he was on and off with narcotics. im guessing he did coke and maybe acid as well (listen to Pinkly Smooth). the fact is though that they also said he was clean and he got out of it. i dont think this was a relapse of any kind but he probably had been drinking too much that his heart was becoming worse and he had to take those meds. he had alcohol sometime around then and he became intoxicated went to sleep and died.

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

Such a shame but accidents happen he probably mixed up his meds. i dont think he was doing them just kuz. he had an enlarged heart & had jux gotten lasik surgery. damn. this sucks

Rest In Peace Jimmy

Comment by Licha

I hate to break it to ya but Jimmy was a partyer and it is a cruel world out there…I’m sure he didn’t mean to do it on purpose…after all the professionals ( and I don’t mean the ones copying and pasting they’re “research” into dmn comments) did come up with a confident result that it was accidental

Comment by Anonymous

[…] Deathbat Newsさんおよび A7XfanさんのTwitterよりでした。 原文を以下に引用 Avenged Sevenfold Drummer Died of Accidental Overdose Coroner rules the Rev’s December ‘09 death resulted from lethal combination of prescription drugs and alcohol […]

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I feel depressed now…but I like the closure.

RIP Jimmy

Comment by Alyssa

I really guessed it was really the time to him go.
But that shit was a fucking overdose, and for sure it was no accident.
Very sad to read this shit, and now I can’t defend his death. Fuck it. Great shame that.

Comment by OddY

OMG I cant believe some of the people here, Jimmy was NOT a druggie, I dont believe the od was on purpose it was a damn accident as has been reported. I have been on all these medications at the same time, so yoes they do get prescribed at the same time by the same doctor, I live in horrible pain my heart breaks to think he was in so much pain he was given these meds. He was a young guy who loved to party with his friends, he drunk a bit much and shouldn’t of drunk at all with those meds, it was a tragic mistake nothing more. I am not a druggie I take medication so I can function, Jimmy was not a druggie for having to take meds.
I love you Jimmy foREVer, I pray now you have no pain.

Comment by Lee

Thank you. at least someone sees things clearly. your not alone. i’ve been through it too, i take meds myself, and i couldn’t have said any of this better myself.

Comment by Shea

Jimmy had a history of drug usage. I can send you links of the interviews.

Comment by Scratch

Not saying that all those who take meds that are PRESCRIBED are druggies; just to clarify.

Comment by Scratch

history is the key word but he cleaned up. we’re talking about how this had nothing to do with the heavy stuff he used to do

Comment by Shea

Oh yeah, definitely. I thought people were saying he never did, lol.

Comment by Scratch

no i’m not saying he NEVER did, i know he used to he himself admitted it, but he also admitted he cleaned up and this has nothing to do with his past of that. and people are being serious jerks and automatically going to that. u know what i mean

Comment by Shea

I never said he never had done hard drugs, I remember a interview with him where he said for a whole year he did every drug he could get his hand on, then the next year he did every girl he could get his hands on lol. I was just saying that being on all those meds did not make him a druggie now. And thank you Shea somtimes I do feel very alone but I know there are people out there that are alot worse than me.

Comment by Lee

very welcome. i understand completely Lee.

Comment by Shea

*thats supposed to be seperate sentances between admitting he cleaned up, and this has nothing to do with that. lol

Comment by Shea

please do..i saw a little excerpt a while ago..but i think it’s either bullshit or if he did do drugs i would only make sense that he did from late 2004/05 – 2006 (judging from pictures). and he definitely got clean around 2007

My theory is that around the time he got clean in 2007 his heart started having problems. I researched the enlarged heart stuff…it said that one of the effects is obesity. Now the rev didn’t get OBESE but he certainly got fatter around 2007 to the time of his death, compared to the rest of his life. and i think even without the drugs…he knew he was going to die (Fiction) and he probably would have died later :( because of his heart. and the prescription drugs could have been becuz of his heart and the alcohol must have been in his system since Christmas (he might have celebrated). or binge drinking. it”s just a fucking bum-out

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

just fuckin listen to the Brompton cocktail lyrics. they make sense now more than ever!!

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

thats exactly what i thoughtits like he knew

“and leave how i arived soo alive”

Comment by haley

well lol that makes sense but also think “Do..I’ dyin” and then “i need that shot to enter my brompton cocktail blend”

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

I know he got sober around 2007 because when he and Shads were on Loveline Jimmy said that since he was a late teenager he abused narcotics, but that he was sober and clean for months at the time of the interview. I’m iffy on whether or not he picked up his habits, but I definitely think that they caused his enlarged heart. Downers slow the heart, so maybe that’s what the painkillers were for; to help with his heart in some way.

I’m leaning more towards accidental because maybe he still thought his tolerance with drugs was high enough to drink large amounts of alcohol with these prescription drugs…but his tolerance was low. It was probably easy for him to think this because of all the alcohol and hardcore dope he did in the past.

It is a major bum-out a7xfreakdrummer, because, while part of me is glad to have closure, the other is wishing that I never knew this.

Either way, I’m going to learn how to play drums in his memory.

Comment by Scratch

Scratch is there any way u can send me these interviews…its not that i dont believe you its just that i NEVER knew this and i just want to hear this for myself.

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

I tried posting them on here, but they won’t show. :/ you can email me though.

Comment by Scratch

Hey man sorry to hear u have to take all those meds. I wouldn’t want to know the pain your in. But if I may with all due respect use u as an example…would u be able to play and travel at least three times a week for a year straight in your condition and somehow keep all the dr visits under wraps from fans and media? Sorry man but he was an awesome artist and truelly one of the most if not the most influential person to impact me. But it is what it is and if u can accept the report as what it is, u will accept his death for what it is and try not to put a mask on the truth. In this case ignorance is bliss but the truth is a toughy sometimes. I just don’t appreciate people spinning this tragedy to seem so innocent and ok for the sake of they’re own denial…

Comment by Anonymous

Hi anonymous not sure if you comment was directed to me but Il answer anyway, yes I do believe he could of hidden Dr visits from fans and media. I run a damn successful busness, and not one of my clients knows whats wrong with me, hell my own famile didnt know how bad I was untill the first time I went to hospitial.It can be hard to hide but you learn to do it, the last thing I want is pity, Im sure anyone else in the same boat feels the same. The A7X boys have a great way of keeping what they want kept privet out of the media.
I do accept his death for what it is a Damn stupid, tragic mistake, you just dont drink when your on those kind of meds, the warnings are all over them. All that aside I have lost no respect for Jimmy I will always admire him for who he was. Oh and by the way Im a woman lol.
PS I think Brompton Cocktail was inspired by a friend of the boys who died of cancer.

Comment by Lee

Ouch!! owned lol

just joking

Comment by haley

In addition to being a skilled and flashy player, Sullivan was a friendly and ebullient individual, whose enthusiasm won people over. “He always wanted everyone to have a good time,” Saller says. “He didn’t live in a world where you could be sad or bummed out. He didn’t let that part of life exist for him. He always brought out the good in everything and was always laughing and joking.”

Comment by Ryan

Wow,I’m not surprised. I think I’m more shocked they released it. I never buy the accidental though. It’s a shame he is greatly missed. foREVer

Comment by Anonymous

The thing that is bugging me is that did the guys of A7X know about this before, or do you tihnk that they just found this out recently? I would have rather not have read this, but it finally puts the mystery to a close. I am not trying to sound harsh, but I think Jimmys death was a “wakeup” call for the guys. I don’t think they expected this to happen at all, and to a drug overdose for that matter. It hurts to think about, for he still could be here with us, jamming out and proudly performing with the guys. I do not think this was an “accident”. Something tells me that there is more to the story than this….Jimmy said that he would never live past the age of 30, and sadly, he was right.
But their manager is right; he left a legacy and a gift that no one else could leave. And I think the guys, the fans, and his family thank him for that.

Comment by Alyssa

Wow, that’s all I can say…foREVer

Comment by ashleigh

I don’t know if this is true, but i understood that he had lasek (eye surgery) recenty before his death. And that’s why he had medications. (drugs sounds illegal/bad – not that’s not the case). And those type of medication keeps the heart-rate slow, that in combination with alcohol is lethal.

I hate this. RIP Jimmy – in my opinion one of the most genius musicians whom ever walked this planet.

Comment by Willem

This fucked me up. :( >:(

Comment by Alyson

Me too, hun :(

Comment by Scratch

This is so sad. R.I.P. Jimmy, you will be remembered foREVer

Comment by Anonymous

Shit!! Jimmy i love you sooooo much forREVer and ever and ever!!!!

Comment by DitaCutez

as an A7X fan,i wasn’t too surprised about this. I mean i’ve heard rumors about The Rev almost OD’ed back in 2008 or 2007. So i wasn’t too surprised. Try to look at the postive note,legends always have weird causes to their deaths. (Cobain killed himself,Freddy died because of aids,Lennon and Dimebag got shot by their own fans) Death cause aside,i will still love him and remember him always as one of the best talents in metal industry and one of the best human being :)i’m sure he’s teaching angels how to throw up a devil’s horn and how to headbang,or maybe teach God how to play drums haha

Comment by Nuzul

I wish they had kept this a secret.

Comment by trechul

I hate this, i can’t believe it, i still cannot cope with his death, and now i see this, i instantly cried when i read this and i actually can’t take this anymore, i feel like i wanna join you jimmy, i love you so much even though i never got to meet you, rest in peace, i love you <3

Comment by emily

Sounds like you may need to get some help. Nobody should want to join him. He did not want this for himself or the band. It was an accident! He would not want to cause this type of pain to those he loved!

Comment by Anonymous

why people even talk like that is beyond me. you only have one life why would you want to kill your self? Its your one and only life.

Comment by kenny

You should probably not make suicide into a joke. Ass.

Jimmy wouldn’t want you to join him like that Emily. Live on.

Comment by Scratch

Sorry? A joke? I really don’t know where that came from, I’m making no jokes here. I’m not going to kill myself, k? If you must know, I’m ACTUALLY depressed at the moment due to my friend being murdered last month, I’m stronger than you think, you don’t even know me. Sometimes I share what’s in my head, and for a second life got too much.
Scratch, I’m not here to make enemies, so please get off my back, and don’t call me an ass.

Comment by emily

I wasn’t addressing that to you. Someone under the name of “bob” said something. I was saying that to him, but that post got taken down apparently.

Sorry for the confusion >.<

Comment by Scratch

What I don’t understand is how someone can be prescribed so many drugs at one time? I have been on anxiety medication before, but my doctor came down on me hard as to what else I could or couldn’t have!

I am sort of relieved that I know now, but so broken hearted for his family and friends that this shouldn’t have happened! That is way to young to fall!! RIP Sir REV

Comment by Damien

awwwwwww. im kinda glad they finally said something cuz a rockstar just basicly droping dead cant be the case.
rip The Rev and rock in peace

Avenged Sevenfold

Comment by Darkness6661

As sad as this is, and as depressing as it may be, PLEASE guys, be careful not to disrespect Jimmy, his family or the A7X guys by speculating on whether it was accident or on purpose. Keep in mind, A7X have been on this site in the past and read our comments so they could read these ones too. We will never know the answers to all the questions and speculating can lead to rumors and rumors can end up hurting people. I’m not attacking anyone, I know we all loved Jimmy and we all miss him, I just feel like trying to decide the circumstances is somewhat disrespecting of his memory. Please don’t take offense.
foREVer xox.

Comment by Jo

I agree with you; it’s just hard not to, you know? Just left with so many questions. But thank you for being respectful.

Comment by Scratch

I know its hard not to think things when we don’t have al the answers, and I don’t hold that against anyone. It is hard having all the unanswered questions, I just felt like saying something because the last thing we would want is for people to start rumors about Jimmy and disrespecting his memory. =)

Comment by Jo

Nice comment Jo. I guess some people are a little angry that it was something that was so avoidable and I do believe in my heart that it was accidental!

Comment by Damien

It was definitly upsetting to read the words “accidental” and “avoidable”.

Comment by Jo

all your fans are here for you and i hope most of the idiots out there that are saying stuff about the overdose will realize that many people do overdose but the Rev is one that will always be remembered.

Comment by Tashia

My heart breaks for the family and Avenged Sevenfold. Wish this wasn’t even posted on this site. Does it really matter how he died? I am a fan…loved his humor, talent, and the music he made. I would have been fine not ever knowing the cause….Love you REV!

Comment by Anonymous

Oh how the mighty have fallen… prescription pills have caused so many so much harm. Damn it! Why do they have to die?… This is such a hurtful thing to acknowledge, something so simple taking another life… and Paul Gray followed in his footsteps in his own way… Just the way that The Rev followed Michael Jackson. This, my friends, is an example of “harmless” drug abuse. If only The Rev was still here…

Comment by Tholomew

Stuart Cable followed Paul Gray, Paul Gray followed Dio…

Comment by Anonymous

Bottom line is Jimmy is still dead and that is what hurts the most.

Comment by revenant

Thank you.

Comment by deathbatnews

All – before judging the results too harshly, keep in mind that the coroner can only say so much – I hated learning this too but just remember, there’s always more to the story – and it doesn’t change the facts – or the music he left

Comment by Chris Epting

[…] Accidental Overdose Cause Of Jimmy “The Rev Sullivan’s Death. Orange County Deputy Coroner Mitchell Sigal has confirmed to Rolling Stone that Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan […] […]

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no matter what had happened…your still gonna be my fuckin hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
breaks my heart to hear that thats what it was…<3
R.I.P. Jimmy Sullivan :'(

Comment by Jusbizarre

Such a shame that this had to happen to the Rev :(

Glad to know that it definitely wasn’t foul play though. Thanks “Omar Butt” for the research you posted. Still some speculation as to the details, you’re right, but as with many others, I refuse to believe it was suicide.

Rest in Peace Jimmy, I will always hold you in high regard as one of the greatest musicians who ever lived.

Comment by James

this is really awful and saddens me greatly but even though he died from an OD it still does not change the way i think of him i still love him and miss him like all of us do, he did provide us with beautiful music and we can now stop wondering what caused his death and let him R.I.P this does not make the situation any better and does not bring him back we all still miss him greatly and we will foREVer

Comment by haley

this just ruined my day ='(
r.i.p jimmy

Comment by emilyA7X

figured thats what happened. so unfortunate. RIP Rev foREVer

Comment by Andrew

i just had a great day at guitar center. we played a synyster custom AND a zacky custom and it made our day. this should bring us down a bit, but we’re just happy that there’s some closure brought to this mystery. does anyone know if any of those medications could have been for his Lasic eye surgery that he had recently gotten?

Comment by steve

i just had Lasik done and there are no oral medications prescribed…only eyedrops which are taken for a week, two weeks tops.

Comment by Vanessa

“don’t change the way you think of me”.
and that’s what i’ll do with The Rev.
he will be foREVer my hero.
nothing else is important for me now.

Comment by 2nd heartbeat

In keeping with the relevant lyrics, from the same song:
“Life moves on, can’t stay the same”

Actually, that whole song is filled with meaningful lyrics. FoREVer my hero as well :)

Comment by James

Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan still and foREVer the hero to many. RIP and rock those drums in heaven brother.

Comment by Ghostflame83

atleast we know it wasnt on purpose. i hope everything he was taking was for a reason, im sure it was. its still hard to hear this though. but it would definitly be worse if he had overdosed on purpose.

he still lives on, foREVer. <3

Comment by christine

shocking..although this was my EXACT guess when he first died. it’s fuckingg sad :(

RIP jimmy

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

Thats so sad…
Atleast it brings closure as to what happened.
<3 He lives on..foREVer <3

Comment by Chazzy Vengeance

omfg! I cried when I read that D’=
It’s terrible!
and I miss him so much…

Comment by Fernanda

Man I miss that kid.

Comment by D

Just when the controversy of Jimmy’s death was dying down this was posted. Now its elevated and blown up like I thought it would.
Who cares if it was accidental if your a true fan of A7X you wouldn’t let that effect you in anyway. I understand some people are angry about him OD’ing because he may have been your hero (etc. etc) I’ll admit I was a little upset I was at peace with the fact that he died of “natural causes” I understand people will be talking mad shit about Jimmmy and all this. But like I said you wouldnt let what the autopsy report really get to you. And til this day I will still defend my boys no matter what.

Comment by Mandyyy

I knew he died of a drug overdose, from day 1. But this doesn’t change anything. His greatness out weights his tragic fate. RIP foREVer.

Comment by Rya7Xn

I just have to say I’m a 40 yr old female who is absolutly in love w a7 x. They brought me and my 20 yr old daughter and my 12 yr old son whom plays awesome drumms and my daughter loves m. son
was and is still overwellmed by his passing . I just found out out today why he died. I could easily b in his shoes. I have a very bad back comd. And it is by the grace of God I’m still alive. I lov e and respect u Jimmy my children Thinl.u r still.the absolute best. I’m so. Sorry thingscwetp bad for u. U r a great person. Please continue to rock
On. In the hearts of ur family A7x. U r there foundation.pp My kids would.b so impressed. I hope ur in heaven w Fod God no more pain. Totally respectfully lol Carrie G

Comment by carrie g

Im glad to know that it was due to prescription pills, and not drugs like heroine or cocaine and it was accidental. You will be missed foREVer!!!

Comment by Derek Williams

This is Carrie again. I can almost promise, he,didn’t do,it,on purpose. When u hurt so bad you dont really contiplate. The outcome. I’ve watched him play over and over. Be loved what he was. And had no intention. Of dying. Rip rev my son will think ur the best 4 ever.

Comment by carrie g

This really doesn’t change anything for me. He was a genius and continues to be an idol of mine. RIP REV. Not a day goes by without thinking of you.

Comment by Brady

uBINy the way,I just bought tickets,4 the,bristoe Va,concert .4e,and my 3 kids. Can’t wait hope to see
All u fans there.

Comment by carrie g

it is proscription drugs. its isnt any drugs that he just took for no reason. everybody drinks and i think he forgot. the rev wouldnt do something that would easly kill him. he as to many friends and family members that he cared about. we all love a miss u foREVor the REVerend tholomov plague

Comment by DK deathbat

Fuck drugs…

Comment by Brandon Newhouse

Please! Stop argueing and show some respect!
This is very sad for all, so don’t make it worse trying to guess what happened or argueing…

R.I.P. Jimmy… foREVer…

Comment by Seba

I don’t think this should have been revealed.. especially in a rolling stone article. If anyone had the right to reveal that information, it was his family, or his brothers/bandmates. Regarding the prescriptions, you can’t assume he didn’t need them for something. I was given the some of the same stuff for when I fractured my tailbone, and my sister was prescribed similar for when she got her wisdom teeth out, so it seems common to me. We all know the guys drink, who doesn’t really? To me, it was just forgetful and an accident. Regardless, I’m depressed about his death and even more depressed there’s assholes out there who disrespect the dead and their accomplishments during life. RIP, foREVer

Comment by RadiantlySomber

“I see you fading away from us.
I’ll miss you very much.
Room with empty bottles, broken dreams,
and pride still running high, always on your side.

But I wanted more for you.
You can’t go on this way.
And now I see it all fall through.
We pray for better days.
Stuck alone and scared.
Throw your life away and now choking on your pride may be the only way.

I don’t want to see you like this.
We all tried to save you but missed.
I still feel the hope on your road.
Now come back to us like the days of the old.

I still feel you there, trying to get on top.
You’ll always have my support, in my heart.

People you’ve hurt.
Friends that you’ve lied to.
But we understand,
and that’s not (you) can see the end of the road?
I can see it too, for you, I’m scared,
if I lose you, I’m not prepared.
This time, if you die.
I watch you, right before my eyes.
Just trust me, and listen.
You have no self control.
This. Will. Take. Your. life.

Overdose and then indulge until you die.
Pondering, we all ask the question “why?”.
Broken home, and then abandoned by your dad.
And we are left the only family that you’ve ever had.

Help you see it through.
Fight this me and you.
Reaching deep inside.
Problems not just you is what we find.
Our friendship makes it mine.”

Says it all…(Shattered By Broken Dreams)

Comment by Scratch

Well part of me doesn’t want to believe the obvious fact that it was somehow intended( and please spare me the bashing cause he’s my idol as he is to many) but i mean lots of hints indicate it was intended, like the fact that he wrote fiction and said this is the last song am gonna write, or the fact that the lyrics of the song are ” I hope you’ll find your own way once i’m not with you tonight” or even maybe hidden messages like : “This shit is gonna change the world Matt!” No one can really know what went on in his head, but all i know is knowing if he died or commited suicided.. didn’t change a thing in me, i’ll still wake up everyday and feel something is missing in my life

Regardless of how he died, he will always be my idol, my inspiration, the best friend i never had and the reason i drum, and i’m thankful for that.

you changed my life buddy, i’ll never forget you

tholomew kal keeping it sevenfold foREVer <3

Comment by Tholomew Kal

I agree with you, just saying.

Comment by Scratch

you guys are complete fucking retards if you think it was intended. Jimmy was living the life he always dreamed of and wouldn’t even imagine the thought of suicide.

Comment by bob

tragic, but i can say im surprised, it happens to great people and its obvious he wasnt trying to, it still doesnt seem real, i know jimmy would want them to go on but the fact tat they have still makes me a little crazy, rip man, u will always be in our hearts

Comment by ashley

I think no less of him knowing how he died, It does not change who he was in life.

Comment by UK_JC

Hey DBN,

have you seen the article from the coroner? It say’s he had an enlarged heart, I think you should add that part to the main story as it changes a lot.

Comment by UK_JC

After that the other members of A7X should realize that they have to care about their health… foREVer

Comment by A7X_fan_foREVer

Very sad! RIP REV! :(

Comment by Kim

It’s just too much of a coincidence that he would write a song entitled “Death” three days before his death. And he said himself, he was in some sort of pain constantly. He said, in a joking way, his internal organs were failing, clearly meaning he was in pain. He also said that there was always one “going”, meaning there was always one organ in pain. He had a great life, A7X, an extremely talented mind, great friends and Leanna, but pain can take it’s toll on you if you have to endure it for a long time. He ordered those platimum City Of Evil albums for his parents before he died and he had Lasik, giving him the good eyesight he always wanted.
Jimmy WASN’T a druggie, he was a rockstar, and he wouldhave known what was too much regarding drugs, especially when mixing it with alcohol, he wasn’t stupid. I just think maybe he was tying up loose ends, getting those albums to his parents, writing drum tracks for the album and handing in a song called Death before his death.
The bottom line is that we have lost the greatest drummer alive, no matter what circumstances, and accident or no accident it’s still the biggest tragedy I’ve ever experienced.
R.I.P Jimmy foREVer <3

Comment by emily

Nobody has the right to judge Jimmy. Sure, he was on drugs, but there are too many factors behind his actually motive. Maybe it was for his heart condition, maybe it was for recreational purposes. We don’t know. And people shouldn’t call themselves fans if they’re going to look down upon him just because of that. He’s human, we’re all human. We all make mistakes.
The bottom line is, he was an incredible artist, and a wonderful person.

RIP Jimmy.

Comment by Phil A7X

sure it can be labeled as accidental but in reality it was a poor choice. he had probably done it before and nothing happened – or possibly done harsher things to his body leaving him to not think anything of it as it happened. i’m sure he didn’t plan it and it sucks that it happened, but hopefully kids now can not only look up to his awesome talents but also to learn from the poor choices he made and where it led him and his friends/family/fans. instead of negativity coming out of his death, i personally hope that it can save lives in the future and lead us to new talents and smart choices.

i pray we can all find our own way to accept this news and use it as a positive light towards our own future.

these are my opinions alone.

Comment by Jenny

God, all you people wanted to know and now that you know it was overdose you wish you didn’t know? Jesus people, we’ve been waiting so long for this answer! Sure, I wish he didn’t die of accidental overdose, but you all have to realize they put accidental overdose there for a reason. The medicine must have been for his eyes because he had gotten lasik a few days before. Regardless, this does not change my point of view on Jimmy, I still love him with all my heart.<3

Comment by KatiePlague

we will never know how jimmy got the drugs or if it was an accident. i’m just glad it wasn’t because of the heavier and deadly drugs, like cocaine or meth. wat happened happened and there is no way of changing it. we can’t dwell on the past. we just have to remember how jimmy touched our hearts and never let his memory die.

Comment by Emilia

I’ve wanted to know what got him for a while now, but this fucking breaks my heart.
I’ve been against all drugs and alcohol for like, always so it pisses me off pretty bad..
The thing about his heart being big was unbelievable though, Jimmy will always be unique.
I love you, Jim<3

Comment by Emma

foREVer in my heart Jimmy :*

Comment by ChrisA7X

RIP Jimmy =(
The fact that he’s gone is tragic…
But at least it was prescription drugs and not recreational ='(

Comment by angst

I think people here are becoming a bit too precious. We all have a right to discuss our theories as too what we think happened. It’s good to express how you feel and that expression shouldn’t be repressed. So everyone should take a deep breath and allow others to say what they think. Unless what is being said is malicious I believe it’s good therapy.

Ultimately, I believe that Jimmy knew his time was up. I know it’s sad to say but there are so many pointers that indicate a pre-concieved notion of death. I don’t believe it was suicide for one second but it appears that this health had taken a turn for the worse and he felt that he didn’t have long.


Comment by Mince

I’m sorry to say but I knew it… What a pity. #foREVer

Comment by monika_wtf

Jimmy Owen Sullivan For Ever in my Hearts!

Comment by pepina

[…] Accidental Overdose Cause Of Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan’s Death. Orange County Deputy Coroner Mitchell Sigal has confirmed to Rolling Stone that Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan […] […]

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Always figured this was the case. But, Jimmy will foREVer be in my heart.

Comment by Marlz

We love you guys! So sorry for the news.
We sincerely hope you guys will keep rockin’ and REVing out the tunes- for Jimmy!

Hope you guys will let us see and hear how you are coping as well as Leana and the Sullivans.
The psychology of allowing your fans in on your grief will help your future with them.

Cheers to your future – loving the Nightmare!

Comment by momof6a7xfans

He probably had a few drinks one night, and before he went to bed he took his prescription drugs not knowing that there was still alcohol in his system. All of this bullshit about how it was suicidal is just emo scene kids trying to make suicide seem okay, Jimmy loved his life and I’m sure he would come back if he could. It was just a freak accident, when combined with his enlarged heart, killed him.

Comment by bob

The way I look at it is: People have made their minds up about Jimmy or they are going to. They’ll be outrageously rude to the other Avenged Sevenfold fans (keeping in mind that they are supposed to be one themselves) and call him every name under the sun. WELL SCREW THEM. We know what Jimmy was like, regardless of how he died. Although, I just wish it wasn’t this way. I wanted it to be something (well, I would have loved if nothing happened but…) that people could not say the whole ‘He was a druggie’ thing about, but I know they will now. I just want to protect his memory, y’know? Be the cotton wool that guards him, and always manages to prove to people that he was one of the best people to ever be on this Earth. That they should be damn right thankful and honoured to have ever heard his music that he made, the drums he played the shit out of, to have ever heard his beautiful voice, or to witness his face and those lovely blue eyes.

As tough as it fuckin’ is guys, our Jimmy is gone and we can’t bring him back. And that my friends, is the worst thing.


Comment by Sami

Hi Jimmy, I miss you :(
I still have videos on my phone of you tearin’ it up on your drumset and I watch them sometimes. You did what you loved to do and that’s all that matters. I hope you will wait in heaven for all of us and keep rockin’ out with the angels.

Love, love, love.

Comment by Laura

Ugh, this makes me sick to my stomach, knowing that it was accidental. I hate this. I miss Jimmy so much… for me, it still hasn’t sunken in that he’s gone yet. I can’t… fuck if I don’t miss him so much. It hurts. It hurts a lot. It’s not going away, and I doubt it’s going to for a while.

Comment by Ashlee Nicole

I have told so many people that he was the one rockstar who wouldn’t have died from a drug overdose… this proves me wrong. however, i’m so glad it wasn’t some random drug like meth or cocaine and that it was probably an accidental overdose with his prescription and alcohol.
Nothing you may or may not have done changes how much i love you dude <3 I miss you so much Jimmy.
I hope you're finding the afterlife great. I still get a little choked up when i hear your voice in fiction…
i love you dude <3

Comment by Lindsey

Wow. Jimmy was an amazing drummer and always will be so all y’all hatred shut the fuck up cause he was a sweetheart and it was an accident. God called him home and it was his right too.


Comment by sadnessNsoul

the rev was the most amazing drummer in the world …..i am a new fan of avenged seven fold and i fell in love at the first song….the rev will be missed by all and i cried when i heard the news of his death and i cried when i heard the song nightmare … rev was an amazing drummer….every body i know that is a fan of the band said that on dec. 28th 2010 we will all wear some thing that has avenged seven fold to represent the amazing drummer …… in piece foREVor……

Comment by nikki harris

Me to.
What pissed me off the most, is when I mentioned him as a special intention for the month of December, my teacher told me to he more serious about who I picked. I gave her a 20 minute speech on who Jimmy was and why he meant so much to me. My class applauded me afterwards:)
R.I.P Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan<3

Comment by Anonymous

Dont forget about Fiction, that song actually has his voice on it

Comment by DeathBat054

One year ago exactly, Jimmy had less than 10 hours to live.
It kills me to look at photos of my Fallen Hero. I wish I had the opportunity to meet him, I’ve worshiped him since I was 9 years old. I wish he could of stayed longer. Everybody’s arguing about the cause of his death, but the only thing that matters is that he’s gone, and his friends and family will never see him again. Remember to think of his family, brothers and wife today.
You were much to young to fall, wherever you are, we hope you know that we all love you Jimmy. <3

Comment by Alex

none of the drugs he took were illegal they were prescribed to him it was the mixture of them and alcohol that killed him.
R.I.P Jimmy

Comment by gody42

this almost made me cry. its still tough knowing that one of the guys i look up to in a7x is gone and never coming back. this guy was amazing, no one will ever replace him.
RIP jimmy <3 foREVer

Comment by melissa

Blah, this makes me cry. </3 R.I.P. Jimmy,

Comment by Samantha

Jimmy was and still is till today the best drummer tht will ever excist to me. I dont care if there is actually a better drummer than him Jimmy will always be the best for me. I love A7x with him & i love them still w/out him. How people say: “The Rev didnt die. He’s just giving god drum lessons” x) lets let him Rest In Peace by loving him eventho he is dead by being happy eventho he is dead. I LOVE U JIMMY “the Rev” Sullivan foREVer<3 <3

Comment by avenged sevenfold foREVer

FoREVer missed.
Anyway, he’s just ran into the woods for 10 years to never come back, and return in 10 years to be the knife master ;’) We love you! When your back i’ll buy you a stallion duck, and you can tell it to fuck it’s self like the old days<3.

Comment by SarawrSevenfold

Wow, this makes me cry. I love A7X, and without Jimmy they are incomplete… Anyone who is a fan, u have to watch the video for So Far Away. It will make u cry! :(
Jimmy “the rev” Sullivan, u will never be forgotten! R.I.P.

Comment by A7Xlover

Jimmy’s death was a tragic accident, he also suffered from an enlarged heart. R.I.P Jimmy

Comment by DeathBat054

well he did have the kindest of heart so this is explainable(: <3 hmm well avenged sevenfold isnt gonna be the same without the revu.uR.i.P. jiMMY tHE REV SULLiVAN

Comment by Faith

This.. still doesn’t seem real. </3

rip, jimmy.

Comment by Keira Martinez

i really can’t believ this has happen and i just found out and now i am sad and i know that matt sanders and the rest of the band is sad and they missed there brother so much they hoped he was still here i miss u jimmy


Comment by samantha

My boyfriend loves him, a lot! He seriously knows how to play every song by Avenged Sevenfold on drums. I loved The Rev…

Comment by Mj

This is about three years after Jimmy left us, and I am still shaken up everytime i read this. I cried during the So Far Away music video, and when I saw Fiction performed live. No matter how he died, he we always be remembered for the life he lived. The Rev’s voice will live on foREVer in our hearts. We know that he will always be at every performance in spirit.
Thank you Jimmy, for your beautiful music, and for being such an inspiration.

Comment by forREV

May R.I.P Jimmy “the rev” Sullivan as he died on the exact minute my cousin hung himself in the bathroom

Comment by Collin

I started to cry when i first time reded this 2010 :'(

Comment by Rev forever

i play percussion and i think of jimmy as my idol.he was such a awesome drummer. But god called one of his children home and it was jimmy :( but think about it. he is in a much better place now and that we all miss him and i lost my grandpa 2 months ago. he was the closest person i had. them i realized he was in a better place i think we should all pray for jimmy’s friends and family r.i.p jimmy the rev sullivan

Comment by big boi

</3 We miss you jimmy :,( R.I.P

Comment by ᴎ!kƘ!e.uᴎмa§Ƙ.yỖUя.∂єş!яє

I’m so sad………..the best drummer dead…………..R.I.P THE REV<3

Comment by Arif Holiday

Just because The Rev died of an OD, this shouldnt change the way we see him. He was an amaizing drummer and always will be the best. To those who think that he sucked, even though that is your opinion… its wrong(: He was an amazing drummer and always tryed to give his fans what they wanted. He would go out on stage and give it his all. He was pretty much a god. (coming from an athiest) Jimmy was a role model to many people, We all mourn the loss of this amazing soul. Including his band members, I cant even try to imagion how they feel after loosing a best friend. I’d watched videos about Matt, Zackary and Brian talking about the Rev, they all said that Their all still upset. The Rev was like a brother to them. REST IN PEACE JIMMY OWEN SULLIVAN <3

Comment by Autumn

On December 28th, we will pay a tribute to The Rev by listening to the A7X songs and the last song has to be So Far away. You can listen to So Far Away as many times as you want, but it has to be the last song you listen to.

RIP Jimmy you will always be in our hearts and I’m sure you’re in heaven playing the drums for God to watch and listen your awesomeness

Comment by Kevin

oh jimmy. i miss you so much. i can’t believe its been two years today. my heart still aches for you, as well as your friends and family. i know this day isn’t easy for me, so i can only imagine how difficult it is for them. my thoughts are with them. i cry every time i see or hear so far away. their tribute to you was amazing. i’m getting my tattoo in memory of you today. i hope you’ll like it. i came up with the idea myself nd am so proud of it. Rest In Peace, Jimmy.

foREVer in my heart.
– me. <3

Comment by Anonymous

So sad :'(

Comment by kitty kat

I just fucking miss you, jimmy….I don’t care if you died by accident or on purpose….I still love you so much you were so….amazing to say the LEAST. Nothing will be able to fill this gap in my heart except for your return…we will miss and love you jimmy foREVer. i suffer everday to this day from your death i just can’t get over the fact that you’re gone…the only thing i can do now is say rest in peace jimmy “the rev” sullivan.

Comment by VenomFangsLovesRev

died to young a genius with a cause best drummer ever

Comment by Anonymous

Wow I just started listening to avenged sevenfold
then i found out that a couple years ago their drummer died!
tht sucks
man and he was good to (i listen to the stuff from b4 2009
From a drummer for a drummer Jimmy you will foREVer be remembered. =(

Comment by BrandonRObinson

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