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Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan Wins In “Modern Drummer” 2010 Readers Poll.
June 10, 2010, 2:55 pm
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Back in February I told you about Modern Drummer holding their 2010 Readers Poll where you all voted Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan for quite a few categories! Now I have the results. While you’re at it check out a small piece The Rev did with Modern Drummer back in 2008.

Metal Category Winner: Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan
Prog Category Runner Up: Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan
Recorded Performance Runner Up: Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan for Live In The LBC (CD/DVD)

Thanks to Dafna for sending this in!

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Glad to see him win the metal category. Wish he’d got better than runner up in the others, but ah well. He can’t get everything he deserves. :-/

Comment by Sarah

I like how he was a runner up along with Mike Portnoy in the Prog category. It seems appropriate. :P

Comment by Sarah

Congrats Jimmy, you will always be the best. Rest in peace.

Comment by T.Bauer

The small piece link goes to Pro-Mark

Comment by UK_JC

i’m so proud of jimmy. he deserve his last awards!

Comment by 2nd heartbeat

Kickass! <3 foREVer! There will never be anyone better IMO.

Comment by SynthiaT

Im glad that he won the Metal category and Recorded performance category but how was jimmy a Prog drummer? I guess they mean that his personal style was progressive but i would have thought that prog drummer means the best drummer in a prog metal/rock band.

Comment by Matt

Yeah that was my thinking too, weird.

Comment by Anonymous

This is awesome, jimmy is a fucking legend/ genius <3 I'm so proud of his legacy. Avenged Sevenfold FoREVer :)

Comment by luisaa7x

That is an amazing way to honor an amazing musician. RIP Jimmy :)

Comment by Ghostflame83

That’s great! :) Jimmy so deserves this and I’m extremely glad he won an award and did well in other categories.

Comment by Cassie

got my tickets all booked for uproar im fuckin stoked it sucks i only got to see the rev twice though but definitely better than nothing :D

Comment by broxholmeA7X

HOW THE FUCK did the drummer for jason aldean beat jimmy?!?!?!?!?!? he’s COUNTRY!!! country drummers dont even have to have talent!
oooooohhhh i could never express how much i loathe modern country music & its simplicity.

Comment by dani

Because more people voted for him

Comment by Matt

lmfao if you click on joey jordison it takes you to the rev’s profile ahahaha. it’s like the website is redirecting you to a REAL drummer.

Comment by bob

i’m glad to know this..
he deserves the best..
love ya,,foREVer :D

Comment by intan

he deserves it

Comment by emilyA7X

He totally deserved it….oh and if any of the band are reading this…COME TO THE NOVA ROCK FESTIVAL NEXT YEAR!!!!!!! please….

Comment by mcra7xbfmv

Yay! he totally deserved this.

Comment by Mari

Dear God I pray James Sullivan is in a little piece of heaven in the afterlife, making the angels scream. He seized the day in bat country then burned it down, his unholy confessions trashed and scattered. We gave him the strength of the world and he gave us a second heartbeat. He is MIA, but will walk on through thick and thin to the wicked end. May you be in eternal rest. A synyster man who will leave his shadows behind and strikes with a vengeance, fearing no christ for he is the Rev

Comment by Jasmine

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