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Mike Portnoy, “I Knew I Had To Get A Deathbat To Commemorate Being Part Of The Family.”
June 12, 2010, 5:01 pm
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Mike Portnoy recently sat down with the Examiner for an interview where he spoke about his time in the studio with Avenged Sevenfold and his deathbat tattoo. You can read the entire interview here.

Q: When you got the call from M. Shadows and Avenged Sevenfold asking you to record and eventually tour, what was that initial conversation like for you, then leading into the recording process?
A: Well, my contact with them began before Jimmy passed away. I had been in touch with Jimmy. He had been sending me e-mails because he’d been a big fan of mine. Then I became friends with M. Shadows. As soon as Jimmy passed, I called M. Shadows and expressed my thoughts and told him I’d do anything I could. I was supportive of what I could do on a personal level. After the funeral, I got a call from their manager, then M. Shadows, and they asked me if I would finish the album. I was completely honored, and luckily, my schedule was open. We met in L.A. and went to dinner and hung out, and those guys were deep in the grieving process. It was a very heavy, heavy process. It’s a big family. But I went in and did the album, and we had an amazing time musically and personally, and they welcomed me into the family.

Q: How challenging is it to balance an attempt to do Jimmy justice on the album while still putting your own stamp on the project?
A: I didn’t even want to put my own stamp on the project. That was not my objective. I was called in to bring Jimmy’s parts to life, not bring Mike Portnoy into Avenged Sevenfold. That being said, that’s what my job entailed. I spent a tremendous amount of time taking direction from the band. I’m not used to being produced. Normally, when I go into sessions, I go in and do my own thing, but in this case, I took direction. Every once in awhile, though, they would say, “Hey, do your own thing.”

Q: And you didn’t take long to get a tattoo of the Avenged logo, right?
A: After spending 10 days in the studio — you know, they have a family spirit. It’s their crew members, girlfriends and wives, and toward the end of the session, I knew I had to get a death bat to commemorate being a part of the family. It was not just a recording session. It was an emotional experience for me.

Q: Where did you put it?
A: It’s on the inside of my left arm. Me and (rhythm guitarist) Zacky (Vengeance) got matching ones. His is on his right arm.

Q: Will you be doing more shows after the Avenged tour either with HAIL or any of the tribute bands?
Well, I had plans to do other stuff this year, but once Avenged asked me to tour with them, that pretty much pre-empted everything. I did have some other ideas, but we’ll have to wait and see.


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Thank you, Mike! :)

Comment by John

That’s awesomely amazing! <3

Comment by Michelle

I met Mike today and he showed me his tattoo; but the convo about tattoos started when I walked up to him. he looked at me and said, “hey, that’s jimmy’s tattoo!” as soon as he saw the fic- on my chest for fiction. it was an honor meeting him.

Comment by dvengenz

Well that cleared some questions I actually had.

It’s good to hear from Mike. :)

Comment by Cassie

I wish he would stay in the band. His band is better but I still love A7X

Comment by Agustin

Mike is, besides maybe the greatest drummer, an excellent person and partner. We owe you so much…

Comment by Seba

What an awesome human being Mike is!

I must say that I really appreciate what you’re doing for the band and not least for us, the fans.

Thanks for keeping Jimmy’s legacy true, Mike!

Comment by Burnie

Awwwwh, Mike’s great. :D What an awesome guy! <3

Comment by Natasha

“and they welcomed me into the family.”

Anyone else catch that? Maybe the song title is true then…

Comment by Jacob

Of course its true. Its for Mike lol.

Comment by Lands.

Yeah I noticed that right when I read it. The song title is real then

Comment by Anonymous

That was what i thought

Comment by RuiA7X

Mike that was so sweet of you. Thank you for taking over the drums of avenged sevenfold.

Comment by Kelsey

I fell in love with Mike`s talent just a few months before the Rev`s passing, he`s a great guy

Comment by NEfobbyGEN

My respect for this guy is through the roof.

Comment by Sarah

Mike is purely amazing =]. Welcome to the A7X family ^_^.

Comment by Kendra

hey dbn, i hate to be a duesch, but you kinda like…put spoke twice, sorry just had to say

Comment by Anonymous

Corrected, thanks.

Comment by deathbatnews

Mike seems like a really great person :) At first I was skeptical, because Irefused to let anyone be in Jimmy’s place (behind the drums, I mean), but I guess I’m warming up to the guy now.
I have one DT album, and when I first heard it, I thought Mike’s drumming was really boring. But when I heard Nightmare, I thought “Hmm, maybe he can do it almost like The Rev…”
Mike is a part of the A7X-family, no doubt.

Comment by Alex

[…] Up On Amazon “Nightmare” Pre-order Up On Best Buy You Need To Drown To Know… Mike Portnoy, “I Knew I Had To Get A Deathbat To Commemorate Being Part Of The Family.” Leave a Comment Leave a Comment so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on this […]

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mike is part of the A7X family for sure

Comment by emilyA7X

Welcome to the Family Mike! You all just come out and kick some ass on Friday in Springfield! I’m There!

Comment by TungusGrump

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