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98 KUPD Interview With M Shadows & Zacky Vengeance Up Now!
June 14, 2010, 9:49 am
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I posted about the stop that M Shadows and Zacky Vengeance did at the 98 KUPD studios in Arizona not too long ago and now the interview is up! You can listen to the entire thing here.

Thanks Mandy!


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Listening now. Thanks for putting this up!

(I just wish the DJs would be quiet and start the interview already…)

Comment by Sarah

woot woot thanks for posting it.. FINALLY!

Comment by Zoey

wow those people are dicks to eachother

Comment by Anonymous

lol, Mike Portnoy as “the rabi” love it

Comment by Ausmor

I know that was priceless!

Comment by Zoey

Haha, that was my favourite part! I could totally imagine calling him ‘The Rabbi’!

Comment by Aanchel

hah, he said its dark and its long.

Comment by Anonymous

thats what she said!

Comment by Aaron7x

exactly!! haha

Comment by Anonymous

your welcome (:
&& thank you DBN for postng!

Comment by Mandyyy

Aw they should of posted the video! They recorded the whole thing! Glad i got the chance to meet them, they were way sweet!

Comment by Nichole

The Rabbi!? Love it! MP you are amazing.

Comment by Tyler

Wow zacky is trying to grow the stache. Sweet.

Comment by Jake

Mike “The Rabbi” Portnoy!!! Sick! I love it!

Comment by Agustin

hey guys im combining it all into one big mp3 file, and also putting it on youtube, will be up soon

Comment by Iain

I cannot wait to hear So Far Away

Comment by Josh

“Baby steps” has been in every interview. Love it! :D Aw, laaame, he already has a name. Me and Victoria were thinkin’ Metal Mike or Michael Pain! Wow, Montreal is gonna be crazy. The interview was a little magoo but at the same time I liked him.

Comment by trechul

Thanks for the link!

Gotta say, I thought that was a really good interview, a lot less awkward than other ones! Nice one KUPD :)

Comment by James

Lol Zacky sure does love the word “magical”

Comment by Chase

We knew Zacky was commenting on the narnia post! DBN said that someone was commenting from Arizona. Therefore Tholomew is Zacky!

Comment by Luke

I really don’t know how many times I have to say this but that wasn’t him, Hah. That same person commented yesterday and the IP still traces back to Arizona. That post took place way before they were in Arizona. As far as I know they’ve only posted here once.

Comment by deathbatnews

I am thinking we should take a tally of how many times they say words such as ‘like’, ‘magical’, etc… in each interview and add them to a running total and post the statistics… just for fun

Comment by Morgan


Comment by ja

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