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Metal Hammer Golden God’s Pay Tribute To Rock Legends We’ve Lost.
June 14, 2010, 12:38 pm
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Cheryl from Devil Bear Rock attended the Metal Hammer Golden God’s Awards tonight and sent in a little of what went down! Metal Hammer paid tribute to our fallen rock legends by insisting the crowd cheer for them rather then give them a moment of silence. We’re told Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan got a very loud roar from the crowd. Mike Portnoy was awarded “Best Drummer.” Check out a cell video of the cheering going on here.

Update: Five Finger Death Punch also paid tribute to Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan as well as Ronnie James Dio and Paul Gray.


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awesome can’t wait to see it!

Comment by mahalia2010

i thought the rev had won the golden god award for best drummer, right?

Comment by lean99zz

That was Revolver.

Comment by Anonymous

I’m not sure but maybe there’s a UK version?

Comment by bob

He won for Revolver’s Golden God Awards. This was for Metal Hammer.

Comment by trechul

Tthe rev won revolvers golden god for best drummer and mike p won metal hammers uk golden god award last night!! what does that say about avenged sevenfold!!!

Comment by lee

sweet :)
i’m waiting for the video
it must be great..

Comment by intan

Really want to see this!!!

Comment by Derek Williams

i want to see it

Comment by emilyA7X

awesome absolutely awesome
wish i could’ve been there

Comment by jax

the link for the cell video doesn’t work….8(

Comment by a7xrebel

It works just fine

Comment by Anonymous

yeeeaaaahh it was awesome. i was there and the cheering and respect for every musician that has passed even though they may have been from different genres was just brilliant.

Comment by peachya7x

The world has lost so many great musicians :(

Comment by Punk :D

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