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Zacky Vengeance Hits One Out Of The Park.
June 14, 2010, 11:49 am
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Noisecreep have updated their website with another piece that rhythm guitarist Zacky Vengeance did about how Avenged Sevenfold like to treat their fans. You can read the enter piece here.

Avenged Sevenfold have a special relationship with their fans. As we told you before, it was those fans that kept the band going following the death last year of drummer Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan. What does the Orange County band attribute that bond to? For one thing, it’s realness. “I think there’s a whole group of kids out there that don’t relate to the glitz and glamour of hanging out in clubs and partying all the time,” guitarist Zacky Vengeance tells Noisecreep. “So I think some people are just more real than that and I think our fans are those kind of kids that need something to relate to and I think we’re the band to do it.”

Another thing is making themselves accessible to those fans. “I remember what it felt like when I was young, and I looked up to someone and they would pay me just an ounce of attention,” he recalls. “And some of the bands I listened to when I was young probably never even sold any albums, but it didn’t matter to me. If I’d go up and say great show, it would be amazing that they even would acknowledge me.”

Interestingly, asked if there are any moments that stand out to him of bands paying fans that kind of attention, the first thing that comes to Venegance’s mind is not music, but baseball. “What actually really brought it all back to me is I went to a baseball game, I’m a huge baseball fan,” he admits. “And I watched the little kids [try] to get a player’s autograph from the field, and I looked and I had memories rushing back to me from when I was a little kid standing there waiting forever with a baseball, begging the players to do it. And sometimes when a player would walk over and grab the ball, it was the most exciting thing in the entire world.”

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I love how they care about their fans!

Comment by Eskeylover

sweet! Love it when they share the little bits n pieces of themselves with us. :)

Comment by mahalia2010

Funny how he relates it to baseball rather than music! It’s nice of Zacky to think of the fans like that though, what a guy :)

Comment by James

Thats so cute.

Comment by Cheryl

Zack seems like a very down-to-earth guy.

Comment by Scratch

i agree. He seems so down to earth and he seems to love relating to his fans. I love him :)

Comment by emilyvengeance

aww so sweet. I think he’s changed a lot since Rev died. I think he’s more greatful for his life:)

Comment by Zoey

aww how cute

Comment by emilyA7X

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