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Read The 95 WIIL Rock M Shadows & Synyster Gates Interview Now!
June 16, 2010, 12:39 pm
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Stu from 95 WIIL Rock was kind enough to send me a link to the interview that he conducted with M Shadows and Synyster Gates. Read the entire thing here! Video of the interview will be coming soon.

stu: It’s an awful situation but there’s been an emotional bond between you and your fans. It’s going to be an everlasting thing. Now that I got you on this song writing thing, I found a quote from you and I want to make sure this is right and I want to get your thought about it, “lyrically I’ve been inspired by everything from the way kids are brought up nowadays to schooling the economy, religion, war, the behavior of our government, it all plays in to how kids are so emotionally detached from the real world right now.” first of all, did you say it?
m. shadows: Yes.

stu: Was this always the thought when you’re writing these lyrics, when you first get started and you’re writing these songs? Is that the framework, the thought process or does that happen to develop since you’ve got a voice and a big crowd that’s paying attention to you, you feel some sort of responsibility to kind of get kids emotionally attached?
m. shadows: No, I feel responsibility to just be an artist and create whatever we feel needs to come out of us. I don’t really have an agenda or feel I need to pose an agenda on anybody. That quote came from a thing that with our last few records that wasn’t really the case, we were writing more fantasy stuff maybe like religious stuff. Like Beast & the Harlot is more of a story, storytelling stuff. Little Piece of Heaven was a story, a lot of stories and stuff like that. There were little pieces of that but on the new record it was initially going to be a concept record based on exactly that. And when Jimmy passed away that whole idea kinda got scrapped. It was going to be a fantasy type, nightmare was going to be the first song – so it was obviously over the top. This kid in drag was going to wake up from this dream and he was going to go through all sorts of things that we just brought up but it didn’t seem important anymore after Jimmy passed away and as an artist all we could do was write about what was really in our hearts at that time and that’s why we kind’ve opened up the wound and let it spill into the record and that’s what the record is about now. The reason Nightmare is still lyrically the same is because Jimmy loved those lyrics so much that I wanted to keep things that he enjoyed about the record and not change them.


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so I guess thats the artwork…a kid in drag.

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

aqua :P haha awesome

Comment by toria7x

Haha, of course it was Zacky who came up with the puzzle pieces!

Anyway, that was a cool interview. I kind of wished that the interviewer asked more questions off Facebook, but whatever.

Comment by Aanchel

I seriously can’t believe this interviewer! first, ask about the singing problem and repeat a couple of times that you don’t care about the health issue (what???).
And then ask about fanfiction?????? a little respect here! they’re MUSICIANS! I would have been seriously pissed off if it was me there. But then again, A7X are cool guys, they respect people even when they don’t deserve it.
I still can’t freaking believe it…

Comment by Damon001

I imagine the interviewer sounding a little bit ‘rude’ when asking those questions, lol

Comment by Danniel

Bit of an extreme reaction. I kinda thought the same about the fan fiction stuff, never heard of it myself, but if what Stu says is right then it may have been pretty uncomfortable for Shadows and Syn. The way Stu kept going on about it saying “look it up. No, don’t, let’s pretend this never happened. But seriously, do!” etc…

Maybe it would come across differently in speech rather than writing though, I’ll wait and see the video before being judgemental on the interview :)

Comment by James

YES! They answered my fanfiction question, lol.

Comment by Scratch

Anyone else think the interviewer was a little whacky? Hahaha. He wouldn’t let go of a lot things even though he was obviously being given short answers for a reason.
Can’t wait to see the video..I bet it was a little awkward.

Comment by arielle

Yea, this interviewer was seriously a big weirdo. Just the way he said things, and how he kept repeating certain questions or statements over and over again, and then what he was saying about the fan-fiction…

Comment by Keil

Reading this interview made it seem pretty painful to me. Maybe it’ll be different when we actually hear it but, to read, it sounded forced and uncomfortable. I cannot believe the interviewer wasted time asking some of those questions and going on and on about the same stuff.

Comment by A

just listened to it…it just as painful, if not more

Comment by steve

That interviewer was the biggest douchebag in ever. What an asshole.

Comment by Trechul

They answered my Q about the puzzle pieces…

Comment by Morgan

Hmm. Maybe it comes off different when you hear the words rather than read the text, but I don’t think I like the way the interviewer handled some of the questions, repeating himself and not taking the answers he was given. :-/ Still, it was pretty cool of him to ask for fan questions and stuff (though he didn’t ask a whole lot of them).

And of course it was Zacky who thought up the puzzle pieces. :P That guy is so good at the viral publicity thing, he should think about managing bands on the side or something.

Comment by Sarah

Are you fucking serious? That interviewer was a total douche. How inappropriate, you could even tell through text that Brian and Matt were totally unamused.

Comment by Victoria

Yeah! they answered my question about their first gig!

Comment by Luke

Thank you for sharing

Comment by Panteraya

This interviewer…I don’t know if it comes across so rude and stupid when you hear it…but damn, this guy really pissed me off.

Especially with the fanfiction thing. You can tolerate it or like it or just avoid it, because let’s face it it’s part of so many fandoms and not necessarily a thing which harms anyone. But to insult it…
And it’s always such a uncomfortable, embarrassing situation for the people involved in fanfictions to get asked about it. “hey, there are stories about you having sex with each other or
made-up girls.”

And then coming across like “Whutever I don’t give a shit about your health I just wanna hear how you embarrased yourself!”

Very strange interview.

Comment by Mel

Yeah I think it was pretty rude to insult those who write fan-fictions. I’ve read some, not the gross ones, but some that actually have substance to them. He shouldn’t insult a way a fan expresses their devotion to the band.

Yeah, thing about not caring about Matt’s health was just…wow.

Comment by Scratch

thanks for the input, I have a strong sense of self worth, so I take criticism pretty well…watch the interview, the first part is up…the text doesn’t show how willing and open these guys are about talking about their past…with the fan fiction, I didn’t intend to offend, I actually started the question by stating that I’m a nerd…I think me even knowing about fan faction proves that…you guys gotta remember, I’m primarily doing an interview for the masses, not die hards like you, people that are aware of a7, but not totally immersed in the world. With the Leeds question, the thought of shutting down a show in front of 100,000 people terrifies me, again, I don’t care about what lead to the situation, it’s more a question about how to deal with adversity…when you watch it, shadows actually grabs the mic to expound on answer about the show in question. again, thanks for the input, I agree that I’m not the best interviewer, but your feedback will help guide me in the future…and it’s more like a 4 year old autistic kid…oh and the best part, I had it transcribed quickly because I thought it would be nice for the hard core fans to get the meat of the interview before we got the video edited…I emailed the link specifically to whomever runs this blog…you’re welcome?

Comment by stu

Thanks for coming on here and clearing some things up. Yeah, I sort of found the fan fiction thing slightly rude, and not caring about Matts health, but hey, whatever. Nice interview overall. As long as the guys enjoyed it, I guess I enjoyed it as well. :)

Comment by Alyssa

again, it’s not that I don’t care about the health of a human being, I’m not an animal…it’s the situation I was interested in, me…I’m shitting my pants and crying.

looking back, I could have handled the fan fiction thing differently, you are right…

Comment by stu

You just gotta take into consideration… the people listening intently are most likely the “hardcore” fans, yaknow? I don’t mean to sound like a bitch or anything but fanfiction is an underground thing and is just to be left alone (most people that I’ve encountered who actually write it are embarrassed about it and don’t want the band to know or be reminded… they don’t even want OTHER people to know). The best way to keep things lighthearted is to ask crazy questions like “Who makes the best dinosaurs noises”. That’s a question that EVERY fan wants to know whether they know they do or not. You came off like an asshole to a fan group that considers themselves a family. I’m sorry about the douche comment above. I’m sure we all kind of are… we’ve all been through a lot of shit (even if we’re just fans). We’re all sensitive and its something to take into consideration next time.

Just sayin.

Comment by Victoria

First and foremost; Thanks for transcribing the interview so fast Stu, we do appreciate it.

I get that you were just trying to get the questions out and answered, I mean, I would wanna know how those guys dealt with that kind of situation… 100,000 kids and he loses his voice? I’d be crapping a wall, let alone a brick. Yes, there are better ways of asking those questions but each interviewer goes about it in their own way. Some are brash, and outgoing, while some remain only to the question and keep the chatter to a minimum. It all depends on the personality of the interviewer. But maybe not rushing over the medical reasons would have been a good thing. People need to know that he didn’t just have a sore throat, and that there was actually a reason. We know the guys put their all in to shows, but maybe they just need to tell people the actual reason why the shit hit the fan that day. Just a hint. I’m not here to berate you, just to say a few things.

Overall though dude, you asked Matt and Syn questions that fans had asked. You connected the fans to the band. Having the fans know that the guys are hearing what we’re saying/asking is a big thing, and this continues to solidify the reasons why we stay devoted to them. It could have been handled a little better, sure everything could be in hindsight. But hearing them talk about Jimmy (Even more so with each passing interview), and about how much of his influence is on the up coming record was awesome. Jimmy will be missed by all and I’m honoured that the guys are sharing his genius with the world.

Comment by Kace

i saw part one in video and matt and syn really didnt seem amused…

Comment by emilyA7X

really?.. complaining about the interviewer? I like how he didnt ask the generic questions. the vocal issue was actually really interesting to hear about. when he says he doesnt care about the health issue he means if he was in matt’s shoes not that he doesn’t care about his health. he’s saying he would be more concerned with the 100,000 people watching and not being able to perform than the swollen vocal chords at that particular moment

Comment by pee pee sabathia

I like how I asked a question about the nightmare video,and it didn’t get asked? Plus I was embarrassed at how the fanfiction thing was being tossed around repeatedly and I felt bad for the guys cause they looked really uncomfortable and ackward. It was funny at first because I didn’t catch every exact word they said but reading it is like dude,they were like,barely talking about it,Shadows even said it would make him uncomfortable. Plus I know so many people who write a7x fanfiction,and some are pure talent and writing skill,and others are just kinda,you know. But still they shouldn’t be called nerds. Doesn’t matter if he called himself a nerd as well, I would be pissed to have been asked such a question (no disrespect to whoever asked it) but its mostly how he approached the situation and question. But I guess you all wrote about it already,so I will end it here. No more ackward moments!

Comment by derek

Myself and some others asked the question, but I think it was the way in which is was dealt that made it so uncomfortable. The interviewer just kept going on and on about it.

Comment by Scratch

That was one hell of an awkward interview…thanks for posting this, but…I cringed reading it. And I can’t listen to it…

Comment by Marly

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