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93X Interview With M Shadows & Synyster Gates Videos.
June 18, 2010, 12:20 pm
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You’ve heard the interview that 93X did with M Shadows & Synyster Gates and now you can watch part 1 and 2 below:

Thanks Ela for posting this in our comments!


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A7X foREVer

Comment by emilyA7X

In the very beginning of the interview they keep looking out the window. It makes me wonder what is so interesting out there. :\

Comment by Mandy

i think the other guy is on that side

Comment by emilyA7X

They looked so lost and confused haha.

Comment by Scratch

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Well that bass player throwing his bass happened with poison, but also John 5 got into an argument with Marilyn Manson onstage and threw his guitar down and walked off the stage lol

Comment by Sam

Don’t forget about the guy from Atreyu. haha

Comment by Seth

I love that guys rrrrrraaadio voiice.

Comment by UK_JC

That was such a good, fun interview. I really enjoyed it and the questions 93X asked were awesome. I can’t wait for July 27th! FoREVer.

Comment by Ava

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Comment by aaron

I think that they are always looking throught the window because i think it´s people in the other side playing video games, because in the end shadows says that they hope that next time they invite them to play video games with them and then he looks back at the window

Comment by RuiA7X

I wish I new what M Shadows gamertag was so my clan could play his!

Comment by NAte

Dude, I want to know what it is too because it would be awesome to see how bad-assed they are on Call of Duty!!! That would be sooo EPIC!!!

Comment by Desmond6661

I’m appalled that you’re using the word “Epic” as an adjective when, as this band has taught us with “An Epic of Time Wasted”, the word is a noun.

Comment by 6661

Fiction = Epic

Comment by Florentine

Johnny needs to get in one of these interviews lol

Comment by Josh

I defiantly agree. I mean he and the rev where kinda the least talkative. And the rev was drunk half the time during them. Johnny would just sit their with his hair and be like four strings no probelm dude.

Comment by frank

Thank you! In interviews where he has spoken, he’s actually intelligent and amusing. He’s just quiet… but I’m all for some Johnny love in these interviews! (Wonder if it’ll actually happen.)

Comment by Jenn

omg they were so mean to Johnny :(

Comment by wikaman1

They were joking

Comment by Anonymous

I am amazed that they didn’t bust out in tears when the were talking about the rev because I definately would have.

Comment by Courtney

is that shadows’ cell phone sitting next to him?? its kinda a crappy lil thing haha

Comment by steve

what’s with Syn’s sunglasses indoors?? Hasn’t done one interview without them. =)

Comment by Damon001

lmao i need to find m shadows and his clan on call of duty

Comment by broxholmeA7X

Mike Portnoy is a life saver. :)
And you have to keep JB Dizz. ;)

Comment by Theresa

AH! I have said this a trillion times and Im gonna say it again. I LOVE THOSE GUYS SOOO F**KING MUCH! They deserve the best in life and I hope they make the best out of it without Jimmy because it will only make you stronger. <3

Comment by Zoey

Haha, they were not amused when the traffic reporter did that “Nightmare” joke in the beginning

Comment by Phil A7X


Comment by gjmatamoros

From Minneapolis, You are welcome :)

Comment by VenVen

Damn, i’ll play COD with them anyday

Comment by Kevin

They look so relaxed, its amazing… see them like that.

Comment by SuzieQ

synyster is so fucking hot

Comment by cami

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