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ShopCastRadio & Amazon UK “Nightmare” Pre-Orders.
June 18, 2010, 2:54 pm
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You can find the pre-order for Avenged Sevenfold’s “Nightmare” on Amazon UK here as well as the pre-order for the album on ShopCastRadio right here.

Thanks to Andrew and ShopCastRadio respectively for letting me know the pre-orders were up!


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£27?!?!?!?! for the Audio CD?!?!

somethings not right. Albums are never this much.

Comment by Iain

The price will probably go down before the release date. I remember ordering Quantum of Solace for £13 or so (normal dvd price), but the price dropped to £6 at one point during the pre-order time, so I ended up getting it for that thanks to some “price promise” on amazon :)

If not though, check it out on

£8.95, that’s more like it :D

Comment by James

This is torture! If I pre order it it will arrive at home 3 weeks before I’m back from holiday. When does it get released in the Philippines so I can buy it there????

Comment by Anonymous

Why is the amazon price like…way high!?

Comment by Mathew Hinds owen

WOOW thats a high price

Comment by Austin

WHY AMAZON! WHY!!!!! is it encrusted with gold!! Unless…. Maybe it’s a special amazon exclusive?

Comment by Anonymous

38 more days

Comment by Anonymous

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