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Another New Avenged Sevenfold Promo Picture.
June 24, 2010, 3:11 am
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Check out this brand new promo picture of Avenged Sevenfold.

Thanks Geof for sending this in!


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all grown up :’) zacky’s stache haha

Comment by asdfghjkl

hah oh I know. I love this picture.

Comment by Stephanie Cote

It’s still weird to see just the four of them… but good on them for getting out there and doing what needs to be done to promote and stuff =)

Comment by Danni

so empty without rev :( but they’re still so hot~

Comment by synaad

Haha! Zackys lookin like a butler! lol good pic though

Comment by Arron Johnson

i like this one

Comment by Kaylee

awesome pic! and johnnys got his other arm done!! :DD

Comment by Chris

Can anybody figure out what’s on Zacky’s knuckles?

Comment by Margaret


Comment by Morgan

I think “Cali4nia” is on them :)

Comment by Tess

Cali4nia is on his knuckles.

Comment by Jennifer Vee

Cool! Thanks!

Comment by Margaret

Oh dear. <3 I do love them.

Comment by Victoria

hot :)
but odd without jimmy :/

Comment by toria7x

Johnny got his second sleeve done!!! Other than that, the style is very somber and sad. It is very easy to see what the guys are feeling.

Comment by Morgan

When you go through a tramatic loss, you tend to wear your emotions on your sleeve.

Comment by The truth

that is exactly what I was getting at :)

Comment by Morgan

BTW… Love the name “The Truth”…

Comment by Morgan

i really like this picture.
it’s still weird seeing only 4
but, it’s still a very nice picture :)

Comment by amy

This is really lovely.

Comment by Sarah

I love this.

P.S. Anyword on the “Nightmare” music video release?

Comment by Ley

nopee…i’ve been looking around…a few shots of the set on the DCMA site but thats it

Comment by tyler

You can tell there was a real sad atmosphere when they were doing this shoot…

Comment by Alyssa

Every pic I have seen Syn in since jimmys death, he looks sick :/

Comment by Elise D

I know, he just looks so bad…:(

Comment by Alyssa

I thought about it too!He’s missing that beautiful glow he used to have, but I can understand how he feels.

Comment by Anonymous

I agree, I thought it was only me seeing that. Johnny isn’t looking too good in this one either :(.

Comment by Spiffy

I agree. He must have been the most affected out of anyone in the band. I don’t think he’ll ever recover from Jimmy’s death :(

Comment by Gabby

I don’t like Zacky’s facial hair. Looked better without it.

Comment by Jacob

he shaved it off…

Comment by Morgan

i cant imagine how they feel lookin at this pic & not seeing jimmy standing there w/ em. so sad! syn’s lost some weight…they all look like they havent eaten much. but i do love zackys stache! makes him look distinguished. lol.

Comment by dani

I know, I think it hit Syn the hardest, poor guy. :(
This must have been the hardest photoshoot for them…

Comment by Alyssa

ok they all look so serious but when i look at zacky i cant help but laugh cuz of his facial hair! haha. but they look so different without jimmy in the picture… :(

Comment by Dominique Wilner

Syn looks like he’s thinking: What are we even doing this for?
Even though it’s not the same,I want the guys to carry on. Not only will it help the healing process, but it’ll allow us fans to enjoy of their brilliance longer.:)
Love A7X for life and afterlife!

Comment by Anonymous

couple of things.
first…what does the wood thing, say above them? there are words,
second…everybodys gotten a DB tattoo OTHER then Syn, wtf is up with that???

Comment by Mike Gee

also, i think thats the Organ that the Rev recorded Fiction on.. maybe

Comment by Mike Gee

lol ZV looks like an old haunted mansion’s dead butler

Comment by Josh

It’s very different without Jimmy, but they still look amazing<3

Comment by Carriebelle

well they look hott as fuck, thats always fun :D

Comment by Alicia

love it.

Comment by Andrew

Johnny’s sleeves look freakin’ awesome.

Comment by Alex

Syn looks so different now, so sad :/

Comment by Sophie

is it me or does johnny look like he’s growing a stache? lol


Comment by tyler

it kinda looks like they’re all growin a stache haha

Comment by Emmysyn95

[…] Another New Avenged Sevenfold Promo Picture. Check out this brand new brand new promo picture of Avenged Sevenfold. […]

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This would have been a great photo if Brian was looking at the camera. He appears to be checked out, poor thing.

Comment by D

its awesome but at the same time so empty…

Comment by emilyA7X

Every recent picture I’ve seen so far has Syn covering his ring finger….hmmmmm…wonder why??

Comment by Lisa

He’s finally realized what a mistake he has done! LOL

*sighs* The guys look so lost and robotic. :/

Comment by shanice6661

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