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Rock Sound Apologize For “Nightmare” Review.
June 25, 2010, 1:38 pm
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Rock Sound have issued the following apology to Avenged Sevenfold and fans regarding their review of “Nightmare.”

Rock Sound recently published a track-by-track guide to the forthcoming Avenged Sevenfold album.

We wish to apologize wholeheartedly for any misunderstanding in the article that caused upset to both the band and their fans. This was certainly not our intention and therefore we have removed the piece from the site.

Thanks Anthony for submitting this.


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The only thing I can imagine respecting Less than a journalist who is wrong,
is one who will recant their articles and remove them due to public opinion.

I will never pay attention to anything Rock Sound writes again.

I could respect that gu habit a different opinion than mine, But I really cannot respect this, I find it pathetic.

Comment by Mickey

the review was pure bullshit and completely unprofessional, that’s why they took it off.

Comment by yes.

yep. it was somewhat informative though…someone else should write a new one

Comment by mesa

All reveiws are written from a veiwpoint of personal perspective.
Alog with that, it was an Internet snippet.
Sort of like what I like about radio DJs; they each lendtheir own personal touch.

I think they should have left the article up, but that’s just me.

Comment by Mickey

Same, no point in taking it down, it’s there opinion after all but they could have gone about it in a professional way. The reviewer obviously didn’t like A7X and put a negative spin on everything positive said.

Comment by Jake

If they are so sorry they should have an person who wasn’t brainwashed to hate a7x give the cd a review

Comment by Hef

WE ARE VICTORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by xsynystersamx


Comment by SamCleaf

that is what i thought. Apology declined. Fuck you Rock Sound!

Comment by Nico

that was my first thought when i read this

Comment by haley

i second that thought!

Comment by Rhonda

I third that thought!

Comment by Kris

yah thats right!

Comment by Andrew

they did the right thing. i bet they didn’t expect all the fans to bash on them. (:

Comment by dvengenz

i knoww right? But we fanss gott their backss maynee>:) haha

Comment by Steff

Do these people not have an editor? Surely someone would have gone over that article before it was released. Maybe they just didn’t know that A7X has one of the most loyal fan bases around. Anyway, it was just one review that actually did give some insight, even if they were being butt holes.

Comment by Jake

That’s true. As much as the review itself was a piece of garbage, it did tell us a bit what will happen in every song.

Comment by AJ

i have a nicer interview on my youtube that has some incite and can make you excited…. trust me. ahah

Comment by Tannnerrrrr

Nice. Thanks for posting!

Comment by Dante Phoenix

And so they should, it’s one thing to dislike something, but there’s a thing called professionalism and clearly the reviewer through that out of the window when she went to the label for the preview.

Comment by Cheryl -DBR


Comment by Cheryl -DBR

Good. :D Thanks Rock Sound!

Comment by Natasha

This has made my day!

Comment by Hannah

I thin they were right to take it down.
Never piss off A7X fans! Because we rule!!!!!

Comment by Alyssa

yepp thats what i’ve been saying all along

Comment by haley


Comment by Dominique Wilner

exactly!! thats the truth

Comment by haley

What did they say? I didnt see this review.

Comment by Rianna

The best song is Nightmare, everything else is depressing and/or shit, and the song that the rev wrote with his vocals is the worst song on the album.

Comment by Jake

They pretty much said that the whole album besides nightmare sucked. And they said that fiction was the worst song on the album, so disrespectful to the rev

Comment by Hef

Oh my god, that’s terrible. I hope Shads gives them a beat down or something o.o

Comment by Scratch

Hope crap. Seriously?
What a bunch of asses. And good for them they had courage enough to retract themselves.

Thanks for answering me.

Comment by Rianna

everyone is entitled to thier opinion and to like what they like or hate what they hate but come on people!!!! Have sum respect!!! Ive seen this kinda thing everywhere…do people not have common sense or respect??! I just can not believe some of the stupid people in this world that take up oxygen!

Comment by Rhonda

everybody has their right to express themselves, nobody is taking that away from the people of the magazine.
But if they said something and retracted, they werent consistent with their own opinions. They shouldnt be concerned about the other’s complains if they really thought their comments were right.
They had an opinion, most of the people didnt like the way they said it.
Nobody forced them to retract. They did it cause they thought it was necessary.

Comment by Rianna

With all the love to the rev,thinking that fiction is the worst song on the album dosent mean disrespect. be objective.

Comment by Tomer

u dont want to see it

Comment by BC

good to know they removed it… apology can be “accepted”… just keep what happened in mind for the future…. don’t fuck it up with anyone else ¬¬

Comment by Annie

wow thats good im sure several ppl complained to them thanks rock sound for removing that

Comment by BC


Comment by Alyssa

OH YEAH!! This just goes to prove that us A7X fans are a force to be reckoned with! LONG LIVE THE FALLEN!

Comment by Matzotez

Of course were a force 2 be reckoned with….these magazine people or any other media thing that bashes on A7X realizes they fucked up cuz they just lost a bunch of bussiness…..just like this “apology” its not cuz they mean it….its because there jobs depend on people like us and if u make us and the band unhappy then they lose our bussiness!

Comment by Rhonda

Though its better that they removed the article, I think its sad that they had to apologize in the first place. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and just because it isn’t the same as yours, doesn’t make it wrong. I will say they were harsh with their review on the album, regarding the circumstances, but its still not something they should sugar coat just to please everyone.

But what’s been said is over and done with. So no need to prolong any of this. I’m sure ill get a few hate replies just for going against someones opinion on here as well. Just further proving my point. ;)

Comment by arielle

No hate towards you at all. :)
It wasn’t that we wanted the review to be sugarcoated, it was that this reviewer showed no respect, and seemed to have no background of the band at all. Well, Rocksound has always had hate towards A7X anyways, so…this is just one bad review, I am sure there will be more to come..

Comment by Alyssa

It wasn’t an opinion, it was disrespectful for their work..I bet they’ve never given a worse review to any other album

Comment by Danniel

The point is, many Avenged Sevenfold fans like me are offended. One of our idols just DIED and who the hell wants to hear bad things about Jimmy? It’s hurtful and they shouldn’t even review the album if they’re going to offend everyone. They were way too harsh and Avenged Sevenfold deserves the respect.

Comment by Jessica

I completely agree with everything jessica said!

Comment by Rhonda

Yes, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but clearly that wasn’t their opinion. They were being disrespectful on purpose and they knew it. They wouldn’t have taken it down and apologized if those were their honest thoughts about the album.

Comment by JIK

Damn straight they’d better apologize >:[

Comment by Kaitlyn G

That has made me smile so much. An apology and removing it was totally in order after what they wrote.

Comment by Andie

And the deathbat army won again.. :D

Comment by Sevenfoldable

what did they say?

Comment by hunter street

They said that every song but nightmare sucked. And they said that fiction was the worst song on the album

Comment by Hef

I’ll respect the apology, and accept it. They should have a different reviewer listen to the CD and put out a more professional review. However, Rock Sound still lost some points from me.

Comment by Tommy

I gotta agree with Mickey. If someone is going to give their opinion, then they should have the balls to stick to it. I didn’t respect Rock Sound that much to begin with. Certainly didn’t respect Faye for trying to be an album critic without being able to understand the music she was listening to. To not stick to your guns is cowardice.

Comment by VixenVengeance

Lmao. What did they expect?

Comment by Jacob

rock sound can suck it.

Comment by Dalton Harris

this shows that they didn’t feel strongly about what they said. I don’t see how it was a “misunderstanding” and it was probably a mistake to take it down. Ah well. Hopefully this means the album is much better than they said it to be.

Comment by Waiting4Nghtmr

It will be, it’s A7X, what else can you expect from the best band in the whole fucking world!? :)

Comment by Annie

This proves once again that us A7X fans can and do matter. :D

Comment by Ghostflame83

Wow Rock Sound! No taste in music or professionalism. Journalism is based on opinion and you are entitled to yours. Don’t bitch out and remove the article just because we said fuck you.

They had to know fans would write in telling them that, otherwise there the most naive writers of all time.

Rock Sound, you struck out;
1) You removed your article, essentially admitting you were wrong and attempted to take it back like a 5 year old.

2) You showed no knowledge of Avenged or music in the review itself. The review kept mentioning the direction they were taking was unknown – – The whole fucking album was basically scratched except 2 songs because of the Rev’s death.. It went from a concept album to a tribute. It was clear as day the writer knew nothing of the band and its past..

3) And worst of all.. You disrespected Avenged Sevenfold as a band and all the fans by writing one of the shittiest reviews I have ever read..


Fuck you, apology not accepted… Go take your amateur staff and horrendous taste in music and crawl in a hole…

Comment by Ryan

Very well said.

Comment by Alex

couldn’t agree more!

Comment by amy


Comment by Bo

fuck yeh.

Comment by GrungePrincess


Comment by Avngd7XGirl

Hell yeah!
Amazingly said

Comment by Lauren

very true.

Comment by naad

ahahahaha you legend! hear hear!!

Comment by DmDiablo

Very very true, can’t be more honest than that!

Comment by Courtney

Damn right! It was way too harsh!

Comment by Georgina

The fact that they don’t back up their opinion just makes it seems like they were trying to start shit.

Comment by Scratch

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thats right, a7x is a family, the fans are their kids and you dont mess with their chil’ren!

Comment by deen

I agree we love them and we will defend them as if they are our brothers cause they are in a way!

Comment by Dominique Wilner

right on…

Comment by brendan

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, for sure, but the way the journalist decided to express his opinion was disrespectful and juvenile. I think it’s funny they apologized to us and that they took it down. It was rude and even if he hated the album, there are much better ways to word it.

We’re all way too awesome. Best Fan Awards.

Comment by trechul

apology rejected

Comment by drew

Im sorry but everybody completely overreacted to this… I know this album will be amazing and I know that this review was biased and disrespectful but at the same time it was just their opinion and its not like anybody reads Rock Sound anyway.

Comment by Sam

Damn. i can forgive them about dissing the album. but dissing the song that the rev last wrote is just wrong. theres a time and place to say sh_t like that, and well, they chose the wrong of both.

Comment by jaSYNda.

This really isn’t appropriate. On both the fans and Rock Sounds part. They should not have taken down their review because of what people said, and they definitely shouldn’t be apologizing, for what? I mean sure, some of it was a little harsh and all but still. As for the whole Fiction thing. I mean really? The Rev is dead, rest his soul, but just because he is doesnt mean anything hes touched people HAVE to love it. Sure i feel bad for Slipknot, but just because their bassist died doesnt mean i have to say i like their songs, in fact, i think they’re terrible.

On the Fans part, they really should be more accepting of someones opinion, and cmon…there were death threats on that site, maybe your going a little too far? Do yourselves and all the guys in sevenfold a favor, and DONT turn their fanbase into a Insane clown posse-esque crew of social retards. That being said, i love Sevenfold, and i really admire how their fans have their back, but don’t take it too far.

Comment by Anonymous

Well said

Comment by Anonymous

I honestly don’t think half of the people who commented there were real fans anyways. Yeah, the death threats were bad. The review seemed to be spawned out of previous hate for A7X anyways. No real points or constructive critiscm was made. Anyways, it’s gone, and I think people should get over it. I am sure there will be some more bad reviews, but lets hope that number stays small!

Comment by Alyssa


Comment by Majestic Ice Unicorn

I agree

Comment by Derek Williams

I agree with what you say, completely…
probably what made the rest of the fans angry was the fact that Fiction IS The Rev’s song, like M. Shadows said on an interview, he gave everything of him to it, and the whole record… and maybe that’s what gets them so upset, the fact that he was a bit harsh with that particular song….

Comment by Annie

I agree this was well said and I was unaware of any of the death threats being made. That was uncalled for to go quite that far.

Comment by Ghostflame83

Well said.

Comment by Anonymous

Well said.

Comment by LeftyGates

THIS. Very much this. I have to agree wholeheartedly and you said it very well. I personally don’t see how they were all that disrespectful to the Rev. They never said /anything/ to bash the Rev, merely showed their dislike for the album as a musical composition! I even understand why they couldn’t explain just why they didn’t like it either – I mean, the album isn’t out yet, they would probably get sued for adding more detail.

It’s also sad that you “fans” have threatened and scared the website into taking it down. I mean really guys, you’re being as pathetic as those Twilight fans who will rip your throat out if you say you hate the books.

Now I’m an Avenged fan and all, but are A7X flawless? No. Do they have appeal to every musical taste? No. How can you rip a journalist’s throat out without even hearing the album to know if it’s any good or not?

Comment by Skull Candy

Now from the sudden everyone agrees with that…

Comment by Danniel

I agree… for the most part. The only thing I say different is that the review should have been taken down on the basis that the writing was not done professionally at all. I have no problem with bad reviews, I do have a problem with reviews like the one Rock Sound posted that seemed to continually bash on the songs with a hatred that appeared from a source that was undetectable in what she wrote. Faye was very biased and therefore the professionalism that I expect from any review was lacking greatly. On another note, I agree wholeheartedly that some of the fans went to the extreme and should accept that some opinions on the music that Avenged Sevenfold produces is not always going to get high marks on reviews.

Comment by Morgan

Very true, and well spoken like Ryan’s comment above. Granted, her credibility was called into question with her descriptions of songs and style (she’s not a fan of metal or hard rock obviously), but I’m surprised they took it down.

I left a comment for the reviewer because I absolutely disagreed with everything she said, but it was more because she said nothing more than it has loud guitars and it’s depressing. Yes. As Ryan pointed out, she completely missed the fact that the guys had already put out warnings about the album so she obviously doesn’t know the purpose of the disc.

Wonder if she’s going to be writing reviews any more for the magazine.

Comment by Jenn

I hope she gets fired

Comment by Danniel

The cowbell reigns again.

Comment by :)

LOL, This post was definitely written by the Messiah.

Comment by Anonymous

No it wasn’t, i don’t know who that is.

Comment by :)

Fuck You,Rock Sound.
I don’t understand why people are giving A7X a hard time,we don’t care if you HATE the album,or if you HATE the guys,well atleast I dont,but when you call “Fiction” the worst song in the album,when Jimmy DIED not too long ago,that’s just a slap in the face to everyone and you can’t expect to get away with shit like that. If Jimmy was still alive,I doubt we’d be upset with an ‘opinion’ of some shitty website. But the man is dead,be fucking civil and have some fucking respect. Fuck You, Rock Sound.

Comment by Derek

Fuck you, Rock Sound. If you disrespect anyone in our family, prepare to get shitted on. I do not accept your apology. If you want to make us happy, fire the biased bitch who wrote the review. Again, fuck with our family, get shitted on.

Comment by Jon D

Damn Straight.

Comment by Derek

I do believe the correct term is shat! lol, you’re right anyway.


Comment by Luke

A7X fans ftw, no one disrepects Jimmys masterpeice. <3
…but it's good they apologized.

Comment by Anonymous

WOOW really first they put up that dumb review and then they apologize for the FOURTH COMING ALBUM FROM AVENGED???

they really know there stuff =D

Comment by romero

“Forthcoming” AKA upcoming, not necessarily the “4th”

Comment by Majestic Ice Unicorn

Okay, I have to say it – haha, owned.

Comment by Skull Candy

They had a right to review the album however they see fit. It’s freedom of speech, and it’s wrong that they removed it in my opinion. I’ve loved Avenged Sevenfold for years, and I know I will absolutely love Nightmare and I understand the story behind it, but it doesn’t mean a negative review should be censored or downright removed. It’s not like they specifically targeted the Rev or were biased in some way… it was a review for an album that the author didn’t like much.

I would have figured Avenged didn’t give a shit about a bad review, AND I’m assuming their anti-censorship; I’m honestly surprised by this article. But, it sure as shit doesn’t make me any less excited for this album… regardless of what any review says I am positive this album is going to absolutely crush.

Comment by Majestic Ice Unicorn

Your name makes me smile. Please tell me you’re a man.

Comment by Victoria

agreed!!! and i feel yeah dude

Comment by Dominique Wilner

Now that’s what I call a powerful fanbase. Good job, lovelies. :D

In all seriousness, I wouldn’t have expected them to remove the whole fucking review. I mean, it pissed me off yeah, but that’s because I’m a fan of the band. You can’t expect everyone to like something and there’s going to be people saying shitty stuff out there. Ordinarily I’d be kind of annoyed that they’d go and retract the article like that – but they were really insensitive considering the situation, so it’s probably better in the end.

Comment by Sarah

rabid fans strike again!

meh, they shouldn’t have to apologize for having an opinion, because music IS art, and therefore subjective, but mayhaps they could have had a bit of…decorum? at least looked up the band’s history/WTF is going on for them?

if the reviewer would have taken the time to research, she would have known why perhaps some of the songs are depressing as shit. hell, i’m expecting to need a fuckin’ box of kleenex on first and second go. make that third and fourth too. but really.

Comment by wench


Comment by broxholmeA7X

wonder how that chick felt about getting threats and hatemail? she’ll be watching her back for some time now ^-^

Comment by Anonymous

I missed the article.. What did it say??

Comment by Jessica

Basic outline was Nightmare was the only highlight of the album. Sounded like Metallica at times. Loud guitars and sounded depressing. Every song was bad, especially Fiction.

Comment by Phil A7X

I actually like listening to the review bcs it gives an idea for what the songs sounded like.

Comment by Anonymous

Can somebody send me the article, i never got ahold of it to read it. Somebody who can send me a link or just send the article itself can send it to my email:

Comment by Corso

At least we got some amazing lyrics out of it.
“How do we live without the ones we love? Facing time, always on my mind. I have so much to say, but you’re so far away!”

Comment by Luke

Taking it down is pretty pathetic on their part.
It just goes to show that Rock Sound care more about pleasing people with their reviews than actually sticking with what they think…
It just proves the point;
No one messes with the Sevenfold family.

Comment by Angst

owned. fucking owned. dont fuck with a7x fans

Comment by e

I thought the article was harsh because I am a fan of A7X. You never want your fav things to suck. However just because I don’t want it to suck doesn’t mean it won’t. I love Avenged Sevenfold and I love their ability to write how they want to write and play what they want to play. I’m not a fan who wishes that they would go back to their old ways of past albums. They’re original that’s why I love them. I’m sure this album will have plenty of new stuff musically just as every album before it did. I’m sure I’ll love it…only opinion that matters is your own.

Comment by Anthony

I’m interested to see what faye’s reviews look like from now on.

Comment by Ase7enX

Jesus, everyone’s overreacting.
please tell me i’m not the only person thinking this?

Comment by Anonymous

Some part is overreacting j agree, but the way they disrespected the guys not to mention Jimmy was totally unacceptable and un-professional. The way she said all the songs were depressing and gothic was said as if she didn’t even know they lost their brother and friend which is why everyone is shitting on this bitch.

Comment by Garrick


Comment by Rya7Xn

EPIC WIN for Avenged fans!

Comment by Jasmine

Only A7X fans would be able to do this… shows our loyalty lol

Comment by Calalo

That’s hilarious.


Comment by Ava

A7X fans are awesome(:

Comment by -Crimson-

thats how we in the deathbat army roll!

Comment by Julian G

they spelled apoligize wrong on purpose so that its technically not really apoligizing

Comment by deen

You’re joking, right?

Comment by Ase7enX


Comment by Victoria

HAH fail.

Comment by naad

LOL i just realized that,i blame one republic

Comment by deen

Talkin of spelling errors go look at the Avenged Sevenfold Nightmare Lryical Video and look under about the book of nightmares. HAHA Limited is how its spelled!!!

Comment by Jonathan

As if we pulled that off. Round of applause for us dedicated fans and for the band who makes kick-ass music. Watch out haters.

Comment by Anonymous

Did any of you actually read the entire review? Not just what was posted here. The review wasnt bad. He loved some of the songs and diliked others. Is that so bad? Is he not allowed to have a personal opinion. Considering Zacky has said in interviews already that there is a song people will hate does it really suprise you. I love A7X as much as you all do. I have every one of Syns custom guitars schecter has released 2 of them signed and zacky’s as well, but I can honestly say I dont like every song on every album. Flame away!!

Comment by Anonymous

From the review, the only song she said that was “impressive” was Nightmare. And I read the review numerous times…

Comment by Alyssa

It seemed to me that she liked some of the songs but didn’t really the extra stuff that was added into them, like the cowbell, the whistling, and the girl singing. I did tell from the review that she did like the guitars, but Fiction was too wierd for her.

Comment by luke

I laughed so hard when I read this. It simply just proves AGAIN that Rock Sound sucks. Like, big time. And that they now are trying to fucking take it back, like some 5 year old, is just… What other word than pathetic.
Greetings from a Norwegian fan, who can’t wait to hear the album, especially ‘Fiction’!
– FoREVer

Comment by Kristine

lmao! seriously! wow, they just ruined all their credibilty by taking it down. guess they didn’t have a chioce tho, there were 300+ comments on there saying the author needed to die and people called her all kinds of names. some folks were little extreme in my opinion, but I’m glad they took it down regardless. its a great thing to have your own opinion, but you gotta remember that all of us do too. if you can’t take the heat, stay the hell outta the kitchen. a7x foREVer

Comment by Sarah

Well this is all kinds of silly wrecked. I agree and disagree a lot with what people are saying. The review was harsh and uncalled for but I still kinda want to kick the crap out of these “death threat” people. Like the guy who used the song titles for a death threat. Kinda lame, not gonna lie.

This did however amuse me and freak me out. They’re not only apologizing to the fans but the band. The band. Upsetting the band. Anyone else catch that? Did I miss something? Oh well, silly site, sucks that you can’t hold your own. Grow a pair. If you’re going to do something like that… stick by it at least.

Comment by Victoria

Fuck yea bitch. dont mess with A7X. I think thats awesome.

Comment by Elise D

Everyone has a right to their opinion, even though it was messed up that they talked shit about fiction doesn’t mean they should have taken it down. Just because they didn’t say what you want to say doesn’t mean it’s a bad review.

Comment by Matt

A7X is the best. Fuck any negative opinions/comments towards the band, they are the best band out today! RIP Rev. KICK SOME ASS AT UPROAR!

Comment by paul

i should think so!! :)

Comment by Chris

A7X fans are awesome, and thanks to DBN for reminding us that we have an opinion to voice as well! Yes, they should`ve stuck to their guns instead of wimping out,

But it goes to show if they give their opinion to us, we`ll give ours back SEVEN TIMES OVER!!!!!!!

Comment by drummerboy5

Haha, Awesome!

Comment by luke

Now everybody is saying that they shouldn’t have taken the review down. Well, its down, and they aren’t going to put it back up. I don’t agree with the death threats, because they are just plain wrong. This is just one bad review; and I am pretty sure when another bad review comes out, that reviewer will get shitted upon as well, and everybody will go completely ape shit on him/her. I really could care less about most reviews, but this one just caught my attention. The idiocy of this reviewer annoys me, and she didn’t seem to have much respect or knowledge, but whatever. Rocksound is a gay ass magazine, and they will probably remain that way.
Reviewers can have their own opinions. They can be good, shitty, or stupid. That is fine. Nobody should give a fuck about what they think anyways. I know the guys of A7X don’t. They don’t write the music to please the reviewers and critics. They don’t even write to please the fans. This probably won’t be the only bad review anyways. I am sure they will be a few more.

Comment by Alyssa

And it may sound like I am defending the reviewer, but I am not.

Comment by Alyssa

What did they say that was offensive or anything? I didn’t catch anything that seemed rude…

Comment by gretchya7x

Not to be rude, but did you read the article?
I mean yeah people can have their own opinion, I’m all for that but they just bashed the whole album paying ZERO respect towards the band and what they have been through

Comment by Lauren

Do you have the article saved? Or does anyone else? I really want to read it.

Comment by Am

I did. It just struck me as someone’s poor opinions.

Comment by gretchya7x

Did anyone save the review? I never got to read it.

Comment by Am

ahah we caused this. i can’t believe that because of our comments against Rock Sound, they apologized. Great Success

Comment by Anonymous

Haha the person who gave this shit review of Nightmare is a Fall Out Boy fan. Their musical taste is terrible!

Comment by Anonymous

Why don’t we focus on helping the band get the Kerrang Awards? Lol, seriously…I think they stand a chance of winning both of them, not only Best Single

Comment by Danniel

What is everyone so proud of? Just because you guys scared someone in taking down a review? This reminds me of the whole James and Heavy Brutal thing a few months back. And, honestly, I found that more offensive then this, especially since as far as I know, he never apologized. Like people are saying, not everyone is going to like Avenged Sevenfold. Granted, it was a bad review, and Faye (have no idea why people keep thinking its a male) didn’t seem to have any knowledge of the band, which irritated me. But, did you guys ever think that saying stuff like that is putting you on the same level as Faye? Because, it honestly does. I LOVE A7X, and I love the fanbase, but some of you guys are acting just as immature and stupid as she was. It really doesn’t make the fans look good. Just stating an opinion.

Comment by Jennifer Vee

i completely agree
some kids took it way to far and started sending death threats
anyway lets just focus on making A7X win for the kerrang awards
A7X rules foREVer

Comment by emilyA7X

JV <3 Back you up 100%.

Comment by Victoria

Thank you, finally someone rational

Comment by PHILL

I wish they would have left the review up for the rest of eternity. That way when the album does come out and inevitably goes down in history as the best album ever written, people can see what complete idiots they are.

Comment by Sarah

I’m not sure if it will be the best in history but definately historical in a sense. Brian Haner Sr. said that this is definately their best album ever which means they will probabley move up to an entire new demention in popularity as well as what their standards are. Unfortunately they dont have a permanent drummer so theres really no telling how far a7x will go as far as making more music. On a side note I think it would be pretty funny (and it most likely will happen as the success of this album is almost guarenteed and either way its going to sell millions of copies) when rocksound is made into a fool because of that review.

Comment by Zack

Honestly I dont think it was that big of a deal. I doubt this album could possibley be bad at this point. I truly believe its going to be a great album just by all the hype they have been giving and I dont think a7x would really hype something so much if it wasnt supposed to be a great album because they are genuine guys. Now with the review I thought it was so negative and wrong but its still an opinion, just like any other reviewer. If anybody is unsure of buying the album at this point they will probabley just torrent it anyway. Its not like this is a dealbreaker for true fans anyway. I did like how she talked about the contents of some of the songs so we could get a good feel for some of them and what they consist of. I do think that you are going to need to listen to this album a few times in order to get a good feel for it. for example is what she said about fiction being the worst song on the album. when I first heard A little piece of heaven I thought it was awful. I thought it was just retarded and too experimental but now I have to say its a true masterpiece and a very catchy song. (reminds me of something tim burton would use in one of his movies) Fiction apparently is going to be something that consists of the same feel so I dont think the reviewer allowed the song to truley sink in. on another note im excited for the album and I know it will be badfuckingass.

Comment by Zack

dude i agree with you but when i first heard sidewinder… until i got into it then i loved it. but i agree with you on everything!

Comment by Dominique Wilner

someone should tell this journalist that you have to have good taste in music to right a review on the best band evar!!

Comment by Anonymous

We should make those rock sound pricks shit on a tarp and roll the bastards in it for bad mouthing jimmys legacy

Comment by Braden

Wow! What a dumbass! They should think about what they say about music before upseting both the band and the fans. I will never listen to rocksound ever again! Very disappointing!

Comment by gjmaamoros

lol rock sound you pussies.


Comment by mr bubbles

Its not right that they removed it, Im a HUGE avenged sevenfold fan and I am pumped as hell for the new album, but it was a journalist writing his opinion about the album, alot of people didnt like it cause he said he didnt like the album, ok well its his opinion good or bad its a review. Whats wrong with not liking something, I HATE lady gaga but millions of people like her, Alot of people dont like avenged sevenfold, whatever, who cares let them have there opinions, I dont know why it should offend anyone. I say to all of you people who wanna go against the first amendment in the American bill of writes FUCK OFF, Fcukin wah let the haters hate and the lovers love

Comment by PHILL

“We wish to apologize wholeheartedly for any MISUNDERTSANDING IN THE ARTICLE?!…”

what the hell? are they saying that the fans misunderstood what they wrote, because to me, that review was clear as day. If you’re going to apologize, just do so without making any excuses because it will sound insulting and insincere… Admit what you’ve done wrong because that will show that you understand WHY you’re apologizing.

1. They posted a biased/stupid/insulting review (I can’t even imagine how it happened when editors are supposed to read these things first)
2. They take the review down, say “sorry”, blah (which proves that they really don’ have an opinion and just goes by what people says)

That’s right, Rock Sound. It sounds stupid but that’s what you did. And for the record, apology thrown to your face.

Comment by angel

glad they took it down. but it doesnt help the fact that they posted it to begin with. i hope they realize that they lost alot of readers because of this. i never visited that site anyway. and next time, they should let someone who is an actual fan of the band post the review. i could understand a little criticism here & there but they bashed the whole fucking thing with no mercy!

Comment by dani

And the Deathbat army wins again.

Comment by Phil A7X

She liked God Hates Us, Nightmare, and Victim(i think)

I would’ve liked it a lot more if she didn’t compare M Shadows as “a cross between Dani Filth and the Backstreet Boys.”

I wouldn’t be surprised if she was sent a dead baby via mail by the guys from COF. that’s just fucking ridiculous.

Comment by xsynystersamx

Apology accepted
but don’t think I’ll ever take a review from Rocksound seriously.
If they can take it back so easily, it shows that they just writing some bullshit based on their mood that day.

Comment by Inge

lol…what a bunch of wusses

Comment by me

“Shhh, quiet you might piss somebody off.”

^ take this advice, rocksound.

Comment by Zack

A7x FoREVer

Comment by Anonymous

Cheers to tht man

Comment by Anonymous

I wish they would have left it up. Of course some reviews are going to upset people. It’s what critics are for. It was the reporter’s personal opinion and we can’t deny him/her of that. Plus, it was either he hates A7X regardless of how their music sounds or because he thinks they’re getting too much attention because “the drummer died.” (RIP Jimmy, we love you.) I know we all have strong feeling but I think we forget sometimes that the rest of the world doesn’t recognize them as the most amazing band in existence. (Which to me, they are :)
The fact that you guys removed it from the site as they did from theirs makes it extremely unprofessional. Of course this is it’s own community more so than a business, and it’s understandable that you don’t want to create a riot on here. That’s what makes DBN the best Avenged site!
Of course RockSound are idiots to begin with. They should have done more research on the band before publishing a bunch of bullshit. If they had they would have totally seen the backlash of the fan uproar coming. And what’s with the moronic “misunderstanding in the article”??? It’s cool to attempt seem nice to try to save yourself some trouble, but they lost respect and credibility by apologizing. It’s a review, after all, people should know it’s biased and not take it seriously. But then again, the fact that the fan response was so strong that they took it down AND apologized, it’s sort of rewarding, don’t you think? I have to say that I’m so proud of belonging to this community. :)

Comment by ButterflyWarmth

The only reason I removed it is because I was asked to. Otherwise, the piece would have stayed. While I didn’t agree with the review at all, it was news as any review will be whether it’s positive or negative. Unfortunately, I don’t think the review was very professional at all however some of the comments towards the author were incredibly uncalled for. In the end, the majority of us know what it said and they did come back and apologize for it. Whether people choose to accept that apology is up to them.

Comment by deathbatnews

I completely understand why you had to remove it from the site despite it not being exactly necessary. While it was Avenged news, this site is mostly for the fans (and the band, since they find it quite useful as well xP) so there is really no need for conflict because of a stupid review some hateful journalist wrote. I can’t believe that people went as far as posing death-threats to the magazine. It’s definitely excessive. We all love Avenged and definitely get offended when somebody goes around bashing them, but there is no need for verbal assault or any sort of violence. I think you did the right thing regardless. :) DBN will always be my favorite A7X site exactly for this reason! You guys are the best admins!

Comment by ButterflyWarmth

I agree and as anyone should know the readers comments do not reflect that of my own beliefs. In fact, I couldn’t believe so many people became so hateful towards the author. I had to delete some of the more harsh things people were commenting here with and simply not approve some of the comments. In times like this, it’s best to just let it roll off your back when you know that the reviewers words are bias or unprofessional. Death threats are taking it too far and in the end one can only hope that the entire fan base isn’t judged off of something like that. Im the only one who runs the site and it sucks for me to have to post things like that review, but in the end it is an album review and it is news. I just hope that in the future kids won’t react the same way and they’ll understand that it’s only one persons opinion. Also, thank you for the kind words!

Comment by deathbatnews

I know, let’s just hope that these negative responses don’t reflect on all of us. The problem is that because Avenged is always so nice to us fans, people take everything to heart and that just creates an explosion every time somebody says anything against them.

You’re the only one? I’m really impressed! Wow, I never figured it was a single person. And seriously the website is one, if not the best out there. It must be hard sometimes to deal with things like this. But you’re doing an awesome job either way. :)

Comment by ButterflyWarmth

It’s much like a protective family, but some things just don’t need to go as far as they do at times. Just a simple, “screw this review” would suffice, Hah. I am, thank you. For the most part, everyone around here’s pretty lovely. Just don’t light a fire under them, hah.

Comment by deathbatnews

still just a review, every-time someone says something you dont like what do you do, make death threats, over react, its a REVEIW, Fuckin cry about it, all you people that are making a bigger deal over it than you should are completely retarded and babies, fuckin cry about it

Comment by PHILL

I didn’t mind the review. I’d rather go in expecting an album to be shit and be pleasantly surprised than expect it to be brilliant and end up disappointed.

Comment by Anonymous

The two things I’m thinking are
1) thank GOD they came to their senses and took the review off….
And 2) It was such a waste to give that woman the cd in the first place, I’m actually jealous of the bitch. I wonder how mad avenged sevenfold got when they read the review if the did read it.

Comment by Courtney

[…] Rock Sound Apologize For “Nightmare” Review. Rock Sound have issued the following apology to Avenged Sevenfold and fans regarding their review of […] […]

Pingback by Top Posts —

Yay! now A7X fans look more like insane psycho’s -_-.
What’s with the death threats?
Let’s all attack a poor girl who did a review stated on her own opinion. Tell her we want her dead. wow Really?

If she didn’t like Fiction? So what? Does it matter? NO!
All of you saying she was rude to Jimmy are WRONG!
She didn’t like the song. Doesn’t mean she hates the guy or was attacking him.
None of you know if that song is good or not.
‘She was bashing Jimmy’s masterpiece’ well she was stating HER OPINION on that song. She heard it. Not you.

Seriously some kids need some help. Don’t take everything people say about A7X to heart.
Avenged Sevenfold doesn’t care. Why would we the fans care.

I read that review and was like meh.

Comment by Ashlee


Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Matt

Well maybe some fans don’t like hearing bad news about one of their favorite bands especially when the man dies for god’s sake. On the other hand, I kinda agree with you though even though I wrote one or two hate comments about faye and ya it’s wrong but this is where some people like to vent their feelings and it did sound extremely rude come on, just saying.

Comment by Courtney

Death threats.. Really? Ugh, I almost feel embarrassed to be a fan right now, even though I had no part of it.

A7x fans should know by now that the band get these kind of reviews ALL THE TIME. Its as A7x has said many times, you either love em or hate em. I also read the review and was like meh. She just doesn’t understand Avenged Sevenfold. Oh well, her loss. I know I am gonna LOVE this album.

On another note, who thinks they might release another single tomorrow? Exactly one month away and all.

Comment by TheGrimHreeper

On a different note, remember when she said Victim had a dream-like feel to it? Well the first thing I thought of when Syn plays that live intro thing on youtube is this feels like a dream. I wonder if thats the intro? That intro is a fucking beauty BTW.

Comment by eh7x

haha. its just like the 28 Weeks later theme lol

Comment by Jeremy

that would be awesome if they put that solo/intro/outro into one of the songs. I believe that solo was called unwind the chainsaw on various youtube videos and such

Comment by drew

that unwind the chainsaw thing was just a fan made rumor…… and it kiiiinda sounds like the 28 days later theme…. but not really. all i know is it sounds incredible haha

Comment by eh7x

I don’t quite know how some fans are defending Fiction, a song no one has heard yet. I’m sure the reviewer went overboard by saying ‘worst song on the album.’ Remember, ALPOH was a tad controversial when it was first heard too. I’m positive the song is going to be great. Especially if it’s in the same vein as A Little Piece of Heaven it’ll rule

Comment by Tommy

I think they are over reacting who say ‘you’re over reacting with your death threats omgomg!’ If someone saw the review and said ‘this review sucks, die beyotch’ no one would care, but when a popular site posts a link and 200 people say that same thing it’s ‘death threats’. Come on, it’s the internet

Comment by JIK

No, the women recieved actual death threats from people which is disgusting.

Comment by deathbatnews

Holy shit. I mean, I was kinda pleased at first because hey, if your fanbase can get riled up enough to get someone to apologize for an article, then that’s pretty powerful stuff. Yeah, the review was shitty, but it was really unprofessional of Rock Sound to go and retract it just because people didn’t like it. But death threats? Good God, people. I know we’re a protective bunch, but you can’t go around saying shit like that just because you disagree with someone. Probably the first time I’ve been ashamed of fellow Avenged fans.

Comment by Sarah

I agree. Im not entirely sure if it was people from around here and I would hope that it wasnt. I didn’t actually see any of them but I’ve been told she received them. That’s taking it way too far.

Comment by deathbatnews

Yeah, I thought that the death threats were sick. People will start to think that something is wrong with A7X’s fans. We will end up getting a bad rap, then the band will suffer (“A7X’s fans are fuckups that send death threats out to people!”), in a way that they will be hated even more because of the fans (think of Insane Clown Posse).

Comment by Alyssa

That review was a joke, well it had to be, no one in their right mind could take it seriously. It’s like one of those game parody reviews on youtube. I love A7X to death, but as much as I hate the biased journalism, I couldn’t help but laugh while reading through it. So insane and unprofessional it sounded!

Comment by Anonymous

Although it was a little insensitive seeing as how the Rev died, the critic was just doing their job and stating their opinion of the album. It was harsh how they said it, but your all kinda Bering suck ups to Avenged, besides, it’s not like any of us have heard it. A7X would want your honesty, not to be mad at someone who doesn’t like their album.

Comment by Anonymous

anybody put any thoughts into the fact this writer probably got fired over this?:P

all the forums I read are buzzing over boycotting the site:p

she really fucked herself over!!

well so did they… guess their editor should shown up for work and done his damn job in the first place!

this is all their own damn fault

Comment by Mickey

well this is stupid. Someone has to recall their written opinion because of the angst of complaining morons who haven’t even listened to the album yet. Nice one rocksound for being pussys *sigh

Comment by noobpotato

lol they fucked with the wrong crowd…

oh i love you people<3
and Avenged Sevenfold

Comment by Mandyyy

It`s sad that people cannot have freedom of opinion and speech anymore and that the Avenged fans are so intolerant.

Comment by Holly Short

Question… did u even read the review?

Comment by Morgan

for defending what we love

Comment by som3on3

God, some A7X fans are as intolerant as Slipknot fans.

Comment by Ryan McFly

My middle finger will go up to rock sound and stay up until the day I die

Comment by Neil

For those of you saying people are intorlerant… Imagine a close friend of yours went to audition for a lead singer position in a band and ended up getting compared to Brittany Spears or somebody that you know does not match the genre of music that she sang and you know for a fact that she is way better than Spears… you would be pissed off and more than likely step up to tell the people that commented on her audition that they were wrong

Now for the people that bashed Rock Sound… death threats are stupid and immature. I understand stating your opinion that they were wrong in saying what they did; however, grow up and leave a comment that shows your angry and not borderline psychotic.

Comment by Morgan


Comment by som3on3

Honestly the review has made me even more eager to hear the record. They way Fiction was described makes it sound incredibly epic.

Comment by baldymort

You people are fucking idiots. A critic should never have to retract their opinion because a bunch of whiny butthurt fans fucking complained.

So the reviewer didn’t like the album. Big motherfucking deal. Move on with your fucking lives. Bombarding the website with complaints until they apologize is pathetic, you worms.

Comment by kak

she was definfitely trolling.

Fiction was the BEST song on the album. She was trying to fuck with us.

Comment by blah

One person writes an honest review and the site takes it down because of whiny A7X fanboys. Rock Sound needs to grow some balls and ignore what scene kids think of them.

Comment by Bwarg69

How is it an honest review? The album is great and is #1 in the world. Thats all the reason they need to take it down, Besides the fact that they were rude about it.

Comment by Anonymous

You can fuck off dude that was bullshit and you know it. A7x is awsome and they just lost a member why would they want to hear a bad comment like tht?

Comment by Anonymous

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