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Avenged Sevenfold Take Over WBR Building!
July 9, 2010, 4:46 pm
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An amazing 42×43 display created by Rafa at TwentyFourCore featuring Avenged Sevenfold’s “Nightmare” album artwork is now hanging outside of the Warner Brothers Records building. If you live in the area, let me know what you think!

Check out another view posted at


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Sooo awesome!!!

Comment by Jessica

That’s awesome

Comment by Hef

amazing o.O

Comment by nick


Comment by shadow771

Hahah looks awesome! <3

Comment by Brianna7x

Lots of news today, hope there’s more to come

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by MIA

beyond badass (:

Comment by dvengenz


Comment by Alyssa

Is this in NYC?

Comment by Vee


Comment by deathbatnews

Where in california?

Comment by courtney591


Comment by deathbatnews

awesome :D

Comment by amy

looks f**kin epic :)

Comment by tom

Totally badass!

Comment by JaedeVendetta

Where’s the warner bros building. im in cali fer a few more days and i gotta go see this!

Comment by Chazzy Vengeance


Comment by deathbatnews

awesome. thank you!

Comment by Chazzy Vengeance

I have to drive by and see that! It’s a pain in the ass on the 101, and on the other side of the Valley, but it will be well worth it 8-)


Comment by fatboy

truely amazingggg

Comment by shannon

Is this poster in the NYC headquarters as well?

Comment by Vee

Burbank, California… in the “lovely” San Fernando Valley (for anyone who is familiar with Valley Girls in the 80s… this is where it all started).


Comment by fatboy

Does anyone have a link to a pic of the album cover in the dimensions of the iPod touch or iPhone do I can use it as my background

Comment by Deen

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stuff like this makes me happy. It means we are getting close.

Comment by j7x88

Damn. California – not near the LA area, is it? Because if it’s still up when I go there in about a week, I’m totally going to stare at this all day.

Comment by Sarah


Comment by deathbatnews

About 20 minutes away.

Comment by Emilee

It will be up at least until the album release. I live about 5 miles away and see it all the time- gotta love it!
There’s a bar within viewing distance, so you should saddle up with a pitcher of beer and admire while you’re here.

Comment by AlCon

I really should – if only I can convince the friends I’m staying with. They’re not Avenged fans. :( ::makes plans to run away with the car::

Comment by Sarah

Good luck! Make sure to give your pals a lesson in ROCK.

Comment by AlCon

Nice, A7x on one side and Deftones on the other.

Comment by matt

That is awesome! I would hang that on my house, if I could. lol

Comment by A7XForTheWicked

Oh how I wish I lived in the area :(
I would worship in front of this all day.

Comment by Michelle

You and I both, this is worship worthy…

Comment by A7XForTheWicked


Jimmy sure is smiling now!!


Comment by Andrea

omg thats so weird! deftones and a7x my fave bands<33

Comment by asdfghjkl

I wonder what they’re going to do with it when the albums out… They should auction it off for charity or something like that.

I wouldn’t mind taking it off their hands.. ;)

Comment by ashleyxsynyster

dude this is awesome!!!!
im going to go see it!!!

Comment by emilyA7X

is it illegal to make my
own A7X banner and hang it over the
loop 101 and on loop 202?….


Comment by som3on3

they should put one in times square 2 it would be sick and i would get to see it then lol

Comment by Chris

My parents said they’d drive me to Burbank next weekend to see it. Awesome! It looks amazing.

Warner Bros. sure does seem to love them like family. That makes me happy.

Comment by Ava

Hell yeah! I shall pass by it!

Comment by Humberto

thats about a 50 minute drive for me, way too far just to see the display… but ive seen that building before thats pretty sweet.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by sophie

My soon-to-be favorite album of the year hanging next to my favorite album of the year so far….A7X and Deftones

Comment by Brady

My reaction: HOLY SHIT!!
That’s fucking awesome!

Comment by Alex

Did u guys also hear nightmare on the radio on kroq in Los Angeles.
I was surprised because kroq never plays a7x until now :)!

Comment by apchino627

[…] […]

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I wish the side of my house looked like this :)

Comment by ShellieF

whats next to it?

Comment by deen

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