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WATCH: Walmart Soundcheck Interview With Avenged Sevenfold!
July 14, 2010, 5:59 pm
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Walmart Soundcheck have put up their interview with Avenged Sevenfold. Check it out as well as a few shots from the “Nightmare” music video here.

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Comment by Jee

D: 13 days

Comment by James Sullivan Baker

looks like its made up of memories from other videos. like ZV dancing and the crazy eyes of the old lady from bat country

Comment by Mike Gee

Cool. Awesome interview. wtf’s up with Zacky’s bum fluff?

Comment by Kris

oh geez. i wasn’t expecting that at the end. that interview hit me hard.

Comment by Bre

omg…that drum set at the end, the revs… =(

Comment by Mike Gee

also, theres the spider from afterlife crawling on the drums like it was crawling on jimmy.

Comment by Mike Gee

I thought exactly that too!

Comment by Marlz

its amaizing!

Comment by Mike Gee

Where’s the spider?

Comment by Jimmy

right before the ending

Comment by Mike Gee

I noticed that too!

Comment by Andrea

the rev was also terrified of spiders and the empty drums were so creepy it dont feel right

Comment by adam m

I noticed that too and smiled with good memories.

Comment by Scratch

thats a really interview…
and the video omg it’s gonna be awesome
and the end OMG…brought tears to my eyes


Comment by jax

WOW!!!!!I definetly didn’t see the end of the video coming!!!It’ll be an unbelieveble video.It’s so good to hear from them.
Plus, Buried Alive is a wonderful song!

Comment by Anonymous

i thought it was being released tomorrow, but anyway im glad

Comment by deen

Is there anyone that actually knows whats the best way to contact with someone from the band? :/

Comment by Drunoctis

climb on stage at uproar lol

Comment by deen

the thing is that i live in greece and i wont fucking have a chance to see them live :/

Comment by Drunoctis

make the trip to one of their uk tour dates, but im sure theres a way to contact their managment, i dont think theres a way to get directly to them

Comment by deen

way too many money to travel to UK and im 17 , so its not possible…i just wanted to know why they never came in greece…and if they will…

Comment by Drunoctis

If you send a letter to Warner bros. I believe the give the band guys te letter

Comment by Jimmy

im sure the guards will stop you XD

Comment by Jeremy

i wish i could at least try :/

Comment by Drunoctis

When I saw saosin this one girl ended up on stage 3 times via crowd surfing

Comment by Deen

Avenged Sevenfold
The Collective
8383 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 1050
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

(google has the most amazing of information)

Comment by wench

that’d be pointless :/
But thanks.
Google rocks :p

Comment by Drunoctis

Upgrade to stalker status?

Comment by VixenVengeance

has anyone noticed matt’s rev deathbat on his hand?

Comment by deen

Yeah he got it months ago, theres a post here where you can see it when he got it.

Comment by deathbatnews

oh thanks, im slow

Comment by deen

Yay more from johnny… and I love zacky showing us his awesome ball room dancing with a skeleton…

Comment by Morgan

Haha it was almost as if he was doing a crazed version of his dance scene from “Afterlife”

Comment by Terrance Phifer

So good! I loved the part about Britney Spears. These guys seem so different on camera. They act like themselves but in magazine interviews they make them all sound depressed.

Comment by Melissa

yeah i noticed that…

Comment by Morgan

that is such a nice drum set!!!

Comment by BC

Is that Johnny crawling on the ceiling?

Comment by Ley

it is lol

Comment by Marlz

Lol thought it was, that made my day.

Comment by Ley

i didnt see the part they used as a teaser, is there more to it theyll release later or what?

Comment by deen

The entire interview had parts from “Nightmare” that we’ve never seen before in it.

Comment by deathbatnews

well i mean the interview part, remember the 50 second interview clip they gave, and speaking of that, i did enjoy the new music video footage

Comment by deen

Got ya! They may have cut out that part since they used it as a teaser for the interview. Glad you enjoyed the music video footage! Hope you’re excited for the entire thing to be released on Saturday!

Comment by deathbatnews

the thing that sucks is ill be in another state with family with the video comes out so i cant see it till i get back sunday night, its heard to get to a computer when im with family unless it will load on my ipod

Comment by deen

ZV always dancing hahahahaha ♥, omg I cannot fuckin’ wait.
The last scene, with the lonely drums… Freak me out.

Comment by Ann

dont you just wish in the video, jimmy walks up to those drums and starts playing, but ive been in dreamland ever since i heard buried alive (15 times)

Comment by deen

omg..what if he did… like…wtf… i wud prolly punch a wall. be like WTF!

Comment by Mike Gee

It would be just… Don’t know how to say it.
Fuck it, that scene made me feel so strange!
I can not wait until Saturday. But it is necessary, so the waiting until the 27 isn’t so hard. D:
Omg! I’m so intense. Hahahahaha.

Comment by Ann

gah, the ending was like a punch to gut. i figured something was up when the spiders came up.

also, win for ZV dancing with the skeleton. Afterlife throwback? haha

Comment by wench

ok…the soundcheck…AMAZING. it had alot of heart in it and so much love. the hurt goes on and on and on…but one thing we know is that james will be with us forever and ever…

Comment by ZACKY k

The end hit me like bricks :(

Always missing you Jimmy <3

Comment by Ashley

yea same here. you know how zacky would say this cd brings chills to everyones spines .. well even after hearing nightmare god only knows how many times i still got them soo bad at the end of this vid:( im seeing them in AC 4 days after the cd comes out and theyre not headlining soo hopefully i get to meet them again .. that would make my summer

Comment by Matt

Great interview, but the inclusion of the new music video made it so much sweeter. That ending though, wow! I knew from the pic on DBN it was coming but that was a classy idea by the band to do it. Today has been a good day for A7X fans

Comment by Terrance Phifer

I can rest peacefully tonight as a fan, a great day for us for sure

Comment by Deen

Are they going to preform like the other bands/artists do for the Walmart soundcheck or is there only going to just be the interview?

Comment by Melissa

The end of the video with the drum set gave me the chills. I cant wait to see the full video

Comment by ShellieF

Agreed, it made me shiver…

Comment by Marlz

Great interview! I wish we could have heard what Syn’s favorite song was tho

Comment by Josh

im guessing the one he wrote lol

Comment by David Castleman

The spiders crawling on Jimmy’s drum set cause that’s all that’s left of him that’s tangible

Comment by Jimmy

They showed so much of the video, almost like too much of Nightmare. I’m still totally excited though. Syn doesn’t seem as bad in the whole video now(:
cannot wait

Comment by SynLove

did they say the album is available now?

Comment by BC

there’s many references to Afterlife in the music vid. Theres ZV dancing with a skeleton like when he danced with Gena in Afterlife. theres the spiders. and then of course theres the Rev’s kit which i LOVE

good interview btw

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

And there’s also the crazy eyes from Bat Country.

Comment by Anonymous

thats all what i thought. i think the spider was crawling on the drums, as if it was crawling in jimmy

Comment by Mike Gee

I’m so stoked. I wish I had MTV2, but my peoples are too cheap to spring for a digital box, so I gotta catch it on the website. I know like 10 minutes after 11 it’s going to be EVERYWHERE.

Comment by VixenVengeance

You can tell this interview was one of the hardest for them. The emotions are still raw, just like the album’s gonna be!! Thanks DBN for this! WE love ya A7X!!!!

Comment by Casey

Wow it’s great to hear that they were influenced by Zeppelin on Buried Alive, although when it comes to writing epic and long songs Led Zep practically wrote the book haha.

Comment by eclecticmuso

so the album’s available today?
the fuck?

Comment by synystersam

No. July 27th, just like it always has been. They probably didn’t think the interview would be released until after the album was.

Comment by deathbatnews

Hey Can someone put this up on youtube? For some reason it will not load 4 me? NOOOOO

Comment by Anonymous

won’t load for me either :(

Comment by Anonymous

Today is a good day for a7x fans.. indeed. lol

Comment by Sam

I really like this interview. I think it gets a lot deeper than the others have. It reminds me how great of a family this is. ♥

Also, the Nightmare clips! ::flails:: It’s all really creepy and awesome, but the throwbacks to the Afterlife video are fucking intense. Zacky with the skeleton, and Jimmy’s spider! And then the drumkit at the end… basically it’s like a punch to the stomach and I almost want to cry all over again. But yeah, amazing.

Comment by Sarah

The end, with Jimmy’s drums, hurt alot.
We love and miss you alot Rev. <33

I'm happy though to hear and see all the boys at the same time not just lil radio seperate interviews. and the scenes from nightmare look so fucking epic! OMG!

Comment by Chazzy Vengeance

i think all the references to previous videos are sposed to be their life with him and everything they went through with him but then the nightmare is that hes not there at the end

Comment by zach


Comment by Andrea

hell yeah

Comment by Anonymous

I choked on my drink when I saw the Rev’s drumkit at the end… That was like a baseball bat to the gut :(

Also, Zacky dancing with that skeleton made my day.

Comment by Gabby

Today has been a good day.
First “Buried Alive” is released which BLOWED my mind.
Then this interview came out and WOW, the ending surprised me and stung the hell out of my eyes haha.
Just 12 more days to go now

Comment by Lauren

man the end of that video knocked the breath out of me…absolutely AMAZING <3

Comment by Alicia

Everytime they talked about The Rev, they’re eyes got watery. I noticed, even with their shades on.

Comment by Gwen

One sees what one wants to see.

Comment by Anonymous

hah! so true.

Comment by lis

I’m not saying they’re over his death, they never will be, but they’re strong enough to keep it together in front of a camera.

You can tell they seem to be getting back to normal now. Syn’s making jokes, all of the members are talking and no-one’s isolating themselves, they’re moving on and they can control thmeselves when they have to.

Comment by EmilyVengeance

haha, did you see Syn’s Karate kick near the end? I missed that.

Comment by Phil A7X

Lmao I did, that cheered me up to see him lively again :)

Comment by EmilyVengeance

Wasn’t syn in karate?
I say a picture of “him” but it was hard see his face and kinda hard to believe it was him.

Comment by Courtney

First of all, Buried Alive is freaking sick! amazing..

Now, we basically watched all the nightmare video! with the 4 teasers and this clips in the interview! I didnt liked that.. now i know whats gonna happen..

Comment by Sevenfoldable

not going to lie, i wish they would have saved that shot of the rev’s drum set until the actual release of the music video. it kinda ruined the surprise :(

Comment by steve

i dont even have words for the drums at the end. i really dont. that hit way hard

Comment by brendan

Zacky brought back the scene where he dances in Afterlife but this time on Nightmare with a skeleton. Also the lady from Bat Country.

Comment by Anonymous

The spider towards the end of the song gives you a memory of when Jimmy in the Afterlife video had a spider on his face, except this time the spider is on the drum kit.

Comment by Anonymous

thats a kick ass picture

Comment by Neil

omg its a very good interview
its so sad…i was crying like a baby
the end was just wow…
A7X foREVer

Comment by emilyA7X

great way to end a music video i think

Comment by malicious grimm

this was a great interview. one of the best. the spider is back! (the one in the video) hah. :(

Comment by Neil

wow that video hit me hard like the night i found out about jimmy. i hadent accepted it, i been such a big hardcore dedicated fan but i guess with all the sorrow i decided to distance myself alittle. i wasnt as excited as i used to be, hearing news nd interviews. i HONESTLY wasnt excited about the new record. i didnt want to accept that they might change the bands name. i heard buried alive earlier today & i fell in love with them all over again. i see this video &see how bad they still hurt, damn i was selfish. now i accept hes gone but not forgotten. im that big hardcore dedicated fan again. a7x foREVer. im seeing them live september :)

Comment by unknown

I’m much the same man, he will never fucking be forgotten and THAT is what matters

foREVer <3

Comment by EmilyVengeance

look at zack when theyre talking about fiction he looked like he was about to break down :(

Comment by luy

Thank you Walmart soundcheck for ruining the climax of the music video.

Comment by Tommy

in stores now? Da f**k?!?

Comment by Noey

they said that because they thought the interview video was going to be released when the album was, not before it.

Comment by Marlz

hahahah, Zacky dancing with the skeleton, and Johnny crawling on the floor. CAN’T WAIT FOR THE VIDEO!

Comment by Phil A7X

I think I died a little when I saw the ending. T_T

Comment by Vincent

Shit like this does nothing but pump me up even more for the release of the album. It’s gonna blow myself, my friends and family, and all of The Fallen around the world completely on our asses.

Random question as well: Any word on whether or not the boys will be doing some semblance of a meet-n-greet type thing during the tour?

Comment by Jimmy Spectyre

I’ve been wondering that too. I guess we’ll find out from fans who get to the first few dates.

Comment by Sarah

Zacky made me laugh when I saw him dancing with some skeleton =D

Comment by ChrisA7X

Anyone else get an email today about the ‘Book of nightmares’ being delayed a week? I’m not sure if it’s UK only but I got the email today.

I’m totally bummed out about the situation so I’m going to have to buy the itunes copy of the album along with that edition.

Comment by SynysterCraig

It might only be the UK? I didn’t get an eail saying that, maybe it depends on when you ordered it too?

Comment by Marlz

maybe, it kind of sucks though, was really looking forward to it but i suppose i love them enough to buy the album twice

Comment by SynysterCraig

WHAT. I’m in the US and I’ve not heard anything…

Comment by Sarah

I got that email this morning too :-(

Comment by Chezgregs

Loved the interview with the guys. Awesome video, brought tears to my eyes at the end. The Rev is gone but will never be forgotten. a7xfoREVer! Can’t wait to see you in Scranton, Pa on August 27th.

Comment by KLNAPE

Love the last part of the interview when Brian says about the fans loving them.. ‘& we love them back, well most of them.’ LOL

Thank you A7X for being so dedicated to your fans.


Comment by Andrea

Lmao I loved that, the guys’ face when he said that, Brian’s probably referring to some past experience with fans xD

I love how they love the fans, and we’ll always love them back. :)

Comment by EmilyVengeance

i love the drum kit seen at the end has any one else noticed the way the light shows from behind the drum it its kinda looks like jimmys spirit is sitting there

Comment by Anonymous

Chills at the end, just chills…

That’s all I can say.

Comment by Scratch

Really deep interview, and the last shot broke my heart…But I am sure Jimmy was sitting there playing them, even though we couldn’t hear or see him.
On a random note, it looks like they all were trying to grow mustaches in this video! :p

Comment by Alyssa

I believe they took it down, I can’t find it anywhere. The link redirects me to the soundcheck home page :/

Comment by Damagon

Yeah I watched it a minute ago but it’s gone. Probably on youtube now anyway.

Comment by Owen.C

same here

Comment by coolbrotherj

Yea I have the same problem

Comment by Tyler

I know, I was looking too, shit :(

Comment by EmilyVengeance

The only interview available when I go to the website is with a guy named Danny Gokey and the Avenged one is nowhere to be found. Can anyone give me a hand?

Comment by Holly

I can’t find it!!!!!! =(

Comment by ashleigh

I can’t see it either, I’m just at the main page. D: Help?

Comment by Emma

Why did they have to delete the interview!! I’ve been waiting for it for a whole month!!

Comment by Synester00

Ya the video must have been taken down or something its redirecting me to there soundcheck homepage and I cant even find it on youtube :(

Comment by colt45

I’ve sent an e-mail asking why it is no longer available. If they answer me, I’ll let you guys know.

Comment by Holly

=( they took it down

Comment by Noey

Definitely cried a bit. Love you and miss you Jimmy. :( <3

Comment by Theresa

This was emotional, seeing the band talk so rawly about Jimmy was very emotinal.

Comment by Anonymous

when they reposted it, they took out the end part with the drums

Comment by deen

The interview worked fine for me.

Comment by marblez

The video was deffinatley good..
wasnt really excpecting to see jimmys drum set at the end kinda heart breaking..
But its deffinatley going to be an AMAZING album..

Comment by Taylor

Very last scene hit me hard when I watched it last night. :[ I started crying.

Comment by Natasha

Best part is seeing Syn smile and jump around… Looks way too skinny these days and way too sad, understandably so.


Comment by fatboy

I agree, that made my day seeing that, since I saw Syn acting more lively I’ve just been a lot happier

Thanks Syn :)

Comment by EmilyVengeance

What the eff, they cut out the drums at the end :(

Comment by EmilyVengeance

wow this video really hit me hard…like it made tears come to my eyes, did anyone else notice that zack was looking sad the whole time?

Comment by Zacorra

Hm, that was the first time I heard Syn call The Rev, Jimmy.

Comment by Chase

where the fuck is the drum kit at the end!?

Comment by Sevenfoldable

yep. i watched it again today and it wasn’t there

Comment by Anonymous

They probably removed it because maybe they weren’t meant to air it, or complaints from the label of spoiling the end of the music video…

Comment by Marlz

if thats true, i think its a little too late

Comment by deen


Comment by Marlz

too bad they cut the drum kit at the end it kindda make you wanna cry

Comment by miin

syn said it best in the end

Comment by drew

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