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WATCH: Avenged Sevenfold’s Unedited “Nightmare” Music Video.
July 17, 2010, 10:37 pm
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Check out the unedited version of Avenged Sevenfold’s “Nightmare” music video now!


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ITS SO GOOD!!!! stupid MTV…

Comment by BC


Comment by angel


Comment by Noel

The drums at the end.. heartbreaking

Comment by Natália

true that :[

Comment by amanda

yeah just watched it :) much better

Comment by dutchy6661

simply amazing.

Comment by antonette


Comment by V. Havoc

this video is amazing. wtf was that other thing???

Comment by Ryan


Comment by [NE]Fobby[GEN]

I love it, a lot actually. Especially how they put the spider in there. <3 foREVer!

Comment by SynthiaT

im tearing up sooo bad right now, missing the rev….

Comment by Noel

I held out for this full version before watching it. I seriously, no joke, got chills. This was tough to watch (although fantastically creepy and amazing). If this was hard, I can only imagine what the album is going to be like.

Comment by Sarah

I have to agree, especially seeing Jimmy’s battered drum kit with the tarantula crawling across it. Also noticed a few references to the music video for Afterlife in this vid, the tarantula bit included.

Can’t wait for the album, but I get the feeling that Jimmy and Matt’s vocal harmonies, as described by DBN, will be pretty sombre to listen to. Though Fiction will no doubt be a great song regardless :)

Comment by James

I was about to point out the reference to the afterlife video, with the tarantula and Zack dancing with the skeleton. ALso a reference to Bat Country with the womans eyes like growing bigger and shifting and stuf

Comment by Kevin

I noticed that they also did the White (being in the insane asylum) vs. Black thing which they did in afterlife as well…

Comment by Lauren

No matter how many times I watch he video, I always get chills at the end.

Comment by Scratch

I think they could’ve done more with this video. Definitely not my favorite. But the tribute they have for The Rev in this really tugged at my heart. Can’t wait for the album.

Comment by Anonymous

I guess they did what they felt they could do at the time. It’s amazing they even did a video at all…

And the drum kit at the end…wow…heartbreaking.

Comment by Marlz

Why Is It That Everyone Who Has Something Negative To Say Always Puts Thier Name As Anonymous.

Comment by Derek

i agree. Bat Country and a little piece of heaven are still my fav. videos.

Comment by nick

This is my favorite video; very creepy.

Comment by Scratch


Comment by brendan

So I’m on an iPod touch and I can’t view the video or find it anywhere. Help?

Comment by Frustrated

You gotta just watch it on a computer for some reason

Comment by Zzz

I mean its on youtube, the offical A7X channel

Comment by Terrance Phifer

Even better than the one MTV had up. I still can’t handle that ending though.

Comment by Nikki

Not Gonna Lie.. I Think I’m Actually Gonna Have A Nightmare Because Of Those Little Kids Playing In The Blood. They Creeped Me Out Like None Other. Just How They Were Smiling And Being All Happy With Blood. It Truly Fit The Song Perfect. Its An Amazing Video. Cant Wait Till The 27th! Im Havin A Nightmare Party That Night! Its Gonna Be Badass!!

Comment by Derek

You don’t have to put a cap at the start of every word.

Comment by Connor

I second that.

Comment by Scratch

Well You Dont Have To Be A Douche Bag And Tell Me How To Type Because I Can Type However I Feel Like. If You Dont Like It Then Dont Read It. MAYBE I’LL CAPITALIZE EVERY LETTER. oR mAybE jUsT RanDoM leTTerS. Just Let Me Know Which One Of Those Gets The Sand Out Of Your Vagina..

Comment by Derek

do the random letters!!

Comment by steve

I fuckin lol’d hard at this comment.

Comment by synystersam

So much better unedited :D …..and that right there kids is a lesson why a mainstream television station should never be allowed the premiere of such an epic music video :P .

Comment by Terrance Phifer

Thank you for going on, I know its not easy. We r so lucky to have this, let alone the album & the tour. See u in Mansfield. It will be so bitter sweet….just like today. The sight of those drums will foREVer break my heart.


Comment by Vixyn

The first time i saw Jimmy’s drums at the end i cried. AMAZING video, much better unedited. A7X foREVer!

Comment by Ghostflame83

This video was pretty legit :) It seems like it would have been right up the Rev’s ally. My heart sank when I saw the tarantula on his fallen kit in the beginning, and definitely at the full kit at the end :'(

Comment by RadiantlySomber

my theory is that the kids at the end that are running before shadows and the doctors just before they enter the room with the drums, are supposed to represent Matt and Jimmy when they were younger, because they don’t really explain it and they aren’t those 2 blood thristy little girls.

Comment by Anonymous

Thank you, I had the same thought, after 18yrs together thats how young they would of been, its sad seeing them running together getting into mischif then going into a solotery room with his vacant drum set alone,and I noticed they showed “The Rev’s” Deathbat Tattoo on Matt’s hand in the beginnig also representing his passing is still their “NIGHTMARE” so this video must of been very hard to make, but they did a very good job doing it and its very emotional for me with everything they do then and now, “foREVer”

Comment by Julia Infante

I think that’d be too personalized towards one band member, and therefore unlikely. I think the kids are more likely to represent youth or happiness.

Comment by Sarah

I understand you view point but not everyone knew Jimmy when he was younger, I think really only Matt knew him that young.

Comment by Anonymous

True – it just doesn’t seem to fit the whole deal though. ::shrugs:: To each their own.

Comment by Sarah

I was just agreeing with the person above, but common think about it though, it is personal to them, Matt and Jimmy were friends for 18yrs that would make them 10yrs old so thats the 2 boys running together when they were young and full of life its Matts memory and its a Tribute to “The Rev” so its Matt’s Nightmare why do you think they put the Drum Set and the spider in there, and thats why Syn is banging his head againsed the window because thats how he feels about his friend passing so young,I Love these guys and I didnt think I was gonna get a negetive reply from anyone for my thought ^^0^^

Comment by Julia A7X Eternal Soldier

I wasn’t being negative – it was just a difference of opinion. Everyone’s welcome to interpret it the way they like, obviously. :)

Comment by Sarah

i thought the exact same thing

Comment by j

I had the same thought, too, especially when he grabbed for them. The memories make the nightmare so much more painful.

Comment by Scratch

Thank you A7X for making sure the right version got out there… totally, completely, utterly awesome!

Comment by Morgan

yeah, I couldn’t quite place my finger on it this a.m., but I knew something was missing from the music/lyrics/video. thanks “tv world” for butchering up yet another A7X vid. I can’t believe all the things that were left out of this. they should have showed it atleast for the premier. either way, AWESOME video; I agree, maybe not their best, but either way it was very disturbing and creepy in all the right ways. way to go you guys!!!! \,,/(><)\,,/

Comment by LittleMissRESENTMENT

ok, that was badass. Better than I could have ever hoped for.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

I swear to God the drums arew re-recorded…

There are COMPLETELY different sections and beats all throughout the track than the full length audio track they released.

I thought the drums were a bit stiff to truely emulate Jimmys “contained explosion” style.
Like he couldnt quite get comfortable with the speed Jimmy played at.

This version is WAAAAAYmore true to Jimmys style WOW! I LOVE IT!:D
I hope this is the audio track thats on ther actual disc:D

Comment by Mickey

They are completely the same bro

Comment by A7XFORLIFE

Yeah, they didn’t change at all. ._.

Comment by John

i can tell… pay attenition mostly at 3:34 in the video way more double bass than the track. it is different

Comment by jeremy

I still don’t think the shot of the drums at the end fits into the rest of the video at all. I know they want to pay tribute to Rev, but the passing shots of the broken drum set are better than the end shot.

Comment by Anonymous

Hell yeah

Comment by DeathBatCullen

I didn’t notice much difference from the unedited version apart from that they included the intro.
Maybe I’m just not very observant

Comment by max

They also included another part with the little bloody girls that goes along with the lyrics, “Down, feel the hate, feel the fire…” etc.

The MTV video uses the radio version, the unedited uses the full song and doesn’t bleep out words.

Comment by Cassie

It was the drums at the start of the video that got me, the trashed ones squeezed in the little corridor. The drums at the end were the final blow, that hit me fucking hard :(

foREVer <3

Comment by EmilyVengeance

Weird feeling without the rev, haha

Comment by reccarebellion

So happy to finally see this version!! The guys did a great job at this one. Cant wait for the album!!!

Comment by ShellieF

Chilling, disturbing, and stunning are the first words that came to my mind after viewing this amazing video. I’ve had no idea how to process the events of the past year and this video doesn’t necessarily provide answers or solace. But I think any fan of A7X feels like one of the patients in this asylum and that we’re all in it together.

Comment by D. Ablo

This is awesome! I loved it.

Comment by Bárbara

Really a great video but not their best.Still good though.I really want to hear the entire Nightmare album especially God Hates Us and Fiction.

Comment by N.Viknes

I know alot of people have probably mentioned this before on the other video post but do you think it is by coincidence at the part where they sing “an old acquaintance severed” they show an old beat up drum set? I also noticed they did a few things from the old video like the spider in afterlife, Zacky dancing like in afterlife, also the crazy lady eyes get all distorted and big like in the Bat Country video. Just a few observations I made.

Comment by Ktown15

i loveee it

Comment by emilyA7X

One of my favorite vids by a7x

Comment by Zzz

Nice…btw, wtf? 12 comments only? wtf!

Comment by A7XFORLIFE

I think most people commented on the post with the unedited version, since that one came along first. :)

Comment by Sarah

**Link Removed**


Mod Note: Not Fiction, that’s a Pinkly Smooth song.

Comment by A7XFORLIFE

Seems like they didn’t sync Syn properly. Shadows is lipsyncing perfectly, but you can clearly see Synyster out of sync, especially in the solo

Comment by JIK


Comment by A7XFORLIFE

is Matt one of the doctors as well, the one with his face all covered but the eyes showing in the close ups? xD

Comment by Anonymous

He’s not the doctor.

Comment by deathbatnews

I thought the same thing too.

Comment by Scratch

Maybe they got his dad. The guy playing the preacher looked familiar… like maybe from old pictures of the band with their friends/roadies or something.

Comment by Jenn

The doctor whose eyes they do a close-up of is definitely Shadows.

Comment by Anonymous

I thought one looked like Papa Gates & the other looked like one of the Berry brother’s.. just haven’t figured out which one.

Comment by Andrea

wow absolutely an amazing video:)
the drumkit at the end..that pulled at the heart strings,,wasnt expecting it thats for sure. cant wait to hear the album.


Comment by Anonymous

Oh boy we got to hear the word “fuckin”! That made the song 1000000000 times better. It sucked before then.

Really get over it. If you really HAVE to hear that word just to enjoy the song… then you need help. Or your 8.

Comment by Sea

Or maybe its the fact that we would like to hear the song the way it is intended to be not the pitifully butchered socially acceptable version.

Comment by k

well damn ya took ouy my “fuckin” insult lol

Comment by k

ahhhh i love zacky’s hair
:) awesome ass vid, imy rev!

Comment by danicaloveszacky!

hey deathbatnews, do u know where i can find a still picture of the empty drumkit at the end? i looked and culdnt find anything. i want to make it my background

Comment by jyy

You could possibly try taking a screen-cap of it. Im not sure where you could find a HQ version though.

Comment by deathbatnews

DBN didnt u have a pic of it a few posts ago from soundcheck? i dont know if its HQ but its better than nothing

Comment by BC

Did him one better and capped it from the video. Not HQ but it’s a bigger picture.

Comment by deathbatnews

ok thanks, ill try it

Comment by jyy

Here you go:

Comment by deathbatnews

DBN……i love you hahahaha. but relle, thanks

Comment by jyy

did anyonne else noticed that johnny christ was showed ALOT MORE recently hmmmmmmmm interesting

Comment by Joshua Berman

I noticed that to. He has a look to him now. He’s not the “baby” he once was and they made fun of him for. You can see it all over him that he’s been to hell and back. He looks older now. I enjoyed seeing more of him in this video.

Comment by Nikki

yeah it was cool to see him finnaly getting hhis place in the great band that he is in i love a7x A7X FOR LIFE BABY WOOO

Comment by Joshua Berman

Wow, if we got emocional with Nightmare.. I dont want to see us listening to Fiction! it will be a torture to hear Jimmy on the chorus.. But I cant wait for it! R.I.P. The rev

Comment by Sevenfoldable

its not the same without The Rev

Comment by shilo

The drums at the end is the most epic/heartbreaking thing I’ve ever seen in my life, amazing stuff by the guys once again.


Comment by DmDiablo

Just a thought but do you think when Matts getting pushed down the hallway towards the door where the drums are behind, and those 2 boys are running in front of him, that could be like him and the Rev?

Comment by Terrance Phifer

This made my heart ache. The whole time I was thinking what part Jimmy would have had in this. R.I.P. Rev. <3
Loved it.

Comment by Theresa

Amazing =)
4.22 minutes into the video is probably my fave part, Johnny looks so cool :P Great Job once again guys.
Though the drumkit didn’t look right at the end without Jimmy playing it =( FoREVer

Comment by Hannah

does anyone else notice the priest??? am i the only one????? the priest dude is the same guy from the seize the day video, the funeral that like reads her her last rights… just thought id say.

Comment by a7xforever99

Is it!? I always laugh when the priest suddenly walks beside Shadows xD epic

Comment by RaZoR

lol ya it is

Comment by a7xforever99

That’s awesome dude.

Comment by Sarah

Music video was confusing at first with the MTV version, but now its a lot better! Although it still seems to be lacking….. in the rev:(

Comment by scullerzpe

does anyone else notice that the drum track is different in the video compared to the single they released… you can tell when they go through the solo right after pay attention to the double bass… and the whole song i think they may have used the revs demo track! i hope someone else notices and im not crazy..

Comment by jeremy

The battered drumset and spiders are what creeped me out, if anything. Especially considering Jimmy was arachniphobic. I loved the entire theme of the video, the little kids and the blood, it’s great. It’s one of my favorites, Jimmy would approve. It’s very his style.

Comment by Spiffy

What was u guys favourite insane part on the video: Shadow’s stretcher, Syn’s bloody head, Johnny’s wall crawl, Zacky V’s straitjacket and skeleton waltz, or The Rev drum tribute

Comment by DK deathbat

I laughed when I saw Johnny crawling lol. I love the video and how they put the drum set at the end it was perfect.

Comment by Stephanie Cote

I did like that part lol probablys the rev tibute and the skeleton waltz r my favourite

Comment by DK deathbat

way better than the edited version

Comment by Anonymous

Holy. Fucking. Hell.
that was so amazing.
my jaw dropped when i saw the broken drumkit, then the spider from Afterlife and then the empty drumkit. Its says so much with so little. I’m still in shock.
Love It!!!!

Comment by Naomi

FUCKING AMAZING…. RIP REV!!!!!!! we love you and you will be missed. No one will or can ever replace you!

Comment by Lurkin

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