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Avenged Sevenfold and Call of Duty: Black Ops – “Welcome to the Family”
July 22, 2010, 9:14 am
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Listen to Avenged Sevenfold’s new song “Welcome To The Family” in the new Machinima Music video with footage from the brand new Call Of Duty: Black Ops game. Head over to the Youtube and leave a comment letting them know what you think!


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Comment by Ariel c

omg almost tricked me into listening to one of the songs early eh? hahah. i heard the intro tho, its sick! and i heard him say hey and then i closed it

Comment by Neil

lol i know me too. except i read this comment first and didnt so thankyou =)

Comment by Ryan

haha I almost listened to it too, but I forced myself not to.

Comment by francyA7X

This song’s popularity is starting early! The trailer is cool, and I never expected Avenged Sevenfold to take part in it.

Comment by OmegaRS

haha thats cuz shads loves playing video games they all do haha this album is gonna hit #1 i have no doubt im gettin it as soon as the store opens i didnt get the exclusive unfortunatly ={ maybe ebay? haha

Comment by A7X_SYN_6661

Sooo tempted to watch

Comment by ...


Comment by revenant

dammit, how am i supposed to not listen to songs when the whole fucking album is in my face everywhere? daaamn i want to hear it, but i don’t want to ruin the experience, and the cd quality is gonna be a lot better anyway

Comment by Private Donut

It’s looks awesome! :D :D

Comment by Cassie

I spent five minutes trying not to watch it and then I gave in…
It was SO worth it though! I figured that if A7X posted this on their Twitter, then that is a good enough excuse to watch it =/

Comment by Aanchel

Seems about right. Shadows is an avid CoD player.

Comment by Phil A7X

I heard he was really good. I had to work that night, otherwise I would’ve tried to play with him =\

Comment by OmegaRS

I played with him…three nights ago. He is pretty solid. He knows how to play the game…likes to camp though lol.

Comment by Jon

lucky ass!!!! lol…everyone camps every now and then haha

Comment by Ka7x

I wanted to play with him but his friends list was full I was pissed. He would have probably kicked my ass though lol I’m not much of a cod player.

Comment by Ka7x

same here, I was so bummed when it said his friends list was full :/

Comment by francyA7X

they put this vid on their facebook. they WANT you to listen to it. This is such an amazing song and the whispering is like creepy-awesome :D

Comment by A7XfoREVer


Comment by amanda

Every song they release from this album is better than the previous one!!!! This album is going to be fucking epic! I can’t wait to sit down and listen to the whole thing. Jimmy had it right, it’s going to change the world. I know it’s going to change me.

Comment by Dr BreakDown

I try not to listen to this. Because I want to hear the whole thing at once, when I get the album.

Comment by ChrisA7X

Call of Duty and Avenged Sevenfold. Two of the world’s greatest things.

Comment by Sam

And Bitches

Comment by Josh

Besides call of duty.

Comment by Tanner

all three make my life

Comment by bojangles

id like to hear some lyrics!!!!

Comment by jonathan

sik just sik

Comment by Anonymous

why why why do i have to be at school??/ ugh

Comment by Anonymous

Haha its killing me, but im not gonna listen to it! Just a few more days to hear it all \m/

Comment by foREVer A Fan

Hell Yeah!!! Avenged and Call of Duty. Perfect match.

Comment by andrew

awesome song. sounds very City of Evil-ish

Comment by brendan

Fuck, they really WANT us to listen to it… just once? ;____;

Comment by Paige

all these people saying ‘oh i don’t wanna listen to it’ or say they’re not gonna listen to it is such a lie. i bet everyone that says that, has listened to it… why wouldn’t you.

Comment by itsrudetostare

Win. When I heard the sampler for the album, i knew this was going to be one of my favorites. I can hear this song as a crossover hit. Which would just be amazing for these guys since they would be getting new fans from other genres. Okay, I listened to this and so far away so I’m good until the album comes out. No more listening for me! God, this is going to kill me.

Comment by Melissa

this was the song I was most skeptical about because of the title. but this song is AMAZING! and I was fighting not to listen to it, but i’m glad I did.

Comment by Nikki

Haha I didnt listen to it

Comment by EmilyA7X

that whispering during the breakdown is so epic. i let my friend listen to this song last night & he was so excited about it! im ready for the world to hear this masterpiece!

Comment by dani

tooo sikk :)
fukk dis im done listening to these new songs
fukk u kroq n youtube haha

Comment by mR_sYNYSTER

avenged sevenfold made me want to buy call of duty

Comment by nicky

What is this a commercial or something? Because if it is that would be amazing I would definately sit my ass on the couch and watch for it. Stupid I know but this band makes me so giddy everytime I see them on tv.

Comment by Courtney

nightmare is is simply indescribable……….

Comment by PeteA7X

you have no clue how much i want to watch that video…im not going to listen to anything until i get the album…hopefully before the 27th

Comment by Derek Williams

Hell yea I already pre order this and also the music to jam out to so its gonna be badass. PSN account: Dead_Syn, add me A7X fans we gotta kikass

Comment by +Victor+Synner+

yo add me !!!!

Comment by A7X_SYN_6661

my name is my psn account as well!

Comment by A7X_SYN_6661

Amazing song. Had to give in & listen to it. xD Call Of Duty & A7X are my two favoritest things ever. :D

Comment by Natasha

Gave in and listened! so far ive heard 3 songs!! PEOPLE ITS OK 2 WATCH go watch they want your support they said on their Facebook page!! and the song is LEGIT such a good and catchy song its pure metal with a hint of punk!

Comment by Nick

I like it but Nightmare, Buried Alive, And So Far Away are better

Comment by Josh

Your crazy dude. This song is flipping brilliant and is dripping of the rev. They some how pulled off a hip hoppy/progressive metal/ with a dash of screamo and made it simply a-freaking-mazing…wow…just wow. Don’t get me wrong, I like it all so far, especially buried alive. But “Welcome to the family” just raised the bar and I didn’t think it could be higher.

Each album has gotten than the previous and I have no reason to believe this won’t be the case here.

Comment by snuffo

I agree!!!

Comment by Alyssa

your crazy…this song is simply brilliant. They blur the lines of music genre and pull it off. It is unbelievable how these guys continue to amaze me.

Comment by el snuffo

i thought about it. this song is kind of like a theme song for DBN and all A7X fandom. y’know? its just a great song about all of us coming together as a family to get over a great loss, to kick some ass, and to destroy the f’n world with this NIGHTMARE.

Comment by nicky

This is boss.
Avenged = win.

Comment by VixenVengeance

Will. Not. Give. In. Will. Not. Give. In. Will. Not. Give. In.

Comment by a7xxx

Will. Not. Give. In. x100

Comment by Neil

that riff is sooo brutal!! gates and zacky are gonna have a fun time with this one im sure and at first for some reason i thought maybe this song would have been like a drum solo into another song kind of them like welcoming mike into the family then i figured out Rev wrote it =] foREVer!

Comment by A7X_SYN_6661

At first I didn’t like it so much… But after a few more listens… Man, it’s a brilliant song. Too much energy.

It’s top favorited in Youtube!!!!!

Comment by Seba

LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Im half crying and laughing right now cause this song is just….. Incredible…

Comment by lexiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

gave in, listened to the first 5 seconds but i had to stop lol

Comment by Anonymous

Your ppl are judging a game youve never played.Play it first,then get mad if it sux.But frikkin new A7X is nice!

Comment by Anonymous

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