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Your First Look At The Book Of Nightmares & Lithograph!
July 24, 2010, 3:32 pm
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Really stoked to bring you guys the first look at Avenged Sevenfold’s Limited Edition “Book Of Nightmares.” A few people have reported receiving theirs today and Pedro and Daniel were both kind enough to send in pictures of the “Book Of Nightmares,” Kimberly sent in a picture of the inside of it while Katie sent in a picture of the “Death Bat Anatomy” lithograph! Check ’em out below!


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That’s badass. I’m jealous.

Comment by VixenVengeance

I was too poor to get the BON, looks cool :/

Comment by EmilyVengeance

Lol same here :P

Comment by CodyBear6

Economy is a bitch

Comment by Courtney

agreed =(

Comment by Aysha


Comment by Alejandra

AHHH!!! i cant wait until i get mine now!!

Comment by christine


Comment by @maaariiq

nice:) did they win?

Comment by BC

I wish i was able to buy it :(

Comment by Eskeylover

I can’t wait to get mine!! :’D I hope it arrives soon. <3

Comment by Gemma/Atrum

where do they live?! how i no get mine yet! LOL i want it now!

Comment by The Lady Deathbat

Looks epic! I cant wait to receive mine!

Comment by K. Shadows

Just got my Book of Nightmares w/lithograph in the mail today!!!! \m/ foREVer!!!!

Comment by Synyster Steve

I Want It!!! Still Havent Even Got My Shipping Email

Comment by =( (=

Me either. Getting worried! I live in OH. idk whats wrong!! :/

Comment by LindseyA7X

me either, maybe it means we won!? haha. got my fingers crossed.

Comment by Nick

Ya I Havent Gotten An Emial Either. I Really Hope Nothin Went Wrong

Comment by Derek

i emailed customer service. they dont send confirmation emails on shipping for standard shipping. mine shipped the 22nd and i didnt get an email at all till i emailed them first.

Comment by Ryan

OMG!! if this is true i have been worried these past couple of days for no reason i should have went with the rush delivery instead of standard

Comment by oompa

Whatever. I had standard shipping and I got a confirmation email

Comment by Hef

i haven’t gotten one yet either! i wonder why none of us have…

Comment by alissa

man..i wish i was able to have gotten one.:(
looks awesome

Comment by amy

I hope mine comes Monday. I’m guessing the lithograph was rolled up? Please say yes.

Comment by ItBeMeT

Pretty positive it comes in a poster tube, so yes :)

Comment by deathbatnews

yep it was in a poster tube

Comment by katie

Yup, got mine this morning. =) It’s amazing.

Comment by Kayla

where do joo live? :o i want mine! lol

Comment by The Lady Deathbat

I’m in Southern California… but the return address on the package said it came from Illinois? If so… that was a really fast shipment.

Comment by Kayla

hmm thats weird…

Comment by BC

Does it come in the mail or in ups/fed ex

Comment by Hef

I got mine today too!! this is so awesome! Although whats up with these slow songs on the album? o.0

Comment by Patrick

where do u live?

Comment by BC

LOL youre such a stalker =p

Comment by Ryan

i know :)

Comment by BC

isnt a lithograph made of metal?

then why is it printed on paper? look at the corners. wtf?

Comment by Iain

No. Lithographs are made with stones or metal for the embossing onto printed paper. The lithograph itself is not metal.

Comment by deathbatnews

i want one but im in between looks great

Comment by crystal

So do they have the Nightmare demo or do they download that when the album comes out? It looks awesome!

Comment by Dan

On the 27th they’ll receive it digitally.

Comment by deathbatnews

i dont know how to get the demo, and i have the book and everything

Comment by john

I can’t wait to get it in my hands!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Charley Fiction

I still haven’t even received my shipment email. I am starting to get worried.

Comment by Derek


Comment by chris

Me too!!!! I didnt get my ahipment email. Just the receipt after i bought it

Comment by Jav

same :( i will cry if i dont get it on the 27th

Comment by Kanito107

so will i! haven’t gotten mine yet either….

Comment by alissa

Me either. But I clicked on the link in the confirmation email I got when I ordered it and the status has changed from “Processing”, or something like that, to “Shipped”. I was getting worried, too.

Comment by JD

the link in my confirmation email wont work :( and when i go to the webstore to check the status there, it says that “there are no recent orders” or something like that o_o but i got a confirmation email so here’s hopeing i get the BON anyway…if i don’t i’ll be pissed.

Comment by Sarah

what link?

Comment by alissa

never mind. i found it. ;) mine has been shipped! finally….

Comment by alissa

Sucks that i couldn’t get 20 more effin dollars. D:

Comment by beto

Cool! Cant wait to get mine :D

Comment by JZZ_Qub

Are the lyrics included? I will probably get mine on Monday….I can’t wait!

Comment by revenant

Yes, like it says there are “lyric sheets from the band and exclusive artwork.”

Comment by deathbatnews

i hate being poor :( i cant even buy the album…sad life

Comment by ahh

9.99 at best buy.

Comment by Jess

Just go a day or two without eating and get it at best buy. it would be worth it ;)

Comment by Radiantlysomber

Can’t wait to get mine

Comment by Hef

fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck. Damn it where the fucks my copy? I pre-ordered lol.

Comment by Mrs. S. Twiztid

HMMM dont look too good. Im glad I didnt waste my money. It should only cost like 20 or 30 bucks for what it is not 60

Comment by Agustin

I can’t wait t get mine. Looks sick. Except I’m nervous cuz I still haven’t got my confermation email. And does this CD come with lost it all?

Comment by ChrisH

I really hope so dude cos that song is 10mins long!

Comment by eclecticmuso

no its not 10 mins. its 5min.

Comment by tannneeeeeerrrrrrr

My name is tanner too!

Comment by Tanner

it doesnt come with it, i pre oredered the itunes deluxe just for that song, so ye

Comment by Anonymous

I paid $50 and it doesn’t come with the bonus song or music video oh whatever.

Comment by ChrisH

havent got my confirmation e mail yet either :(

Comment by jAKE

I cannot wait to get mine :D!
Is it just me that thinks it looks different from the picture on their site, though?
Don’t get me wrong, looks amazing none-the-less :D!

Comment by Sami

No, you’re right. On the site it looks much cooler than a piece of paper….

Comment by Jess

Yeah, I thought it was going to be on thick card or something…

The book looks different too. I actually thought it was going to be wider than that. Oh well, we can’t possibly get everything :)

Comment by Sami

People are already getting theirs? I haven’t even gotten my confirmation e-mail & I ordered mine as soon as it went on sale haha

Comment by Nikky

same here. I got mine within 10 minutes of them going up on the site and haven’t even got an email conformation. WHAT THE FUCK!? lol. I know i bought cause i still have the email from WB saying I did.

Comment by J7X88

I ordered when it went on sale too, but it’s being delayed a week here. I wouldn’t worry about it, yours is probably being delayed too. But you can always email Warners or whatever and ask about it :)

Comment by Sami

I ordered mine towards middle or the end of June I think. I haven’t gotten my email yet either :/

Comment by Sydney

I cant wait got mine on pre-order!

Comment by Gates666

Check the email you got when you ordered it and view details and it says if it shipped or not. I jus checked mine and thats what it said

Comment by malicious grimm

Mine says there was an error and Warner has been notified of the problem when I click on order details.

Comment by Brian

yea it says the exact same thing for me

Comment by PeteA7X

Same here. It’s really pissing me off.

Comment by Monica

Got my Deathbat Poster! Now waiting for the book of nightmares and cd to come in. Hope I win the prize of evil!!

Comment by Nick

I got mine to! And there is no “Lost it All” on BoN. Its not hidden or anything, so its not on the cd. Maybe it will come with the nightmare demo on the 27th but I have a feeling it’s an itunes only thing. Anyways, the album is amazing in words I can’t think of right now, I’m blown away by it. My favorite Avenged Sevenfold album as well my favorite album of all time!

Comment by James

no thats only on the itunes edition no?

Comment by The Lady Deathbat

Yeah, but a lot of people were thining it may be a bonus track on BoN to wich it wasnt so i just thought I’d let everyone know. :)

Comment by James

is their anyway to check ur order history to make sure that u did order it. besides the email because havent got the email yet!

Comment by DK deathbat

2nd look, i got mine earlier today, so awesome :)

Comment by Anonymous

to everyone saying they received it should say where they live that would be helpful

Comment by The Lady Deathbat

I got mine! It’s so amazing and beautiful…I don’t know if I can wait till Tuesday to listen to the CD, ack!

Comment by Ava


Comment by The Lady Deathbat

i live in Washington and i got mine today.

Comment by katie

wait Washington i live in idaho how did u get urs before me?

Comment by BC

thats what im wondering someone in cali got it if its from illinois and i live in texas wouldnt i get it first? lol

Comment by The Lady Deathbat

you know what be funny if illinois got it last XD that would suck! lol

Comment by The Lady Deathbat

I live in Indiana and I haven’t even got my confirmation email.

Comment by Anonymous

Southern California.

I listened to the CD…it’s unreal. And Fiction is gorgeous, surreal and incredibly emotional.

Comment by Ava

God Hates US…best song on the CD…Shadow’s screaming like a champ

Comment by Matt

Okay, Shads. Get off here and stop boosting your own ego.

Psh “matt”

Ahaha. :)

Comment by Jess

lol nice one! XD imagine? XD thatd be awesome/funny/adorable

Comment by The Lady Deathbat

Nice one.

Comment by Alejandra

LOL that would be amazing if that was M.Shadows! xD

Comment by Natasha

oK SO! in the event i do not get the BON on the 27th i hvae pre-ordered the cd on itunes! WIN!! :)
3 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by London

how do u know if u won the prize of evil?

Comment by Anonymous

you get an email that you have to reply to within 24 hours and send proof that youre the person you say you are within 3 days. i looked in depth XD

Comment by Ryan

Emailed Them And This Is what i got back

Dear Customer:
Your order is currently processing at our warehouse and you should receive your shipment confirmation by the end of the week.The charge will appear on your credit card as soon as your order has been processed as shipped.

I Got charged 4 Days Ago -_-

Comment by =(

Ohhh that’s rough my order confirmed the day after i bought it

Comment by Jon

I live in Cali ;-;

Comment by Jeremy

You should get it soon then cuz i live in Nevada and got mine yesterday

Comment by BigDave

I got mine today as well! Not sure what my final verdict is, but there’s some AMAZING songs on here

Comment by a7xcharles

WHAT THE HELL. If it comes from illinois i should have fucking gotten it already. i live in wisconsin and ordered on the first day available :( i didnt even get an email yet.

Comment by Max

what is on the right side of the book of nightmares?

Comment by Derek Williams

A book with the lyrics to all of the songs, plus artwork of the band/credits and all

Btw, I’m in socal, but my friend who lives 20 mins away didn’t get his yet (we ordered at the same time with same shipping)

Comment by a7xcharles

Probably The Lyric sheets And Artwork

Comment by Oompa


Comment by Jon

Jealous :P
Well, at least I pre-ordered Nightmare on Amazon. :)

Comment by April

I live in California.
I’m as surprised as anyone that I received mine today. Then again, i did order mine the first day it became available.

Comment by Pedro

Where do you check to see if its been shipped if the only email received is the receipt? I clicked on where it says “Click here to view your order details” and it said nothing about a shipping status.

Comment by Lucas

Actually never mind. I found it haha.

Comment by Lucas

this is annoying the crap out of me. if i dont get my order by tuesday then i will by the album at the store

Comment by DK deathbat

I dont know if i’m the only one or not thats actually gettin kinda irritated with this. I ordered my book of nightmares the first day they went on sale. The only email i have gotten about it is the confirmation email that i bought it. Nothing else. I mean some people are already getting theirs and i still havent even gotten a email saying its shipped. I realize i still have till the 27th before its actually supposed to be here. But at this point it doesnt look like its gonna make it by then.

Comment by Derek

Yeah, same here. And I’m getting fuckin pissed.

Comment by Max

I know me too. Its kinda ridiculous. I mean honestly. How long ago did we order this. There is no reason at all that should be any problem with things. They have forever and a day to get everything set up. Its not rocket science.

Comment by Derek

I never said it was for sure shipped from Illinois, that is just what the return label says. My guess is that is where it goes if there is a problem. Possibly could’ve shipped out of Burbank. *shrugs* I’m sure the majority of people who haven’t gotten it yet, will get it Monday. =)

Comment by Kayla

looks AMAZING. i cant wait till mine ships

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

Im hoping I get it Monday!! I live in UT btw.

Comment by Dalon

that song lost it all better be the 28 days later sounding song!!!

Comment by jruss

I was to damn poor to buy it <_<
It looks really kickass though!

Comment by Sunny

You should make a new thread/post wishing luck to A7X for there first show tomorrow since Jimmys passing. Tough what they’re going through as they’ve stated many times, support would be good I think.

Comment by matt

Already done in here :)

Comment by deathbatnews

Mine didn’t work cause the bull shit credit card company sucks ass and thought my identity got stolen. Pure bull shit!

Comment by Steve

Just out of curiosity, could someone who has recieved the BON please detail what else is included in the package besides the obvious things mentioned on the A7X site?

Comment by eclecticmuso

Awesome I can’t wait to have it in my hands

Comment by EmilyA7X

Lucky Americans! :D I envy you possibility to meet A7X and to get all their stuff 3 times cheaper than me :P

Comment by ChrisA7X

I thought it was a special silver plated crest on the book? BTW, is it safe to laminate the lithograph?

Comment by A7XFORLIFE

Can someone please reply me?

Comment by A7XFORLIFE

What makes you think it’s not silver plated?

Comment by Stephanie Cote

It is silver plated.

Comment by deathbatnews

I haven’t got it yet. btw, is it safe to laminate the lithograph?

Comment by A7XFORLIFE

Im so angry, the british website UK Under Current where i ordered my BON from says i probably wont recieve it until the 2nd of August :@ :(

Comment by David

couldn’t afford this:( but i pre-ordered the album off HMV and they delivered it two days ago! so im not complaining! such a great album

Comment by james

im assuming “lost it all” wont come with bon which is kinda BS if i paid $50 for it

Comment by mickey

No Itunes Pre-Order Only We Get The Nightmare Demo

Comment by Oompa

not true its being delivered digitally with the demo

Comment by Anonymous

How do you know that

Comment by Hef

check their myspace and on the header thing with the album cover read it

Comment by Anonymous

its 2 different things..

Comment by A7XFORLIFE

I ordered it. I just want it to get here! lol

Comment by Tyler

The people who said they can see if their order shipped by clicking details exactly where do you see it says shipped it just takes me to my recipet on the a7x site

Comment by Hi

OK now I’m a bit worried. The money hasn’t pulled from account, even though it went on and off a few times, it hasn’t hard posted. I haven’t gotten an email or anything. There is no way I am getting this before Tuesday. Looks like I am making a trip to Best Buy. Wonder if/when I’ll get my BON

Comment by Nikki

I’ve not even got my confirmation email yet, although they said I wasn’t going to receive till August as it’s delayed :/

Comment by Georgina

Ugh. I went on DBN, saw these pictures and ruined the surprise of what the BON comes with when I get it :(

Comment by Tommy

how? they show you on the avenged site where you oder it XD

Comment by Anonymous

For those of you who have gotten the BOOK OF NIGHTMARES is it worth the $60 we all paid to get the book. Be honest. I’m looking at the pic of the paper and book and thinking They made it to be more that we are really getting!

Comment by ?

I’m gonna buy that s*** on ebay for sure. I just couldn’t afford it at the moment

Comment by Mullet

Man, i want to get the album but i heard it doesnt come out here until the 30th, but then i saw elsewhere that its released today. wtf?

Comment by Plague

[…] Your First Look At The Book Of Nightmares & Lithograph! Really stoked to bring you guys the first look at Avenged Sevenfold’s Limited Edition “Book Of […] […]

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how r u gona download de demo of nightmare???

Comment by Cristoffer

you get it with the BON

Comment by BC

I just got mine, after being told it wasn’t coming until next week, yay

Comment by beth

Is there anyway we could check the the order status?

Comment by A7XFORLIFE

I received my Book of Nightmares, but no lithograph? ):

Comment by dvengenz

Ah.. Same here. Except I recieved the lithograph but not the Book of Nightmares. :/

Comment by Lauren

I recieved my lithograph but no book of nightmares. Hopefully I get my book of nightmares tomorrow in the mail

Comment by Hef

just got mine so stoked!!!!! im in idaho btw lol

Comment by BC

first song im listening to…fiction…wow:(

Comment by BC

Does it come in mail or by ups/fed ex

Comment by Hef

This sucks! I preordered the DAY I got the offer and I still don’t have it! I’ve emailed WBR TWICE to check on the status or try to get a tracking number and NO RESPONSE. To top it all off you can’t even listen to em on youtube cuz Warner Bros called foul on all the posts. AAAAHHHHHH I’M SO DAMN JEALOUS OF EVERYONE WHO GOT THEIRS ALREADY!!! WTFOLK!

Comment by Danny


Yippee!. Totally framing my lithograph .. lol

Comment by Tanner

Agreed! XD

Comment by Fida

I had no idea the lithograph would be that big haha :P I was told my album wouldn’t arrive til next week so when i got a flat parcel thing that was huuuge i was pretty confused :P

Comment by rexy

Hi, i live in the UK and I received my BON and lithograph today (27th) despite getting an email saying it had been delayed until the first week of August! Which made me happy! :) Anyway, my question is, how do i get my digital download of the Nightmare single and Nightmare demo? They were supposed to come free with it werent they? I havent been sent a link or anything. Anyone else got their download yet?

Comment by sarah

I’m in the UK too and got the BoN and lithograph yesterday but still haven’t got the Nightmare demo either.. :( I heard they were emailing it but I haven’t got anything

Comment by Georgia

did that black cloth come with it? and whats the size of the lithograph I need to buy a frame

Comment by Gates666

It’s 24″x36″ I think :]

Comment by Fida

I got an email telling me since I’m in Canada and mine shipped on the 26th I would have to wait 4-6 weeks… Like fudge. Curse you Warner Brothers!

Comment by Tanner

I live in Mexico and ordered mine the 15th, got the shippment confirmation de 21st and it said that I was going to arrive the 27 but no.

Anyone knows when It should arrive?

Comment by SpookS

Umm… What is the black thing they are holding in the picture next the the book with the cd? I didn’t get that…

Comment by Chandler Fyfe

emm no one did a scan of the book of nightmares to see the pictures for those who could not get pre Ordinance?

Comment by fede

The book looks wonderful…I’d love to buy one…

Comment by Blue

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