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Mike Portnoy, “We Will Make Jimmy Proud!” & A Note From DBN.
July 25, 2010, 6:51 am
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Earlier this morning Mike Portnoy took to his Twitter to talk a little about Avenged Sevenfold’s first live show today since the passing of Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan:

A NOTE FROM DBN: Myself and the readers would like to wish Avenged Sevenfold and Mike Portnoy nothing but the best of luck as they all head out onto the stage together today. We support you and are behind you 110% on this day and throughout all future tours. You guys can do it, and you can do it better then anyone else can.


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I love Mike Portnoy, he’s the best and I’m so proud of the boys.

Comment by Becca

like i just said on my twitter. I’m nervous for them. But it’ll be easier than they expect. He’ll be there every step, every mile, and every city. Remember His words. foREVer

Comment by D6661

Good luck today Boys! I hope someone gets some amazing video of their first show back! I can’t wait until Aug 24th. That’s when I get to see them!

Comment by Nikki

dude thats when i get too see them too!

Comment by Branden

I get to see thm the 31st in VA

Comment by Mr furrdy

Never been to the LC, but I’ve been to the Crew for Rock on the Range. I didn’t buy the VIP tickets so I hope I can get to the pit. BTW did you get your tickets yet?

Comment by Nikki

Haha i was at ROTR too They were amazing! and the i’ve been to the LC for a concert but it was inside

Comment by LindseyA7X

so proud of the boys, they’re gonna do awesome everytime they step foot on the stage. A7X foREVer

Comment by jordanA7X

We’ll keep everyone updated with the show. I’ll be recording the whole thing and Rachel’s got the picture aspect. We’ll take this to the history books ourselves… for everyone to see.

With love,

The Wild Ride

Comment by Victoria

Can’t wait to see all the footage & pictures you get and share them with everyone here, Victoria. Have a blast.

Comment by deathbatnews

We’ll try but you know how those Avenged shows can be <3

Comment by Victoria

Thank you, guys!! Can’t wait to see everything you put together. :D

Comment by Arielle

good luck guys
you will do jimmy proud.then again you already have.
mike is absolutely amazing for doing this.
i get to see a7x aug 25th,i’m excited :D

foREVer <3

Comment by amy

Me too :D

Comment by Ian

Good luck guys, I know you’ll kick ass like you always do!

Comment by Gerry

I am at this show, and I am so excited and nervous at the same time. But I know that they will rock our faces off as they always have, and make Jimmy so proud of them!!!

Comment by Ashley

Me too! I’m so nervous but so excited for today… I flew from Australia to be here, just to support these guys =)

Comment by Danni

Good Luck guys – you’re doing Jimmy proud ~foREVer~

Comment by DeathBatCullen

I can’t wait to see this gig tonight..:3

Comment by Moshiz

Agreed!!! congratulations on all your achievements XD

Comment by sammy

please where is concert today :( ?

Comment by miGGi


Comment by Aaron

In Montreal. You can see all the tour dates to the left on this page :)

Comment by E

Montreal,Quebec ( Heavy MTL )

Comment by Anto

Avenged Sevenfold could not have picked a better drummer. Not only is he an amazing drummer (saw Dream Theater with Iron Maiden in Chicago July 17th)(and yes, I went just to see dream theater, and they nailed it.), but he’s a really good guy. Best wishes to the guys!

Comment by Tanner

I am so happy, and so proud, of the dudes for pulling every bit of strength they had, together, to get to where they are at today. I think they will do an utterly amazing job, and make Jimmy so proud, he just won’t know what to do with himself.
Guys, if any of you reads this, just go out there, and do what you all were born to do. Everything else will just fall into place. Were all supporting you, like DBN said, 110%, and sincerely wish you the best of luck.
We love you!

Comment by Arielle

I want to second this. Couldn’t have said it better. Seize the Day. U are so mush more than just a group of guys banging, shredding & screaming up on a stage to us….at least to me. U motivate my entire life & its ur voices, ur music that provides the soudtrack to it. Its ur faces & ur humor that spreads a smile accross my face. It is ur pain that causes my tears to fall. Its because of who u r that I am who I am today. Today I send u a million kisses, a thousand hugs and a spoon full of Jimmy. . . I hope it will help ur world go around. See u on Tuesday.


Comment by Vixyn

Good luck guys i know you will kick ass and continue to make jimmy proud. foREVer<3

Comment by Julie

Wow I wish I was in Montreal today to see avenged sevenfold’s first concert since Jimmy. That would have been really special. God how I wish I lived near there. Well best of luck to you guys today. I’ll keep you in mind all day just rocking out to your fans<3 but it's been almost 7 months since Jimmy died and I still can't and don't want to believe he's dead and I can't BEGIN to imagine what's it like for you. So good luck today and I know you'll kill the show.

Comment by Courtney

Good luck guys! Its going to be tough but no one said it would be easy. We’re all proud of what you guys have been doing and so has Jimmy. He has to be more than proud of what you have accomplished within these past seven months. Love you guys foREVer. (: Em.

Comment by Emily

Knowing they have a show today put me in the mood to watch some A7X footage. Since I can’t be at their first show just the 4 of them, I’ll just settle for watching their last performance with Jimmy in the states. Rock on the Range 2009. I hope everyone who gets to see them today has a blast. They are so much fun to watch in co ncert!!

Comment by Nikki

Im so proud of them and a little nervous even. I can only imagine how they must feel and I commend them for their strength and determination. Im sure tonight will be tough on them and the fans that get to be there and I sincerely hope it will get easier soon.
*sending the boys lots of positive vibes and virtual hugs*

Comment by Bianca

Couldn’t have said it better DBN <3

Comment by Catherine Edgar

please please tell me that a7x do a tour in middle east, israel love a7x !
plz come to israel

Comment by Elad

yeah we do!!! pls come!!!

Comment by mcra7xbfmv

Going to be there today. I’m so proud of them for being so strong. Am I nervous? Hell yeah I’m nervous. But all I know, is that I am, just like any other A7X fan, with them every single step of the way. Mike Portnoy is a great man for helping these guys through what they had to go through. They will tear up the stage this evening at Parc Jean Drapeau in Montreal, and Jimmy will be looking down on them with a tear in his eye and a huge smile on his face. foREVer.

Comment by Erik

I’m so nervous too. I didn’t sleep last night :O. But I know that this show will be one of the best of my life. And like Mike said this show will make history

Comment by Mélanie

he’ll be with you guys today. play your freaking hearts off and you guys are the best ever

Comment by jruss

They’re making us proud just by getting up on the stage today, everything else is icing on the cake. Whatever happens today this is a huge amazing step.

Tomorrow and Tuesday we all should celebrate this by buying the album, I know tomorrow we shall be going especially to purchase the CD from the store.

Best of luck fellas.

Comment by Cheryl - DevilBearRock

Good luck guys! Seems like everything that has happened has been compressed into the wildest 24 hours of my life. Can’t wait to see you guys in two months here in Arizona!

Comment by Morgan

what time is the show?

Comment by cjd

what time are they performing i mean. anyone know

Comment by cjd

They’re gonna play at 7h30 and the set will last one hour !!!

Comment by Mélanie

im so proud of the guys. and i have sooo soo much respect for mike. he is a life saver and i think all us a7x fans will always love him for that

Comment by shai7x

someone better film it for the rest of us! im excited ^_^

Comment by broxholmeA7X

I’m so happy for those of you who gets to see them today… I hope you all have a great time :)
Avenged Sevenfold is the greatest band on earth ♥

Comment by Alexandra

this is crazy, last night i had a dream where i met the rev, he said he wasnt dead, he was just trapped…..
wierd that a7x is on the road now, preforming…
i wish the dream was true. =(
a7x foREVer
good luck guys! for any band mate that reads this

Comment by Mike Gee

God, I’m so proud of them… and Mike is one of the best, most good-hearted people. I definitely want to meet him someday, if I can. Just to tell him thanks. <3

I can't wait to see pictures and hear how it went.

Comment by Gemma/Atrum

We love you guys…..Own the motherfucking thang for the Rev!

Comment by revenant

Sept 10th babay… a7x comes to dallas to see their all TIME BIGGEST FAN

Comment by jruss

Good luck to the guys!

Comment by kayla

Oh… and I’ll be seeing you boys on September 22nd in Wheatland. Luck and all my love to you all. <3<3

Comment by Gemma/Atrum

Yay! ;)
me too. ha ha

Comment by *Synner*

good lucks guys!! your gonna make jimmy more proud of you then he already is!! A7X foREVer!!!

Comment by Darkness

If I had a chance I’d really like to just thank mike portnoy for all he’s done.

Good luck guys<3 I'm sure you'll kick ass, can't w8 for vids

Comment by pixel

I’m in Montreal to see a7x from West Virginia. I’m so fuckin pumped!

Comment by Corey

just decorated my Toaster Strudel in true A7X fashion…

Comment by Morgan

Win. :P

Comment by Paige

very nice… apple i presume?

Comment by jruss

see u mother fuckers on the 29th at pnc!!!!

Comment by Chris


Comment by WARNERVE6661

I still can’t believe they are skipping Michigan this tour. WTF they have hit Michigan every year I’ve seen em 6 times. Im so dissappointed. The closest one is in frickin Chicago . Wwwwwhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Comment by A7X_D3THBAT_GT

I know how you feel. They’re skipping Vegas this year (and M. Shadows said in an interview that he wanted to play there this year haha), and the closest shows happen while I’m in school. :(

Comment by Gabby

Good luck, boys!! Even i’m nervous for you! but there’s no need to worry :D one week until you’re in NY!!!

Comment by amanda

You can do it guys! We all have the utmost faith in you, and we know your gonna go out there and kick some ass tonight!

Comment by James

You guys make me proud to call you my favorite band! Best of luck…Jimmy will be with you all the way.

Comment by Dave

Good luck guys! Can’t wait to see you Aug. 24!

Comment by Gabi

Good luck guys! I cant wait for the show on the 31st!

Comment by Ghostflame83

Sending the boys good vibes!
They’re gonna kick ass but we’re all still hella nervous for them(:

Good Luck to them :D

Comment by *Synner*

I wish you all the best of luck, boys<3 I know you'll do amazing and honestly you boys have no clue how much we all love you. Mike, we couldn't be more grateful that you're here with and for our boys. I know you guys are gonna make Jimmy proud, I love you!<3

Comment by Nicki

Good luck, guys! You’ll do brilliantly, you always do. Stay strong. We love you.

Comment by Ava

I’m so excited for them! And not in the least bit nervous. I know they’ll do great! I can’t wait to see what comes of tonight’s show. And I also can’t wait to see them on Aug 18th. Man, so excited. <3

Comment by Paige

And I just got through reading the comments on this and I’m starting to tear up a little… I love A7X fans. And this band. So much. Just sayin.

Comment by Paige

I’ll be seeing these guys in seattle! Rock it today and know we all support you guys so much!

Comment by scullerzpe

we love you guys you can do it!

Comment by andy

What a great story this has become!

Comment by fatboy

Today begins the next step for them….a huge one at that. I can’t imagine the way they feel. I’m glad Mike is there for the boys in this important event in their lives. Here’s to a hell of a touring cycle. And Jimmy’s smiling down on all of us…..good luck Matt, syn, Johnny, zv, and Mike…

Comment by Jeremy

Good luck guys, I LOVE YOU!
I’m listening to Turn The Other Way right now actually :D


Comment by EmilyVengeance


Comment by Anonymous

Aww I love them all and I wish them all the best of luck

Comment by EmilyA7X

Good luck you guys! ♥

Comment by Ann

post videos afterwards!!

Comment by Julian G

Good luck guys! I wish I could see you guys this year, but none of the shows are anywhere near where I live D:

Comment by Gabby

Aw I wish i could be there :/
I hope they post something later saying how it went!

Comment by LindseyA7X

Good luck, Avenged.
We love you and have you guys back.
Have fun and practice hard for Jimmy.

-from Texas.

Comment by dvengenz

Good luck! This must take all your strength, but you know, you have each other, you have Mike, your families and all of us! Together we stand, divided we fall.
We all love you and support you so much!

Comment by Christina

What’s everyones guessed setlist?

Comment by Dave Rader

1. Nightmare
2. Welcome To The Family
3. Bat Country
4. Beast And The Harlot
5. So Far Away
6. Afterlife
7. Natural Born Killer
8. God Hates Us
9. Unholy Confessions
10. I Wont See You Tonight Part 1
11. Save Me

Just my opinion.

Comment by Josh

1. awesome
2. awesomer
3. awesome-est
4. awesomeingly amazerful
5. god like
6. godder like
8. Rev like
9. The Revest
10. Reverful
11. save me

Comment by scullerzpe

Good luck boys <3333

Comment by Priscilla

Yess we ARE going to be there everyy stepp of the wayy for these guyss. I pray they have good shows and happy days becausee we all knoww Jimmy’s proud of them all. So good luckk Avenged and ALL YOUR FANS ARE THERE FOR YOUU!! <3

Comment by Steff

Wow, I’m exited and I’m not even going to be there!
Good luck guys!

Comment by loghen

I’m so grateful that they found someone as obviously good hearted as Mike to help them out. He has shown nothing but respect to The Rev’s memory and to the feelings of the fans. My heart goes out to all of them tonight, and I know Jimmy will be watching and cheering them on in his own special way. A7X foREVer.

Comment by A7XForTheWicked

I’m so proud of them! God, I was in tears when I saw live performances of So Far Away and Nightmare. I can’t imagine how I’ll be on August 29th when I see ’em for the third time! So pumped! <3

Comment by Sabby Vee

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