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Crave Online Gives “Nightmare” A 1 Out Of 10.
August 1, 2010, 4:40 pm
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Crave Online has given “Nightmare” a 1 out of 10. You can read the review here.

Credit to Aaron for sending this in.

NOTE: Stop posting emails in the comments. If someone wants to use it, they can find it themselves.


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They OBVIOUSLY don’t have ANY taste in good music. Fuck you Crave Online.

Comment by Jocelyn

Couldn’t agree more

Comment by Maranda

Considering they gave eminems album a 10 out of ten, the whole site is worth disregarding. They say a7x isnt music, but rap is? wtf?!?!?

Comment by Dr BreakDown

rap is music. so is a7x. its just different styles and types of music. its not even fair to compair the two cause they are so fuckin different. and if this crave online or watever gives nightmare a 1 outa 10, they i think they need 2 get new ppl 2 review it, cause Nightmare is the album of the year. no debate

Comment by ajgirl

Rap is just fast talking to a beat, not even close to music!!
A7X is the best band in da world and the People who reviewed NIGHTMARE should be killed, or horribly maimed for this cuz Obliviously they don’t know music

Comment by Alex Artis

Now you’re just embarrassing yourself.. Different people – Different opinions. Dont you think it’s kinda rude stating the reviewer should be killed?

Comment by Kris

you are acting just like that retard who wrote the review. Rap is (like it ot not) music.
It’s not just ‘fast talking to a beat’. We don’t like it when A7X get’s bashed, so don’t go and bash rap[pers]because you don’t like it. C’mon :p

Comment by StephyVee


Comment by iluvmusic97

Anything that does not include real musical instruments, is not music to me!

Comment by cjbstrunk

You do know that alot of rappers use ‘samples of beats made with REAL INSTRUMENTS’ :D
Do some research :P

Comment by StephyVee

eminems new album was amazing.
so was this album(more so than eminems) and this guy is obviously an ignorant butthole

Comment by Luy

“I’m a huge fan of Eminem—all of us are—I think he’s very talented. If our fans go out there and make us the Number One album, that’s incredible. If not, I already feel like the response to it is as if it’s a Number One album.”
– Zacky V

I personally don’t like Eminem.. but he’s deff an excellent artist his music is music… lol jeez

Comment by KevShadows

ohmygod im gonna hurt the guy that reviewed the album that desereves a 10 out of 10 fuckin asshole

Comment by Steph

I would give both a 10 out of 10 :)

Comment by Ryan McFly

really people? if the LA times review wasnt bad enough this is shitloads worse. fuck them.

Comment by Anonymous

seriously?? what the hell were they thinking??
the guys mind obliviously spaced and for got the 0 key for 10!
this guy is a total ASSSSSS!!

Comment by Alex Artis

Probably one of eminems people trying to down this album because its at the top and its AWESOME!…..

Comment by Hope

that person was so biased it’s not even funny.

Comment by k

I agree. Why do people who obviously dont have any interest in avenged sevenfold or knowledge of them do reviews on them? I think reviews are all bullshit anyway…its an opinion and u know what they say about opinions bein like assholes…everyone has one! All that matters is what the fans think not what some joker on an online site thinks. Its all about jealousy… this guys a nobody and a7x is a somebody… jealousy is a terrible thing.

Comment by RhOnDa

I agree Rhonda –

How can a reviewer really get this album.. After first listen for us we all love it naturally, but you cant trust a review (Avenged or not).. These guys get the album for a couple of hours sometimes and write a full page on it.
Explain how that works? The boys even said it themselfs, this album you need to listen to it a few times to fully understand it from the outside.

Reviewers this bitter are probs jealous musicians who… well… suck balls… So they instead become a critic of someone elses work.

This is album of the year – as ajgirl said…

C’mooooooooonnn number one!!!

Comment by Ryan 'O

That was totally harsh!

Comment by Anthony

these people can NOT be serious. that is the worst review i have ever read.

Comment by alissa

hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahah stupid people :)

Comment by Anonymous

that’s just a ridicolous review

Comment by a7xitalia

Wow that was harsh and untrue. These people should not be able to have opinions.

Comment by sharri

that review was beyond disrespectful.

Comment by dvengenz

Exactly, what an absolute ASSHOLE.

“…coordinated “bad boy” rocker bullshit.”
What the fuck is that? Does this guy know anything?

“Not having near enough hair gel or tight t-shirts to be a fan of Avenged Sevenfold…” Clearly also shows he doesn’t know a fucking thing, the guys can wear what they want, and has NOTHING to do with their music.

“…something the band has done to continue getting laid.” Last time I checked, Matt and Brian are MARRIED, Johnny has Lacey and Zacky has Gena.

“…the singer (calling himself M. Shadows….spoooooky)” They used to be a metalcore band, for fucks sake! Matt Sanders wouldn’t work for an album like STST.

“…They made the exact same album they have always made”
Has this guy heard Waking The Fallen or Sounding The Seventh Trumpet?

“I have no patience for this type of corporate metal”

Was this guy on glue? He makes me so fucking angry.

Comment by EmilyVengeance

obviously crave doesnt know real music… FUCK them. we know how amazing the album is and if they cant see that they dont deserve to review music or even have the ability to hear

Comment by Vinnce M

Uhm, hey, Iann Robinson? You listen to what music on a daily basis now? Top 40, mainstream every day pop? Sounds kind of like it to me. Honestly to me, the way the review is written, it sounds kind of like he was just trying his absolute hardest to be a smart ass in hopes of people agreeing with him.
Hey Crave, screw you.

Comment by Brianna (brianna7x)

Was this guy reviewing the album or bashing the band in general?
I loved Nightmare and this guy’s opinion isn’t going to change how I feel about it or the band…

Comment by Alejandra

I think he was doing both..

Comment by Alyssa

This ass clown is probably a Belieber and wouldn’t know good music if it bit him on the wanker. He can go fuck off and die!

Comment by lala268

See the worrying thing is that it seems that he’s in to metal “/

‘I have no patience for this type of corporate metal when there are so many bands out there deserving of a chance that aren’t so obvious and structured.’

Comment by Andie

he just THINKS he’s into metal.

Comment by Liz

WOW… I don’t mind bad reviews but this reviewer obviously goes out of his way to bash Avenged Sevenfold and stereotype them as something the definitely are not… I think the reviewer may be just a bit jealous of them by the he wrote the review…

Comment by Morgan

It’s his opinion. He doesn’t need to be ‘jealous’ to write a negative review.
Some of ya’ll take this way to serious.
Remember kids A7X get’s bashed 70% of the time. By know I thought EVERYBODY knew this :P

Comment by StephyVee

Seriously??? Robotic?? Throaty singing voice?? WHAT THE FUCK?!?!? This is the best Matts ever sang, and the album is loaded with personal emotion and very original songs. And this guy is just totally biased in his opinion, considering hes HATED A7X since the beginning… he’s gonna get a buttload of emails from all of us for sure….

Comment by Ashley

HAHAHAHA!! If this isn’t good metal, God knows what is. I guess the haters of Avenged Sevenfold have not vanished.

Comment by beto

To be honest I don’t know why you guys post the reviews which were written by idiots like this.

They’re clearly doing it to try and gain a ton of page views so they get paid more from their advertisers. By posting the reviews on a site like this, you’re doing exactly what they want you to do.

Comment by Alf

Because this is a news website, and reviews are news. Regardless of if they’re positive or negative.

Comment by deathbatnews

I know I’d read negative ones, even though I don’t agree. But there are negative reviews. And there are people who are taking the piss. (I’d still wanna read it tho!)

Comment by Emmie

Seriously, I’m sorry but reviews like this dont even need to be posted. 1 out of 10? This guy obviously cant be taken seriously.

Comment by Anonymous

Then you don’t need to read it. No one made you click the link. A review is news, this is a news website.

Comment by deathbatnews

Hahahaha you tell them(:

Comment by Courtney

as much as i hate the negative reviews, they generate a lot of discussion, and in the long run only make me feel more comfortable and satisfied with this album because of all the hate comments toward the writers lol

Comment by Ryan

that was extremely harsh and just plain bullshit
if the la times review was bad enough my god!

Comment by jax

This is a load of bullshit. Fuck you crave online. If you don’t think this is a emotional album then you don’t know music!

Comment by Eskeylover

The dude is not a fan. So he doesn’t understand the meaning behind this album.

Comment by StephyVee

I know that A7X will always get bad reviews, no matter how amazing they are. But this is ridiculous. The guy that reviewed this obviously doesn’t like A7X at all. Worst review ever.

Comment by Marisar

the people at crave online are funny. all you can do is laugh.

Comment by big tom

‘Vocally, the throaty sing voice giving way to the emotional scream feels so devoid of any true emotion it pushes into robotic.’ – so they lost their BEST FRIEND and the vocals are emotionless?

‘something the band has done to continue getting laid.’ – even though 2 of the guys are married. hmm.

‘Music is the testament of a man or woman’s soul and nothing else; anything not played from the heart is a waste of space. Nightmare is one of the best examples of that I’ve ever had the displeasure of listening to.’ – I’m sure the lyrics aforementioned loss of their BEST FRIEND didn’t come from their hearts?

Fucking hell these people annoy me. I will say one thing though, at least this reviewer seems to understand the prospect of grammar and actually gives reasons for their (terrible) opinions.

Comment by Andie

I’ve just said these words to my friend!! Is this man just looking to become world wide known by bashing a brilliant band who’s in the spotlight at the mo!?

Comment by Emmie

Im sick to my stomach after reading such crock! Im utterly speechless, why review albums if you don’t like the music!
Are these people not hearing what we are?! When you write a review, you HAVE to sit on the fence! You can’t be a fan and you can’t be a hater.
I actually feel sick!

Comment by Emmie

This fucking pisses me off. You can’t have someone with no god damn soul or life or like for any music at all do an actual review on music of any sort. This fucker is a prick, with no emotion or sense of pity. If he doesn’t even listen to this type of music, why did he take the time to review it, little bitch.

Comment by Phil

This bitch can’t even spell Avenged Sevenfold and called the album “Nightmares”. Here’s a big F*** YOU to yet ANOTHER peice of s*** “critic”. Do us all a favor and choke on your own useless words and get a job at Ihop. That might not be so hard for you.

Comment by Amanda

WOW someone had their period today…. oh wait iann robinson. That must be a guy right?

Comment by Slaps

A guy? not in his case,no.

Comment by Derek

This is what happens when you let a metal “elitist” write a review. Complete bullshit.

Then again, what metal credibility does that guy have? He worked for MTV for how long?

Comment by Brandon

WOW that guy at crave made a bad typo shoudnt it be 10 out of 10

Comment by Porter

WTF?! And this comes from a man who co-hosted a show called ´Monkey Butt Sex´…

Comment by Daniela

HAHA! you gotta be kidding me! What a douche!

Comment by Amanda

omfg! seriously? wow…i dont even know what 2 say about that! so he goes from a job he probably knows alot about (monkey butt sex) to a job he knows nothing about from the shitty review he did! lol haha loser!

Comment by RhOnDa

Obviously they do not know what good music is and what true talent is….

Comment by kat

lol, the review is so bad it’s funny. no need to get worked up over it… he barely mentions the album. he mentions no song titles throughout… haha. that poor kid. he has no clue. he’s just a troll who read a few forums online and now holds a grudge for anything that’s famous.

Comment by donnie.

I hate unprofessionalism anyone who statest they’ve avoided listening to any previous album damn sure doesn’t need to be writting a review on the band. What a disrespectful message smeared with hate. The guys rock and will continue to rock no matter what idiotic assholes say. I give their site and review a big fat Zero how bout them apples fucking fucks– and I don’t normally cuss.

Comment by mahalia2010

Doing a little research on this writer, i discovered he is indeed a heavy metal fan. But my question is, why the HELL would he review this album if he didnt like them in the first place? at least have an open mind about it. and what Alejandra said, was he taking a chance to absolutely demolish the band or was he reviewing the album? i do NOT respect this man’s views because he portrayed them in an obnoxious and immature manner.

Comment by Bre


Comment by Andie

Maybe Crave Online TOLD him to review it lol
He never was a fan in the first place. So ofcourse he’s gonna bash their looks/style :)

Comment by StephyVee

He’s just a Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus fan who heard a good record for the first time in his life. He found it hard to listen because it was too good, and he’s used to crappy music, the one’s they’re always playing on MTV. And I can’t seem to understand how they let these unfounded reviews be published, seriously.

Comment by Rachel

THANK YOU! i have a saying! and it is: FUCK MTV, ALL THE WAY METAl

Comment by DK deathbat

that guys is a douche

Comment by Anonymous

Crave Online… they must be craving justin beiber’s dick because they are by far the dumbest people in the world.

Comment by DrSxT

I usually don’t care about bad reviews, but this one struck to my attention. All what I’ve gotta say is fuck this dickhead. I have no respect for reviewers like this. This was both heavily biased using stereotypical references and he was pretty much bashing the band itself. A 1/10? For shame! He never liked the band anyways, and it’s more than likely that he didn’t listen to any of the previous albums.
No wonder the page can’t let you leave comments. Can you just imagine all of the hate and shit this guy would be getting?

Comment by Alyssa

Wow what a sucky review by Crave. And i bet Iann Robinson thought Jethro Tull deserved to win the grammy over Metallica too right? This guy has a personal vendetta against the guys in this band and his biased distaste has spilled over into what he considers a “review” of the album. Its garbage what he said and to absolutely try to discredit what A7X did to honor the “Rev” is so beyond low that anyone who entertains this hack as a writer is only fueling the fire. We as A7X fans are the tightest fan base and we consider ourselves to be a family. So as a family let us continue to support the band we love and show morons like Iann Robinson how wrong they are to cast A7X aside. foREVer!!!!

Comment by ADRI

Hmm I wonder why they don’t have a comments section. I was barely into the 3rd paragraph and I was just disgusted at the lack of heart some people tend to show. The lack of humanity and emotion. “Music is the testament of a man or woman’s soul and nothing else; anything not played from the heart is a waste of space. Nightmare is one of the best examples of that I’ve ever had the displeasure of listening to.” Really? Losing a brother and writing an album in his dedication isn’t showing heart? If that isn’t showing heart then I don’t know what is. Ian,Or whatever the hell your name is,why don’t you go write a review on Justin Bieber,Or Lady Gaga? Stay away from metal,and stay away from music in general,you and your ranting really makes it look bad. And Morgan,the comment above me,I think is right. Do I sense a bit of jealousy? The album isn’t about “getting laid” so that shouldn’t have been mentioned…unless somethings going on in your own little pop world that isn’t ‘satisfying’ you enough. Prick.

Comment by Derek

One of the first things i thought was ‘it’s funny how they don’t have a comment section’ actually.

Comment by Andie

Kinda convenient for them,No?

Comment by Derek

thats wat im lookin for is a comment section dude but their to much of a pussy to have one

Comment by DK deathbat

I mean,if you wanna be balsy and write a review that everyone’s going to hate,why not have a comment section? They’re afraid of getting bombarded with hate mail like that other dumbass site did.

Comment by Derek

I just want to know if this guy has eardrums. Like wtf man? Are we even listening to the same album??!

Comment by Theresa

OHMYGOD, he did not just diss on the most amazing band ever…..if ever I come face to face with him I’ll kick his ass.
He must be deaf, that’s the only solution for his bullshit review.
A7x’s nightmare deserves 65894032 on 10
thankyou very much.
fucking idiot.

Comment by Emma

He would really get an earful if there was a comment section on the article.

Comment by Vito

ditto that!

Comment by Emmie

That’s probably why there isn’t one. lol.

Comment by Andie

Fuck you Crave. Did you really listen to the album? Or skip the fuck around? What do you listen to ass? A7X is the greatest band since Faith No More. They will play anything, any style AND PULL IT OFF!!!! Reviewer is a frustrated loser ex-musician. Right? Right? Fiction is one of the most haunting and emotion evoking songs I have ever heard. RIP Jimmy.

Comment by JJ

there are so many things wrong with that review its fucking funny,someone clearly hasn’t done enough research.

Comment by james

one word. CUNT.

Comment by Anonymous

like seiriously there is nothing bad about this record it is Good music unlike eminem everyone of the songs gives me and my family goosebumps…even my dad likes them now….he didnt used to

Comment by Anonymous

‘there is nothing bad about this record it’s good music inlike Eminem’
:O have you listened to Eminem’s Recovery?? I’m sure you didn’t. I LOVE A7X but Eminem’s Recovery isn’t ‘bad music’. It’s actually pretty good. Don’t be so biased. You sound just like the ignorant a-hole who wrote that review.

Comment by StephyVee

yeh, i had a rant about basically the same thing. Even A7X themselves like Eminem ffs.

Comment by Andie

That review was pathetic, screw the guy who wrote it, because he is wrong

Comment by Ash

fuck this guy!

Comment by Sebastian

Wow! That was harsh. He is a complete asshole who wrote this review only to talk shit about Avenged, who hes so clearly jealous of. I bet he didn’t even take the time to listen to the album and definitely went into this with a closed mind. Screw this asshole!!!

Comment by FrancyA7X

These “Reviews” are really starting to get on my nerves. This one just crosses the line, insulting the band and the fans, smh. This guy doesn’t know good music, and saying that this album is like all of their others is just a LIE.

Comment by Marah

Iann Robinson two words FUCK YOU

Comment by Humberto

This is ridiculous, Crave is buch of motherfucking bullshit!! Reviewer is idiot and maybe listens like justin bieber etc. And review is bullshit also, it just dislikes whole a7x! FUCK U!

Comment by JZZ

Did you read this ALL the way to the bottom
‘I harbor no grudge or ill will towards Avenged Sevenfold I just can’t stand their music and find it completely lacking in any artistic merit’

He just doesn’t like it. Get over it.

Comment by StephyVee

If he doesn’t like an album,he shouldn’t review it. I think this was just something he wrote up to get Crave a lot of hits. We SHOULD get over it,but if someones going to say this album lacks heart and emotion,I think we’re all gonna keep riding on his ass.

Comment by Derek

F THAT….HE NEEDS TO HAVE THE S*** beat out of him by jimmy XD

Comment by Anonymous

Aw were the fuck can i comment on their fuckin site to tell them to go fuck themselve, because of the stupid lies? and if someone said that to my face i would kick their ass seven times over bitch.

Comment by DK deathbat

Wow we all need jobs at crave cause looks like theyll hire anyone they need to have someone with a broad musical taste to review not someone with a attitude

Comment by Kenny

What the fuck is this!?
Crave Online: FUCK YOU.

Comment by Ann

I sent them an email telling them how disrespectful that was to Jimmy. I told them that they trashed what Jimmy called his masterpiece, and he passed away, and that is just sick. This review is such a joke and is so disrespectful. Such a sick, sick thing to do to Jimmy. Not to mention the rest of the guys. GAH.

MOD NOTE: Please don’t post email addresses. Thanks.

Comment by Ronnie

He’s not being disrespectfull to Jimmy because
1. He doesn’t like A7X at all
2. If he doesn’t like them he has no respect for ANY of them
3. He never ever said anything bad about Jimmy.
Not everything people say about the album is a direct attack on Jimmy’s memory/masterpiece. :D

Comment by StephyVee

After reading this review im sitting here going, wtf goes through some peoples mind when they sit down to actually write and review other then the goal in mind to smash and bash a band or is it to actually make a point on something that’s good. While reading this i sat there and titled my head to the side and just laughed because to see how biased someone can be and to never listen to a cd before because they hate them so they say and then to turn around and write this load of crap it makes me laugh . Why would you give a review to someone that doesn’t even fucking like them, when you know damn well that us fans are going to just bash them intill they cry to their own mothers because we are nuts, insane, and loyal to our boys. all i know is that his whole review was a load of bullshit and it doesn’t matter if he trashed and bashed them they are still the best.One line in the whole thing jsut makes me want to fall on the floor and laugh intill i pee myself because it truly proves how much he actually knows and or looked up about this band other then the fact that jimmy had passed.”something the band has done to continue getting laid. ” I mean really two of them are married and the others have been with their girls for what 6 or 7 years now, its utter bullshit when people think they know everything and bash them just because it isn’t their type of music. If your going to review or even have a gd job in something like that you can’t be biased and this do is like racist to a7x music.

Comment by rachel gates

its soo funny that this is the only review that has given the worst possible score without understanding the meaning of Nightmare.

They havent got any taste in music, and it just shows how all the other reviews crush this ones ass.

Comment by Alex

dude we should find his email and email his ass. lol and review his review lol

Comment by rachel gates

Emails won’t be posted.

Comment by deathbatnews

i know im joking, i wouldn’t really do that it will make it worse

Comment by rachel gates

so THATS why my email never pops up! lol i feel stupid…

Comment by Ryan

No. I have no clue what you’re talking about, Hah. I meant people posting the Crave emails in the replies.

Comment by deathbatnews

This is bullshit once again we have a reviewer with no knowledge of wat the band has been through just like rocksound sounds like this reviewer is probally jealous of avenged because of their success

Comment by vince

That review made me laugh. They showed nothing about the structure they were ridiculing, hate to say it, but avenged is like ICP, not hate it, or you love it.

Comment by Anonymous

hahaha “i dont wear shirts tight enough to like this band”…why are you judging what they wear…youre a fuckin music critic not a fashion critic. dude prolly thinks nickelback is revolutionary.

Comment by AsevenX

I usually could care less about bad reviews but this asshat pretty much is just bashing the band..

Comment by Tanner

ummm holy fucking shit, who let this guy get ahold of a copy of nightmare, he’s not fucking worthy to listen to it

Comment by Anonymous

You know, I see most of the negative reviews being done extremely unprofessionally with a closed mind and a personal vendetta against the band. It’s ok, we don’t need them anyways and OBVIOUSLY they aren’t affecting sales or anything else. I say ignore them, they don’t deserve the attention.

Comment by Kayla

Now this is the kind of bullshit that really pisses me off. First of all, reviewers (or professional reviewers, for that matter) are supposed to keep their personal preferences for music out of the review. That being said, the first sentence displays his hate for the band. Like I said for the LA Times review, do some research on the band before making disingenuous assertions, such as insulting two married men as well as their fidelity by pretty much calling them whores.

This music is uninspired? Bullshit.

Comment by Tanner


Comment by Andie


Comment by Alyssa

Couldn’t agree more. Its so fucking rude. I don’t know why people keep sending in this shit, it just pisses everyone off more. >_________>

Comment by Emily


Comment by angel

What the fuck! Every song has similar riffs because there are only so many mother fucking notes on a god damn fret board, this guy is a complete dumb ass,more than likely listens to justin gayber and fuckin lady gaga, fuck that dude.

Comment by Dante7x

hey now i like lady gaga D:

Comment by rachel gates

He likes metal. :P

And ftr, I like Lady GaGa and A7X are my fave band :P … I know a lot of metalheads that like GaGa actually. She’s awesome.

He is a twat though isn’t he! Jeez.

Comment by Andie

Lady Gaga makes fantastic pop music. For the record, Im a pop music nerd.

Comment by deathbatnews

shes pretty good, except alejandro. cant stand that song lol. sorry if you like it haha =)

Comment by Ryan

She has a nice body… minus the man face. My girlfriend made me like her. I made her love a7x

Comment by Frank S

…Lady Gaga is hot. :D Her music is great,but they overplay,ofcoarse,because she’s amazing. But it pisses me off how metal is always thrown to the back,while pop music is all over the damn place. Where I live,I find more Pop/Rap/R&B Stations than any Recent metal Stations anyday. Which sucks,because metal heads exist too,and we’d love to listen to a metal song,of ANY metal band,on the radio. As much as I enjoy pop music as well,I’d like to hear some other stuff too.

Comment by Derek

wow…now that is a bad review. Not everyone has to like this band or get this band. So who cares? We obviously love it and that really is all that matters.

Comment by snuffy

Are you fucking kidding me?! What an awful review. “Vocally, the throaty sing voice giving way to the emotional scream feels so devoid of any true emotion it pushes into robotic.” Wow. What an ass. That has got to be one of the most disrespectful, heartless comments I have heard in an album review. Complete bullshit. Sure, the awesomeness of A7X may not be for everyone, but they should at least be tasteful about it. Dear Crave, fuck off.

Comment by Amber

I read this shit, and laughed, because I can clearly see that it’s just another one of those people who absolutely hate A7X, and won’t ever admit when the music is good.

Comment by Tabatha

“It’s not that Nightmares is just bad, I hear a lot of bad music, it’s more how completely uninteresting it is. Buying into Avenged Sevenfold’s music is buying into a scene, a look and whole package instead of just loving the music.” <—- ok so that made me laugh even harder seeing as he knows jack shit about us fans. how we do it for the music and not just the band. god knows we love them but its their music that makes us love them

Comment by rachel gates

i couldn’t even stand reading the first sentence, so i stopped. Why do people insist on being dumb?

Comment by amanda

I don’t know why everyone hates on Justin Bieber… You might not like his music, but that doesn’t mean he sucks and can’t do what he is doing. Clearly he is doing it well. It’s just a different kind of music.

I’m so tired of hearing people bash music because of the genre it is in. Only liking “metal” because it is “metal” is stupid. I hate the majority of metal. Actually, I’d say I like 2 “metal” bands. maybe even 1, personally I don’t consider A7X “metal”, but that’s a different discussion. Point is, fuck genres. Either you like the music or you don’t. Genre shouldn’t have no effect.

Now, when it comes to this review. I don’t even know what to say. I like A7X because of the music and I love the way Shadows sings. I don’t dress anything like the band, nor do I act like I want to. Honestly, I just don’t even know what to say about this review. Harsh? most definitely.. Does the guy sound like a douche? Hell yeah. Does he understand the band or the music? highly doubtful.

Comment by Nick

You are officially awesome! <3

I love everything you just said.

I listen to everything from Ashlee Simpson, through Lady GaGa and Eminem, to bands like Avenged and Lamb of God. That doesn't even really explain properly..I like to think I listen to anything creative or talented.

Personally, Bieber is one of the very few things I won't listen too… over manufactured pop music. But people are way too mean to him, and on the other hand I have a soft spot for Britney, know what I mean?

I love the Avenged Sevenfold family, but it really annoys me when some of the fans are just as close minded, if not more so than these reviewers. Especially when even the band aren't that close minded. Even they said the other day that they think Eminem is very talented. Is he, YES. Would it be SO MUCH COOLER if A7X got the top spot, ofcourse. But that's nothing personal.

*rant over* haha.

Comment by Andie

Agreed with the both of you.

Comment by deathbatnews

Super agreed with you both as well. Well said. :)

Comment by Amber

I’m an idiot.. I said “shouldn’t have no effect.” Wow how southern of me. I meant.. “Should have no effect.”

Comment by Nick

Hooray for double negatives! :P

Comment by Frank S

Well, I personally don’t hate Justin Bieber.
I just hate the fact that he’s taking over the globe along with Miley Cyrus just because of little girls who think that he is talented. He’s not untalented, but he is poorly talented.
And I don’t think he sucks, but that kid just can’t write a good song to save his life. ”Baby baby baby ooh!”.
Those are the only reasons why I would dislike him.

Anyway…he’s doing more with his life than I will ever do so, I don’t feel like having the rights to insult him, lol.

Comment by loghen

dude a7x is avant-garde, nobody takes me seriously on that though. stst at least had stuff like streets and warmness on the soul. very different from their typical sound throughout that album. wtf was less avant-garde. CoE made a big swing back toward it though. like sidewinder and all that. self titled was like one of the most avant-garde things out there. nightmare is like between that and CoE.

and i love metal, but i also think some pop is decent enough. i personally dont care for a whole lot of it, especially not all the retarded rap stuff that makes people think going to prison is “real.” but certain things are pretty cool. there are a lot of pop songs that are pretty musical. michael jackson was genius, there is no denying that. i like a LOT of his stuff, but not stuff like miley cyrus or justin bieber. i hate how grayson chance happens to have an amazing voice but got famous because he learned one song on piano and can sing with it.

My point is that a lot of the focus with disney/processed pop is on age or looks, not music.

this review is obviously written by someone who is very unfamiliar with a7x. Avenged Sevenfold are one of the most musical groups I have EVER heard in my ENTIRE life. and I have studied music classically since I was three. Shadows voice is incredibly emotional. every word of every song has a slightly different attack and pronunciation. his range is enormous and his variance and control over tone and timbre is unmatched.

theres no boring part about nightmare at all. even on songs like save me, victim, and tonight the world dies, the lyrics, shadows voice, and all the guitar work sprinkled through the songs makes them interesting. most of a7x’s songs actually follow very obscure harmonic patterns, meaning they aren’t standard formula songs, theyre a7x formulated which is very unpredictable. their sound is very eclectic and this reviewers opinions are a biased and feeble lash at a7x’s Achilles heel.

his opinions have no merit because they stand on a non-existent foundation.

Comment by Ryan

Well said mate!

Comment by eclecticmuso

i personally dont care for a whole lot of it, especially not all the retarded rap stuff that makes people think going to prison is “real”.

So you say Rap is retarted? Alot of people like it.
You sound as just biased and close minded as the idiot who wrote the review.

Comment by StephyVee

He said he personally doesn’t care for most of it. That’s fair enough.. it’s not close minded.

Comment by Andie

I love how you just proved that the reviewers ‘opinion’ is in fact technically wrong by explaining it musically, haha.

Comment by Andie

Here’s the thing though… Justin doesnt make music… People make it for him and he uses his presudo-Michael Jackson voice over it. He’s cliche and boring. His music us dull as fuck. The only reason he is as popular as he is is because he is “cute” and preteen girls will always love that and obsess over it. Look at Twilight. Sub par movies. But they are sooooo damn popular… Why? Because of the Hot guys. Oh and I know for a fact thats all it is. Since I had the misfortune of seeing the most recent twilight movie and every time Taylor or Robert came on screen it was like the entire audience had an orgasm. Its sad really how society can accept people like Justin Beiber and consider him decent music. If you honestly like him for his voice go listen to Jackson 5. Atleast they sound slightly better and are more interesting.

Now dont get me wrong. I listen to most every genre provided theres a decent artist or band I can find in it.

Comment by lollololol

Haha, I never cared about genres. I can go from Avril Lavigne to Avenged to Beethoven anytime. Music is music.

“It is what it is—and that’s a beautiful artform.”


Comment by Anonymous

Hmm,I agree with what you said,although I do not like Justin Bieber,but that isn’t what we’re talking about. I listen to anything. From Gaga,to Usher, to Rammstein,And Ofcoarse A7X. But Like I said in previous comments I just don’t like how everything is about pop music,and rap. To me music isn’t about the sound,but about the feeling it gives you,like art.Whether it makes you cry,whether it makes you happy,sad,pissed off,or just makes you wanna rock out and dance,it’s art. I would say no music to me is horrible unless I REALLY do not like what it makes me feel,but ofcoarse,that is allll opinion :]

Comment by Derek

those shits are just too irrational..
A7X is the greatest and the coolest band ever..
if the writer doesn’t like Avenged Sevenfold then why does he/she keep bullshitting about the band?!

Comment by intan

My fellow Avenged Sevenfold fans, stop saying bad things about this person. He cannot help having down-syndrome.

Comment by Sam

Read the post on DBN right before this one. I read this review after the 6 points and the review was basically an example gone wrong. He mentioned only two or three songs and was so hung-up on the fact that they have stage names and wear black clothes that he forgot about the music. This album only sounds like Metallica on one song, but hey, thats makes sense seeing as is they are one of their biggest influences. And I have heard none of the riffs before, except God Hates Us has a little bit of Pantera vibe. All these stuck up bastards who have probably only listened to Sounding the Seventh Trumpet (which was awesome) really piss me off. This guys should get ready for some hate mail ;)

Comment by jimmy

Sorry I posted the email address. Anger was taking over :p

Comment by Tanner

It’s quite alright :)

Comment by deathbatnews

That guy shouldn’t have been able to review this album. His whole article was completely biased and he said he never like A7X, so of course he’s going to bash this album without even giving it a chance. That’s not even fair! They should’ve got someone to review it that didn’t already have an opinion BEFORE they heard it.

Comment by Jamie

hahahahahaha he didn’t even talk about the album! he just talked about his dislike for the band. this review was just so terrible that its funny.

Comment by steve

nightmare sucked because…uh…people own hair gel and wear tight shirts and, uh…tight shirts

Comment by big tom

I really like that comment ^

Comment by Jessica

i doubt he actually listened to the whole album. he wouldve definitely had some comments about god hates us or fiction. he barely talks about any songs and his descriptions are very innacurate. you cant review the album without talking about each song. also, you shouldnt review an album if you avoid the bands music as much as possible.

Comment by agedbike

Look up the guy that did this interview on wikipedia. That should make all of you laugh. Monkey Butt Sex ?

Comment by Maria

you should look at it again XD

Comment by Morgan

Christ guys, he’s allowed have an opinion. So what if he thinks it sucks, who cares? The band and the vast majority of fans know they made a killer album…

Comment by Ultan

Yes, he is allowed to have an opinion. It’s just very disrespectful the way he expressed it. As a reviewer, he should have been more professional and mature about it.

Comment by Bre

I hear ye, but the fact that he was completely disrespectful renders his piece flaccid. You just can’t that that stuff seriously…

Comment by Ultan

This guy is heartless and must be deaf to have given such an idiotic review. Maybe, just maybe I would have respected his opinion were it not coated in insults to the band and them as people; wait, that’s all it was. My main point is, why the hell would he choose to review an album by a band that he obviously has a grudge/extreme distaste towards?
I wouldn’t give this asshole the displeasure of listening to Justin Beiber. Someone like this shouldn’t be listening to music in the first place, let alone reviewing it.

Comment by Spiffy

“From the intros to the riffs, breakdowns and solos, it all feels too rehearsed.”
Would he rather they just go in and just jam everything out on the spot and call it their newest album?
I bet even if they did, he would say that it was “sloppy” and “unrehearsed.”

Comment by Michael

i bet if you played him the album and didnt tell him who it was the whole review would flip to the other spectrum

Comment by deen

I see where you’re coming from.. but Avenged DO have their own sound contrary to what he seems to think. They don’t sound like anyone else, you hear A7X and know that it’s A7X.

Comment by Andie

Aside from the fact that I completely disagree with this garbage written about the new album, it is hard to even take the writer seriously and chalk the article up to his opinion, because the grammar is horrendous. Does the writer harbor the same hatred for commas as he does for Avenged?

Comment by Sarah


Comment by ajgirl

Class and professionalism, ladies and gentlemen.

Comment by Phil A7X


Comment by Steff

i like to say that i give people a chance to voice their opinion. my mom doesnt like a7x cause shes not into that style. thats fine. but dude. that was just disrespectful. the whole fuckin album gave me chills. i cried on a few of the songs. matt’s voice was the best its ever been, and in my book is one of the sexiest male voices alive today. syns guitar, if not the most difficult, captures the emotion that the song is trying to show, and thats what real talent is.

Comment by ajgirl

Eminem fan much?
He hates them, that’s it.

Comment by loghen

“completely lacking in any artistic merit.”
They’re obviously very fucking stupid.
And what type of music is then if this is not?
Lady Gaga and Rihanna?
He clearly doesn’t understand the band or their music if he thinks that they are so fake.

Comment by LindseyA7X

What an asshole. He spent most of his time bashing A7X’s appearance, and he only named three songs.

Comment by Gabby

That guy is bullshit. Fuck him and that review. He said it himself, he doesn’t like A7X, so of course he’s going to give them a bad rating. I bet you put a different guy that doesn’t mind you guys or someone that likes/loves you guys, the review would be much more different. I love you guy so much the album is awesome I give it 100 out of 10! If anything the worst rating some stupid asshole should have given this album nothing less then a 7 out of 10. Some of the best work A7X has done!

Comment by Nick Fittipaldi

Whatever this is a lame review
A7X rules foREVer

Comment by EmilyA7X

People keep saying “obviously not a fan”, but I’ve had people who aren’t Avenged fans give good comments and reviews about the album and their music in general. Instead of saying “Obviously not a fan” say “obviously a basher”, because that is all this “critic” is.

Comment by Scratch

I really don’t care what they say, this is my favorite album to date, it has been on repeat ever since I got it, Best fucking album, from the best fucking band!

Comment by Drivillian

FUCK that I couldn’t even continue on reading after he blasted the MAN M Shadows..WTF!? This stupid asshole obviously doesn’t know what the meaning of METAL/ROCK music is! Get a life you heartless bastard, Avenged Sevenfold is pure, straight from the heart what they feel what they’ve experienced and very unique, and that’s what makes them and will FoREVer make them BEST fucking band EVER!! They are talented in so many ways and the way they put all the different sounds into their music is fucking bad ass, M Shadows has the best fucking vocals I’ve ever heard and the rest of the guys with their talents is what makes this band a strong unique kind of band, this asshole thinks they are like repeats of other bands with their sounds and vocals well FUCK him the asshole has no taste and can fuck off. Avenged Sevenfold and the fans know the real true meaning of who they are and how they came about and truly knows and understands their music and that’s all that matters! Fuck the haters who want to put down A7X, they can suck a big one! Nightmare is by far my most favorite album yet by them and I ♥ that they did it for Jimmy and most of all the fans! That right there is why they are the BEST fucking band EVER! They are loyal not only to themselves but to their fans! I say FUCK the haters let em sulk after Avenged hits #1 and METAL is back on top!! ^♥^ A7X foREVer! ^♥^

Comment by Tasha Yeary

i can bet he didn´t even research about a7x or knows anything about rock or metal.
i hate when people thinks that for being rock stars they only think in getting late. this guy put eminem as a great artist where his music talks about stupid things and really insults people,and on the other hand a7x has united people.

Comment by elizabeth

I’m not even going to bother reading..

Comment by Ka7x

fucking ignorant they were smart not allowing comments on the review

Comment by broxholmeA7X

They deserve 10,000 out of 10
WTF is wrong with that guy? A7x is the best and
i agree with everybody else he doesn’t have good taste in music! I’m really upset right now i don’t know why he gave a bad review! personally i LOVE the whole album i think is beyond amazing! ugh i’m really mad! Seriously people don’t know what real music is! Avenged Sevenfold is a amazing band the guys are too i love you guys with all my fucken heart! :) & don’t listen to those crappy reviews because we your fans love you guys, and we don’t care what a lame website has to say!

Comment by lizz

Just be thankful he didn’t say anything RUDE about Jimmy or the song ‘Fiction’.

Comment by Emily

what a piece of shit…..that guy bashed disturbed too…. a7x 4 life

Comment by Jimmy

Completely unprofessional.

Comment by Alan

“I have no grudge or ill will against Aveneged Sevenfold, I just can’t stand their music and lack of artistic merit”.
He basically contradicted himself. Lack of artistic merit my ass. From what I have read and done research upon, he is a metalhead, but of oldschool bands. This is the same guy that gave Disturbed a not-so-great-review as well. I guess he doesn’t like modern metal. If he doesn’t, I think he needs to get his head out of his ass.

Comment by Alyssa

Obviously this person doesn’t know what they are talking about. as for the riffs. Of course we have heard them before. There are only so many notes to play on a guitar.

And as for Eminem, he doesn’t make every part of his music. He has somebody make or reuse a hiphop beat and he lays his lame lyrics making fun of his mother and ex wife ( I used to like eminem 6 years ago so I know). But A7x comes up with their beats, lyrics, drum notes, guitar riffs and solos and that takes much more talent than writing some words down and saying them while a rap beat is running in the background.

But all I have to say to this review is the following:

SCREW you Crave

Comment by Peter

‘And as for Eminem, he doesn’t make every part of his music. He has somebody make or reuse a hiphop beat and he lays his lame lyrics making fun of his mother and ex wife. But A7x comes up with their beats, lyrics, drum notes, guitar riffs and solos and that takes much more talent than writing some words down and saying them while a rap beat is running in the background.’

So you are comparing to Eminem to A7X?
Dude Eminem doesn’t suck. People happen to like him too. You know fans. Just like Metal etc has it’s fans. So does rap music.
I bet you would get pissed if someone said A7X’s Albums are full of lame lyrics(even if they aren’t).
Why do you feel the need to bash Eminem?
Eminem is clearly a TALENTED RAPPER or he would have not lasted 10+ years.

I LOVE A7X but I don’t see the need to bash on Eminem(Rap Music) if you don’t like it.

If you think about it you sound just as biased as that Iann dude who wrote the review.

Comment by StephyVee

notice how I said I USED to like him, didn’t say I don’t like rap. I just kinda grew up unlike Eminem :P I asked my sister since she listens to him if he still picks on his mom and Kim and hes like yeah lol. So I’m not bashing him without reason if I once liked him

Comment by Anonymous

I really want to give the reviewer 10 out of 10 punch in the face..Can’t i?

Comment by Ian

DBN you should make a like button for this site cause i really REALLY want to like this lol

Comment by Ryan

oooh agreeeeeed :D

Comment by Steph

This guy needs to be fired and they need a reviewer who is actually going to do their job properly. It’s not supposed to be a review about what he likes or doesn’t like it’s supposed be giving both criticism where needed and praise where needed. A reviewer is supposed to be unbiased, get someone who can actually spit out a decent review rather than some whiny drivel about a band who are making a better living than he ever could.

Comment by erinashley

There’s assholes everywhere… I just laughed my ass off reading that, seriously haha

Comment by Dru

Fucking retard.
He hates the band in general, why in hells name is he reviewing it anyway!?
It’s like trying to review a Jonas Brothers album & expecting a good song to come out of it. (to the people who don’t like them.)
You don’t like the band, why would you like them now?
He can eat my shit.

Comment by dee

“I am confident I speak for all A7X fans when I say that I demand an apology for Iann Robinsons review of the album “Nightmare” published Jul 28, 2010 for what I consider more a bashing of the band in general than an actual review. Robinson begins the review stating that he’s never liked A7X which could
make one wonder if the posted this review only for the sake of controversy, especially when he out of theblue mocks the vocalist for something as irrelevant as his stagename. This review is highly unprofessional
and should be taken down immediately.”

I had to get my rage out somehow :p

Comment by Rantala

I totally agree with you dude! Immediately :(

Comment by DJu

I wonder if they’ll reply back 8)

Comment by Rantala

I second that

Comment by DK deathbat

tell us if they reply

Comment by FrancyA7X

I am a fan of A7X and I don’t think Iann should apolagize for his own opinion.
That’s a stupid think to do. He can say what he wants biased or not it’s HIS opinion.

Comment by StephyVee

This person should be lapidate to have put out this shit and dares to call it as a review. How ridiculous it is. He was running away when it was time to get a brain and an heart i guess. stupid bastard -_-

Comment by DJu

wow what an asshole he is just a pop loving little dipshit he just doesnt like metal dont get a guy that loves hip hop and pop to review a metal album his review means less than anything

Comment by Lex

i give his fucking review a 1 out of 10 bias asshole

Comment by Steph

Heh, I just looked this fucker up on Wikipedia and here is what the last line of his info reads: Robinson recently wrote a review on Avenged Sevenfold that suggested his writing style is biased and unprofessional. Fans have expressed their distress towards the article on many fan sites claiming he is not credible as a writer.


Comment by Max

This dick actually has a WIKIPEDIA page!?

Comment by Alyssa

i actually wrote that

Comment by Morgan

they removed it!!! XD

Comment by Anonymous

That’s some fuckin BULLSHIT!!! that mother fucker doesnt have a damn clue as to what he’s talking about. he says he doesnt hold a grudge against them, he’s full of crap. if he doesnt like sevenfold he shouldnt have given a review of it. he went into listening to it with the idea that it would “suck”. he’s just being a biased asshole and once again “Nightmare” is reviewed by an idiot who has no idea what the band is really about. to say that they’re corporate and that all their albums “sound the same” is full on proof that this guy has no damn clue what he’s talking about!

Comment by mattsiff24

i just expressed my feelings on his twitter page. This will show him why he shouldn’t mess around with the fans.

Comment by Savage Tosh

Next A7X review will have his opinion on how Insane/Pshyco some A7X fans are. You’ll see.

Comment by StephyVee

corporate? my ass. If they were corporate would they have been selling copies of a less then a week old album for a simple 5 spot? I dont think so.

Comment by Ghostflame83

i agree that not all the albums sound the same quite the opposite but this album had an element from each of them and even some of the riffs even if slightly modified but i totally agree that this dude is a dumbass that wants to be m&ms butt pirate

Comment by Metal33

i am definitely so fucking insulted in every fucking way by this absolute garbage review, they probably don’t have a comments section because they knew how bad the backlash would be

Comment by Anonymous

I swear if he would’ve insulted Jimmy I would’ve beat the crap out of him. He is very disrespectful…

Comment by Anonymous

as the amazing axl rose once said ” GET IN THE RING ! ”

a7x4life !

Comment by jamba_a7xforlife

Lol yet another person who was picked who didnt do any research and already hated the band from the beginning. Professionalism is really lacking here.

Comment by lollololol

That is so insulting and fucked up. Who the hell does that guy think he is! Obviously he don’t have good taste in music. He can fuck for all I care. >.<

Comment by Carriebelle.

i hope he burns in hell

Comment by anonymous

It’s just his opinion, son. Relax.

Comment by Anonymous

That really can’t be considered a review; it was just a massive dig at the band’s lifestyle and a sweeping generalisation about the fans.

The fact that this guy clearly hates the band (and makes it very clear), shows that people reading who may not have listened to A7X before will get a completely unfair opinion of them and their music.

The icing on the cake is the score. 1 out of 10? Really? It’s been years since I have heard any music that deserves that score. No matter how much you hate a band you can at least note that they can play their instruments, can sing and write lyrics.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but no one wants a hate monger.

Comment by Melissa

I think I found a reason for this piece of crap
Heres your “MUSIC” category for fucking Crave online:
24 Hour Hip Hop
Hip Hop Galaxy
Hip Hop Game
Hip Hop Music Dot Com
Hip Hop Up
Seek Lyrics
Song Meanings

Comment by JIK

what IF he’s just close minded?
He said himself he DOES NOT LIKE OR EVER WILL LIKE A7X! Crave having so much stuff about Hip Hop has nothing to do with it.

Comment by StephyVee

Wow, LA Times were just ignorant. This guy’s just a Cunt and he keeps putting emphasis on how biased he is.

What he said about it being unfair on other bands who deserve their fame…. 10 years ago Avenged Avenged Sevenfold were one of those bands that deserved fame and they got it through hard work.

You can’t read a review like that and take it seriously, his idiocy had me in stitches.

Comment by Ant

“It’s hard to believe an actual band wrote this album at all – it feels more like a computer reached out and recorded all the cultural touchstones from the Vans Warped Tour.”

Um Wow…you give an albulm that’s music is made by a computer with a guy that can rhymn over those robotic beats a 10 out of 10.
But this a 1 out of 10
Yes…Eminem can rhymn but so can fuckin
Dr. Seuss
Iann Robinson..your a nobody get a new job you jack ass

Comment by Anonymous

Ok this guy is pathetic,give the all excess to see where they got their names, and honestly saying youve heard all the riffs before, ok with a guitar no one is gonna use effects for a whole song and yes guitars have been around a long time theres only so many notes i mean honestly, yes many riffs and notes have been repeated its gonna happen. Did the guy say whoa! this xylophone sounds wierd skip nightmare, man this riff sounds the same/different better press skip, “Victim” sounds cool but, ehh… i don’t like the sound of church bells, and no way can i listen to slide guitar on tonight the world dies or piano on fiction, and man Save me is just to long. OK this guy needs to be just fired i mean saying A7X’s whole catalogue is crap which is a dumb opinion, Make reviewers honest, yet within reason. And give a good review, but explain why its bad or good, the good reviews describe, this guy is doing what im doing, ranting. So please fire him and put a guy that understands writing and music.

Comment by hayden

“It’s hard to believe an actual band wrote this album at all – it feels more like a computer reached out and recorded all the cultural touchstones from the Vans Warped Tour”

You give Eminem who rhyms over beats made by a computer a 10 out of 10 and nightmare a 1 out of 10…Yes Eminem can rhymn but so can fucking
Dr. Suess
Iann Robinson..your a Joke…Get a New job you Jackass

Comment by Cody Rick

just sent him a very strongly worded email. :)

Comment by bridgett

Avenged Sevenfold is the best and the most talented band out there today. This guy who wrote the interview is just pissed the metal bands he likes fucking suck. And other than the second half of Buried Alive.. ive never heard any of these riffs before or riffs similar to them. Synyster Gates’ guitar work on this record is above and beyond. I think it’s pretty funny how ignorant people can be. He’s a hater and he thinks hes a hardass writing a review like this. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT BANDS COMPARE TO AVENGED SEVENFOLD…Nobody does, they are the fucking best Hands down.

Comment by walnuts

That guys is a fucking asshole I really wish they would let us comment so I can give him a piece of my mind

Comment by summerA7X

I really want to be civil and sensible and polite but I just don’t have the self control. There are so many things in this article that make me want to cry.
“Not having near enough hair gel or tight t-shirts to be a fan…” Oh no, he’s figured out the secret of being an A7X fan!
“the emotional scream feels so devoid of any true emotion…” The emotional scream is unemotional?
“Avenged Sevenfold’s look is coordinated “bad boy” rocker bullshit” Zacky’s sweaters and thick rimmed glasses totally make him look like the typical “bad boy” rocker. Shame on you Zacky, shame.
“It’s not that Nightmares is just bad…” Wait, I thought this article was reviewing Nightmare? Typos, understandable. Misspelling the album name? No bueno.
“Buying into Avenged Sevenfold’s music is buying into a scene” The hair gel and tight t-shirt scene? I’m a big fan of that scene. So is my grandpa, only he prefers button-ups.
“I have no patience for this type of corporate metal”
I was unaware that I was in the presence of the one who decides what is real and what is fake. God, is that you typing this article?

I’m done now. And I feel much better. A little hypocritical, but better none the less.

Comment by Dee

I was on the floor laughing when I read this! XD

Comment by Morgan

hmm…this guy must be a Eminem fan

Comment by BC

No artistic merit? Bull shit!!!!

Comment by Ghostflame83

wish I could meet this mother fucker

Comment by rossy

as much as i hate to say it i agree with him…not entirely but about the same tunes i can honestly say i have heard many many riffs on this cd in previous albums. in natural born killer starting at 25 seconds into the song it sounds like a slightly modified version of an almost easy riff and thats not the only one im not going to point all of them out but the instrumental isnt as new as you think but i still think the cd deserves at least a 8/10 my vote is 10/10 but i think its fair to say at least 8 or 8.5/10 at the least…just sayin :)

Comment by Metal33

1.White Zombie? First point, Zombie makes some form of dance metal and as i have listened Nightmare close to 50 times through i still cannot find this connection Mr. Robinson has made. If i hear any part to any A7X song i know who it is. Bottom line go ahead and compare this band to Metallica. Jimmy would have been proud. 2.”I have no patience for this type of corporate metal when there are so many bands out there deserving of a chance that aren’t so obvious and structured” Ignorance is bliss isn’t it Iann? Obviously A7X has a dedicated fan based built from many hard years of touring. Deserving is not a question. It is a shame that the readers of the website do not get an unbiased review. You are right in one respect. A death of a brother and a friend will not make an album good. Rather the chills you get when you make the connection as a listener when you listen to a song like Fiction or Buried Alive. BTW Danger Line isn’t squarely based upon Matt’s life, and if you had half a mind you’d understand there is a war going on and this song was targeted more to any soldier somewhere in a desert fighting for your right to be an arrogant son of a bitch. I don’t know you or your life but i’d suggest either finding a new job, or learn the basics of music criticism. I will never buy music based on a review. Reviews good or bad are nothing but others opinions. In the name of all things metal and rock n roll. I DONT GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU THINK.

Comment by Mweazy

I don’t understand why everybody is getting so angry here, I actually find this really really FUNNY…. People have different taste in music, that’s all I can say. . .

the singer (calling himself M. Shadows….spoooooky) LOL !!!!

Comment by INGRID

agreed I don’t get the ‘I wanna find his house and kill him attitude -_-‘ I lol’d at the M.Shadows comment he made XD

Comment by StephyVee

They should never have someone to review an album if they don’t like what they are reviewing in the first place.. It only ends up in a poor rating and pissed off fans.

That was a bullshit review, dont you agree?

Comment by Taryn

“Music is the testament of a man or woman’s soul and nothing else; anything not played from the heart is a waste of space. Nightmare is one of the best examples of that I’ve ever had the displeasure of listening to.”

wow, I don’t believe I just read that..

Comment by pixel

People who do reviews on music should be neutral to every genre. That guy obviously had something against them from the very beginning. That’s not a review in my opinion, it’s just a guy who can’t stand this kind of music. We should better ignore that thing he wrote, it’s worth nothing. Professionalism is needed badly.

Comment by Tess

WTF!? Must be a bunch of f**ktards working at that place.. Nightmare 10/10 from me an epic album! foREVer A7X!

Comment by Simon Gates

The reviewer must be so biased that whatever A7X bring out, he MUST hate it for no apparent reason.

Comment by Georgina

people are taking this whole rage thing way to far and to be frank it’s rather embarassing.

Comment by Anonymous

It really seems to me that these negative reviews are a cry for attention. The writer of the LA Times review probably got more comments and readers than he’d ever had on another piece and was even mentioned in other articles. Unfortunately, it seems that people like Iann Robinson have taken this as a cue on how to get their name out there. Positive reviews just don’t garner the same kind of attention that negative reviews do. Robinson questions the sincerity of Avenged, yet to me his review seems insincere and like a constant attempt to shock and offend.

Am I the only one that remembers back when Robinson was an MTV correspondent who would do news stories on Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys? But now he wants to questions the sincerity and talent of Avenged?! Yeah, somehow I just can’t take him seriously.

Comment by Colleen

Yeah, I think I vaguely remember this guy on MTV. No wonder he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Whatever. If the guys aren’t giving these people the time of day I see no reason to do so either.

Comment by Harley Quinn

Man this guy is sooo stupid!!! He is obviously close minded, an idiot and has no taste in music!!

Comment by Dietrick Vasquez

I’d give this album a 6, but after more listens that score may improve, Waking the Fallen and City of Evil get a perfect 10 from me though.

Comment by Ruairi

Don’t mind this asshole, everybody. He clearly is bitter towards successful bands because he was in a band that was horribly unsuccessful. This is the guy who gave Lateralus by Tool (my favorite album of all time) a 1.9. People are entitled to their own opinions, but I’m pretty sure this guy’s opinion is wrong.

Plus, he hosted a show called Monkey Butt Sex. He obviously is a failure at everything, considering wikipedia describes him as “highly overweight and covered in tatoos.”

Enough Said.

Comment by Tanner

i give NIGHTMARE 9/10, a 10/10 would be both Waking the fallen and City of evil…Self-tiltled 8/10

Comment by me

this review was a big huge heap of bull. How can you review and album, by looking at the previous work and look of the band? Completely unprofessional, he should be stripped of his title of a music reviewer. While i would give this album a 9/10 (Missing one cos the rev missing :'(), i notice it isnt their best, but id say #1 album this year.

Comment by JoshA7X

Such a BS review.

Comment by Katie

i gotta stop reading album reviews because about 1 out of every 7 or 8 is total fucking bullshit that pisses me the fuck off. they are always done by people who hate rock or dislike avenged; aka, done by people that shouldn’t even be reviewing this type of fucking music! this douchbag reveals in the very first paragraph his distaste for the band, so of course this mother fucker is gonna hate it! GAAAHHHHH! SO AGGRIVATED!! D:<

Comment by tia

It’s more of an opinionated essay than a review. The last line says it all.

Comment by 'Redman


Comment by angel

All these people saying stuff about opinions.. Yeh you can have an opinion, but this is a shitty site that review hip-hop and only hip-hop. Theyre just them kind of people who only like that 1 type of music, yeh eminem is good but a7x are much better and they dont realise that this is an 10/10 album.

Comment by Josh

their review wasn’t well written either eg. “a LAYER of cheese LAYERed over it.

Comment by Anonymous

wow. what a cunt!

Comment by dani

Crave online, what the fuck is that? some stupid fucking asshole piece of shit website. I bet that they have not even listened to the album. And I think the writers wife love the band and give all her love to them and nothing to her husband. Nightmare is and will forever be one of the best albums in the world.

Comment by MSaby

evryone is entitled to their opinion keep that in mind….BUT THIS MOFO IS GONNA DIE!!!! he has no idea who the band is and wht they stand for. dont you evr notice they get the people who absolutly hate wht their reviewing to do a review? and they gave eminem a 10/10?? his music is so genaric it makes my ears bleed he has no taste and im SICK of hearing about his stupid duaghter! his music is so gay it makes me wanna go to a gay bar. it all sounds the same all of the rap/hip-hop does it is all computer genrated B.S! who evr did this review should burn in hell

Comment by A7X_SYN_6661

the funny part is he says it wasnt written from the heart when “So Far Away” might as well be Brian writing a letter to Jimmy, just as an example

Comment by lolathaters

he didn’t even mention the song… maybe he didn’t even listen to the whole album?

I take this review as a personal insult. The way he kept on bashing on A7X as a band (mostly) and not the music itself… he hates Avenged Sevenfold period. How can his review be taken seriously? It’s biased. It’s invalid. IT’S UNIMPORTANT.

Comment by angel

i just threw up a little.

Comment by spikedpunch

what the fuck???? has he even listened to the album?? how can he possibly say it’s robotic i mean it’s fisiologicaly imposible not to get emotional when you listen to it!! this dude has obviously no idea what a7x is and what they stand for so how can he do possibly a review

Comment by a really pissed off chick

[…] Crave Online Gives “Nightmare” A 1 Out Of 10. Crave Online has given “Nightmare” a 1 out of 10. You can read the review here. Credit to Aaron for sending […] […]

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What makes me happy, is that the band is going to make lots of money out of this album, and this guy won’t, so he will have to suck it and shove this review up his ass.

Comment by loghen

they really need a comment section on that review so we can yell at the guy

Comment by nick

Iann Robinson – what a fat delusional fucktard. Why would anyone give half a shit what (or if) he thinks. He seems to really have his sausage-like fingers on the pulse of metal. LMFAO – he should just open his mouth when it’s time to shove another Twinkie in it.

Comment by craveSuxKok24x7

1 out of 10 ? :p come on.

Comment by (;

The fact of the matter is, is that. People don’t see this Album like we. The dedicated fans of Avenged Sevenfold. We loved the Rev and when he passed away we were all heart broken. People who look at Nightmare don’t see the reasoning and the heart behind this album like we do. I like all kinds of music, but Avenged Sevenfold is drop dead my favorite band in the entire history of music. Anyone bashes em’ I say fuck em’. Have em’ drink Anti-Freeze and die in a house fire.

Comment by Alex

I find it funny (for a few reasons), that this guy is bashing on A7X because they are “Corporate” Metal and trashing the album.

Reason number one. ANY time a Metal band makes it into the main stream they get disowned by the public for “selling out” and becoming “corporate”. This guy now sits here and talks about how there are tons of other more deserving metal bands to make it. Yet the second any of the those bands were to make it. This douchebag is gonna be the first one in line to blast their review..

Second Reason. Iann Robinson before “Crave Online” worked as a VJ for MTV… If I’m not mistaken isn’t that about as sell out as you can get? I mean that is the actual definition of Corporate music influence and this guy worked for them… So I feel his opinion in general is going to come off as completely hypocritical.

Reason Number 3… How can he sit there and say that the album comes off as over rehearsed and lacking emotion. If anything the album is the exact opposite of what he is trying to claim. and to bash on M. Shadows… I think M. Shadows should go in there for a interview and proceed to bash that guys face in.

As far as all the comments on Rap not being music, eminem, and whatnot. By definition music is nothing but a series of sounds over a period of time, that is pleasing to the person hearing it. So by definition rap is music. Eminem is one hell of a musician and to say that he isn’t is just as close minded as that walking colostomy bag Iann Robinson.

Finally, this is a clear attempt for this close minded ass clown to try to get a rise out of people and cause attention to himself. Because that is what sell negative attention. Like a old saying I once heard. “Like me or Hate me, Your still thinking about me.”

Comment by Shane

best comment ever! :D

Comment by StephyVee

No wonder Iann got fired from MTV.

Comment by chiel

I hate to say this, and I know I’ll get flamed, but the guy makes SOME legitimate points. I like a7x a lot and Nightmare was good, but being realistic I think it’s way overhyped. The Rev’s passing added some emotional weight to the album, but the band really didn’t take many risks on this album. It’s a safe, very polished album that could have used some more grit. If I were to rate it out of 5 stars I’d give it 3 1/2 out of 5. I’m adding the extra 1/2 because of the events surrounding it that give the album a little artistic spark/merit.

Majority of you will disagree, but when you come down off your high in about 6 months you’ll look back and see what I mean. I’m not a fan of Waking the Fallen like most of you on here. City of Evil was what finally got my attention, and truthfully is one of my favorite albums by them. Maybe that’s because I’m more into the punkish sound it offers.

Anyway, I think this guy was way too harsh and is clearly just a hater, but the reality is if you took his points into a less biased perspective it would have come across much better and understandable. It’s an OK album, with extraordinary circumstances raising it about mediocre alt rock.

Comment by Fox

Hùh funny review !! 1out10 funny ratin’ !! FuuCk Yà what do yOu knOw abOut metal bastard’

Comment by deathbatsoldier

You know what. FUCK THIS. Fuckin’ reviewers that talk bad shit have no fucki no fuckin life. Like rele i bet those fuckers dig shit thats on z100 and i literally lol’d at the hair gel shit. We aint no guidos. wtf. also if this album is so fuckin bad like they say it is then why are they still on the charts. in the top 10. they r #1 in kerrang. they had the number one best album on itunes and also the 3rd. wow. fuckers gotta shut their mouth. they dont kno wat theyre saying. a7x for life. A7X FANS UNITE AND REBEL. foREVer

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Comment by KiiLLz0r

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