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VIDEO: M Shadows And Zacky Vengeance In Studio For Loveline.
August 4, 2010, 7:22 am
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M Shadows and Zacky Vengeance stopped by Loveline last night which produced a great show. You can check out some video of the action below:


Thanks Amanda for sending this in!


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yay meee :) Matt watches the Jersey Shore!! hahahahahahah fist pump!

Comment by amanda

Matt beat his ass FLAT. hahaha. no one beats m shadows in an arm wrestle XD

Comment by Bre

awesome ..i wish i could hear the whole show..i didnt get to listen last night :(

Comment by amy

Damn, Dr. Drew is beefy now, but you really can’t fuck with Matt. That’s bad business.

Comment by VixenVengeance

why matt have shaved again his fuckin head? love him

Comment by Angie

awesome thanks for the video

Comment by eric crawford

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Where’s the mohawk? :P

Comment by chiel

aweee, this is so cute! haha fist pump! i love his hair but i love the mohawk more. and zacky looks good but doesnt say much.I LOVE THEM.

Comment by tahruh

Well the Mohawk certainly didn’t last too long did it? Lol!

Comment by Alyssa

could you tell us about the interview please. =)

Comment by elizabeth

I missed loveline last night!! Is it posted anywhere that we can listen?! Let us know PLEASE!

Comment by Leslie

yeah I second that :L

Comment by Kirsty

i third that!lol

Comment by amy

i 4th that lol

Comment by hi

i 5th that!!

Comment by jj

me tooooo

Comment by iliana

7th vote here

Comment by Scratch

zackys been reeaally shy lately

Comment by ahh

after this video is up…check out the second from the left that pops up!!

“funniest moment from avenged sevenfold loveline”

it is hilarious :D
donßt want to spoil anything

Comment by Chris

Hahaha I love Syn, crazy dude.

Comment by Scratch

Okay what the hell Zacky?! He only said like 3 words

Comment by alii-a7x

He should have said more…just for his sheer sexiness.

Comment by EmilyVengeance

wasn’t the interview before this the one when he talked shit on his gf? haha

Comment by Kirsty

lol yeah, he did.

Comment by Scratch

Any chance of someone uploading the full show?

Comment by Angst

lol this was so funny

Comment by emilyA7X


Comment by Rya7Xn

yeah it will be up on my station tonight so i can upload the whole thing tonight!

Comment by Carlos

That would be so amazing, please do!

Comment by Harley Quinn

I Second that :)

Comment by Becca

i third that :D

Comment by amy

I 4th it!

Comment by Anonymous

Im going to listen right now, dr drew and matt are my favorite people

Comment by chris

He shaved off his mohawk YES FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! Hes sexy no matter what but i still didnt much care for it.

Comment by Dianna

dude, shadows was tipsy as hell. haha

Comment by Anonymous

Hell hath no fury like Matt’s super muscley arms!

Comment by Celeste

Matt is a SEXY BEAST!! haha I ♥ him! I miss his mohawk though :( but oh well he’s still SEXY as hell! FIST PUMP! ;D

Comment by Tasha Yeary

Did we really think otherwise? But damn, did anyone else check out Dr. Drew’s bicep? I’m impressed enough by that.

Comment by Jenn

I wish Shadows would have finished his thought about Lindsay Lohan…hahahaha!! I’m sure it would have been funny. But you know what they say about if you have nothing nice to say…!! I’m glad to hear that he is happy being a family man, him and Val make the cutest couple and they really have been through everything together, and I’m so happy he has someone to share all of the good and the bad with. And like we didn’t know that he would kill Dr. Drew at arm wrestling! lol!!

Comment by Christen

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