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Zacky Vengeance’s New Tattoo Revealed.
August 16, 2010, 12:40 pm
Filed under: Avenged Sevenfold

After being spotted sporting some new ink on his neck Zacky Vengeance was asked if he could tell us what it says and he responded with “Forever.”

Thanks Jennifer Vee for letting me know in the comments!

Todd Owyoung has been kind enough to upload a close up shot of the tattoo on his website after the gallery of shots. Check it out here.

Thanks Todd for letting me know you’d added this!


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i want to meet him >.<

Comment by Anonymous

i want to meet them >_<

Comment by A7x914

That is totally awesome! All of the guys should get it!

Comment by Alyssa

Getting my foREVer tattoo next week possibly! :D

Comment by Hannah

Awesome. Jimmy would really love that :)

I’ll be getting one too :)

foREVer <3

Comment by EmilyVengeance

I’m probably getting my foREVer tattoo this winter when the parlor business slows way down and they do small stuff for free because they’re bored. :D

Comment by vixenvengeance

Awesome I wanna meet them:D
I’m getting my foREVer tattoo this week!

Comment by amy

awesome i cant wait to get my avenged tattoos (:

Comment by emilya7x

does anyone have an actual pic of the new tattoo??

Comment by Kell.Shadows

I wonder if Johnny and Syn have Rev tattoos? It would be interesting if there could be anyway to find out.

Comment by Christen

yeah I was wondering the same thing.

Comment by anonymous

Johnny has the rev´s deathbat on his chest, but i did not yet seen synyster gates tattoo (judging that he has one).

Comment by RuiA7X

Syn has had one for a while. Look closely when he wears v necks

Comment by John Kresse

I can’t wait to see it! :D

Comment by Elise

Oh, that was NICE!

Comment by Elise

Did anyone else notice Zacky’s guitar strap? It also says foREVer :)

Comment by Allison

i noticed :D

Comment by jax

Love Zacky V and that tattoo. I’m getting one similar to that very soon. :)

Comment by Theresa

Oh man. <3 that's sick. :) I <3 it.

Comment by Kimberlee

who else noticed that the “A7X” on the gates for the pointfest stage set up were backwards

Comment by Steve

i laughed so hard when i noticed that.

such a great show from 4th row

Comment by Anonymous

Is M. wearing a black band around his right arm or am I hallucinating? If he is, anyone know what song or for what occation it is?

Comment by Sil

There’s no black band on his right arm.

Comment by deathbatnews

You’re right, it was a shadow ;)

Comment by Sil

Johnny has a fairly new tattoo on his neck too.
Probably unrelated to the rev.

Comment by Mary

I was just gettin on here to see what Zacky’s new tat said..he also just got his knuckles done looks like it says cali4nia..i cant tell for sure though..anyone know?

Comment by Leslie

He’s had his knuckles done for a while but they do say Cali4nia.

Comment by deathbatnews

I love deathbatnews…thank you! lol Like M. Shadows said, they look at ur website to find out what’s going on with them lol

Comment by Leslie

You can see ZV’s new tattoo in this video from Pointfest:

Its a BEAUTIFUL tattoo. Thank you, Todd, for letting us see it.
And, Steve is right. The gates are set up backwards. :P

Comment by Jennifer Vee

Does Brian have one? I’m sure he does by now…

Comment by ashleyxsynyster

Ok, so now Zacky has Cali4nia on his knuckles a Deathbat on his forarm and forever on his neck thats awsome and Matt has the Rev bat on his hand,and Mike put a Deathbat on his forarm as well has Brian or Johnny recieved any memorial Tattoos for the Rev at all?

Comment by Julia Infante

Johnny has The Rev’s deathbat across his chest it’s been posted here before if you search for it :)

Comment by deathbatnews

Doesn’t he have a tattoo on his knuckles, like Syn? Is it new, I haven’ noticed it before? Does anyone know what it says?

Comment by Therese.

His knuckles are old and it says “Cali4nia”

Comment by deathbatnews

i got my foREVer tattoo done a few weeks ago ^_^

Comment by ryan

Nice, a tattoo right on the jugular; kind of life affirming (maybe that’s why he chose the neck area?)

Comment by Scratch

Nice tattoos on those guys. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

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