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Zacky Vengeance’s Custom Made “FoREVer” Guitar Strap.
August 24, 2010, 6:46 pm
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Dunlop have posted a little piece on the “FoREVer” guitar strap that Zacky Vengeance has been sporting. Check it out here.

Thanks Natty for sending this in!


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i have got to get one of those…could use a new rocking guitar strap =D

Comment by Melissa

Will they make this available for purchase for the public anytime soon? i would definitely buy on of them!

Comment by Matthew Z

i love exhausted Zacky :D

Comment by amanda

I belive that is what she said.

Comment by Myklin

Wow they could have at least got the name of the band right…

Comment by foREVer

Oh (: you’re welcome

Comment by Natty

i want it

Comment by emilya7x

These guys are going to far with this forever stuff already, give it a break.

Comment by Steve

Wow, that’s a pretty ignorant statement to make. Im not going to waste my time writing out a serious reply to you because you’re not worth it. I hope people just roll their eyes at your comment and scroll past.

Comment by jenn

Rolling and scrolling jenn.

Comment by A7XForTheWicked

Said it perfectly.

Comment by deathbatnews


Comment by A7XForTheWicked

So pathetic mate. Lose someone who is like a brother to you and tell me you dont wanna keep the memories of them alive and keep him on stage to your thousands of fans who love him dearly too you prat

Comment by RachelVengeance

Awesome strap there ZV!!!

Comment by A7XForTheWicked

I got that the post wasnt made until today. Didnt say it wasnt. I was making the observation that it’s odd you havent mentioned the strap before. With or without the Dunlop post.

Comment by Anonymous

It was mentioned in the comments when he began using it. There was no post made because there was no source of where it had come from, until now.

Comment by deathbatnews

whoa im really obsessed with avenged sevenfold

Comment by Alicia

I have a pic of the guys doin a guitar solo where u can see the strap perfectly clear from the uproar tour this past sat. didnt even notice it at the concert until i looked at the pics on my camera lol

Comment by RhOnDa

I like this better than the one with a Navy rank on it…looked kinda funny for him haha.

I like the neck and now this<3

Comment by Sam

What happend to zackys foREVer guitar is that going to be for sell anytime soon cuz I want so bad

Comment by Chris

I wannnnttt onnnnneeeeeee…………O.o

Comment by Angst

[…] Zacky Vengeance’s Custom Made “FoREVer” Guitar Strap. Dunlop have posted a little piece on the “FoREVer” guitar strap that Zacky Vengeance has been sporting. […] […]

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Where can i get one?

Comment by Anonymous

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