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Photos Of Avenged Sevenfold In Birmingham, AL On The Rockstar Uproar Tour.
September 4, 2010, 2:54 pm
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Fast Melodic has uploaded photos from Avenged Sevenfold’s set in Birmingham, AL on the Rockstar Uproar tour. Check out the entire set here.


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some of the best i’ve seen

Comment by jess

Ah, there’s the new tat peeking through – just as i suspected the whole purpose of putting it there. Nice photographs though;)

Comment by Z

gorgeous photos, the photographer is very talented :)

Comment by Marie

What syn did was so clever!
I wouldve never thought “hey I’ll put the words FOREVER on my chest because I only wear v neck shirts so when I put my shirt on in the morning only the letters REV will show” I love that and by the way I’m in no way dissing on his tattoo or the reason why he did it. I find it so sweet and original. I’m just trying to put some humor into it because you know I still get a little bummed when I think about the rev. Call me a baby I don’t care

Comment by Courtney

… or maybe he started wearing v-neck shirts because he knew he was going to get that tattoo.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Courtney

Um…he has been wearing v-necks for a long time, even before Jimmy passed.

Comment by Alyssa

I stand corrected, then. Sorry. However, I’ve been seeing the v neck more so than usual, or maybe just noticing them more than usual.

Comment by Anonymous

Those pics are awesome

Comment by AsevenXdotcom

Zacky took out his Snake Bites and Septum piercing!!! *cries*

Comment by Kell

Holy crap! He did! Now I will have to see Zacky with no piercings…and Syn should get a nose ring again. :p

Comment by Alyssa

…no he didn’t. You can see them in the last one on the second row and the fourth one in the fourth row, the one with him making the goofy face at the camera.

Comment by Jennifer Vee

great pictures (:

Comment by emilyA7X

cool picha! :DD

Comment by heather

Love these, very talented photographer!

Comment by Brianna (brianna7x)

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