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Good Luck Avenged Sevenfold!
September 12, 2010, 9:33 pm
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I always love seeing Avenged Sevenfold on TV, even if it’s their posters hanging on walls like in “Californication” and “How I Met Your Mother” or something of the sort. But, this is even more awesome because Im a Disney nerd. On a recent episode of Disney Channel’s “Good Luck Charlie” entitled “Duncans Got Talent” the oldest brother, PJ, can be seen sporting an Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt! Check out the screen cap below! You can purchase that exact shirt right here.

Seems like an Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt was also spotted on “Wizards Of Waverly Place” being worn by David Henrie who plays Justin.

Thanks to Maritza and her 7 year old daughter for catching this and sending it in! Thanks Amanda for the shirt link as well!

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That’s hilarious…

Comment by Anonymous

oh my god that is amazing ! even disney actors love avenged !

Comment by brooke

Thats awesome!

Comment by Eskeylover

my sister was watching this episode earlier and she failed to call me into the room to tell me!

Comment by Alyssa

It’ll be on tomorrow night

Comment by Emmy

WOWWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!unbeleivable! this is UNBELEIVABLE!!! lol really this is….DISNEY!!! wtf yes!!!

Comment by Noel

NICE! I need to watch that, now, just for that.

Comment by Atrum

Hells yeah! Deathbat army! \m/

Comment by Theresa

Deathbat Army FTW!!!!

Comment by EmilyVengeance


Comment by SynystersPrincess

awesome! (:
i think ive seen that show before (:

Comment by emilyA7X

That is absolutely amazing.

Comment by Becca


Comment by Dalton

Avenged is also in an Episode of Disney’s ‘Wizards Of Waverly Place’, the older brother, Justin sports a shirt. Haha it was on today too.

Comment by foREVer

Haha, that’s awesome! If you can find a screen-cap I’ll add it to this post.

Comment by deathbatnews

which episode? my sister is ALWAYS watching

Comment by TheLadyDeathbat

do you know what episode this is? please do tell(:

Comment by alii-a7x

i don’t know the name of the episode but it’s when the Justin that Alex puts through four years of college comes and gets put into the first Justin’s body. My sister spotted it and i freaked out.

Comment by eternitys_charm

According to the information you gave the episode is called “Delinquent Justin.” I tried to get a few pics off a video on Youtube:

Comment by Melinda K

I think that kid wins more for the fringe than the shirt. :P

Comment by Jenn

My best friends little sister called me up telling me about this. I have alittle respect for that guy now.

Comment by alii-a7x

I GOT THAT SHIRT!!!!!!!!! :D

Comment by mario

yess! that’s so great!

Comment by Lauren

Haha! Wow, that’s crazy :]

Comment by Brianna (brianna7x)

I watched this episode earlier and failed to catch his shirt

Comment by Hef

Maan. If i was watching this and that came on, i would pause the tv and start screaming “a7x”

Comment by alii-a7x

That’s so awesome! I might just start watching that show purely because of that shirt.

Comment by Ariel

fuuuuck yes XD

Comment by Mel

I used to hate that show…
Now I still do, but I have a bit of respect for that guy or whoever told him to wear that.

Comment by loghen

Lol my little sisters pointed this out to me. An Avenged Sevenfold sticker can also be seen on the bathroom wall in some episodes of “Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

Comment by PeteA7X

That’s freaking awesome, I’ll be watching for that today =D

Comment by Harley Quinn


Comment by Chris

Until I saw this, I thought I was the only one who had noticed. Ha, ha. Gotta love that show!

Comment by kasherton

Chalire also wheres a deathbat on that green army jacket he always wears. Above the right pocket.

Comment by Rya7Xn

alright, here’s a new game. it’s called Spot The Deathbat.

….and on DISNEY CHANNEL!?!? seriousface?! please God, do not let the Bieberererers invade us next…*crosses self*

Comment by wench

Haha wow, I gotta see this episode

Comment by Alex

if anyone see’s avenged sevenfold stuff ANYWHERE on tv, movies, ect.. PLEASE send it into deathbatnews. i fucken love seein this shiitt.

Comment by alii-a7x

I absolutely love How I Met Your Mother, and it was made all the more awesome by the Waking the Fallen posters in that episode where Marshall quits. What an awesome show hahaha

Comment by Drew

I’m not sure if I like this or not…it’s Disney. But it’s just a t-shirt…

Comment by Laurence

I can’t see the fuss to be honest :S. I don’t like the fact that some poncey dude is wearing an A7X t-shirt.


Comment by Benji

Yeah, but I love that most people watching that show have no earthly idea what’s up with the shirt…

Comment by Jenn

In one of the first episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, there are some Avenged Sevenfold (Waking the Fallen era) stickers in their bathroom haha

Comment by Tom

also in Ghost Whisperer, in the early shows, there’s an avenged sevenfold poster on the wall of one of the character’s bedroom.

Comment by eternitys_charm

I need to record that just to see his shirt now ;)

Comment by HannA7X


Comment by Ginger

Badass? This is Disney Channel. Haha

Comment by Tanner

….eh, I hate Disney now. lol. Not sure how I feel about that too!

Comment by Priscilla

Btw the dude that plays PJ was also on a show called Complete Savages, and there was a poster from Waking the Fallen days. It was hanging in the big brother’s room. I remember how I freaked out when I saw it. And the show aired in 2004- 2005!

Comment by Violet

That’s awesome. Showing kids and Disney nerds a like, EXACTLY what good music is! I’m sure I’ve seen Jason Dolley wear a Avenged shirt a few times actually. Either he likes them or gets told to wear it haha :P

Oh there’s also an episode of 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom were one of the dudes is wearing an A7X shirt xD

Comment by Sami

bat country was being played in the club on Big Momma’s House 2

Comment by chris smith

I thought I heard that song!

Comment by Laurence

For some reason this made me smile too much and now I’m really curious!

Comment by trechul

Looks like Disney grew some balls.

Comment by Phil A7X

In an episode of 16 & pregnant theres a dude wearing and avenged top.

Comment by Tiffany

Awesome! Love this show. Wish I’d caught the newest episode on television now rather than waiting for the internet release.


A7X taking over Disney, I like that xD

Comment by Rachel

Cool because you know what I thought? We should have more children become fans of Avenged Sevenfold, you know, because that’s *totally* their target audience. :|

Comment by pwall


Comment by Sarah

They target people who wanna listen to their music. Who cares how old they are?

Comment by Becca

Knowing ZV’s love for Disney.. he must be tickled with the fact his band is making an ‘appearance’ on Disney. :-)

Comment by Andrea

Haaaaa xD

Comment by Catherine Edgar

At least some Disney People love good music lol :) gatta show respect for a good band dont they? =3

Comment by Ashlee Napier

There was an episode of Cold Case, I believe but it’s 6 a.m. and I’ve had two hours of sleep, where a bunch of kids were listening to Bat Country. It was pretty awesome.

Comment by VixenVengeance

a few of you are so uptight lol it’s not like a kid spotting an avenged t-shirt on disney is going to go and buy their entire discography. anyway, this is awesome

Comment by lisa

That’s one way Disney isn’t sucking ass in the musical industry :D

Comment by Scratch

Thats great, way to represent Walt!

Comment by Nolan

Also in the 2006 movie Big Momma’s house 2, theres a part when they are in huntington beach and when they enter in a club it starts bat country.

Comment by RuiA7X

Haha when I heard the song playing i freakkin freaked out. I skipped all the way to the credits to see their name.(:

Comment by KayttlynnAshh

I did that just the other day, haha.

Comment by Jamal


Comment by susibella

hey dbn..i seen avenged sevenfold in houston last night and was lucky enough to catch the drumstick michael portney threw out along with some of the picks zacky vengence threw out if your interested in seing them just tell me

Comment by Anonymous

that is so awesome! xD

Comment by may

that is so cool! :D

Comment by may

Lol this is awesome :D

Comment by Angst

yessss! hahaha they are everywhere :P

Comment by toria7x

it could be that the wardrobe dept at disney is trying to be hip

Comment by greg

I’ve seen an old A7X poster on “Complete Savages” :D

Comment by Lene Marie

freakin awsome!!!

Comment by john c

that is amazing!

Comment by Lisa

That’s awesome. My brother has the same shirt.

Comment by Carol

In the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie, there is an Avenged Sevenfold poster on the ceiling of Rodrick’s room

Comment by A

Haha really?

Comment by KayttlynnAshh

disney and a7x does not go together what a pathetic wannabe metal head he doesnt deserve to wear an a7x shirt

Comment by broxholmeA7X

Sorry but he can wear whatever the fuck he wants. If he’s an a7x fan he can wear the shirt in my opinion

Comment by KayttlynnAshh

So people who may not already like a band don’t deserve to start and aren’t allowed to wear their merch? That’s ridiculous.

Comment by Becca

[…] Good Luck Avenged Sevenfold! I always love seeing Avenged Sevenfold on TV, even if it’s their posters hanging on walls like in […] […]

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bleh im not happy, i really dont want a7x to get too comercial

Comment by jon


Comment by Anonymous

I now have newfound respect for Disney Channel lol xD

Comment by Gabby

Wouldn’t expect to see that dude on Wizard’s of Waverly Place wearing an A7X shirt. Good shit though.

Comment by Jamal

Haha. I love that show. And A7X. <333

Comment by -Crimson-

I saw a girl in carrie underwood’s video before he cheats. 1:32. I got so excited.

Comment by ZV

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