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Avenged Sevenfold Submitted For 7 Grammy Awards.
October 16, 2010, 7:34 pm
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Avenged Sevenfold have been submitted for seven Grammy awards. The following categories are: Best Hard Rock Performance (Nightmare), Best Short-Form Music Video (Nightmare), Best Rock Song (Nightmare), Best Rock Album, Album of the Year, Song of the Year (Nightmare), and Record of the Year.

Nominations will be announced on December 1st during the 3rd Annual Grammy Nominations Concert. The concert takes place at (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/delayed PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Thanks to Loghen for sending this in!

NOTE: This does not mean the band have been nominated, yet. Record labels will submit their artists work where the entries will be reviewed by “150 experts from the recording industry.” This will then determine if the submissions are both eligible and in their proper category. After review, the list is sent to NARAS members whom all vote to nominate in each field. The five submissions that recieve the most votes will then become the official nominees.


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I hope they get nominated! -fingers crossed-

Comment by Fatima

I hope they get nominated!
If they won, I’d definitely cry, I got all teary-eyed when I saw they were being submitted for nominations…

Comment by April

oh well. i thought they have been nominated. :(

Comment by L

They deserve it. I’ll be disappointed as hell if they don’t get nominated. They deserve it so fucking much. R.I.P The Rev

Comment by Rhiannon

Get ready to be disappointed because the Grammys are a joke, they’re terrible with metal/rock music, that’s a good award show if you like pop music and have a different favorite musician every year. I’m sure gaga and em will be all over this show

Comment by Nick

I agree. The Grammys are a joke. I remember the Jonas Brothers getting nominated…

Even if Avenged Sevenfold got nominated this year, I wouldn’t really respect the Grammys any more than I do now. They already deserved a nomination back in 2005 for CITY OF EVIL.

Comment by Laurence

The Jonas Brothers were nominated because they dominated their market. That has nothing to do with the credibility of the Grammys, although it’s obvious it’s more main-stream things they do branch off at times.

Comment by deathbatnews

Yay! that’s awesome. I really hope they get nominated. They really deserve it. :)

Comment by Paige

I really really hope they get nominated. That only would be awesome. They deserve it so so so much!!

Comment by NicotineStain

Wow, if they get nominated for a Grammy, that would be amazing!! They totally deserve it, I hope they get it.

Comment by Anthony

These guys really deserve to be nominated.
They’ve done an amazing job during their entire career and have put a lot of effort into it. Winning such an important award would be like, their ultimate achieved goal.

Comment by RossForthewin


Comment by Jessica

I am so proud

Comment by Nicole

Our boys have accomplished so much. Fingers crossed though that Avenged is nominated. To even be considered is simply amazing. So proud of you guys, A7x foREVer. <3

Comment by Theresa

Rock covers a broad category so it’s definitely a long shot, but I’d say they have the best chance on the single.

Comment by mesa

I hope they get nominated, fingers crossed. Good luck boys <3

Comment by francyA7X

Don’t get your hopes up. Avenged Sevenfold is very underrated….

Comment by Rdog

Thats so true but you can’t help but hope lol :)
The guys really do deserve it too <3

Comment by Jessica


Comment by Anonymous

Thanks for being a downer…

Comment by Alyssa

Unfortunately, I must agree. They’re not nearly well known enough to be given the time of day. Most people write them off without listening to their work. Sad, but true.

Comment by jon

It’s not about being well known, it’s about how good the music is, which when it comes to A7X, its Amazing. They weren’t known when they won Best New Artist over Rihanna and Chris Brown and such. They have a really good chance.

Comment by Tracey

No. its about being well known. If it was about good music, bands and artists such as; tool, iron maiden, metallica, megadeth, joe satriani, dream theater, and the rot hot chili peppers would be winnig grammys left and right.

Comment by ty

I remind you that Wolfmother and The Mars Volta won Best Hard Rock Performance in previous years, and most people have no idea of who they are.

Comment by loghen

Does anyone remember them scoring their coveted number one on billboard? That honestly almost gurantees them an entry through the Grammy doors. Almost, but it’s very likely now because of their huge success. It’s sort of like back in 1991 when Metallica released their Black Album. It’s a pretty comparable situation, and look where they are. Just my two cents.

Comment by Anonymous

Voting for nominations and who wins arent based on sales or chart performance, they’re based on quality. Which, personally, I still think put Avenged Sevenfold at the top and give them a chance of being nominated at least in a few of those categories.

Comment by deathbatnews

whoah! a7x may be my favorite band, but you cant even compare metallica to a7x. Lets talk about this 10-15 years from now.

Comment by ty

Underrated…Yeah, Until they released a #1 album called “Nightmare”…you may have heard of it. haha

Comment by Alec

Good one :D

Comment by Anonymous

if a7x doesent get voted for its because the judges minds were blown by them

Comment by Josh

I hope they get nominated, for at least one of those, we all know they deserve it. Staying positive & keeping my fingers crossed :)

Comment by *Nothing but Fiction*

they are NOT underrated please.

Comment by perryplat

so are you saying they’re overrated? lol.
Saying they are under rated isn’t supposed to be an insult, it’s just saying that they don’t get the respect and recognition they deserve. (I wasn’t the one saying they were under rated to begin with, but I agree with the person that did)

Comment by Sean


Comment by Ann

You know what? They deserved to be nominated in every single category that was listed. They truly deserve it. No other band could come close to the hell that they have been through. They did it for Jimmy, the fans, and themselves.

Comment by Alyssa


Comment by Seth

I love the band and they’re extremely talented, but I don’t expect them to get nominated.

Comment by kahne

theyre making metal get back on the air and make it known. hell yea. a7x deserves it!!!! foREVer

Comment by Mike Gee

A7X deserves every one of these categories. but if they were nominated, i doubt theyd win album of the year. they should, but, for example, eminem’s album was really really popular. theyd prolly win best rock album tho. and everything else. cuz theyre awesome.

Comment by erknqwerk

Why are people being such downers? Jesus Christ, an artist doesn’t have to be well known to get nominated, but how is A7X not unknown? It is not like they are still underground where people would have no clue about them. The voting is not based on popularity, it’s based on how good of quality the music truly is. And Arielle, it may not be a big deal to you, but there is more than likely a chance that they will be nominated for something. 7 *possible* nominations? We all should be happy that they are even being considered, because many other great bands like A7X are often forgotten about and left in the dust.

*proceeds to get off of soapbox now*

Comment by Alyssa

Voting is based on quality of music, but mainly mainstream bands win these awards. If you think the Grammies aren’t affected by popularity, then think again. They’re going to choose a winner that will satisfy people who watch these shows, and those people are usually people who listen to mainstream music.

Comment by Tabatha

Seriously, why do you people have to be downers? Just let us fans have our moment. Hell they got submitted for a grammy I am fucking happy and if they dont get nominated I will be pissed. I believe they will!! they been through hell and back and they have come so far. If your gonna be a mood killer, go on an Eminem fansite. Just saying.

Comment by Randi

omfg that would be so awesome I hope they do get in for the nominees that would totaly make my life :D

Comment by ritz

Really hope they get the nod for Album and Record of the Year… really looking at it, I know it is a stretch this day in age… but, honestly, I can’t think of a better album (I know Eminem will win), but honestly, the musicianship displayed by Avenged doesn’t come close to being matched by any album, IMO, trying not to be bias… I’ll just leave out Best Song… that is the most pop oriented catagory, and they really have no shot at that one… but all the rock ones, if they don’t win all those awards, something is wrong with the Grammys.

Comment by Brian

They have 2 strong shots of being nominated: Best Hard Rock Performance and Best Rock Album.
Nightmare was #1 and received positive reviews and a good score on Metacritic, and the Grammys LOVE that…I don’t see why people in here thinks they stand no chance.

Comment by loghen

Anyone know when nominations will be announced?

Comment by Jessica

December 1st

Comment by Alyssa


No seriously, I'll be really pissed if they don't lol xD

Comment by Gabby

I don’t think people are “being downers” on purpose, it’s just how the music industry is. If you think about how the music industry is currently, like who is popular at the moment, Avenged don’t really fit into that category. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that they aren’t popular but look what is currently doing well right now.

I honestly think that the chances of them getting nominated for album, song and record of the year are slim to none. For the other categories though I do say they have a pretty decent shot of getting nominated.

Comment by Hayley

like everyone else is saying…i agree they deserve it more than anyone in the world. they have been through so much. RIP Rev <3

foREVer & always <33

Comment by Steph

Congrats to the Guys! They deserve this more than anyone else!

Comment by Morgan

Oh my gosh. Album of the year is a biggie!!
I really freaking hope they win :)

Comment by LindseyA7X

song of the year is alot bigger!

Comment by Anonymous

Way to go guys. I am proud to be a fan. May this be a part of much more success.

Comment by triple cream

To the people who are saying A7X is underrated. You must not know that they beat chris brown, riahana and all them other kiddies for best new artist a couple of years back. So please don’t call them underrated.

Comment by triple cream

Four years back, actually.

Comment by Laurence

They will definetly win a few but no way they are getting album of the year. Recovery has that all wrapped up.

Comment by Sean

I hope they win, maybe then ill actually respect the Grammys. as it is now, they have no taste in music. its a popularity contest for adults. A7x deserves every single on of those awards. A7x FoREVer

Comment by Tyler

hell yes!!
i hope they get nominated they deserve it. *fingers crossed* they deserve to win all of those!

Comment by Brooke

It just makes me really sad, that Jimmy isn’t here to witness this. A7X’s performance, album, and how they came through for their fans after we lost Jimmy is AMAZING. If they don’t at least get ONE of those Grammy’s, those are 150 of the most idiotic people known to mankind.

Comment by Tracey

What’s the difference between Album of the Year and Record of the Year?

Comment by Laurence

Record of the year is for a single recording.

Comment by D

I still don’t really get it…

Comment by Laurence

Album of the Year is for an album as a whole.
Song of the year is for a single song and the award is given to the songwriters (so, it’s about the composition of the song).
Record of the Year is for a single song too but the award is given to the performer, producer, engineer and/or mixer.

Comment by loghen

Holy. Shit.
Hopefully they DO get nominated,they deserve this so much.

Comment by Derek

hopefully they get nominated (:

Comment by EmilyA7X

they deserve all of it. nightmare is a beauty album. nightmare is a beauty song. rev i love you

Comment by Anonymous

When will we find out when they are officially nominated???

Comment by ^britt^

When nominations are released.

Comment by deathbatnews

December 1st. Its on the Grammy website.

Comment by Alyssa

of course they will get nominated. Many much worse and less well known bands have been before. If they don’t then the so-called experts should hang their heads in shame and just resign.

Comment by peachyt

The guys really should fucking win a grammy in every single one of those categories. Who cares if they’re not well known? It’ll be even more of a slap in the face to everyone else. They really deserve this…more than anyone else:)

Comment by Angst


Comment by N.Viknes

They’re gonna be nominated, I just know it. They were #1 on the Billboard 200, they have to be nominated for at least one award! And once they’re nominated, we’ll get them that award.

Comment by EmilyVengeance

Fans don’t vote on Grammys.

Comment by deathbatnews

Aww yeah neither we do, I got mixed up. But if we did, I think it’s fair to say they would win, hah

Comment by EmilyVengeance

[…] Aquí la noticia. Gracias Arenaza por ponerlo en el foro. […]

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they deserve it
good luck a7x!

Comment by Rosaria

Whane do we find out if theyve been nominated for any of them?

Comment by shay

When the nominations are released.

Comment by deathbatnews

would be awesome if they went all in with it and were asked to perform

Comment by CC

their best bet is in the Hard Rock Performance, could also get nominated for Best Rock Album with bit of luck

and people need to chill about “being a downer”, its peoples opinions for feck sake, if they personally dont think the band will get the justice and be nominated why the feck shouldnt they be allowed and express that?

hope the band get the recognition they deserve tho. would love them to win the Song of the year or Record of the Year tho, repeat of the VMA’s haha

Comment by stringerrathead

Ahhh man they need to get nominated, Nightmare is VERY special <3

Comment by Catherine Edgar

I am so happy to see that they got submitted for 7 things though (:

Comment by Taryn


Comment by HI

they deserve to win AT LEAST one Grammy!! =)

Comment by Melissa J.

You want examples of why they’ll WIN record of the year? Listen to the charging but melodic Nightmare, the melodic and hard hitting Buried Alive, the heartfelt ballad that is So Far Away, the fist pounding God Hates Us, the beautiful and saddening Victim, the legendary Fiction, and the perfect closing song that blows all minds to the ground, Save Me. This album will win it all. The musicianship, the creativity, and the bond will win the critics and judges over. Avenged Sevenfold has made the Album of the Year. If you love Jimmy, then believe. foREVer

Comment by SynysterLou

I know you mean well, but this just sounds really judgemental.

Comment by Phil A7X

Of course it would…it’s coming from a heartfelt A7X fan, jeez!

Comment by Alyssa

Fingers crossed that they get nominateddd. They deserve it so much after all they’ve gone through and how hard they’ve worked.

Comment by Rachel

I got my fingers crossed and I’m going to go get my lucky necklace. I really hope they get the nominations, they deserve it.

Comment by Stefanie

how do we vote :p

its about time that they got the recognition they deserve
come on guys i know you can do us fans and Jimmy both know you can! x

Comment by kaylie

Fans do not vote for Grammys.

Comment by deathbatnews

I predict a nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance and a longshot for Best Rock Song.

Comment by D

If they at least get nominated for one Grammy that would make my freaking decade!!
I’m so happy for them I could cry

Comment by Genesis

they deserve to win ALL of those awards

Comment by john c

if they dont get nominated for atleast four of them then there is something wrong. these guys have been through hell and back and are still kicking every other rock bands ass. what other rockbands are going to be put in there? disturbed? if you have heard one disturbed song, you have heard them all. if avenged wins one grammy ..yes i will be happy but to be honest they really deserve to win four or five. seven would be nice too lol

Comment by paul

[…] Avenged Sevenfold Submitted For 7 Grammy Awards. Avenged Sevenfold have been submitted for seven Grammy awards. The following categories are: Best Hard Rock Performance […] […]

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i really hope they get nominated. they really deserve this after working so hard on this album and making a #1 debut….whether they get nominated or not, Jimmy is still looking down on them and smiling with joy at their success :D

Comment by darkangelA7X

The grammys claim to b based on quality but its basically a popularity contest. Lil wayne made that clear when he won album of the year

Comment by Jon

He didn’t win AotY.

Comment by loghen

if they get a grammy for this, it’ll be as bad as jonas brothers winning for me personally…

i would have much prefer them get a grammy for city of evil, not nightmare.

flame me all you want guys…

Comment by matt

whats wrong with nightmare?

Comment by Victoria


Comment by Kenny Vengeance

Nightmare is the best lyrically written out of any album

Comment by paul

So if they do get nominated and win something you are going to be PISSED OFF? Really now? Instead of being mad because they won a Grammy for Nightmare being shitty (in your opinion), why not be HAPPY for them? Unless you are one of those fans that just can’t move on and are still stuck on the CoE days. That is pretty pathetic, in my honest opinion. And you must have picked the lowest of the LOWS for your comparison. The Jonas Brothers my ass!
I wouldn’t be bitching at you as much if you at least stated one (yeah, just one) reason why you don’t like Nightmare. And I get that not everyone does. But at least, if you are going to say that the album is bad, give a reason for Gods sake. I know, what I am saying sounds really rude, but there is absolutely no reasoning in your post at all.
*bitching all done now*

Comment by Alyssa

Hmm, can you just move on?
City of Evil happened years ago.
Do you really think Nightmare is as worthy of a Grammy as any album by the Jonas Brothers?
You could at least say why..

Comment by loghen

The boys deserve to win every catagory listed. They been through so much. The only tough one for them in my eyes would be Best Hard Rock Album, but thats only because Disturbed’s new album Asylum was a huge hit.

Comment by foREVerTJ

Nightmare vs Asylum. To me Sounding the seventh trumpet, Waking the fallen, City of evil, self-titled album, and Nightmare(even Diamonds in the rough) are better than ANYTHING. ill go with fold no matter what. -fingers crossed-

Comment by foREVerTJ

hope they get nominated! :D

Comment by helen

AWESOME. we have to keep our fingers crossed!! They deserve it! They may not be mainstream but are close. they won best new artist so they DEFINELTY have a shot at winning…blow them out of the water a7x!! You guys are the best!!

Comment by Janelle

Ugh, the Grammy’s are a joke, have no merit, and basically is just a ceremony for pop musicians to pat themselves on the back. This crap has as much merit as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame which has none. Would it be nice if A7X won a Grammy? Yes. But seriously, what makes one an “Expert” to review music? Isn’t music all about taste?

Comment by Kenny Vengeance

I think if the Grammys had “no merit” they wouldn’t have been around for 50+ years. And why blame the Grammys for having “poor tastes?” Blame all of the pop/R&B/rap artists that have come into the scene. So you are going to blame some music awards’ ceremony for giving out awards to what people listen to nowadays?
And the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame has no merit? ENLIGHTEN me on that one please.

Comment by Alyssa

The Grammys at one point was a celebration of music but then it became a celebration of how many records you can sell and not how talented or creative an artist is. It used to be about that but now if you sold the msot albums then chances are you’re going to be nominated or win. In the end it’s all about a small sample size of opinions. Plenty of artists have gone on record saying the Grammys are basically a waste. Damn, Eddie Vedder went on stage after winning a Grammy and basically said it means nothing.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame isn’t even about rock and roll anymore. How do you let pop artists, rap artists, etc into it? IF that’s the case why not just call it the music hall of fame? Last time I checked Madonna isn’t rock and roll. Moreover, who elects who goes in or not? It definitely isn’t based on sales, musical influence, or popularity or else guess what, bands like Rush, KISS, Iron Maiden, Megadeth (in the rock genre) would be in but they’re not. It’s all about politics and who the set of voters enjoy listening to. It’s almost meaningless to go into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (see letter written by the Sex Pistols when they were inducted as further verification)

Comment by Kenny Vengeance

One last thing, it means nothing that it’s been around for 50+ years because guess what, the only reason it is around is because it generates lots and lots of $$$$$

Comment by Kenny Vengeance

If Slipknot can win an award, so can Avenged! <3 I know when they won. I bet people in their heads were thinking, 'Who the hell are these guys wearing creepy masks'
So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Avenged<3 :D

Comment by Shanice

I hope that they not only get nominated but win every damn last award. A7X foREVer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Sian

Right now, a Golden Gods award has more credibility. Grammy’s are nothing but Politics. but it would be nice if they win at least one :)

Comment by Roger

nightmare’s video isn’t short form

Comment by Anonymous

As much as I want to believe they’ll get nominated, I truly believe that the people in charge of nominations at Grammy HQ know NOTHING of good music. Great Music for that matter.
My fingers are crossed that they’ll get nominated and hopefully win. I just hope that those upity people come to their senses.

Comment by Britt

I wish they would set up and award for the real experts to vote on……THE FANS!!!!!

Comment by Christen

GO AVENGED! WOOOO! I realllyyyy hope they get nominated/WIN! <333333 AH! I'm so happy for them! :DDDDDDDD

Comment by Anonymous

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The Grammy’s have changed. I’m sure everyone understands that. But the fact that our boys have been submitted to 7 nominations means someone recognized their talent. If they even get nominated, that would be an eye opener to those who watch. If they win, that would be the best thing ever. ‘Cause it would be a slap in the face to those who doubted them. Just like the VMA’s in ’06. A huge slap in the face to Chris Brown & mainstream artists like him.

I won’t say that they should win because of Jimmy. I wouldn’t disrespect him like that. They shouldn’t win because their brother died. They should win because they made a frickin awesome album despite the hardships they went through.

Comment by Nicole

I REALLY hope A7X will get some awards tonight! They deserve everything. -fingers crossed-

Comment by Brittany_Gates

They don’t get awarded, they get nominated.

Comment by deathbatnews

Its not fair at all! They have lots of awesome songs that should be nominated. Grammy association still has no respect for Heavy Metal genre.

Comment by Biraj Singha

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