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WATCH: What Does Syn Gates Do When His Guitar Breaks During A Song?
November 2, 2010, 9:37 am
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He uses Johnny Christ as a decoy. During the Glasgow show it seemed as though Synyster Gates had a slight guitar malfunction which rendered it unusable during the last few seconds of the “Almost Easy.” M Shadows caught wind of it and fun on stage ensued. Check out a video of the event below:

Thanks to Angie who was at the show for sending this in.


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Fun as always. :]

Comment by Denisa

Just a heads up. Three Days Grace is now winning that vote thingy, but just barely.

Comment by happyfatman

Okay… I voted about 50 times, while seeing a 0.04 point spike for A7X… is that good?

Comment by Paul B

HA, way to improvise Syn.

Comment by Paul B

I remember that! I thought Syn just gave up :P

Comment by EmilyVengeance

Lmaoo always a gud time wid a7x

Comment by Neal

Hahaha! Bet Zacky thought…RIGHT MY MOMENT!!!

Comment by DmDiablo

Ahaha! Who needs a guitar when you’ve got a Johnny?

Comment by Harley Quinn

Hahaha, awesome! I love how they always a find a ‘crazy’ solution for their problems xD

Comment by Rachel

dedede neo neo neooo is the best giutar sound ever haha

Comment by hi

Lmao…gotta love them

Comment by paul from ct

Haha, Syns face was like “oh shit” when the guitar bombed out. That’s why it’s always helpful to have a unoccupied short bassist on hand! XD

Comment by Alyssa

haha that’s funny!!

Comment by emilyA7X

lmao too funny! aww Johnny looks his mohawk <3

Comment by francyA7X

That pyrotechnic going off at the very start of the video made me jump.

Comment by Mike

Ha, they’re sooooo cute!!! Nice save Syn.

Comment by Sian

Hahaha that is all kinds of awesome! and why these guys have such an amazing rep for their live shows =]

Comment by Fell

Wow this is my video, can’t believe it got posted on this site! Thanks to whoever sent it in! :D

Oh and I love Shadows improvised guitar noise at the end as well XD

Comment by Sarah Cripps

Hey I am the poster of the video I loved the video so I poster it on my blackberry. I love the improvised guitar by shadows but I also love that they laughed about it. I love these guys and saw them live in ny and it was the best show of my life and this is why!!

Comment by viv

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