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Mike Portnoy Confirms, “My Time With Avenged Sevenfold Has Come To An End..”
December 16, 2010, 11:52 am
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Mike Portnoy has confirmed rumors that he is no longer touring with Avenged Sevenfold.

Yes, the rumours are true…sadly my time with Avenged Sevenfold has come to an end…

The band has decided to carry on into 2011 without me…I had a great time with them throughout 2010, but it was their choice to end the relationship at the end of 2010 as was always the initial plan….

I had an awesome time on stage with the guys every night and have so many cool memories from the experience with them…I am proud to always be part of the A7X family and history.

I also adore the A7X fans and totally appreciate the way they welcomed me aboard and were so loving and supportive during my time with the band…thank you!
As far as my future, I am excited by the endless musical possibilities that lie ahead of me…my love for music runs very deep and my taste is very broad and ecclectic which will give me the chance to explore many different things and collaborate with many great friends and artists I admire and respect…

Happy Holidaze to you all and c-ya in the New Year,


Mr. Portnoy – We would all like to thank you for everything you have done for Avenged Sevenfold. Not only did you help them but you helped us fans as well. You will always be a part of the Avenged Sevenfold family.


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Thank-you Mike! :D

Comment by Jake


Comment by rosscoa7x

whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy a7x. you had the greatest drummer in the world in your grasp and you just let him slip away….darn

Comment by Zzz

no jimmy was the greatest drummer ever, and mike was just a fill in… but we will miss them both

Comment by jruss

Mike is HARDLY “just a fill in”. Are you aware of his skill and significance? Jimmy was influenced by him. That’d be like if Brian died and Slash or John Petrucci came in to record and play the parts he’d written.

Comment by Dante Phoenix

Exactly. Not knocking The Rev, because he was fucking incredible, but we’re talking about MIKE PORTNOY here!

Comment by Tommy

Mike is known as the best drummer to ever take up the art. Jimmy was very under rated and a crazy good drummer. Mike is not by any means “just a fill in.” I pray to god he goes back. Mike is my favorite drummer of all time (Jimmy close second)and if he wants to he deserves the spot.

Comment by link66tri

Yeah, right?
Because he is Mike Portnoy so if he wants to be Metallica’s drummer, he deserves the spot. He deserves to be the drummer for any band he wants to drum for, no matter what the band wants…

Comment by Loghen

i dunno… he’s a great drummer, no doubt. but the “best drummer to take up the art” is a big claim. i just think it’s a bit too broad a subject to narrow it down to one person. that’s all.

Comment by donnie.

neil peart might have something to say about that.

Comment by R-pal

Ehh I can’t believe it! Whats gonna happen now! I have so many questions!!!!

Comment by Jessica

I’m crying my eyes out.. Hope he understands how much this have ment to us!

Comment by Elise

Noooooo :'(

Comment by Eskeylover

Thanks Mike, for all that you have done my friend. :)

Comment by Bryan Cortez

damn =( but thank’s so much Mike, you’ve made us all proud and will always be a member of the family!… wonder who they have lined up to drum now? hmmm

Comment by jpA7X

We all knew it was coming but it’s still very sad to hear. We could never thank MP enough for what he did. He will always have the love & respect from the Family.

I wish you the best of luck Mike!! Enjoy your time off & your family!!

Comment by Andrea

So true!!

Comment by Zacky_Gates_fan

I’m REALLY sad and disappointed too but at the same time I’m REALLY grateful that he helped a7x take their baby steps to recovery although they are not fully recovered which I don’t think they will ever recover from Jimmy’s death any of us are never gunna recover but if it wasn’t for Mike a7x would be nothing right now
Even though we were all hoping for him to stay we knew he was gunna go anytime soon
Now the question is who’s the next drummer?
I’m nervous anxious sad but excited to find out…
Mike Portnoy THANK YOU soooooooooooooo much!!! For everything that you’ve done!! You’re amazing! We all have a place for you in our hearts! <3
Now the real question is who is going to be the next drummer? I'm anxious nervous sad but excited to find out whos it gunna be

Comment by Genesis

Thanks Mike for being there through all this. Best wishes in whatever you do!

Comment by Anonymous

Noooooooooo what the hell does this mean for a7x let’s just hope one of the berrys

Comment by Chris

do they play drums? they might.. that wud be TOO sick.

Comment by Mike Gee

Thank you Mike. Such a nice guy to bring out Nightmare with the guys, I’m always grateful for that, and so are the A7X family <3

Comment by EmilyVengeance

Well. Let them explain…

Comment by Seb


Comment by Zach

this is such a sad thing!! why didnt i have the chance to hear him play live
Mike will always be part of a7x

Comment by ileana

So A7X ended it?

Comment by Lindsey

They had a deal :D
‘to end the relationship at the end of 2010 as was always the initial plan’

Comment by Ashlee

Wtf happened! Mike is makin it seem like something went sour with A7X. I hope thats not the case! Who is gonna be the new drummer?

Comment by Adri

well he said he was only going to drum for them until Christmas. he said he needed time for his family.

Comment by nick

I’m sad to hear it, but at least this means they probably have a new drummer all worked out.

(It’s kind of cool to know I saw Mike’s last show with the band…)

Comment by Rachel

and what a show it was

Comment by ryan

Thank you for everything, Mike. You are an amazing person and we were honored to have you with us in our saddest time. We’ll miss you, but we’ll always have a piece of you with us forever. :)

Comment by Cassie

Its very sad to hear this…

But nonetheless, i wish Mike luck on his future projects :) I also hope the guys in avenged have another drummer line up, equal in skill of the rev and mike..

Comment by JoshA7X

I wonder is A7x has found and secured a drummer then?

I hope its no-one already that has been in a band. I’d like it if A7x gave someone who was unknown but majorly talented a shot :)

Comment by JoeyK

I feel sorry for mike. He didn’t even want to leave. I simply cant believe they asked MIKE PORTNOY to leave. I guess it was the original plan but still… I can’t help but find that just a little… I don’t know. Not right. After all he did for them. He will always be a part of the A7X family in my eyes.

I am curious who they have lined up for the tour… I’m not sure who they expect to be better than Mike… I guess we’ll see.

Comment by Sarah

He didn’t want to leave? It was his plan to leave at the end of 2010 anyways

Comment by Hef

i seem to remember him saying that he would tour with them for the remainder of the tour cycle for the new album…i think he said that. but still, its sad. especially since mike is sad

Comment by Kali

This is upsetting. I can’t think of a better replacement than Mike…

Comment by Anonymous

we’ll miss you dearly, Mike. I’m so glad I got to see you play. :)
Now the next question is who’s filling in NOW? Cuz A7X is still amped about the Nightmare After Christmas tour…

Comment by Jessica


Comment by Anonymous

Ach, my heart!
Thank you so much Mike for your time, it was a fun ride. Good luck with everything else :)

Now…who pray tell will be sitting behind that kit on the Nightmare After Christmas tour?

Comment by Harley Quinn

Well now, who will be the drummer for the 2011 tour? I bet that’s all on our minds :)

Comment by IanG

And before I get flamed, Thanks Mike for everything you provided, every ounce of effort you gave will never be forgotten!

Comment by IanG

Amen to your comment DBN. He will be missed but good luck to him in whatever he does now :) Thank you, Mike!

Comment by SS

That’s pretty sad. I’m guessing Zacky’s comments earlier today about Nightmare after Christmas tour means it’s not in danger of being cancelled – thus they have a suitable replacement lined up.
Following on from Portnoy and Jimmy, big shoes to fill!

I met Mike at the Hard Rock Hotel after the show and he was a gentleman. All the best lad, thanks for helping to hold the band together…

Comment by Ultan

This is a bit devastating. The Rev was my drumming idol and somehow Mike Portnoy allowed us loyal fans to experience A7X in a way that brought the Rev’s style to life again. And now he is not becoming their permanent drummer?

Since he left Dream Theater I assumed that was the point when he decided A7X were the people he wanted to work with for the future, however after reading this and Mike’s sad tweets a few days ago, I kind of feel he was not allowed to continue?

First they had the Rev, then they were lucky enough to have a drumming god, who can possibly fill the shoes of either of these drummers?

Does anyone else agree?

Comment by Ash

It was hard enough to see someone other than Jimmy with the band, but now I can’t imagine anyone else than Mike up there, helping keep Jimmy’s music alive.

But, A7x wouldn’t have wanted him to leave just yet if they weren’t sure that they had found someone else.

Comment by Spiffy

I hope they have someone who fits the band as well as Mike, I don’t know but I have this horrid feeling Avenged are coming to the end of their road as a band.

Comment by Ash

We all do. Try to keep optimistic, from what Zacky said there are no changes to the Nightmare Before Christmas tour, which means they will be finding (or by the sounds of it, already found one) a new drummer.
But yeah, hopefully they will be a good fit for them.

Comment by Spiffy

Very sad to say this, but I have the same feeling..

Comment by Elise

Yes, me too =(

Comment by Ninya

I completely agree!

Comment by Cassandra

Im hoping portnoy will go back HOME to Dream Theater!!!!! That band can not be the same with anyone else.

Comment by Dave

byebye mike

Comment by Daniel V

If anyone could play like jimmy, it was only mike…..thanks for the memories and helping out the family when they needed you!!!

Comment by *Gunslinger Rose6661*

who is going to play drums?

Comment by Luke

thanks mike so much for everything you did for us as a family, it meant the world to us. glad to see this end well, since for a while it didnt seem like it would. also glad to hear that it was the bands decision as im sure they have a plan in mind and arent going to have to scramble at the last minute. a bittersweet moment as its sad to see mike go but everything seems to have turned out well.

Comment by Mark

Thank you so much Mike! You kept my favorite band going and im sure i can speak for everyone when i say that we appreciate it. I wonder who they got lined up now?? Cant wait to see em in detroit!

Comment by foREVer

Thank you Mike for all that you’ve done for this year. You’ve helped us through a lot, and we cannot be anymore grateful for you.

Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve, as well.

<3 Ashley

Comment by ashleyxsynyster

Nooooo! :'( I wish he didn’t have to leave. We’re gonna miss you Mike. Thank you for everything you have done for A7X and us fans. We love ya and hope everything works out for you.

Comment by francyA7X

also wanted to say, you will always be part of the family :)

Comment by francyA7X

Well, suprise-suprise! D: man, that’s sad. Now, I’m eager to know who’s next up in line to take the drums! D: oh my God!

Comment by Kimberlee_Love

Everyone’s worst fear confirmed, :((
I hate that he’s leaving, it seriously upsets me.
But, I totally respect his and the boy’s decision, and I just want to thank him for everything he’s done for us and the band, <3.

Comment by April

It sucks he left but that means there going to be a new drummer but who I think it’s going to be one of the berrys

Comment by Chris

They néed a world class drummer. Nothing less. There would only be a handful of drummers in America or the world that would be up to the task. All of them likely in bands already. I am guessing that is why A7X has been quiet about it. But if they are letting Portnoy go they have an extraordinary replacement in the wings. Likely one that can do some background vocals which MP did not do with them.

I can’t wait to find out who.

Comment by bLUE

Thank you so much Mike for doing what you did.
I believe that you were one of the few drummers who minded to help a band that was going through a bad time like you did.
Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this…
I can’t imagine them with a new drummer… How did they let Mike leave the band? They could have asked him to stay with them for more time and, if he wanted to, he could even join the band!
So thank you Mike, for everything you did for us and for the guys.

Comment by Rachel

Idk, I liked Mike as he was pretty ridiculous with Dream Theatre but I didn’t feel like his style of play was like the Rev’s and fit into their genre. Hopefully A7X already has a solid plan and i’m excited to see where they go and I hope Portnoys future is just as good as I seen him play alongside Avenged and dude was killer and seemed like he belonged the whole time.

Comment by Terrance

My thoughts exactly

Comment by Courtney

Thank you so much Mike for all you have done for the A7X family :) it will never be forgotten and i will never lose respect for you. Thank you. x

Comment by H

I never thought avenged would become a band that just brought new people in and out. Hopefully they bring in someone really close to them.

Comment by Joel Paz

I would have loved it if Mike had stayed, the guy is pretty damn awesome.

Thank you so much Mike for helping carry on Jimmy’s legacy and for doing so much for the family.

No idea who will become the new drummer… I just hope whoever it is, they are as genuine and respectful as Mike was.

Comment by Beck

I see some people are saying that its not right that the band asked portnoy to leave. Remember this the plan was only to go through 2010 and that was it.

Comment by joe7x

Bummer. Should have stuck with MP for ’11. Best drummer in the world. Kind of disappointed with this.

Comment by Tommy

Mike, we A7X fans cant express enough how thankful and grateful we are to you brother! You stepped up for not only the band, but for us fans as well…when the future looked dim for Avenged, you stepped up in a tragic time for all of us and gave the band new life…and i know you made Jimmy proud…as you have all of us! You will ALWAYS be a part of this crazy family…THANK YOU BRO!!

Comment by Richie

Thanks for all you have done for A7X,your a great guy, Im thankful that I seen you perform @ Holiday Havoc with A7X in Vegas. This is heartbreaking news, but I wish you, Mike all the best.

Comment by Crystal -eacalwayz-

Thank you mike

Comment by Hef

I am so sad to hear of the confirmation that Mike Portnoy will no longer be touring with A7X. I knew this day would come, but didn’t think it would be so soon. He will always have a special place in my heart for what he has done for Jimmy, the guys and the fans. I have faith and trust in Avenged Sevenfold that they know what is best and whatever the future brings, I will be right by their side. I only hope fans can just let it be and not speculate too much or read too much into it.

Comment by Kristen

Same here. I am thankful for what MP has done for the band, it meant a lot to the band and us, the fans. But I’m pretty sure that the boys have found a replacement who can continue with Jimmy’s legacy. We should have faith in the band, ’cause they never let us down. Right?

Comment by Carol

balling my eyes out:'(! this was such a shocker and so close to Jimmys anniversary:/! but all i can say now is a HUGE thank you to Mike for helping a7x through this very very difficult year and sheding some light on the situation and for making all this possible! We will miss you Mike but we wish you all the best in whatever your plans for the future are! thank you!

Comment by amy

Thanks Mike, I look forward to what your going to be in the future. U have gained so many new fans including me foREVer!

Comment by Brad

wtf… :( thanks for everything Mike!
please god, give us Jimmy back now! i dont wanna see another person behind the drums. :(

Comment by Sam

It does say that this was the initial plan. So I doubt it ended badly. Maybe Portnoy didn’t wanna stay that long in the beginning. Excited for the Nightmare After Christmas though!

Comment by Seth

It seems to me that this was all planned and thought out. Many news releases or statements from various official sources have made it a point to highlight Avenged Sevenfold’s anticipation and excitement for the future. If you notice, almost everything coming from the band includes the phrase ‘in the future’, or something related to that looking ahead. It’s almost as if the band was making sure to reassure fans and prep everyone for this announcement. All the things they’re saying about the Nightmare AFter Christmas tour and tour dates all around the world wouldn’t be happening if they didn’t know what was going on with their drummer situation. I feel confident the band knows what their doing, and I’m excited to see what comes out of this.

But Mike was amazing.

Comment by BDen

I will reserve official response until after we hear A7X respond to this. In the meantime, thanks go out to Mike for being there for the guys in their moment of need. Even if you parted on uncertain terms, you will always have the gratitude of the fans for that kindness. I’m also very glad I got to see Mike on Uproar in Atlanta, and I will be very interested to see who the guys have tapped to play when I go to Knoxville in January to see them. Whoever it is…be warned: We will judge you…no pressure =)

Comment by Traskul

Its so true, i must wait to here the official avenged sevenfold statement before i say anything.

Mike was amazing and helped the band and its fans through its most difficult time. Whoever they chose will now have to live up to the REV and Mike Portnoy. which is sad and completely unfair to them, but is totally a reality.

I totally wish Mike and the band the best of luck, who ever they chose they chose for a reason.

Comment by Julia

A BIG thank you to you Mike! You’ve been amazing.

The band are going to have to announce the new drummer, whether it’s just for touring or permanent, very very soon…

Comment by E

Mike needs a break anyways, that dude has got to be wrecked from all the music he’s done year after year. Got the honor of seeing him play with the guys in Atlanta this year, so amazing and perfectly honorable to Jimmy.

Hmmmm…new drummer…

Comment by Trevor

Thanks Mike for everything. My first reaction was shock but after the rumors and remembering a handful of earlier interviews, this day unfortunately was coming. I wish nothing but the best to Mike in the future.

So much news today. I wonder if more drummer news will follow soon.

Comment by dee

Thank you Mike for everything you did with Avenged! We appreciate it so much!!

I hope they get an amazing replacement though!

Comment by Cory

Sad.. :(
I wish him the best.

Comment by lean99zz

well matt said that they had exciting news that was going to be announced on the 21st/22nd didn’t he? its probably the new drummer.
i trust that they’ve made a good choice, im just really nervous for it now.

Comment by Kate

Matt never said he had exciting news to be announced on the 21st, the magazine did and that was slightly shot down. However, I do know that the issue will feature some news in it that will make fans happy. I’ll have more to report on once I get the issue.

Comment by deathbatnews

Oh there is definitely some exciting news inside. :)

Comment by Rachel

Mmhmm :) Emailed you by the way!

Comment by deathbatnews

That makes me very excited to read the interview!

Comment by Alyssa

Oh, I need some good news…especially after all of the recent bad news. I want to know about the article.

Comment by strunk22

oh thats just evil hinting away like that! LOL

Comment by Elin

Other than Jimmy, he’s the only person I can imagine behind the kit. I will always be grateful because he’s been the railing we could all hold onto to settle ourselves. Thank you Mike. <3

Comment by Kimberly Raines

So sad to hear this, it was looking that he will be a permanent drummer.
But i really appreciate all the effort he put in to fill the rev’s shoes.
wondering who is the new drummer…definitely not atreyu’s drummer

Comment by Ron


Comment by Anonymous

so many questions .. why is he leaving ? that is definitely who jimmy would want playing on his throne. unless it’s someone in the a7x family like one of the berry’s.

dbn lady, please keep us updated on anything mike does in the future if it’s not too much to ask.

Comment by (;

Mike thank you so much for bringing the guys out again, it meant everything in the world for me to see my favorite band live for the first time. Even if Jimmy wasn’t behind the kit I’m glad it was you.
I hope you ended on good terms with the guys and wish you the best in the future.

Comment by Jessica

Thank you MIke Portnoy.. It is anouther sad moment for us to loose u also but We really extremly appreciate wat u have done and u will foREVer and alwayssss be apart of the Avenged family <3 u will always till the day i die.. Be my second favorite drummer – Neal

Comment by Neal

NO!!!!!! :( that sucks so bad he was perfect for avenged!!!!

Comment by Anonymous

But thank you so much mike!

Comment by Anonymous

god bless, mike! Best wishes for the future. Mrs. DBN, will you please let us know what he’s up to going forward? He’ll always be part of the A7X FAMILY. And i know we’re all waiting with bated breath to find out who’s on the kit!

Comment by annie

Saw this on Facebook the minute it went up. It’s really too bad. I loved the fact that Mike Portnoy filled, I really believe he’s the only drummer in the world that could have filled the Rev’s big shoes. A couple weeks after Jimmy died I told myself, the only other drummer I’d like in his place was MP, and what a coincidence, MP teamed up with Avenged.
Mike, we appreciate your work. I guess A7X didn’t want to get into the DT drama, but it’s going to be really weird to have some random guy in the band. At least Mike was very high-profile, so his filling in for the Rev seemed natural, but who can possibly replace BOTH the Rev and MP now?

Comment by [NE]Fobby[GEN]

good question

Comment by me

a new drummer xD or even just the recorded sound just like they do with Jimmy’s voice when they play afterlife :D

Comment by Ashlee

No amount of words can ever express my gratitude for you. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done, not only for the fans, but for Johnny, Zacky, Brian, Matt and Jimmy. Thank you for keeping Jimmy’s input for A7X alive. Thank you for helping each and everyone in the Avenged Sevenfold Family. Although you may already know this let me repeat this one more time:

Welcome to the Family.

Comment by Laura

dammit i wanted to see mike….i got tickets for 2/5 and now he isnt playing….hmmm now what

Comment by reppin the 734

:( This is sad news and I would hate to see Mike go. This past year as been insane and if it wasn’t for him Nightmare, all the touring, nothing would have really happened as well as it did. So thank you Mike, you are seriously the best. I wish you good luck in the future. You are forever part of the A7X fam. Much love.

Comment by Em

yes, thank you so much Mike. without you, i never would have seen my favorite band live and thier amazing new album would have been deserted.
Thank you so very much, but why do you have to go? You were a perfect match, what happened?
What happens now?

Comment by Rachael

he only played with them for 4 months. seriously people quit acting like he was their lifelong drummer avenged always said their not looking to replace the rev

Comment by Anonymous

Thank you! It’s annoying. Seriously people are crying? What the hell ya know? This is one of the reason A7X fans get such a badname.

Comment by Josh

I agree Josh, then again you take the average human, and their IQ equals out to that of a peanut. 4 months with a guy that really doesnt fit our style (zomg blasphemy) just proves that 95% of A7x fans don’t understand music. Just because he can emulate Jimmy does not mean he should be our permanent drummer. I mean fuck. My brain goes numb when i read half of these comments.

Comment by Matt

agreed lol

Comment by Ashlee

yea, but they still could have continued 2011 with Portnoy. No one is rushing them to make a decision regarding who takes over the drum seat as an official member (if they ever do get an official replacement). While I wish MP could stay w/ A7X longer, it’s not the fact that he won’t be there that is bugging me. If the decision was mutual then fine, but it sounded like MP really wanted to continue touring with the guys and they said no. So I kind of feel bad for Mike. Whatever the case, I’m looking forward to the future of the band.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by gabriel

And? He was helping them out, he gave up his own time to help them record Nightmare, and tour with A7X. Me, personally, can’t thank him enough for what he has done.

Comment by Drivillian

DBN Lady…I can’t :(

You’re talking like the man left his wife and kids to do the horrendous tiring job of touring and ended as victim of ”that band’s greed”.

Comment by Loghen

Thank you so much Mike for everything you have done for the A7X family. We all really love the lift and support that you gave us, and you will always be considered a big part of the A7X family!!

But I wonder who is going to drum…I dunno, I just can’t see anyone else up there playing for the guys. Unless if it is one of the Berry’s, but I really hope that the new drummer will have the same kindness and respect that both Mike and Jimmy had.

Comment by Alyssa

This news kind of makes me sad, but at least we know that A7X wants to continue and are looking forward to the future. Thank you Mike for taking time out of your life to tour with the guys and for making Nightmare possible. We love and respect you, Mike!

Comment by normanda

Nooooooooo :'( I cried when I saw this.
Thank you so much Mike for all you have done for Avenged Sevenfold and the A7X Family. We really appreciate it :) Your a great person. I’m glad I got to meet you and now our photo is in last weeks Kerrang Magazine :)

Comment by Hannah

Whyyy !! Just why they decided to move on without MP !! who’s gonna be in the back after MP !! Pfffff….. Thnx’ PortnOy !!

Comment by deathbat soldier

Why are people crying cause Portnoy is gone? It’s annoying. This was the plan the whole time.

Comment by Anonymous

I guess they keep missing the line that says it was always the plan. :P

Comment by Ashlee

Thanks for everything Mike! Im so glad i got to see you perform with the guys in october, thanks for everything you done!

Love and respect foREVER


Comment by Shell

Seriously that’s a tragedy :(

Comment by deathbat soldier

nooo….. :/

Comment by schevva

Thanks for everything, Mike. I will always appreciate you for everything you’ve done for us this year. <3

Comment by Anonymous

Thank you so much for doing all this, Mike. We really appreciate everything you’ve done for the Avenged family. Tis a shame you aren’t continuing with the band through 2011. Good luck with your future projects.

Comment by John

Thank you so much Mike! For everything. idk where a7x or us fans would be with out you. You will always be part of the avenged sevenfold family. Thank you again! You will be missed.

Comment by James

Pretty sad. I wonder whats going to happen now…
but nevertheless,
Thanks Mike, for everything!
you are definitely a part of the A7x family now (:

Comment by Kayleigh

Now before i start, I’m extremely grateful that MP was able to help us out, and honor Jimmy.

But, for everyone that is saying that MP is a good fit for A7x…how do we know? Do you really expect him to continue to play Jimmy’s style for the rest of his drumming days, I certainly do not. If you listen to his drumming in DT, it really does not blend well with A7x’s style, now of course he could modify his playing in order to fit the music, but why not get a guy who plays this kind of music already.
Personally I’m excited to find out who the new drummer is, and I hope he is able to throw in his own style.

Comment by Matt

Why does people keep saying that Jason Berry could fill in?
Are you sure he is a drummer? A good one?…

Comment by Loghen

He is the fucking shit. That dude can play drums like no other.

Comment by Matt

In a way, I agree with you. He did the Rev, the remaining members and the fans proud by finishing out the album. But if you all have not noticed, in the live performances and even on the album, there is a critical a7x element missing…the Rev’s back up vocals! His voice was a perfect compliment to Shadows. Zacky has been filling in where the Rev normally would…but he just doesn’t have the range that the Rev did…he can’t get high enough. Anyway, I am really hoping the next drummer can sing/scream a little (and if he has 1/10 the creative song writing ability of the Rev…we will be lucky)

Comment by snuffy

I don’t think this new drummer is gonna get even close to write for A7X. He’s just gonna play.
You really think they will have some new dude actually sing the rev’s parts?

Comment by Ashlee

I’m just curious, what do you think about this dbn?

Comment by Paige

THANK YOU SO MUCH MIKE! We really appreciate your time and effort in keeping the band alive. We with you the best of luck in your future ambitions.

Merry Christmas!

Comment by FretMuppet

NO!!! DON’T LEAVE US!!!!DON’T LEAVE USSSSSSS! every christmas has to be ruined like this!

Comment by Anonymous

Man this sucks. My first A7X show was this summer and to see mike on stage with the rest of them it felt right… I know its not the same for most of you die hard A7X fans but to me it was amazing…. Mike I know things are going to work out great for you in your musical path…
A7X i can’t wait to hear your new stuff with maybe your permenit drummer… Hey LMK if you guys need a FOH or Monitor guy!!!

Comment by Ralphie

Thank You Mike Portnoy for everything you have done for A7X and us fans, You helped everyone in the A7x family through the darkest journey of our lives. There is no telling where A7X would be without you…maybe in a gutter but one thing is for sure you are the saviour to us fans and you will never be forgotten for your contribution. We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is still very far away but it is flickering oh so bright. Thank you MP

Comment by Rya7Xn


Comment by Rya7Xn

Thanks Mike for helping A7x out in the time they really needed it:) I wish you all the luck in the future =] you will always be a part of the A7x family :D

Comment by Angst


Comment by jruss

Mike just freakin rules. I was at Avenged’s very first show without Jimmy (Heavy MTL montreal) and while it was devastating to see the guys without Jimmy up there, after the show I found myself feeling content and at peace that they found such an amazing drummer to take on the task of drumming for Avenged. It was almost immediately that I knew Mike would do them right and for that I am ever grateful.

Thank you Mike for everything you did for Avenged Sevenfold and consequently their fans. I am eternally grateful that you helped Jimmy’s legacy stay alive and made the new record and the touring this year possible.

Comment by Cecilia

It’s sad, because there’s not a better drummer than Mike. Ans he’s a great person too… But it was their decision and I respect it.
Thank you Mike for all that you’ve done for the band and us!!! Best wishes for you man! ^^

Comment by Seba

For the people who say “don’t cry about it he’s only been there for four months” I believe you are partly right but I also believe that it is okay to feel down; Mike Portnoy was The Rev’s idol, and not only did he finish recording the record Rev was really excited about, he also went on touring around the world to get that message Jimmy wanted all of us to hear; I felt really comfortable myself knowing that A7X had a guy like Portnoy in the drums because Rev was inside of him the whole time, just like the Dream Theater song says: “The spirit carries on”, Rev has been with us the whole time, and Mike Portnoy has been one of the biggest gifts us the A7X family could of ever had. Thank you Mike!

Comment by Stefan

Wtf that’s just…wow
Though I’m glad he was apart of A7X and as said he will be remembered. But honestly I thought they weee going to announce a permanent position. Its going to be nice to see what they have coming our way now…

Comment by lauren

I will admit, I’m very bummed by this confirmation. When they continued with Mike I was skeptical because I couldn’t see how anyone could fill in for Jimmy, but now I am so thankful to Mike and I was so hoping that this partnership between Avenged and Mike would last. Now it’ll be interesting to see who they have sitting behind the kit on their upcoming tours. It was hard enough for us to welcome Mike at times, I think, but knowing he was Jimmy’s idol and he had such respect for Jimmy’s work and the guys helped make him a quick and fast part of this family. I’m nervous for who they have behind the kit, but I know that they’ll make the best decision for the band.

To Mike: Thank you thank you thank you. You helped the guys put out Jimmy’s last work, you helped them spread Jimmy’s work further, and you helped them heal. You’ve helped the Avenged family to heal and see our boys continue. You’ve been such a blessing to us this past year and we cannot thank you enough. I’m bummed, however, that in a month you won’t be who is behind the kit anymore, it was such a pleasure seeing you perform with them at Mayhem and opening for Limp Bizkit. Good luck in all your future works, but never forget us, because we’ll never forget you. A7X Family foREVer. :o)

Comment by Elin

Soo who’s going to fill in for Mike for the Nightmare after Christmas tour? They must have someone already lined up if they already have tours set.

Comment by Rgeezy

Slowly slips away…

I cannot believe it. Mike was perfect for the band, perfect to replace Jimmy. I couldn’t imagine the band without The Rev until I saw their first performance with Mike. Now I don’t even know what to think.

Comment by Mike

so does this mean that the BIG NEWS in Revolver WONT be about Mike leaving.. thats crazy, gets me even MORE pumped.. i dont know whos better than him, or the Rev.. but still if ur reading this Mike, Thanks man! youre the best! :D I loved the show u put on with A7x, what a pleasure to see you have’n fun! :D
foREVer – Mike

Comment by Mike Gee

Farewell, MP, and thanks.

Now I’m anxious to see who the new drummer will be.

Comment by Rdog

Thank you Mike for being there for us when we needed your love and support. Loved seeing you play with the guys. Happy Holidays.

Comment by Ghostflame83

You know, I think Mike’s a good fit with them on stage but I’m not necessarily so sure about his position in the band… I mean, A7X have always… not quite demanded (but not far off!) full commitment to the band and the fact that Mike drums with so many bands would kind of make that hard… Now, I’ve got no idea why the guys let him go or who (if anyone) they might get to replace him but I’m sure this was well and truly thought through. These guys know what they’re doing, I doubt they’d part ways with Mike if they hadn’t made a decision that’s exactly right for them…

Comment by SS

I dont know the whole story but i still find my slef coming to thre conclusion of losing some repsect for Avenged Sevenfold. Even iof they did deicde to have him with them until christmas they could have let Mike fill in for the tour. It is as if they wanted him out. I always admired Mike as my fave drummer and when he got into my fave band in the world to fill in for the nonreplaceable,(if that is a word) Jimmy Sullivan, i was soo happy. Oh well, i still love a7x but i just lost some repect for them.

Comment by Anonymous

Thank you for all your hard work Mike.

This could not have been planned by either Mike or the guys… something must have went down. Mike has been upset for the past few days judging by his tweets. If they had a new drummer already lined up for the new year mike would have known about it. They would have done something for Mike at his last show too. Sadly I do not think this ended on good terms.

On the bright side, Mike has a new fan.

Comment by Anonymous

i find myself losing respect for you, and your horrid grammar skills. Proof-read it’s good for you.

Comment by Matt

Lol. your right. I came back to read my post and i was likie shitt!! i really should have proofread. oh well. i was typing on my ipod touch so yeah. and also seriously, i did lose some respect for them and im not trying to be a dick to them or the fans; im just saying. I still love Avenged Sevenfold. Their still my 3rd fave band. I know you care. ha

Comment by Anonymous

I just bet it’s best to part ways now, cuz the 28th is coming up and it might be hard on them… No respect should be lost because i’m sure it was mutual for the band and Mike to part ways

Comment by Frank S

You’re talking like A7x kicked mike out on the street. I would be willing to bet that while mike is going to miss avenged, he is more than happy to finally take a break and spend time with his family.

Comment by Anonymous

i dont think anyone they get will be better than mike :( :(

Comment by dani

You guys, this is not the end of the world……maybe. Everyone just appreciate Mike for what he did, cause if he didn’t, maybe they wouldn’t have been able to do their tours the past few months. Anyway, I’m still excited for them. I knowwwwwwww the end is not coming to a close cause they’re all handsome, talented, and amazing guys and it’s too soon to end such an amazing band : )
Think positive everyone!

Comment by oanhikinz

Thank you for all that you’ve done for A7X Mr Portnoy.

Comment by N.Viknes

Again, people stop crying that Portnoy is leaving.. If A7x did not find a suitable replacement for him but most importantly Jimmy, the would quit like seriously. Mike said in the beginning the he most likely would support the band until they were getting a new drummer, which they apparently have.
I’m excited, especially if the drummer is a good vocalist/composer as well :)

Comment by gkvakz

Join to Say Thanks And Show Our Appreciation For Mike Portnoy for Helping out Avenged Sevenfold in 2010 During Tough Times.

Comment by Callum

Thanks Mike ! :)

Comment by Sophie

hahahah joke, dude I really like Mike I’m fanatic for DT and A7X. At first I didn’t like the fact he left DT to play with A7x .. and now A7X kick his ass ? Oh, c’mon ..

Comment by Sam

This is what I posted to his FB note:

“Thank you Mike Portnoy. Thank you SOOO much for supporting Avenged Sevenfold at their lowest point in their lives. Though I am truly sad you will not be continuing on with them anymore, you have been very grateful for your help. You didn’t only help the band heal; you helped the entire A7X family heal as well. I hope the life you have ahead of you will still be as great.”

Comment by Gabby7x

Thank you, Mr. Portnoy! You’ve been the boys light for a while now, and I can’t truly thank you enough for helping them through this terribly tough time. You’ll always be apart of the Avenged Sevenfold family.

Comment by Brooke

Thank you Mike! It was a privilege to get to see and hear you live with A7X. You are an amazing percussionist and I look forward to the rest of your career. Best of luck, thank you for being part of the family.

Comment by Jeff F

[…] Mike Portnoy Confirms, “My Time With Avenged Sevenfold Has Come To An End..” Mike Portnoy has confirmed rumors that he is no longer touring with Avenged Sevenfold. […]

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As upset it seems all of us are.
we need to let Avenged explain to us why this choice was made.
i’m sure they will mae a notice about it.
and about who will be filing in.
i completly agree no one will ever be able to take Jimmys place.
he was insane on the drums.
but MP did let us experiance how Jimmy might have fully played on the drums for Nightmare.
i’m truly greatful that i got to see them play.
And i’m really excited to see who they get to fill in on drums.
best of luck to all of them. (:

Comment by Ali

Maybe Dream Theater will shut up about A7X stealing their drummer now. :P I lost 90% of my respect for Dream Theater after I saw how they handled Portnoy leaving them.

On a different note, than you for filling the Rev’s shoes with A7X for all those glorious months. Regardless of how things ended between you and the guys, you’re still part of the family in my eyes.

Comment by Z.Burns

dream theater never said anything. some of the fans did, but not them.

Comment by happyfatman

Their guitarist said in a recent interview, when asked if he learned anything new this year, “I’ve learned not to let your drummer tour with a different band”, or something along those lines. It’s not just the fans that feel that way, it’s the band itself.

Comment by Z.Burns

petrucci said that…guess he’s taking things hard,cant blame him though

Comment by me

I had the opportunity of meeting Mike and his wife in Vegas. He was the nicest guy. Took time out twice to sign an autograph for my daughter, who was upstairs in hotel room and again the following day to take a photo with her. He was a class act and really seems to appreciate his fans. I will never forget his kindness and the awesome show that followed. Not sure what is going on with A7X. We have been listening to them in our house for the past 7 years. As much as we all love them in our house, I am disappointed that they have let Mike go. I don’t think that is the way you thank someone who gave so much……He not only helped the band but, the fans that had been so sad since the death of the REV. Mike, Thank you. Know that you are loved by many. Rock on!

Comment by Anonymous

Unless the A7X Official Statement sheds a better light, I have to side with Portnoy here. He offered to tour with them through 2011. He was clearly having a great time with them on tour on and off the stage. A definite strong relationship was formed. It seems like they kind of just “dumped” him after their last show. I’m upset he’s gone. He kept us more connected with the band through Twitter, Youtube videos, Facebook pictures, etc.

Comment by Tommy

And….WHY are we taking sides again?

Comment by Alyssa

True. Why are we taking side again? I mean, all of us here love and support the band. Now, MP is gone and the band is continuing without him. We don’t know or will never know what is the reason behind it. But why can’t we have faith in the band? They never disappoint us!

Comment by Carol

why are you even taking a side?
This was a plan/deal between Mike and The band. Not with you (or any fan). -_-‘

Comment by Ashlee

why haven’t the band released a statement offically thanking Mike for the amazing contribution he has done over the past 12months?
there would have been no Album or tour to commemorate Jimmy if it wasn’t for Portnoy..

the least they could do is officaly thank the guy..

Comment by stringerrathead

or you could chill out and let them put out a statement when they’re ready instead of talking down on them for not doing so yet.

Comment by hunter

they thanked him in countless interviews and every show they played with him.

Comment by (;

ah I knew it. We love you anyway MP and I’ll always be a fan. Thank you for being an integral part of the A7X family!

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

Why is people acting like ”Poor Mike!”?
You’re blaming A7X for moving forward (which we were all supposed to want from the beginning)?
You all act like he left his whole life at home and went on tour with them because he was a nice person. I’m sure he IS a nice person, but he wasn’t doing it for free, he was obviously getting money out of this. So yes, a huge THANK YOU to Mike for putting Avenged Sevenfold as one of his side projects, but stop blaming the band for not sticking with him when a)He wouldn’t play Jimmy’s style forever and b)They’ve said a thousand times how thankful they are to Mike. They know their sound and they know why they let him go so just because they had a high-profile drummer with them it wouldn’t mean THEY HAD TO keep him forever. If Mike wanted to stay with them, I don’t blame him, but since the beginning he was saying how this would be, which was ”touring with them until they feel comfortable enough to get a new drummer” and if they’re letting him go now, they sure know why.
They are the band, they know better than us so get over yourselves.

Comment by Loghen

you make excellent points, and I have to agree. If the boys have parted with Mike then they must be ready to move on without his assistance, they will tell us what this means when they’re ready.

Comment by Elin

God bless you Mike, your influence on all of us has been great, and I aspire to one day come close to as great a drummer as you. Proud to call you my brother, like everyone else in the A7X family.

Comment by Luke

Wow. He’s been with Avenged so long I forgot this day was going to come. I guess when he left Dream Theater I thought he was going to stay. Still, I thank you Mike, for helping out the guys. You’ll always be remembered by Avenged Sevenfold fans as the drummer who saved the greatest band in the world. Thank you, and continue to blow us away in other musical projects.

Comment by AJ

Ok……so now what?

Comment by Jess

Damn..I knew this day would come. But I didn’t think it would be so soon. Thanks to Mike for helpin the A7X guys survive this year. Even though I’m sad, I can’t help but be excited to see who the new drummer is.

Comment by Cierra

Thank you Mike. You have no idea how grateful the A7x family is to you for what you’ve done for us, and for A7x. Thank you

Comment by Tyler

its sad but…
mikes great!im soo thankful he helped avenged sevenfold and i wish him nothing but the best!

Comment by emilyA7X

Thank you MP se salute you. R.I.P. Rev

Comment by Brian

:( damn love you mike
whatever A7x decides to do I’m behind them
foREVer <3

Comment by toria7x

Thank You Mr.Portnoy

I will never forget you TT

Comment by feat

Damn, I hate MP is leaving. It just now got to where he had become part of the family! I will miss seeing him perform with A7X since we lost Jimmy. :( But I hope there was no bad blood between MP and the boys! And I hope he does what makes him happy and I hope A7X finds the drummer that we all love and need since we can’t have The Rev! miss u JIMMY!! foREVer!! :)

Comment by Leslie

i cant see any other drummer up there other than jimmy or Mike. i dunno how this will turn out

Comment by SALVADOR

They have a plan and one that we will all respect.
Ik they wnt just randomly get a drummer because its not what they want and they’re muchh better than that. So we wait.(: For this brilliant plan.

Comment by Steff:)

Thank you Mike for everything you’ve done. And best wishes and good luck. Let’s hope the new drummer will exceed our expectations. And respect him, because i already know some people are gonna review his skills and compare him to Portnoy or The Rev.

Comment by Levitation

I Just hope they dont putdigital recorded drum tracks…. but i hope they got a decents drums, not only for the skill but for the personality aswell


But thx for all mike :) i loved the shows you played at mtl in jimy s legacy :)

Comment by Francis

Mike is an awesome drummer and I hate that he will not continue with A7X but the band has to do what is right for them. I just hope whoever they pick to drum for them can do Jimmy and Mike proud. I don’t think the band would pick someone who wasn’t up to the standards we’re used to getting from Avenged. And whoever they chose, I’ll be open minded and give them a chance. That’s all anybody needs in this world.

Comment by Sian

Mike, thank you for all your help. You’ve been one of most humble people to take such
A responsibility to replace Jimmy for the tour. You are definately our angel.
Thank you MP for everything.

Comment by Manny

All comments regarding other drummers were deleted. There’s no need to have people going back and forth with one another about drummers because it’ll cause arguments.

Comment by deathbatnews

Mike was great, I saw A7X in jersey over the summer and they put on a sick show. But if you read more on it, Avenged let him go, mainly bc of the way Mike went about his business with releasing from Dream Theater. Which i totally understand, Matt and the rest of the band not wanting so much media on them over that after all they had been through the past year. Now im really curious to know who will be replacing Mike for the Nightmare after Christmas tour.. should be interesting to see how that goes about. Dont take it the wrong way, Mike played great for the band and put on an absolutley amazing show. Jimmy wouldve been honored to know Mike filled his throne. but this is just what ive been reading up on from various sources as to why he was “released” or “let go”

Comment by Patrick

Hmm maybe it’s just me but people are being a little pessimistic here.. Why the hell would they just randomly break up when they’re just reaching the prime of their careers, why would they change the name when it’s tatted on ppls bodies, not to mention souls. They will always be called avenged even if they tried to change it. To be completely honest, they have yet to dissapoint so why would they do that now? The rest of them are still best friends and they have a 10 year way of doing things they’re way that’s obviously been working for them , they don’t like media bullshit and I can see why. Mike portnoy did an amazing job filling in and I thank him for that. With the different ways the two operate media wise I don’t think it would have worked out for the long run. A7x foREvEr

Comment by Xxx

Well the question is now, who will be a7xs drummer? :/

Comment by Juan

As unhappy as this makes me, i am also that little bit relieved. I love a7x and i’m so glad that i finally got to see them on this tour. Mike totally slayed every night. A true professional and gentleman.
What saddens me is that i hadn’t seen portnoy this happy and motivated in years. He looked like he was having so much fun with a7x.
I was completely devastated when Mike left Dream Theater and i can only hope that now this is over he can take some time out, work things out with DT and return to his rightful place.
As much as i hate to say it Mike Portnoy has way too much talent/skill to waste on a straight forward metal/rock act. The Rev was truely amazing but he ain’t no Mike Portnoy.

Mike you are the man and no doubt i’ll be seeing you back in action soon!!

Comment by John

Thank you Mike. You’re amazing.

Comment by Lauren

Well I never got the chance to see Mike with A7X, but he is the most awesome drummer on the planet, and I am glad he was the guy to play for Jimmy. Jimmy, R.I.P. foREVer my brother. Mike, Good luck with your endeavors in the future and your family. Thanks for being an inspiration. \m/

Comment by Jim

I reallly hope this doesn’t fuck up the nightmare before christmas tour, how can the find a drummer that can do what jimmy or portnoy did on such short notice??

Comment by will

They already have a drummer ready.

Comment by deathbatnews

[…] “The band has decided to carry on into 2011 without me…I had a great time with them throughout 2010, but it was their choice to end the relationship at the end of 2010 as was always the initial plan,” he said announcing that his time with Avenged Sevenfold had come to an end. […]

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Fuck I miss the REV so much, seeing mike perform at mtl was amazing he made it fel right hopefully the next drummer will be berry!

Comment by Brandon

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