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Another Pair Of Avenged Sevenfold Custom In-Ears By JH Audio.
January 18, 2011, 2:39 pm
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JH Audio, the same company behind the set of “FoREVer” in-ears, have uploaded a new image of another pair made for Avenged Sevenfold. Click the photo below to be taken to the larger image of the JH16 Black Trans with custom art below:

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Well someone in the band likes Edward Scissorhands. :D

Comment by Gabby


Comment by Andrew Kelly

are these for sale?

Comment by Quincy Mirage

u cant buy them already made like that but u could probably try to duplicate them if uve got $1149 bucks since thats what the basic jh16s cost but it says custom artwork is for pro music only

Comment by RJ

Edward scissorhands…awesome! x))

Comment by francyA7X

Edward scissor hands? why?

Comment by Mike Gee

OH maybe like CUT the Wire? D:

Comment by Mike Gee

cut the wire? what? ahaha

Comment by Tommy

yea it looks like the scissors are cutting the wire inside.

Comment by Mike Gee

oh haha gotcha

Comment by Tommy

Edward Scissor-hands… I know they worked with Danny Elfman, who did the soundtrack for the movie… but not sure how those are A7X custom, unless it is a little foreshadowing to the stage set/theme for Nightmare After Christmas, which has me now more stoked about Thursday night.

Comment by Brian

i think youre looking a bit too far into it, i think they just like the design lol

Comment by lo

naw dude it makes sence. all by tim burton… :D nightmare BEFORE christmas…then u got scissor hands. then u got the producer..

Comment by Mike Gee

I dont think they have actually worked with Danny Elfman, however they have worked with people who are a connection of his, such as the backing band and orchestra in some S/T songs

Comment by Anonymous

Danny Elfman worked with them in A Little Piece of Heaven.
And i have read before that one of synyster gates favourite albuns is the Edward Scissor Hands Soundtrack (made by Danny Elfman).

Comment by RuiA7X

Syn played guitar on the Wanted soundtrack, which Danny Elfman produced. However, on “Heaven,” I think it was Danny Elfman’s “people” and not actually Danny

Comment by Tommy

I thought they were the Freddy Kruger hands; get it…Nightmare. *slaps knee* But those are pretty sweet.

Comment by trechul


Comment by francyA7X

I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who thought it looked like Freddy’s glove. Hahah.

Comment by Julie

That Was My Guess Too. Lol.

Comment by foREVerTJ

These are awesome!!!
I think these do have something to do with the stage production…I hope (:

Comment by EmilyA7X

Those are awesome!

But did anyone notice that the wires are red and green? Hmmm…I can’t wait for Thursday!

Comment by Alyssa

I´m not following….
What´s the matter of the red and green wires?

Comment by RuiA7X

Nightmare after CHRISTMAS lol I’m guessing that’s what Alyssa means? =)

Comment by ifadtrmeansalottoyou

I love how it makes you feel when they fuck with you its like oh shit whats gonna happen next XD

Comment by Anonymous

Personally, I like the foREVer ones better. I really don’t care for this design. :/

Comment by Taryn

This has to do with deathbat guy + Nightmare on Elm Street= part of the new stage production. Possibly foreshadowing a new deathbat backdrop.

Comment by Dave

Well I think its from E.S because this movie got syns favorite soundtrack, I remember reading this somewhere, not sure tho.

Comment by gabriel

[…] monitors with custom artwork made for Arin Ilejay. Arin uses the JH16 Pro IEMS. He previously used a pair featuring Edward Scissorhands […]

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