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Avenged Sevenfold Announce New Drummer.
January 20, 2011, 7:09 am
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Avenged Sevenfold have released the following statement announcing the new drummer, Arin Ilejay, who will be joining them on the “Nightmare After Christmas” tour. Arin previously played in Southern California metal outfit Confide. Now that the band have made their official announcement let’s give him a warm family welcome.

We recently asked several friends who knew Jimmy and his style, and also knew our music and each of our personalities to suggest drummers to tour with us starting this year. Our long time studio drum tech, Mike Fasano, recommended Arin Ilejay. We’ve rehearsed with Arin and have been impressed with his technical skills, attitude and work ethic. We’re very excited to tour with Arin and hope all of you will give him the warm welcome to the family we have.

Thanks for your never ending support. It means the world to us.

See you on the Nightmare After Christmas tour.


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Welcome to the family, Arin!

Comment by Evansa7x

Yeah, welcome Arin!
I like the fact that he was playinh with Confide. I thought maybe Joel Piper could try too, but I’m pretty sure that Arin can make it great.

Comment by Polay

Does this mean we can post messages with the word “drummer” in them now without getting deleted? ;)

Looks like the rumors were true. He seems like he’ll deliver the goods. He could use some ink though ;)

Comment by Chris

;) Really wanted the fans to hear this one from the band themselves.

Comment by deathbatnews

Thank you soo much, it was killing me yesterday but you did the best thing…haha

Comment by Jake

Thank you, Jake.

Comment by deathbatnews

I understand now why u deleted my comments…lol u did do the right thing

Comment by Neal

Well the rumours said yesterday it was going to be him :)

Comment by

besides that im so excited bout the set list and the vids after 2nites show! :D

Comment by

Im aware :)

Comment by deathbatnews

bring on the comments, prolly get like at least 100 on this one lol. oh about the drummer…..i d k who this is at all haha. but ok, of course i’ll give him a chance. do work kid behind the kit, 2 big pairs of shoes to fill in..

Comment by Noel

Welcome to the family Arin!

Comment by Jake

Welcome to the family Arin!

Comment by Carol

Awesome news!

Comment by Andy

I, as well as this entire family I’m sure, will welcome Arin with open arms. He’s got some big shoes to fill, but I’m sure he will perform the tasks admirably with grace and style.

Welcome to the Family, Arin. We’re pleased to have you. :)

Comment by Becca

I respect A7X, and I respect Mike Fasano. So I must say welcome to the side Arin!

I know it will be awkward for people at first, but I hope that in time as we move on in our own lifes, you will be accepted by all the fans as a true “replacement” ( Cant think of any other word) to Jimmy – who will always remain in the music and our hearts.

All the best of luck to you.

Comment by UK_JC

And there we go. All the fuss yesterday about nothing. :)

Comment by Ultan


Comment by deathbatnews

Welcome to the family dude, it just seems to sudden, but comforting at the same time. Avenged Sevenfold has always been my favorite band, and now when i listen to there old albums ill know Jimmy was on the set, and then i listen to Nightmare and i know it was Portnoy and now if they make another record ill know its someone i never even heard of till now. God i just wish Jimmy never died, i cant imagine how life would be if he was still here. But its time to move on, all i can say is, my mind is open and welcome to the family

Comment by dustin

Welcome to the family Arin! I imagine that this is going to be a VERY different experience for him playing for A7X, after having played with a Christian band for so long. It sounds like the music stylings are similar, but the debauchery might be a little different, hahaha! I mean come on, we know our guys get a little dirty every once in awhile, lol! But none the less, I’m sure he wouldn’t have accepted the position and A7X wouldn’t have offerred it if they felt this wouldn’t work. So I’m excited to see this new sticks man and what he can do come next Wednesday!!

Comment by Christen

read their recent interviews, the debauchery is a thing of the past. they still drink a lot but i know a lot of christian people who drink, i think hes going to fit in just fine.

Comment by Mark

well miss the rev

Comment by adri

I have no idea who this is lol

Comment by Ka7x

Wohoooo! Welcome to the mother fuckin family Arin!!
I wish him and the band all the best tonight! Going to be such an exciting night for all of them!


Comment by Julia

Damnnn boy! He is already twitter trending =)

Comment by Julia


Comment by metalmoon

“We don’t expect you to be Jimmy just yourself”

Damn right! Welcome to the family :)

Comment by SS

As always, I trust the guys to make the right decision. Welcome to the family, Arin.

Comment by Sarah

im glad that they decided on Arin, hes an amazing drummer!

Comment by Gumball323

Don’t really know who he is, but I trust them on what they’ve decided, they’re perfectionists and only demand and deliver the best!

Comment by Phil A7X

I never heard of him before this either…I tired to find video of him on Youtube but there wasn’t much. And amen to the perfectionist comment.

Comment by Jake

That’s Confide’s last show. You can hear the drums well and it shows him some.

Comment by Ryan

Arin wasn’t with them for their last show.

Comment by Brian

i’m so excited. :)
welcome to the family, arin!

Comment by dilara.

Welcome to Arin, I hope tour goes well and the craziness is not unwelcome! We trust Mike Fasano and the guys, we know that if they think he’s the right man for the job then he’ll do them proud. (And therefore us proud)
Best wishes…

Comment by Rachel L.

OMFG YESSSS!!!!!!! XD im so stoked!!

Comment by ifadtrmeansalottoyou

aaarrrgh! i wanna go to TNAC tour :,(

Comment by Gumball323

from the confide stuff ive heard he sounds pretty good, hes got some big shoes to fill tho. i guess we see! Feb 4th 2011!!! Welcome to the family brother!

Comment by TrevorA7XES

Welcome to the Family Arin! From the few vids I’ve seen he’s a really good drummer! I’m sure he’ll work hard to keep Jimmy’s legacy alive for all of us and the band.

Comment by James

Welcome to the family, Arin! I have absolutely no doubt in Avenged’s decision on this one and I’m sure he’ll be fantastic.

Comment by Cecilia

Not sure who he is but welcome to the family. See on tour Arin. I hope he kills it!

Comment by nikki v here’s a video of him with confide he can sing as well i think they have picked the best guy

Comment by Anonymous

no thats not him drumming in the video and thank god cause that song is BAD.

Comment by Chris

That’s Joel Piper…not Arin Ilejay.

Comment by Drunoctis

Or maybe not…dunno
wiki is not that valid :P

Comment by Drunoctis

thats not arin

Comment by Anonymous

That drummer is Joel Piper, and that song is great. In their album Shout The Truth, Arin plays drums, but the Recover album is played by Joel Piper. There’s no video oh Arin I think, but songs.

Comment by Polay

1) Welcome to the Family Arin!
2) It’s a freaking TRENDING TOPIC on Twitter!!! Woo!

Comment by Bre

Welcome to the dark side! Please, take a cookie and be ready to get your face rocked off :)

Comment by Harley Quinn

Welcome to the family, man! I’m really looking forward too see you behind that kit :) Hope everyone is okay!
Love from Norway :)

Comment by Elise

This announcement made me cry so hard, which I was not expecting. :( But I’m glad the guys found someone to tour with and I trust their decision. Welcome to the family, Arin.

Comment by Rachel

Well, Welcome to the Family!!

Comment by strunk22

that youtube link isnt him thats confide’s drummer after he left the band sadly theres not a whole lot on youtube of Arin.

Comment by adam

Welcome to the family Arin! can’t wait to see you in action!

Comment by Danny

whoever said he was permanent?

Comment by austins

Wellllcccooommmee to the family XD

Comment by Angst

Welcome to the family, man.

Comment by Beck


Comment by a7xSYRIA

Welcome to the family Arin can’t wait to see u play on Feb 12 u guys will destroy kennewick wa

Comment by Jeremy

Welcome to the deathbat family arin(:
I’m sure you’ll fit it just right, but you do have big shoes to fill.

Comment by Manny

I don’t know what type of stuff he played for them when he auditioned, but he’s good. But that’s it’ only “good” based on his work from confide. His style doesn’t seem anything like Jimmy’s.

And on top of that, the boy is going to need some new equipment because based on his videos with Confide, he doesn’t have near ENOUGH equipment to play Jimmy’s parts correctly.

I really don’t agree with this decision, but hopefully it works out.

Comment by A7XEric

Trust me, Arin is a great drummer and he will make it great. Yeah, he’s not Jimmy, but no one can be Jimmy.
And yes, he will need a bigger drum kit, but that’s not a problem, I’m pretty sure he can have a better one and play Jimmy parts perfectly.

Well, don’t trust me, trust Avenged Sevenfold.

Comment by Polay

Well said

Comment by Neal

Definitely the route I thought they would go… a local (near them) band, that has a similar type of sound, from the same scene… I just pegged it as the former drummer from The Confession… A7X took that band under their wing when they were coming up… I’m stoked, because they obviously didn’t go with who they knew best, they searched and found who they feel fits A7X the best… I am stoked about tonight… Welcome to the Family Arin.

Comment by Brian

I was actually hoping the same thing. That guy was pretty solid on a technical level, and also stylistically WAY more in line with their music than this seemingly mediocore post-hardcore dude.

Comment by A7XEric

hes perfect. good singer, good drummer. not an established stupidly well known person. just what a7x need. of course no1 will replace Jimmy but i got a good feeling about this lad. well…see him in June. the time to start judging is when show reviews come flooding in.

Comment by lew

Great news

Comment by Will0240 A7X forREVer

Omgomgomgomg. WELCOME, ARIN! Thank you so much for what you’re doing…Can’t wait to see you out on the road!

Comment by Bobbi

Didn’t know who this guy was, so I went to youtube. The band is sub-par imho, but I can say the best part of the band is the drumming. Oh, and look and can sing pretty dam well too.

Welcome Arin.

Comment by Rich

yeah, you have to make sure you were listening to Arin though… I went on wikipedia for CONFIDE, the band has gone through like 6-7 drummers… But, they did a search and auditioned drummers, IMO, if he is the man that came out on top, he is going to be good… I am curious to see what his kit looks like… the past few times I’ve seen A7X, either the Rev or Portnoy had a big set up… it will just be strange if he has like a 10 piece kit or something (like in the CONFIDE videos)… but, as long as he plays good, I could care less at the end of the day.

Comment by Brian

I know this isn’t your point, but a 10 piece kit is fucking huge

Comment by Scott

lol no, the 52-piece set Portnoy used with DT was fucking huge. If I remember correctly the Rev used a 20-25 piece set.

Comment by Drew

lol no if you’re talking about you don’t include the number of cymbals when talking about the number of pieces in a drum kit, just drums

Comment by Scott

whoops ignore that first “if you’re talking about”

Comment by Scott

Ah, well I just know that on Portnoy’s website the diagrams of his sets are numbered, and the cymbals are included on it, so I was going off of that.

Comment by Drew

Ah, I included cymbals… you know what i was talking about though.

Comment by Brian

Welcome to the family Arin! :-)

Comment by Andrea Lam

He kinda looks out of place,but HEY if A7X says that he is good! I will have faith in him! and “WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!”

Comment by Jessica

is he just a touring member or is he a legit member?

Comment by Braden

I think he’s a touring member, since it says they found a drummer to tour with them. Plus remember the statement they made earlier about not being ready to find a permanent drummer, but that they would take someone out on tour with them?

Comment by Rachel

Welcome Arin, make sure to always kick ass this is Avenged were talkin about.. make the REV proud!!!

Comment by Nick

welcome to the family dude see you at download :)

Comment by toria7x

Hm. No Clue Who He Is, But I Wish Him The Best And I Welcome Him To The Most crazy, Loyal, Abnormal family Ever! Lol. Good Luck Dude!
A7X foREVer

Comment by foREVerTJ

Welcome to the family dude ! I hope you have a big drum kit !

Comment by Anto

Welcome to the family Arin! See you on the 8th! Do the Rev proud (:

Comment by Britt

Never heard of him or Confide before, but as everyone else I’m sure A7X picked the right guy.
Welcome to the family Arin!

Comment by E

Welcome to the family dude! See you soon! =D

Comment by Shell

welcome to the family arin (:
can’t wait for the detroit show :D:D

Comment by amy

I looked him up on Youtube and he doesn’t seem to have Jimmy’s style but I mean, if he can play the songs and do them justice, i’m all for it.

I was hoping for Joey Jordison though :/

Comment by Nick

Welcome to the family Arin!! =)

Comment by Ela.

o im sure Reading PA will give him a warm welcome!

Comment by Chels

Welcome to the family, Arin! :) don’t expect you to be Jimmy, we’ll accept you for who you are. Make us proud :)

Comment by francyA7X

the whole point is to not know who he is, if confide or whatever was as big as BFMV, then all a7x stuff peopel would say soudns too much like”_____” the guys want someone thats not to big, but has the talent they need

Comment by Anonymous

Touring member, or permanent? :S

Comment by Sam

Not excited atm. He will have to prove cause his last band confide is nothing like a7x. I like heavier stuff but they werent appealing to me. He will never replace Jimmy.

Comment by Gary S

couldnt agree more, he came from an emocore background, so i am waiting and looking forward to being proved wrong, im being judgemental and i know it, however we have to be welcoming to people new to the “Family” i hope it goes well, i wish him all the look in the world……….Part of me still wishes Mike was still behind the kit though, he seemed like the perfect next step for the band after Jimmy, however the band know more than me and so i shall wait and see

Comment by Anonymous

Welcome to the Family, brother! :)

Comment by Rachael

Welcome Arin! Good luck back there; you’ve got a LOT of people pullin for ya!!!


Comment by fatboy

I’m glad to see that most people are welcoming him to the band and giving him a chance. I can imagine how his nerves are for tonight’s performance with these huge shoes to fill. I have faith in the band’s choice. This guy is going to rock!

Comment by Karen S

welcome! but how do you pronounce his name? is it like aaron or are-in??

Comment by Steve

i was wondering more about how to pronounce his LAST name haha

Comment by ifadtrmeansalottoyou

So does this mean he is a “permanant” drummer? Or just temp. for the NAC tour?

Comment by Anonymous

possibly permanent, the band said that whoever they try (arin) will be a trial drummer for this tour and then depending on how well things go they will keep him with them for longer and then maybe one day he could become part of the band. its still too early to tell.

Comment by dellis91

This comes as a great shock to me but it’s also REALLY cool! Welcome to the family, Arin!

Comment by Drea

Hopefully someone gets videos of this guy up after tonight’s show. I think we’re all waiting pretty anxiously to see how he stacks up.

Comment by A7XEric

I love this website. All positive comments from huge avenged fans like myself. Can’t get any better then that. Welcome, Arin.

Comment by midim34

How do you pronounce his name correctly?

Comment by Mike

That’s what I’m wondering

Comment by francyA7X

not really impressed with his past band. not into screamo or deathcore. but its whatever

Comment by austins

I’ve been seeing the word “replacement” a lot, and I thought I’d give my 2 cents about it. There is no “replacement” for Jimmy, because noone can ever replace what he was both for Avenged Sevenfold and for this community. He was one of a kind, and there will NEVER be another Jimmy Sullivan. But life has to go on and this is going to be a new experience for everyone involved, and I hope its a good one. If Arin does end up staying with the guys on a permanent basis, then in my eyes he would merely be a new extension to the band that I love and cherish. It would be an unfair stigma to put on him that he’s a replacement because to fit with the guys he’s going to need to come into his own and bring his own artistic element. That was one of the things that made Portnoy’s time with A7X and Nightmare so magical was that he brought a piece of himself into what they collectively created. They need a true artist, someone that has a deep appreciation for music the way that Jimmy did, and not someone just looking to cash in and get a paycheck for touring with one of the biggest bands on this planet right now. If that was all that they were looking for they could have found any studio drummer to learn and memorize their playbook and go out on tour, but I firmly believe they are looking for more than that…and that they considered that when making their decision. I can’t imagine how stressful this has been for them, and I know how much they need the support from their fans to make this transition. And I know how much Arin needs the fans open-mindedness and support to give him the chance to really prove what he can do and to prove that he can be a new valuable element to the whole Avenged Sevenfold family.

Comment by Christen

Agreed…couldn’t have said it better

Comment by francyA7X

I really love what you said here. Like you said, there can never be a replacement for Jimmy the person, or even Jimmy the drummer. However, for them to continue as a band, they need a replacement for the role of drummer. Arin isn’t a replacement Jimmy, he’s just a replacement musician.

Comment by Rachel

This +9999999999999999

Comment by David

Welcome Arin ;D !!! <3

Comment by A7XNIOMIE

how old is that guy?

Comment by jimmy

this a video with Arin, im interested to see what he brings to A7X, Welcome to the Family Arin !

Comment by Kyle

Like a lot of people, I know nothing about this guy but A7X always seem to make the right decisions so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with Arin. I like how the guys say they’re also excited about this- I know all this must have been incredibly hard on them but it’s nice to see them beginning to look towards the future in one way or another and starting to sound a bit more upbeat about it all…

Good luck to Arin for tonight and the rest of the tour, and best wishes to our boys as well because this can’t be an easy step for them either.

Comment by SS

Welcome to the family Arin!

While I know no one will ever replace Jimmy, we gave Mike a chance, we’ll give Arin a chance and see what the band decide. If he fits musically, artistically and personally with the guys, he might become permanent, but they may not be ready for someone permanent yet. Mike was their rebound drummer, it is possible Arin will be the same, or its possible this is the start of a lasting relationship. Personally, if it helps the guys continue as a band and create new music, I’m behind whatever they decide, be it another rebound or establishing the foundation for a lasting partnership. Either way, if it weren’t for Mike, and now Arin, we wouldn’t be getting new music and live shows.

I’m excited to see how Arin does Saturday when I see them live and how he fits with the guys. First look at him doesn’t leave me with the impression that he fits A7X, but he might surprise us and end up being the perfect fit and exactly what the guys need.

Comment by Elin

I don’t know…
I’m really happy the guys found someone they’re comfortable with, but I just don’t feel like it’s quite the right…fit maybe?
I’m really not trying to be a downer or pessimistic. That’s just my opinion. I was just getting used to seeing Mike around, but this was their decision and they feel the fans can accept him so I trust them.

Comment by Dana

I feel the same way, but I’m going to give this new guy a chance. Maybe it doesn’t feel right because he has such big shoes to fill. First Rev, then MP. It’s a lot to live up to.

Comment by Tabatha

welcome to the family arin!!! cant wait to see you on tour! ;)

Comment by Alicia

Anyone have any song suggestions to look up with Arin in it? “The View from my Eyes” is a hella sick song but its after Arin left…:(

Comment by Zzz

Check out the song called when heaven is silent its pretty fucking amazing

Comment by Sam

Welcome to the family Arin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ivenever heard of him but i ilke that theyre giving somebody a chance and if a7x choose he has to be pretty good!!!!!!!!

Comment by ma7xson

Welcome to the family Arin :) And btw, Ms. DBN.. how long is it till the show starts? i am in the UK and i want to see the setlist and stuff before i sleep tonight :P

Comment by Josh

Doors just opened at 5:30pm EST – not sure when the show starts but I figure Avenged will be going on around 9pm EST or so.

Comment by deathbatnews

Okie Dokie, thanks :)

Comment by Josh

I like his name lol

Comment by Arron Johnson

Welcome to the family!

Comment by Morgan

How do you say his name???? Le-jay? Or Yay-jay like in Spanish when two “l’s” make a “y” sound?

Comment by Tanner

I thought it was “ill-jay” o.O

Comment by Gabby7x

awesome question haha.
I thought it was spelled “I-L-E-Jay” but I could be wrong. so I was thinking like ‘I’ll Jay’

Comment by Seth

hell probably be treated like how johnny christ was when he first got in the band. lol the bitch.

Comment by austins


Comment by Mike Gee

Move over, Johnny. Aren’s taking your shortshit status. :D

Comment by Gabby7x


Comment by Loghen

Welcome to the family, Arin! I don’t feel completely comfortable with him yet. I feel like, I don’t know…just like it’s not a quite a great choice. Maybe it’s because he has such big shoes to fill. I’m mean first Rev, then MP, it’s a lot of pressure for him, but I wish him luck in gaining fan’s respect, and he’s very welcomed into the family! I can’t really judge him yet though! So, I’m going to observe him from videos for the first two shows, then on the 23rd, I’ll see live if he really can be the new drummer.

Comment by Tabatha

Is he permanent or temporary?

Comment by Anonymous

VERY random but we’ll see how it goes

Comment by Anonymous

:D :D I LOVE Confide actually. hes got an amazing voice! :D is he a permanent drummer??? or just for the tour?

Comment by Mike Gee

cant wait till later tonight when the setlist is announced and to see if any videos on youtube are posted of the new drummer playing…its gonna be sweet

Comment by stevok

[…] Avenged Sevenfold Announce New Drummer. Avenged Sevenfold have released the following statement announcing the new drummer, Arin Ilejay, who will be joining […] […]

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welcome to the family arin!

Comment by Anonymous

I don’t know anything about him, but if it means A7X is staying together and giving this a shot, I’m all for it. Im excited to see him giving it his best next Friday. I’ll be a fan no matter what their decision is. They know what they are doing. It was different with Mike, since we knew he was only helping until they decided what to do. This has more of an official moving on feel to it. Either way, I’m hoping he has every doubter eating their words tonight. I’ll be scouting DBN all night for news tonight. I don’t always understand DBN’s way of thinking but the end, she always does what’s best. She has a true loyalty to A7X, even when some people were really nasty about the comments thing. Thanks again DBN and I can’t wait until you start posting updates. 7 days til A7X for me!!!

Comment by Nikki V

Welcome to the family Arin!!!!!
I hope all goes well tonight!!!!

Comment by EmilyA7X

He’s got big shoes to fill, should be interesting.

Comment by D

I’m really up and down about this. It was easier accecpting mike cause he was jimmy’s favorite drummer. It’s still really hard to accept an a7x playing and touring without Jimmy.

Comment by Taryn

10 more minutes untill the world see Avenged Sevenfold and Arin … We’ve waited long for this.. Lets all remember Jimmy as much as possible right now.. And Arin …Welcome to the fuckin family!

Comment by Neal

Welcome to the family Arin!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Viv Deleo

Welcome to the Family Arin and good luck on the tour guys. Best of luck and you guys, all of you have my support

Comment by Ghostflame83

I am sure he will no doubt play good live with them he must know the material or they would not have hand picked him, so i am sure he can play all their current stuff live. However how are is creative skills? If he becomes permanent and helps write a record with them is his style gonna change the band’s sound drastically? Because while i agree he can play jimmy’s part’s i doubt he can write jimmy like material from scratch, and that style jimmy had/created fit the click/groove of avenged sevenfold. How much change will the band undergo on their next album i wonder.

Comment by Anthony

i’m excited that they have found a drummer, even though i have no idea who he is and never heard of him, but welcome to the family!
i thought that Tommy Lee would of made a great fit for it though :)

Comment by brooke

So has Arin played a show at the level of A7X before? I watched some vids of him at like very small venues, this must be a dream come true for him to be playing to 10,000+ people! Welcome to the family!

Comment by jovan

Welcome to the Family Arin! Cant wait to see you guys in Knoxville!

Comment by Caroline

that would be awesome i didn’t think of him ur so right :/

Comment by Anonymous

Dunno who he is, but I googled him just to see what he looks like haha. Didn’t find much about him. Hopefully he can put up a good show when I go see them in a few weeks.
Then I’ll decide if he’s worthy or not :P

Comment by Anonymous

Welcome to the family, Arin!

Comment by Nia

Welcome to the Family :DDD

Comment by Leticia

Arin nailed it tonight, honestly, the best, cleanest show I’ve seen by them (which is surprising since it was a tour opener, with 2 songs played live for the first time ever, and a new drummer)… Live, you guys will love this guy, he looks out of place, I couldn’t see any tattoos, he looks 12, and he is so small behind the kit… but an amazing player… remains to be seen what he brings to the song writing process, but I am very optimistic. AWESOME SHOW, you guys have to get out and see Nightmare After Christmas… just get there early if you got floor tickets and plan on seeing New Medicine and Hollywood Undead.

Comment by Brian

I love that they got a drummer from a hardcore band! lol

Comment by Arron Johnson

I have to give Arin props, he kicked ass behind those drums. What can I say? “Welcome To The Family”

Comment by Randi Shadows

I am glad the guys have found someone to tour with. I’ve heard of Confide, vaguely. But then I listen to a lot of Christian rock music. Not so much the screamo metalcore stuff, though.

I’m sure the guys wouldn’t have picked him unless they thought he could play well. Welcome to the family, Arin. Have a blast.

Comment by Marlz

So, DBN, I have a question. In one of the newer interviews I’ve read with the guys about Arin, it says hes the tour drummer… Is he going to be like Mike and stay for a year, or is he just not a permanent member?

And yes, I’m excited for Arin. Never heard of him before, but after listening to some of his other bands stuff, he’s quite good. Welcome to the family, Arin.

Comment by ashley

From Avenged Sevenfold’s Dec 17th statement:
“We are lucky to be surrounded by so many friends, many of whom knew Jimmy very well personally, as well as our band and Jimmy’s drumming talent and style. These friends have introduced us to several amazing drummers. We have decided to take one of them out starting in January. He will not be a member of a7x. He will be someone you and we are getting to know. Perhaps this drummer will be a fit. Perhaps not. One thing is for sure. Over time we will find someone who helps us continue our quest to make the music we love for the fans we love.”

Comment by deathbatnews

Ah, thank ya ma’am. You’re always so reliable. :)

Comment by ashley


Comment by deathbatnews

if his hand in the song writing is anywhere near as good as his live performance, I could see him sticking around with the band… the one thing, that was really evident, is he is SHY, could just be he was going from playing small shows to probably around 8-10 thousand in the blink of an eye, and just needs time to come out of his shell, I hope he pans out, he was pretty awesome last night.

Comment by Brian

i hope he is good and id like to know when A7X is commin to South Carolina we have some die hard fans down here who would like to see them but cant travel to knoxville or anything like that

Comment by deathbringer

He is not no “REV” The
rev was one of the greatest drummers. Arin might be good, but probably not as good. RIP Rev

Comment by Tyler

welcome to the family Arin show your best, Jimmy will be really proud of you, long live Avenged sevenfold…

Comment by L S sanate

Arin… Welcome… I still think Avenged Sevenfold won’t be the same. But you can try kid.

Comment by AlyssaAriel

Yeah idk who he is either but still welcome to the family and be yourself band won’t be the same without the rev but still do your best and again welcome to the mother fuckin family

Comment by Cody

avengedsevenfold is the MOST kick ass band ever thankyou A7x for every thing.

Comment by liana spearman

I’ve been a hardcore fan since sounding the seventh trumpet, got a7x tatted on my right arm and all I can say is if he’s good for the band he’s good enough for me but I will forever miss jimmy. Welcome to a new nightmare arin

Comment by Steven cordell

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