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Arin’s Full Avenged Sevenfold Drum Kit Set-Up And Him Behind It.
January 21, 2011, 7:16 pm
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A big thank you goes out to Jeff N of jeffneumannphotography for sending these in to me to share with all of you guys. Here’s a photo of Arin’s full drum kit set-up as well as one of him behind it. A crew member has shared his equipment info for those asking: “The drums are Pork Pie the hardware is all DW. Kick pedal is a DW 9000 double.”


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Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

I love the second photo… from what I saw of the videos, he did a great job!

Comment by deathbatgirl23

He looks so small behind it!

Comment by Rachel

haha i see that a7x uses dr. beat mets =D

Comment by Ryan

ahh Dr Beat…brings back so many…nightmares…(band camp)

Comment by BC

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He looks so out of place haha

Comment by Nick

How does he look out of place, i reckon the complete opposite

Comment by Nathan Hutchison

awesome :) i love the second one!

Comment by Alicia

still cant tell what brand it is!

Comment by a7tex25

PDP or DW. maybe truth drums and TRX cymbals with the the Sabian chopper cymbal on the right side of the kit. Remo heads and DW pedals/hardware

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

wow, I love the second photo…looks amazing!

Comment by francyA7X

he looks so young! DBN do you know how old he is?

Comment by francyA7X

I do not.

Comment by deathbatnews

looked cant find it

Comment by Ryan

These are awesome pics (:

Comment by EmilyA7X

Welcome to the Family Arin!
I can’t wait to see the boys again.

Comment by candrad

i just wanna see him in an interiew!! i wanna hear him talk!

Comment by Anonymous

Ha! \o/ me too :P

Comment by H

So watch this :
That’s not a huge interview, but you can hear him talk ;-)

Comment by Seb

that’s cool he seems like a nice guy the only thing is that he seems pretty religious and none of the other guys in A7X are very religious at all…i wonder how he felt playing “God Hates Us” lol

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

Aw thanks :)

Comment by H

[…] N jeffneumannphotography control deathbatnews these pictures of the Drum Kit […]


I just was watching video of last night, looking at pics and then watched a video of Uproar… the stage set is actually different… not much, but at uproar, the columns in the fence and the part where the drum kit is sitting on looked like old bricks… last night, it didn’t, and there are little gargoyle heads on the columns… why does this belong in this thread, I don’t know? I guess because the drummer and kit aren’t the only thing that is different. LOL.

Comment by Brian

This is badass, kit looks awesome, welcome Arin

Comment by Nathan

He’s kinda cute.

Comment by Bianca

Hmm…The logo badges appear to be covered with tape.

I don’t think its Truth…They would have an anurism making anything over a 5 peice. But tom mounts are just generic rims…

I AM CONFUZE. But I predict we will see him with DW drums very very soon.

Comment by UK_JC

That’s interesting how he’s using a double pedal and the second bass drum is just for show.

Comment by Anonymous

Does he play open handed?

Comment by Mike

Looks like Pearl Hardware on the Toms and Snare. Same kick pedal setup as the Rev double pedal with an extra beater.

Comment by Golf4lefties

It’s really to see that he’s doing a great job!
Welcome to the Family Arin! :]

Comment by Rachel

Welcome to the Family Arin. The guy’s and family members say great things about you…

Comment by Dave Duarte

Matt said right before So Far Away played that Arin was a lot younger than them and that Arin idolized Jimmy growing up. So this was the right choice of drummer to carry on Jimmys legacy.

Comment by Tom

I wonder how it feels stepping into the shoes of (arguably) two of the greatest drummers of all time…

Comment by Hayden W

The badges on those drums confuses the hell outta me…I think it’s Truth, to be honest :S go to the Truth site and look at their snares, the same lug all the way down as Arin’s, plus look at their tom mounts. Same style of lugs/ generic rim mounting as on Arin’s kit…plus, those toms aren’t the PDP F.A.S.T. sizes, so unless he managed to order a custom DW kit WITHOUT their circle lugs (heh, yeah right), that is not a DW/ PDP.

Comment by Zak

btw, did anyone notice he uses DW twin pedals?

Comment by Sedat

The drums are Pork Pie the hardware is all DW.
Kick pedal is a DW 9000 double

Comment by Rhino

oh sweet ass….didn’t jimmy use a dw 9000 double?

Comment by ZombieGirl

yea he did :D

Comment by Marin Sevenfold

he did use it on record session of self titled album. you can see it on “el dorado studio tour” video. (: but on live shows, he used double bass pedal instead of twin pedal.

Comment by Sedat

Bah. Yamaha all the way.
Never liked truth or porkpie. Zildjian is better too. But to each his own.

Comment by Anonymous

PorkPie! not bad at all pretty good in fact.

Comment by a7xfreakdrummer

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