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Johnny Christ Gets Staples To The Head.
January 26, 2011, 12:57 pm
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M Shadows shared a story with the crowd last night to explain why the hell he was up until 7 o’clock yesterday morning. Johnny Christ and Synyster Gates had been a bit inebriated the night before and decided to get into a wrestling match. Unfortunately, Johnny hit his head and was taken to the E.R. where he received 7 or 8 staples to his dome. That didn’t stop him from getting on stage and rocking the hell out of the crowd though he did receive punishment in the form of Shadows making him sing Zacky’s part in “Nightmare.” The video below shows Johnny singing:

Thanks to Leslie for sending this in and Tabatha for posting the video.

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Ouch, well at least hes okay!

Comment by Lands.

Aww, poor Johnny!
The little guy can take Syn down anyday ;)

Comment by Brittany


Comment by foREverTJ

Silly boys. Hope he’s ok!

Comment by Anonymous

Aww poor johnny ;) kinda funny though <3

Comment by H

Shadz punished Christ when he was the one that got hurt? D: NO FAAAAIR.
Johnny ftw ♥♥
I love these guys :’)

Comment by Alexandra

That was pretty funny the way he explained it. Even though I felt pretty bad for Johnny. He did an amazing job of rocking my socks of. Haha.

Comment by Tiffany

Oh this made me laugh :P

Comment by Josh

link for the live vid, I wanna hear him sing that!

Comment by Mike

Me too! :D

Comment by V4nn4ly

Oh god i want to see the video of johnny singing

Comment by Jake Fee

That makes two of us. Time to YouTube hunt. I’ll share my findings with everybody here.

Comment by Mike

Wow… beat me to it. :P Sorry.

Comment by Mike

Ahahahaha, poor little Johnny

Comment by Lucas

Hahaha, that’s too funny. Crazy Johnny and Syn.

Comment by Tabatha

Oh lord….”boys will be boys” I guess.

Comment by Alyssa

Aw hope he feels better :*

Comment by kenny

this makes me really weird, we can’t have the boys all drunk and wrestling/injuring eachother or they won’t be able to play.. :/
NOT, hahahaha, apparently Syn can beat that ass even when he is drunk :P

Comment by Seth

so thats what the big burger is for

Comment by deen

BOYS!!!!!! They r always ruff housing n shit! Its all fun & games until Johnny “our little headbanging albino smurf” gets staples in his dome! . . . Least he could still play the shit out of the gynecologist x]

Comment by Vixyn

OUCH!! I can imagine that hurt like shit! I can picture Syn makin sure he’s ok, then laughin. LMAO!!! A7X foREVer!!

Comment by Andy Stillinger

I agree lol

Comment by Kate

there goes one, he has 8 left!

Comment by deen

Poor Johnny x)
If anyone has the video of him singing!!!! I’m gonna check out right away on youtube though :’D

Comment by Anaïs

Did anyone get a video of Shadz talking about this?

Comment by Deedee

I would like to know too, I want to hear about it and laugh some more because it made me giggle.
Although one day, Johnny is going to kick some ass I know he will!! Us shorties have to stick together!

Comment by Ruth



Comment by Sierra

Glad he’s okay. Those crazy boys.

Comment by dee

On second read. 7 staples. Now we have another reason for the 7 in A7X.

Comment by dee

So now it will be
Avenged Sevenstaplesintheheadfold? :p

Comment by Lennaert

And that’s why you don’t fuck with syn he’s a blackbelt

Comment by Chris

awe little johnny. i can just see syn’s big self standing over johnny asking if he’s okay while laughing

Comment by Zacorra

Somehow, this does not surprise me. Both that he was wrestling with Syn and that he still got on stage and rocked it :D

Comment by Kirsty

john’s voice is so deep

Comment by Zacorra

I was about to post that video :’)
that’s not that bad :’D

Comment by Anaïs

I so would have paid to see that!!! lmao, this made my day. Btw isn’t Syn a karate expert or something?? poor johnny lol.

Comment by Sarah

jujitsu, i think… that obviously worked well for him xD

Comment by Anonymous

Thanks! I couldn’t remember ;) Damn,Johnny’s got some balls then lol.

Comment by Sarah

jimmy and the boys made johnny so tuff he can take a lot n still rock out

Comment by kayla

hahahahaa typical

Comment by toria7x

Johnny is actually pretty good!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Mandy

a’ight now I understand why Johnny’s the only one who never gets to sing. though i love when he sings the intro to seize the day on live in the lbc! :)

Comment by Dae

I think he does it better than Syn and Zacky.

Comment by Loghen

Really? I think Zacky does it better, although I still laugh every time I hear him do that part. Johnny voice seems to deep and slow for that part of the song. He does the chant back-up vocals well though.

Comment by Tabatha

actually Johnny did a really good job towards the end I liked it a lot…and I think you’re just use to Zacky yelling the lyrics as loud as he can lol

Comment by Ka7x

Zacky Is A Terrible Singer. Lol. Just My Opinion

Comment by foREverTJ

your opinion has been noted and discarded


Comment by Ron

I would have to agree with you. Though I dont think Johnny is any better.

Comment by biancalong

I think that he should sing it from now on…he did a great job!! Go Johnny!

Comment by strunk22

is it just me, or does Johnny kinda’ scream?

Anyways, he sang awsome <3

Comment by Ola

Yeah, cause he got 7 staples in his head.

Comment by Anonymous

Hahaha he just kind of screamed it

Comment by Jake Fee

I thought Shadows said 18 staples last night? was I hearing things? and johnny rocked out like that didnt even happen! best concert i have ever seen! A7X FOR LIFE!

Comment by Leslie

LMAO! Poor Johnny, those staples must suck!
Not that we can even tell though since he rocked the hell out of everyone as usual…

Comment by April

Wouldnt mind wrestling with Syn myself, and I can guarantee no one would get injured ;0)

Comment by Sammy

honestly… since the first time i heard that song i thought that part should be screamed and when i heard johnny unable to sing it and he started screaming it.. it sounded cool lol

Comment by cd

i have 9 in my elbow.

Comment by austins

Awww poor Johnny. He should know better than to mess with Syn and his ninja skills

Comment by beth

7 staples? OUCH D:

Comment by Gabby7x

I hope it doesn’t mess up his awesome mohawk! haha

Comment by Jill

Is there no video of him explaining this to the crowd??

Comment by Ruth

Poor Johnny Boy! You should never take on Syn! LOL anyway, I thought him screaming the part actually worked really well!

Comment by Morgan

Syn should be punished i say he does a show in his underwear punishment for him treat for all us girls lol

Comment by AsevenXdotcom

Haha agreed!

Comment by francyA7X

I definately agree with this! Lmao

Comment by Alyssa


Comment by Gabby7x

He should do a whole show in his boxers, would go down very well over here haha

Comment by Ruth

Wow. Johnny did pretty good, I think.

Comment by Anonymous

Hahaha poor Johnny. Those boys are so silly.

Comment by Drea

haha poor lil Johnny, he should know better than to mess with Syn’s ninja skills. :x
Johnny is a beast for still goin’ out there and kicking ass <3

Comment by francyA7X

Awww poor Johnny….=(

Comment by ashleigh

How hard do you have to hit your head to get staples? *_*

Johnny singing that part was pretty sweet, he’s got a nice voice. I wish they’d show it off more.

Comment by Harley Quinn

Doesn’t necessarily have to be hard, could have gashed it on the edge of something. I mean, I’ve seen a kid run into a door frame and split the middle of his forehead open.

Comment by deathbatnews

Depends what caused it, really. I’ve had two in my dome and they were the end result of being struck with a wooden “gun.” Not fun at all. Couldn’t get them wet or anything. Poor Johnny.

Comment by Ash

Holy F’n Shit.Johnny should do all live backup vocals from now on.

Comment by N.Viknes

yea Johnny can freaking sing…great screaming! they need to let him sing like the other boys! just as good!

Comment by Leslie

[…] Johnny Christ Gets Staples To The Head. M Shadows shared a story with the crowd last night to explain why the hell he was up until 7 o’clock yesterday morning. […] […]

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damn Johnny…… yeah they should have him sing more.Guess Syn won that one lol. heal well Johnny

Comment by DebGrebas

Such a tough kid that Johnny.

Comment by D

Haha that’s funny!!
I’m just glad he’s okay and it wasn’t anything too serious :)

Comment by EmilyA7X

It wasn’t great, but I think he could do some screaming parts in the future if he’s up for it.
Such a funny story, I wish someone filmed it!

Comment by E

hes actually been screaming in god hates us during the breakdown when shadows is singing…and i recall him singing another part too the other night but i forget the song.

Comment by otis

Wow, that’s cool! I didn’t notice that at the show I went to, probably because I was pushed around a lot… Hah.

Btw, Jimmy would’ve laughed so freaking hard at Johnny singing. I can picture it.

Comment by E

Those are hard vocals to do consistently. I’m surprised Zacky can do them while playing (one of the hardest rhythm parts of the song). The note is an A5. Not super-high, but high enough where it would be hard to just belt it out like that. I like Johnny’s screams in Unholy Confessions and God Hates Us live. With some more practice, he’d sound good doing these Nightmare parts… but I’m sure Zacky will continue to do them hahaha

Comment by Tommy

sux that he got hurt, and i hope he feels better soon, luv you johnny:)

Comment by michele gomez

Now I can see why Johnny almost never does any backup vocals… lol jk :P

Not the best, but still interesting to watch :D

Comment by Gabby7x

I think he’s better than Zacky at those bits too

Comment by Kate

The masochist said to the sadist: “Beat me, Whip me”
The sadist said: “NO”

This event proves Jimmy is still with them.

boys will be boys

Comment by Ron

When I read the article, I can picture it happening.

Poor Johnny.

Comment by Fatima

DAMN Johnny can sing! he should sing more often

Comment by Phil A7X

Poor Johnny!!!

Comment by Rachel

Haha woah man at least Johnny’s ok now:P
and his vocals weren’t half bad either ;)

Comment by Angst

I read the article. I didn’t want to laugh, but I did, just cause I guess that sounds like them. Johnny’s vocals weren’t bad though.

Comment by Lisa

I actually like it better when johnny does it then when zacky does it

Comment by Wade

This was much better than Zacky doing this part.

Comment by Alex

Ha. Poor Johnny.

Comment by foREverTJ

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