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Avenged Sevenfold’s Third Single Will Be..
March 18, 2011, 4:38 pm
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All Access Music Group have listed “So Far Away” as the third single from Avenged Sevenfold’s “Nightmare. The song is set to impact radio on April 5th.

Thanks to Flonig for sending this in.

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Favorite Nightmare song. :).

Comment by Conner z

Knew it!!! I’m 3/3 at guessing the singles so far haha

Comment by Tommy

Not surprised with the pattern they’ve made.

Comment by Julie

Yaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!! 8B

Comment by Bre

Aww :)

Comment by LindseyA7X


Comment by Jocelyn

yay that is awesome

Comment by Ivana


Comment by john

Yes! <3 Too bad radio's don't play Avenged here..

Comment by Britt

right i live in houston and they dont play Avenged either lol sad face though :(

Comment by Rey

i live in houston too! ive only heard almost easy and nightmare late at night but only oncee :(

Comment by koko

They dont really play a7x here in kentucky either hell they really dont play any good rock here we only have one rock station:(

Comment by Kimberly gedeon

Yeah in NYC they barely even play metal on the radio

Comment by Genesis

Hey Genesis – I totally agree!! I miss metal in NYC!! :( It’s already rare that they come see us here too!! The only rock we get is 101.9 RXP :(

Comment by Michelle H.

I live in Houston as well, our radio stations suck imo :/

Comment by David

When Nightmare the single came out, 99.5 KISS played the hell out of it here in San Antonio, but I haven’t heard any a7x on the radio other than Almost Easy a couple times and Nightmare. There should be an a7x only radio station =3

Comment by ry1749

That’s freaking awesome. Is there going to be a video, or are they skipping a vid like they did with ‘Welcome’?

Comment by Danii

No clue! Guess we will have to wait and see.

Comment by deathbatnews

I sort of hope they will make a video for it, but I highly doubt it (unfortunately). But one can hope :)

Comment by Sarah Rae

considering So Far Away is such a significant tribute to Jimmy, I think they might do a video for it that’s a tribute! Like a montage or something I dunno

Comment by Anthony Ironmonger

I really wanted a video for Welcome To The Family :/
But I hope this one will get a video!!

Comment by erin

Didn’t Warner Bros. Make a video for it??? I think they will prob leave it at that, but I guess we will find out shortly.

Comment by Weber

They did have a big tour break, almost a month to work on a video. So you never know

Comment by iZacky

exactly what ive been thinking

Comment by me

Their already playing it on X103.9 in CA

Comment by Nicky7x

lol thats where I Heard it

Comment by mayra


Comment by Collin

i already heard it on the radio about 2 nights ago here in victorville ,ca

Comment by mayra

When will they make a video for “Welcome to the family”

Comment by Jessica

I think it’s safe to say there won’t be one.

Comment by deathbatnews

I think “Welcome to the Family’ was more of a radio baed single….but I do hope they choose to make a video for So Far Away, I do think the concept would be an interesting one.

Comment by Alyssa

NICE!!!! OHH YEAH! BEST song EVER made by a7x!! LOVE THIS !

Comment by mathieu Pellerin

Was there a video made for Welcome To The Family?
And was it even released in the UK as a second single? Jeez, we suck when it comes to metal…. I was so looking forward to seeing it on Scuzz….still waiting…..

Comment by DrumGirl

No there wasn’t.

Comment by deathbatnews

Yeah, I knew that this was next. I’d like to see another video…since they’re on a touring break right now they should conjure up a bad ass video!

Comment by ZombieGirl

yeah but we need more videos!!
great choice btw

Comment by Roger

Not to get off topic, but why is that?Previously, if I’m not mistaken, the only radio-only single was Critical Acclaim. But now we’ve got 2 more songs to add to that list.

Comment by Danii

I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but they have released many singles that have played on the radio. Bat Country was the one that brought them to widespread recognition, but they’ve released burn it down, seize the day, critical acclaim, almost easy, scream, afterlife, among others that I have heard on the radio.

Comment by otis

Probably ‘Welcome To The Family’ was a ”buzz single”?
Anyway. Good choice. I hope there will be a video for this one.

Comment by Loghen

At least you guys get to hear them on the radio!!!
In Britain, the heaviest music you’ll get is MCR!!!! The radio stations here don’t acknowledge Metal a whole lot….. :-(

Comment by DrumGirl

True… Even things like Kerrang! don’t play much metal during the prime time shows (from what I remember, anyway… I stopped listening years ago, for that reason…). You only really get metal in the specialist shows at like 1am.

Comment by SS

Where I live they don’t even play any rock music. You have to look around A LOT to even find a classic rock station. The rock one we had, which was bad anyway, got switched to a lite station.

Comment by Rocky

Wonder if they got anymore b-sides to attach to the single release.

Comment by Anonymous

So Far Away is a cool song…but already being played in So Cal-I heard it on radio today. I am hoping Buried Alive or Natural Born Killer are released as singles. And why no Welcome to the Family video?

Comment by Ax7fan

What I meant before was song that have been just played on the radio versus songs that are both played on the radio /and/ have music videos. I forgot Scream was a single since they didn’t play it on the radio up here. Oops. But the point I was attempting to make was that they usually release some sort of video–even Burn It Down has a video, albeit a lame one. So I wonder why these songs seem to be going video-less.

Comment by Danii

It will be cool if there is a vid

Comment by Will0240 A7X forREVer

My Favorite song from Nighmare !!!! i hope they play it a lot on the radio …. they never play a7x I hate that … And today was the first time I listen Welcome To The Family on radio I was soo happy :D

Comment by diana

It’s sort of predictable to have So Far Away as the single as it’s written on the sticker on the CD cover. But I do hope that the boys are gonna make a music video for the song, I love watching music videos of theirs!!

Comment by Carol

I actually am kind of surprised by this. I’m glad it is, and I’m glad the record label let them do it. Great way to remember Jimmy!

Comment by Nolan Vasan

It should be Buried Alive.

So Far Away is kinda sucky to be a single, but so is Seize The Day, sucky songs make quick success

Comment by OddY

even though i agree about buried alive (its my favorite song on the album), just because a song is slow doesnt make it “sucky.” listen to cannibal corpse or gorgoroth if you don’t want ballads.

Comment by Mark

So Far Away had a deeper meaning when they were writing it and relates more to Jimmy.
Buried Alive could never.

Comment by Loghen

There was no deeper meaning. It was about Jimmy.

Comment by Tanner

Actually, the song does have a deeper meaning. Syn originally started writing it in memory of his grandfather before Jimmy’s passing.

Comment by deathbatnews

The song is not just for Jimmy; it could be for any deceased or lost loved one as well.

Comment by Alyssa

im not surprised, prob one of the more radio friendly songs on the album. They should surprise us and put God Hates Us as one of the singles! ^_^

Comment by Jon

Too bad radio is censored :/

Comment by Mike

I like the song, but it’s a bad choice. Of all the reviews I read, and from hearing people talk about the album, many don’t like the song and many think it’s too slow or too country. (??)

Anyways, I don’t think this song is going to attract any new fans.

Comment by Rdog

Can I have a demo as a B-Side? And a video? Pwease?

My prediction for single 4 is Buried Alive; I feel like that will be a pretty major one with a video and such.

Comment by Mike

Yeah, I could easily see a video happening for Buried Alive.

Comment by Alyssa

im going to call the pop station since theres no longer a rock one in MIA. :(

Comment by Alissa C.

omfg this is sick!!!!!!!!! i love so far away its gonna be sweet to hear it when its on the radio plus bulletproof heart by my chemical romance is gonna be released as a single……2 of my favorite bands and my favorite song off both of their new cds it cant get much better than that

Comment by mark

Oh Bulletproof Heart will be released as single? Nice! I hope they are gonna release Vampire Money or Destroya as single later.. I love these 2 songs

Comment by Carol

People need to hear this song <3

Comment by Bobbi


Comment by gjmatamoros

Been hearing this song since Tuesday on KFRR New Rock 104.1 Fresno, CA. Its on the cage match & everyone in the valley is loving it!! Its 4-0 so far (:

Comment by Mari

:D awesome

Comment by EmilyA7X

Duuuuuh. Who didn’t see that coming?

Comment by Dante Phoenix

Awesome! It’ll probably be six months before I hear it here though. I only just heard Welcome to the Family on the radio last month. :(

Comment by Harley Quinn

probably i’m wrong but isn’t that the fourth single? Nightmare, Buried Alive, Welcome To The Family and So Far Away?

Comment by Emi

buried alive was never a single

Comment by jen

Buried Alive was just released prior to the album on the band’s YouTube channel.

Comment by Mike

I think they should have done a less predictable move like make Tonight the World Dies their next single!

Comment by Anthony Ironmonger

That would be awesome!That is my fav song!

Comment by Kelly

I knew they’d choose that song! :D
Even though Buried Alive would make me happier!

Comment by Rachel

That’s why im glad we have 105.7 The Point in St. Louis, they love Avenged and jump at any new singles they have, Nightmare and Welcome to the Family have been on full rotation, I can only assume it will be the same way for So Far Away

Comment by Alec R.

Me too. I love The Point!

Comment by JaCaria

I love all the songs from avenged , and i love so far away. But I think they should have went with buried alive. Its a more radio friendly song. But oh well. So Far Away is great as it is

Comment by Josh

Burie Alive is hardly more radio-friendly than “So Far Away. It clocks in at 6:44 which means much more (and probably the best parts) of the song would have to be cut out. SFA would be a lot easier to edit down without losing anything from the song.

Comment by jon

great….here’s me hoping for an MV and i sincerely hope Buried Alive makes the singles list as well

Comment by me

Welcome to the Family is currently the most played song at 106.7 in Denver, hopefully So Far Away will follow suit!

Comment by Greg

i PRAY they make a video for this!!

Comment by Rob Navarro

So Far Away 3rd single?! Niiice!! It’s a really great song.. I wonder how they’d make the video!! My curiosity is peaked.. Lol

Comment by Michelle H.

Fucking awesome!:)
But I won’t blame them if they don’t want to make a video for this song either. I guess we’ll have to wait & see.

Comment by Neon Jedi

[…] Avenged Sevenfold’s Third Single Will Be.. All Access Music Group have listed “So Far Away” as the third single from Avenged Sevenfold’s “Nightmare. The song is […] […]

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Avenged Sevenfold on the radio? lol
You don’t hear any rock music on the radio where I live; only Pop and R&B :(

Comment by Jiyuu

great choice by a great band

Comment by stevok

I love that song sooo much!

Comment by Emma Issaic

It sucks living in ireland! NOBODY has good music taste! there isnt one radio station that plays avenged or anyone else good for that matter! Its not fair:(!

What happened to Welcome To The Family becoming a single? or is it just not out here yet??

Comment by amy

i knew the singles would go like this. this is the order barnes & noble released the songs leading up to the album

Comment by Anonymous

don’t know about anyone else, but I’d really love to see a video for Dangerline. wasn’t my first choice from the album at first listen, but I quickly fell in love with it. absolutely amazing song and I can picture what a vid for it would be like (in my mind anyway).
So Far Away isn’t a bad choice for a single, but I personally would much rather have something like “Tonight The World Dies” (fucking love that one!!!) and here in Fl, God Hates Us is played on Saturday night’s ‘Against The Grain’ show after midnight. they also play a lot of stuff from Waking The Fallen. I can’t even tell you how awesome it is to hear ‘Eternal Rest’ as you’re laying down at 2 am to go to bed, LOL! =D

Comment by LittleMissRESENTMENT

What a great way to celebrate my 20th birthday :D

Comment by Carmen

u gotta make rock 101 in sault ste marie play more a7x… the only song they’ve ever played was nightmare, i want more A7X!!!!

Comment by Brett

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