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First World Problems Podcast – M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold.
April 7, 2011, 5:52 am
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The men at First World Problems recently sat down for a great, in-depth and refreshing interview with M Shadows and it’s just been made available for your listening pleasure. The podcast/interview runs a little over 2 hours and a few topics they talk about can be found below. You can listen to and download the interview here. Once you’re finished make sure to head here to leave a review.

The Grammy’s, coffee, Call of Duty, commercial placement, sponsored tours, being a “movie snob” and movie favorites, Avenged Sevenfold fans, having a heart-to-heart with James Hetfield, manufactured rock bands and the music industry, common misconceptions of the band, being a sports fan, making transitions, stage production, surreal moments, “Fort Knox” and much more.

A big thank you goes out to Mr Harkins, who conducted the interview, for sending this to me so it could be shared with you all.


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Comment by Denito6

this is best interview i have heard him do in a while. lots of fun topics discussed and it really was a couple of old friends sitting down to chat rather than something super professional and recycled. job well done to first world problems.

Comment by hayley

really enjoyed this!
Very laid back, i agree with Hayley, it felt like you were sitting down listening old friends talk.

Comment by Ali

Well, I know what I’m doing this afternoon instead of an essay :) Thanks for sharing DBN ^_^

Comment by Harley Quinn

In the interview, Matt says that the band has a couple platinum albums…did the self-titled just become platinum?

Comment by Anonymous

i thought city of evil went platinum and Nightmare went gold!!??

Comment by amy

City of Evil went Platinum and Live In The LBC & Diamonds In The Rough went Video Platinum.

Comment by deathbatnews

REally?! i never knew that! (about LBC & diamonds in the rough)

Comment by ZombieGirl

Mmhmm. You can check out the post here.

Comment by deathbatnews

Omg, I can’t wait to listen to this, hopefully later tonight. :D

Comment by Rachel

UGH I soo wish I wasn’t in school right now so I could listen to this :(

Comment by Anonymous

Is there anyother way to listen to it without downloading itunes ?

Comment by Joe7x

Just added the link to download it :)

Comment by deathbatnews

“Fort Knox” = classic a7x moment HAHAHA!

Comment by Sierra

I’ll definitely be listening to this later after I finish writing this song.

Comment by v.havoc

The funniest interview..haha..fuck the grammys

Comment by Paul Donovan from CT

Good interview with a lot of different topics. The way Shadows talks about playing call of duty, just makes me wish I knew his gamertag and could play with him every day.

Comment by Nick

same here lol

Comment by Zzz

the dumb and dumber part made me laugh so hard!!!! lol

Comment by karina

I love Matt saying ‘it’s not my cup of tea’ I just…I dunno it sounds so English like aha, as an English person it just made me smile

Comment by Sarah

Haha, that’s actually a really common phrase in America. xD Not to burst your bubble or anything.

Comment by Rachel

Aha probably, I’ve just never heard an American say it before!

Comment by Sarah

He was really quiet. Must have been tired lol.

Comment by ZombieGirl

I’m kinda glad somebody finally dished on Indie music…

Comment by Anonymous

at a little before 121 minutes shadows said “I was just at Activision the other day” could be about the new song

Comment by Zzz

Gonna listen to this and ramble on and on about it XD

Love what he said about Arcade Fire. The talk about Matt going covert in COD made me geek so hard. I applaud them for not giving into stupid fucking commercial bullshit, always loved them for that. I am EXACTLY like him where indie’s not my thing and music without melody just turns me off.

It’s sooo nice to hear an interview that’s not cheesy or forced or whatever – and that’s really about the music! Love it.

Comment by Bobbi

Wow, that really sucks about K-ROQ. I never knew that. I live in Ohio and one of the local stations plays the heck out of Nightmare and Welcome To The Family. K-ROQ’s loss, but that’s still really shoddy for the guys :(

Comment by Sarah Rae

Its true though. I live in LA and its pretty infuriating to have other shitty bands have their music played at kroq. The nightmare single did have some air play for like month or so but then they stopped airing it. I dont know what the deal is with KROQ but it really is their loss. Its pretty sad too how they wont play their music but they do want them playing at their shows. I hope 98.7 starts playing their music!

Comment by lis

Yes, I live in Cincinnati and we have three stations – WXEG Dayton, 96 Rock Cincinnati, and WEBN Cincinnati. I just keep flipping waited for So Far Away – haven’t heard it yet. Great interview – loved it.

Comment by Tracey7777

Interviewer: “Oh, we’re gonna do some MTV Cribs after this!”
Matt: “Sweet! I’ve always wanted to be on MTV Cribs!”
Interviewer: “Really?”
Matt: “Hell no!”

Comment by Gabby7x

What he say about arcade fire?

Comment by Florentine

listen to the interview

Comment by jon

he said they suck lol well not really, but kinda

Comment by Zzz

Amazing interview! Shadz really get into his video games! Haha! Anyways… I really liked how they went off on tangents and made full circles to end up where they left off before they went on a tangent… The conversations seemed to flow easily which made the interview easier to listen to meaning I wasn’t mentally saying to the interviewer ‘Shut up! Why would you even ask that?’…

Comment by Morgan

Hey everyone! This is Ray, one of the hosts of FWP the podcast. We really appreciate the kind words about the interview and show in general. If you dig it, give us feedback on iTunes and check out some of the other episodes, similar discussions with people involved in independent music. Who knows, you may find your new favorite band.

Thanks a lot!

Comment by Ray Harkins

A new favorite band? .. as in.. above fold? .. are you aware of the website you are commenting on my good sir? yeah sure maybe a new band that we would enjoy.. but.. more than fold? bold words ray.. bold words.

Comment by foREVerTJ

Woot woot! You’ve got some great stuff! Keep it up :)

Comment by Bobbi

Great podcast and great choice in guest too ;)

Comment by Angst

lmao at “Fort Knox” XD Bet he’s psyched about COD Modern Warfare 3 coming out…probably be a break in their tour schedule about the time it comes out lol

Comment by Sarah

my feelings exactly on arcade fire. im glad that someone won not just based on sales, but at the same time, with the way the media has brutally shoved indie down our throats, it pisses me off the nightmare outsells the suburbs, and generally has more impact on the music world, and yet the suburbs wins album of the year and nightmare doesnt get a single nomination. im not into indie and with a few exceptions (against me is a good band) i really dont consider it a form of rock (isnt rock supposed to be loud and energetic?), and im waiting for people to start calling out the fact that the media is trying to push it on us.

Comment by Mark

Well, screw KROQ then. WJRR here in Orlando is awesome and will play Mumford & Sons and then turn around and play any A7X song (more than a couple times a day too, multiple songs).

So yay JRR. :D

Comment by Jenn

I loved this interview. It had a laid back vibe, and it felt more like friends catching up and chatting about various topics.

It sucks about KROQ not playing them. I guess they don’t care that they’re missing out on getting more listeners.

Comment by JaCaria

awesome how passionate shads is about his music…..and COD!!! XD

Comment by me

How big is the file? With my net acting up I don’t want a huge file to download -lol- Also is it in MP3 cuz I don’t have iTunes.

Comment by ~Bluewolf~

Oops nvm I just seen you can listen to it as well XD I didn’t check it before I asked -lol- Sorry.

Comment by ~Bluewolf~

This interview was awesome it was so funny and I loved everything that Matt had to say on all the topics especially funny was about the setup he has for Call of Duty and how much he plays it made me laugh pretty hard as well as everything this whole thing just made me smile which I really needed

Comment by Shadowdragon

I wish the audio worked on my computer. *sigh

Comment by Anonymous

Awesome interview,I wish there was a video!!

Comment by Ellie

BAHAHA love the story about Axl Rose. TOO awesome.

Comment by orangehappy

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