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Avenged Sevenfold Get Cryptic.
April 29, 2011, 2:59 pm
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Avenged Sevenfold have just posted the following message. Can you guys crack it?


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NOOOOOOOOO again no T_T they love to make us suffer xD

Comment by Charley Letham

indeed they do :)

Comment by LindseyA7X

What does it mean? haha! :D

Comment by Jejan


Comment by DYlan


Comment by Bobbi

it is clearly a state of something

Comment by ileana

Ahhh i suck at this stuff

Comment by Ivana

Them teasing us always leads to something amazing! :D I’m gonna try and solve this xD

Comment by Jocelyn

Leave it to these guys to leave us salivating and pleading for more..

Comment by Michelle

Evil yours, now evil mine

Comment by Keith

thats what im thinking !

Comment by kyle c.

thats what everyones thinking.. but it makes no fucking sense

Comment by matt

Good for you! I think you’re the 1st to figure it out. :)

Comment by joelle

I have no idea how you worked that, but it fits and makes sense.

Now, what to do with it. *said in the voice of the Wicked Witch of the West.*

Comment by Harley Quinn

So clever!

Comment by Anonymous

__|_ YOURS, NEW E_I_M__E

Comment by OddY

I think it’s a location for a place. For example like San Jose, California or California, United States. Something like that maybe?

Comment by Natasha

I think you’re right. Nothing else makes sense. I bet it’s an added tour stop.

Comment by Emilee

Actually when they ad new tour dates they just tweet it and thats it.. all that cryptic thing would be really dumb just to announce a new tour date.

Comment by gabriel

Wtf…… Why not something simple like I love u or hi :) now I have to use my brain…damn :/

Comment by Dianna

Ooh, I love it when they do this ;D

Comment by H

It would be awesome if it was “it is yours, new EP is made” XD

Comment by H

that one would make much more sense than “evil yours now evil mine” like everyone else is saying

Comment by Mark

Yeah. D:

Comment by Ariane


Comment by matt

YES, that’s great. ^^

Comment by Rachael

again?? they make us suffer last time i almost pulled my hair out… any hints?

Comment by Alissa C.

nevermind i figured it out along with thousands of other facebook fans :D

Comment by Alissa C.

Evil yours, now evil mine? Sounds strange…

Comment by Tabatha

Evil yours, now evil mine? maybe song lyrics

Comment by Ian Meyer

??????????????????? HÃN!

Comment by Pedrinho

Evil yours now evil mine!

Comment by Donnie Juan

Something…Owns, Now…Something…

Comment by Brandon

good lord they are confusing XD

Comment by Sarah

So stressing.. I got some words but not all of them

Comment by Alii

Evil yours, now evil mine? :P

Comment by yoanaher

Evil yous, now evil mine.

Comment by Kaitlyn Finney

No idea..

Comment by james

evil yours now evil mine :D or exit yours, now exit mine

Comment by Carlitos

Evil Yours, Now Evil Mine.

Comment by Hi

Evil yours, now evil mine

Comment by Sauli

hahaha. LOVE them!

pretty sure that after the comma it says “now”
the rest is a mystery.

Comment by Rachael

Evil yours, now evil mine ?

Comment by Taryn

Evil yours, now evil mine

Comment by Andrew park

Evil Yours, Now Evil Mine.

No idea what it means.

Comment by Tanner

D: I really wish I knew what this meant!?!

Comment by Caulin

I can’t figure out 2 words. :(

Comment by April

OH LAWD! I thought we were over this stuff!

Comment by Jessica

evil yours, now evil mine, or exit yours, now exit mine :D

Comment by Carlitos

Evil yours, now evil mine?

Comment by Sarah Rae

Do you have the spacing right? it looks different on my twitter

Comment by Vengenz 4 Life

begin yours, end mine??

Comment by ryan

begin yours, now* end mine… but that doesn fit… agghhh

Comment by ryan


Comment by ciara vengenz

Evil yours now evil mine :)

Comment by Rebecca

Comments on Facebook seem to have this idea that it’s ‘Evil yours, now evil mine’. No idea where that came from but could be the name of a new song or lyrics from one. Any ideas?

Comment by Ash

evil yours, now evil mine

Comment by Emma

if it is “evil yours now evil mine” .. WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT EVEN MEAN ?

Comment by (;

evIl YOurS, NoW EvIl MinE

Comment by Danilo

Evil Yours, New EP Is Made?

Comment by Caulin

I like this. :P Have that new song on there, and then a couple ones we never heard. Test Arin out for full time.

Comment by Mike

I do not think it is “evil yours, now evil mine” just because there are already some E’s and N’s uncovered, but I have no idea what else it could be….can I buy a vowel?

Comment by steve

Dudes, but i tought that was supossed to be 2 words _______,________ not 4 :S

Thats weird xD

Comment by Charley Letham



This yours, new ep is made << i wish :3

Comment by Carlitos

i definitely dont think its evil yours, now evil mine… im gonna go with it it yours, new EP is made

Comment by ryan

Some guy on facebook said “it is yours new ep is made”

Comment by Canadian DeathBat

that doesnt make any sense

Comment by Anonymous

yeah it does? do you not know what an EP is?

Comment by Anon

I think he was saying that it doesn’t make any grammatical sense, which is true, but it seems like a good guess.

Comment by Erik

ours, yours now, new
exit, evil
spit, shit
is, it
more, mine

I’ve got nothing. Sorry. :P

Comment by Neon Jedi

If the Neon Jedi can’t figure it out, then who can? D:?

Comment by Caulin


Comment by joelle

Ok maybe it’s Evil Yours, New Evil Made?

Comment by Angelina

is it yours, new ep is made

Comment by Taryn

could not it be

Comment by Sedat

Ms. Deathbatnews what’s your guess O.o? Mine is the evil yours now evil mine.

Comment by jeremy

No clue!

Comment by deathbatnews

I’de like to buy a vowel.

Comment by ssssahhhsssahhh

It is yours. New EP is made.

Comment by Steven

Quit yours, now exit mine?

Comment by albert

damn-it zacky! lol, again?

Comment by kyle c.

gotta love him. :)

Comment by Rachael

I’ve been trying to figure it out since the second it was posted on Facebook.. >.<

Comment by Ariane

I said “It is yours, new EP is made.” first, and now everyone is saying it. -___-

Comment by Karina

“It is yours, new EP is made”

Comment by Sarah Rae

It is yours, new EP is made.

For the last three words I also got new (or now), epic, made.
but those don’t make sense.

Comment by betsy fister

Why does everyone think that?

Comment by Jessica

If they were generous enough to include a comma and a space between the words, don’t you think they would have included spaces in the words themselves? Who knows. I was thinking it was just 2 words and that it was a place (location ex. city, state)… pshhh I have no clue.

Comment by Carol

It is yours, new EP is made

Comment by Matt

That almost makes sense!

Comment by Alyssa

I thought “new epic move” but idk its driving me crazy

Comment by Anonymous

I agree with it is yours, new EP is made.

Comment by Dr. Bob

Yay I love these:D now to find out what it means

Comment by LM

DBN lady do you know what it means or are you clueless like the rest of us?

Comment by ka7x


Comment by deathbatnews

It is yours, new EP is made!!

Comment by Travistravis


Comment by Charley Letham

it is yours, new ep is made

Comment by geoff

Im pretty sure its something announcing Arins full commitment into the band. Arin YO__S, new evil mate?

Comment by Ben

HM….. it’s SOOO confusing! xD i could be alot of things….! but i think it’s like a part of a lyrics of a new song perhaps…?

Comment by Byron R.D

if they release a new ep that would be so awesome

Comment by steven kraatz

Help guys!!

Comment by Arlette_7x


Comment by Mandyyy

Woah. Anyone think of this…? Maybe it’s backwards… :O

Comment by Chandler Fyfe

I was supposed to go wash my car but now I am refusing to go anywhere until I figure out what the correct answer is

Comment by Morgan

I am so lost! when are they planning on telling us? It is driving me crazy! D:

Comment by francyA7X

I barely found out about their little surprise. Can’t wait!

Comment by Jaime

Evil yours, evil now mine

Comment by sorrow

A lyric,something with Arin joining,new ep,music video date.Only things I can think of

Comment by Ian Kahler

-_- I gotta figure this out

Comment by EmilyA7X

They might have actually had spaces in there, but often times when you use multiple spaces in a browser, it gets rid of the multiples to make just one.

Comment by Ariane

I put two spaces between “the multiples” and “multiples to” and they were reduced to one.. just proving my point. ;)

Comment by Ariane

I don’t think it’s “evil yours, now evil mine,” because that’s a really cryptic message, and why would they bother to make it even more cryptic with this puzzle thing…?

Comment by Rachel

It is yours, new EP is made! ;) thats what im thinkin’

Comment by Em

@DB girl is your head hurting by trying to figure this out? Lol

Comment by Gracey

A bit! Hah.

Comment by deathbatnews

Imagine it means nothing at all and it was just one big typo lmao

Comment by Gracey

Maybe new Arin stage name? I have no clue…

Comment by Seba

there are spaces guys


Comment by Skeet Chief

there are spaces between every character, other wise the underscores would look like this _____ instead of _ _ _. spaces are just more obvious between given letters

Comment by Anonymous

False information.

Comment by Ariane


Comment by Jess

i bet it’s also shufed….

Comment by Anonymous

Ms. DB any idea when they will decode this! Its killing me!!!!

Comment by Jemma

I’ve got no idea.

Comment by deathbatnews

My guess is it either has something to do with the A) New song B) So Far Away video or C) Arin joining the band. However, I still think it’s too early for C, even if he does seem to be an awesome fit! “Evil Yours, Now Evil Mine” doesn’t make any sense. “It is yours, new EP is made” makes more sense, and holds a little more weight since they were in the studio recently.

Comment by Tommy

Perhaps a name? Like of a person… EX: John, Doe… I’m running out of ideas!

Comment by a7x6661

Maybe The guys are just trying to mess with us and its just a pointless message that has nothing to do with a new song or album, or Arin.

Comment by Caulin

Someonee thinks “arin is your drummer” if you mix the letters up

Comment by ka7x

Your new drummer

Comment by ka7x

No, theres a comma in the middle.

Comment by Nate

your new drummer, arin is

Comment by Morgan

This is a7x. Not yoda

Comment by Tanner

But ZV likes Star Wars because we all know of his love of Darth Vader

Comment by Morgan


Comment by Tommy


Comment by Loghen

LMAO!!! holy shit, that was funny :D

Comment by francyA7X

Hahaha, that’s too funny!

Comment by JaCaria

and i thought the clues for the nightmare cover puzzle were hard, can’t believe that was nearly a year ago haha

Comment by Anonymous

It is yours, new evil made.

Comment by otis

That’s what I’m thinking too. But I really don’t know what it is. It’s hurt to decode such thing in early morning.

Comment by Carol

Did you stop updating the facebook page, cause I come here and realize stuff has been posted that I never knew about cause it wasn’t on my news feed

Comment by Deen

Nope – it’s all posted to the DBN fan page:

Comment by deathbatnews

facebook is set up now so you have to change some setting to see any fb page updates

Comment by ry1749

i ran my mouse all over their website to see if i could find a tiny hidden link or something.
didnt find shit.

Comment by dani

i did that earlier too hahaha

Comment by otis

Arins yours now epic move

Comment by Anonymous

Arins yours now evirmore

Comment by Anonymous

im guessing new live dvd, arin new permanent drummer, new ep like what diamonds was, other than that i have no idea, these guys are good

Comment by DRHA7X93

All of the above please? :D

Comment by Mike

haha, if Save Me was on a new live dvd it would be F*CKIN EPIC!!!!!

Comment by DRHA7X93

Guys,unless it’s a jumble, there’s no way it can be ‘yours’, it’s ‘ours’, there is a space between that Y and O.

Comment by Alice

I am not seeing that space…

Comment by Morgan

If you highlight the whole thing u will see that there is exactly one space in between everything except the S and the comma

Comment by Jon_09

alice there is a space between each underscore and letter, and the other 2 letters that touch. it is for ease of reading.

Comment by otis

Then there are only two words there, most likely all scrambled.

Comment by Alice

No. Read my comment. Internet removes spaces. Test it yourself. Make a comment and put more than one space between any two words.. it’s reduced to one.

Comment by Ariane

If you have Firefox, select the text then right click and choose selection source. You will see all the spaces between the words.
It ends up looking like this:
_ _ I _ /Y O _ _ S,/N _ W/E _ I _/M _ _ E

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by mandy

How hard would everyone jizz if this were a new album?

Comment by Alex

pretty fucking hard. but they havent had time for that…that takes months lol.

Comment by otis

I’m gonna need a whole new wardrobe.

Comment by HEARNOEV1L

theyll probably add a new letter every day or something like the album cover puzzle

Comment by kc

awesome suggestion! prolly right too.

Comment by seth


Comment by Loghen

No spaces are revealed. If you copy and paste it into Microsoft Word, and then turn on the Show/Hide Symbols button, then you would see that there is a space between each character…


I am clueless.

Comment by Rdog

A New Live DVD would be AMAZING

Comment by Caulin

I get the feeling that we’re all trying really hard to decode it, and when it’s revealed, it’s going to be something really simple, and we’re all going to feel dumb. Oh well.

Comment by Tabatha

Thats how it usually happens! :D

Comment by Jessica

“Evil yours, now evil mine” doesn’t really make any sense…

Frankly, I don’t have a clue. And I feel like this is all Zack’s doing, haha…

Comment by April

I totally agree. It was his brilliant idea for the puzzle pieces…

Comment by Bridgette

What does it meaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnn??

No really, my head hurts :/ i’ll just wait a few days

Comment by double rainbow dude

exit yours now exit mine lyrics in a song
is it yours now exit mine!!

Comment by LOGIC

I can onnly see this pertaining to 1 of 4 things.

– Announcing Arin is the new drummer.
– New EP of some sort. Perhpas B-Sides and Demos from the past 5 albums.. I mean did we get any B-sides from the first 3 albums? Nope. So this could be that? WHo knows.
– Live Dvd perhaps with some b-sides/demos like last time
– Something about a So Far Away Video.

Ofcourse I would prefer the middle two… But any of the 4 would be epic news.

If its the first one, then it could mean we are just that much closer to getting a follow-up to Nightmare.

Comment by lollololol

I kinda hate how everyone keeps saying “evil yours, now evil mine” cuz that doesnt make sense. i am pretty sure that these are lyrics and if the two messages are connected, the the last world has gotta be “mine” because it rhymes with blind

Comment by Jon_09

Zacky, you sly dog, you.

Comment by Gabby7x

I think you guys are making way too much out of this. They have a song(s) in new call of duty downloadable content. On the movie poster DB news just posted, it says music by A7X. Who knows if it is one song or multiple. These are probably just lyrics.

Comment by Anonymous

This always leads to something amazing!!! :)

Comment by Ghostflame83

I’m not sure about the first part, but after the comma I think it could say “NEW EPIC MADE” and by epic, meaning a new song or something along the lines of that? It’s a new something…that’s…epic lol. The first part could be the name of it.
Just my guess.

Comment by Anonymous

Flip yours, now evil mine.

Comment by Anonymous

maybe its a lyrics? remember like nightmare? they did this stuff too :D

Comment by Anonymous

Live yours, now Live mine?

Comment by Jamie Saggers

scratch that. derp moment there.

Comment by Jamie Saggers

might be lyrics for the songs featuring in the call of duty map pack!

Comment by leandro

Ah why do they do things like this :P I love it though :)
Can’t wait to find out what it is! :D

Comment by Hannah_A7X

I dont think its about Arin being the new permanent drummer.. cmon people Matt already stated he is the new drummer in a lot of show out there.

I bet its that new song lyrics.

Comment by gabriel

[…] Avenged Sevenfold Get Cryptic. Avenged Sevenfold have just posted the following message. Can you guys crack […] […]

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Arin your welcome

Comment by Emmanuel

What if… they’re not in English. :l

Comment by Jessica

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