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Revolver’s “Fallen Heroes” Tribute Video From The 2011 Revolver Golden Gods Awards.
May 12, 2011, 11:22 am
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Revolver Magazine have posted their “Fallen Heroes” tribute video which was played at the 2011 Revolver Golden Gods Awards online for everyone to see. The video features many that we’ve lost including Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan.


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dude I laughed so hard at the beginning when zacky said the best drummer in the world award goes too…the rev! “YEAAAHH” haha I love it.

Comment by Zzz

Awesome video tribute…..the only thing to say

Comment by Ghostflame83

When does the golden gods air on TV??

Comment by Genesis

May 28

Comment by Maddz

May 28

Comment by britt lynne

May they all Rest In Peace

Comment by Hannah_A7X

Gah, the song… knowing what Zakk Wylde himself has been through. Haven’t I cried enough this week?

Comment by Jenn

I know right:(

Comment by Neon Jedi

I teared up watching this at the awards, so many great “Fallen Heroes” <3 RIP to them all

Comment by eternitys_charm

Great video.

Comment by Loghen

i teared up:/
Rest In Peace to all of them

Comment by LM

That picture of Jimmy smiling is my favourite picture of him. Ever.

Comment by Megan T.

I loved it, I saw someone say above it comes on TV may 28th is it on here in the US ?

Comment by Syn2Syn

Yea on vh1 classic

Comment by Maddz

So sad but awesome at the same time. :(

Comment by ashleigh

Jimmys smile is a smile that we all will remember :) we love you foREVer Jimmy

Comment by Aaron

Not as prestigious as ‘best bear ass in a music video’ but he was, without a doubt, the best drummer in the world.

Comment by Sarah

Oh my god. I’m a dumb ass. ‘BARE’ … not bear.

Comment by Sarah

Great tribute video. Rest in peace to each of these guys.

Comment by JaCaria

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