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Avenged Sevenfold Memorabilia Shown On Real World: Las Vegas.
May 20, 2011, 10:58 am
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We all get a kick out of seeing Avenged Sevenfold stuff on TV (or Avenged Sevenfold on TV) and quite a few people sent in some news regarding Ep. 11 of MTV’s The Real World: Las Vegas. The cast were staying at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and started a charity to help students in music. While showing different memorabilia they panned to Zacky Vengeance’s outfit and M Shadows’ hat and aviators which were all donated to the establishment. There’s something from each band member including Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan’s drum kit so if you haven’t gotten the chance to check out the full displays you can see them here & here.

Thanks to Jennifer, Kristen, Courtney and Zach who all sent in information on this.

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love seein this!

Comment by gabe

I’ve seen the display with all their outfits! It’s sweet it was on TV. :)

Comment by Rachel

Hell ya! I’m in Vegas right now, I’ll have to go look at their display again! I love the rev’s drum kit!

Comment by Brittney Skinner

I saw it when I was there! It was so awesome.
The Rev’s headphones and shorts and shoes were soooooo dirty! It was awesome! and his drumsticks looked like they had some kind of sticky stuff on it. haha so boss.

Comment by Thomas

He used Gorilla Snot on them.

Comment by deathbatnews

holy crap!!! thats awesome of them. can’t believe they gave The Rev’s drum kit. really nice of them.

Comment by Jacob-Gates

Didn’t get to see this while I was in Vegas last summer but since I’m also going this year I HAVE to go see it in person.

Comment by Carol

I think they filmed this season of Real World while we were in Vegas for last 2010 show (Zacky’s birthday). We made a pilgrimage of sorts to Rev’s kit.

Comment by Anonymous

That. Is fuckin sick!

Comment by Bobbi

That is SO freaking cool!

Comment by JaCaria

I was at the displays :D Actually I went two months after the Las Vegas show because I didn’t get to catch it the first time ^^; But I was sooo freaking excited especially when I saw the Rev’s drumkit :D

Comment by Gabby7X

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