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Listen To Hell Or Highwater’s “Go Alone” Featuring M Shadows.
August 8, 2011, 12:58 pm
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AOL Music are currently streaming Hell Or Highwater’s new album “Begin Again” which includes the song “Go Alone” featuring M Shadows. The album is out tomorrow.

Thanks Paden for sending this in.

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Matt is sounds amazing <3 (:

Comment by Anonymous

Love it. Totally going to buy this album. :D

Comment by Bre

The River is 666 times better!

Comment by Paul D. from CT

It sort of sounds like they made Shadows sing out of his norm; those deep, low vocals. Pretty good song though. Lyrics suck IMO :P Nice to hear Shadow’s voice isn’t going to change any time soon.

Comment by Mike

dope song! love the guitar riff in the verse and the vocal melody

Comment by mikeyV

pretty good band

Comment by Kaylee

Wow those songs are hard to listen to…I loved Brandon Saller’s work in Atreyu but I think thats where I’ll leave him. Good for him for trying something new i guess and I’m sure some people will like them, but I’ll be walking around while they’re playing at Uproar.

Comment by Anonymous

Wish I could view this at work; however, the company that bought us put restrictions and blocked anything that has to do with live streaming… :(

Comment by Morgan

Sounds pretty decent.
For a second I couldn’t tell the difference between Brandon and Matt haha
I think Matt sounds great and I love Brandon Saller
I get to see them in Vegas!

Comment by pinkyandthesheep

For a second I couldn’t tell the difference either, haha.

Comment by JaCaria

Very Nice, slowly to become much more of a fan of this band, enjoyed hearing Shads as always!

Comment by Terrance

Its one of the best cds i’ve listened

Comment by Anonymous

Matt sounds incredible, of course.

Comment by Carriebelle

the song is great and Matt sounds amazing I couldn’t believe that was him singing at first the way he sings in this so much different than usual he still sounds great though

Comment by Megan

I can definitely hear an Avenged influence in this whole CD lol

Comment by Arron Johnson

the cd sounds pretty good i might consider getting the were a couple of songs i didn’t like that much but still a good album

Comment by Megan

This song rocks. The rest of the album is pretty decent overall, hit and miss

Comment by Greg

Best vocalists ever!!! TOGETHER! OH MAN

Comment by Anonymous

It’s a pretty good song. I like both singers a lot, but it was pretty weird hearing them sing like that.

Comment by Bob

this. take some getting used to

Comment by anne

Great song and Matt sounds great!!

Comment by James

I think the song is great! I love Matt’s singing, naturally. I really like Brandon Sallers voice too. And I dig the guitar riff. Kind of off topic, but I love “Crash & Burn” and “Gimme Love”. They’re awesome!

Comment by JaCaria

I’m really liking “Hail Mary” too.

Comment by JaCaria

Matt also had more auto tune on his voice than he does with avenged.

Comment by Fml

Usually I am the first to suspect auto-tuning for any band or artist, but I really believe Matt doesn’t use auto-tune; or at least a very, very little amount. He has that bit of imperfection in his singing in the studio that sounds very natural and not auto-tuned at all. But I know for a fact that the other guys in the band, and probably a lot of Shadow’s high backing vocals, are auto-tuned.

Comment by Mike

He did use effects on his vocals in Check the Level though.

Comment by pwall

Overall decent track and good listen. I might like it more after listening to it multiple times

Comment by Ghostflame83

I’d rather get the new Trivium album. Lol

Comment by Laurence

its hits stores where ? i only see it as a download off the computer like is there actually a cd ? i looked on amazon and its only a mp3 download, btw that song go alone with m shadows is sick.

Comment by Steve

Always amazing Matt <33' Love you A7X

Comment by Leticia

Pretty good song!!! It makes me excited for Avenged to start an album!!:D

Comment by A7xbui

I’m in LOVE with this song. Incredible.

Comment by Derek

it has a raw, gritty “Cash-like” feel to it. the lyrics are very moving and actually play a scene in your mind as you listen, almost like watching a mini movie in your head. I can see a whole story line coming together over these lyrics. great job to Brandon and Shads!

Comment by LittleMissRESENTMENT

[…] Again,” recording with M Shadows and more. Now that y’all have had a chance to listen to the song a few times what do you think? Revolver: And you’ve collaborated with Avenged […]

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