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Revolver Magazine: Who Is The Hottest Dude In Hard Rock Or Metal?
October 21, 2011, 3:32 pm
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In leiu of their Hottest Chicks In Hard Rock issue Revolver Magazine have published a Who Is The Hottest Dude In Hard Rock Or Metal? poll. All of the men that form Avenged Sevenfold are present in it so make sure you get your vote in!

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That is so awesome! I voted Arin x)

Comment by Courtney

And of course the rest of them :P

Comment by Courtney

Release the fangirls :P

Comment by Megan

Ugh, they’re making me pick between the guys! ;P

Comment by Anonymous

Well maybe if all our boys are in the top, they’ll do a cover story on the whole band, that would be awesome

Comment by Sarah

That would be fantastic.<3

Comment by Anonymous

Matt and Syn have the highest right now haha

Comment by Aubrie

Yay so far A7x boys r in the lead, I want Syn to get it tho, he’s hott and super talented :)

Comment by Sarah

YESS! Both M.Shadows and Synyster Gates have the highest right now!
I voted for Gates :)

Comment by Nerissa Ramirez

… Zakk Wylde was once a handsome guy.. :) get it? who cares? guitar gods live forever!! A7X FTW! the poll..ughh. it should have been Who’s the longest guitar shredder.. hottest dude in hard rock or metal? cmon. have a heart to those old guitarist..the face is not important. I don’t care if Syn is as fat as a sumo wrestler(just an example!), as long as he can do that kick ass solo.. he’s cool as hell. \m/

Comment by Atikah Rostam

Dude, I’m glad I’m not the only one who had this problem. I saw some serious crushes of mine from when I was pre-pubescent and noticing boys on 120 Minutes. :D I refrained from voting because there are just too many choices.

Comment by Jennifer Hill (@corruptinnocent)

….I’d pay to see a Sumo Wrestler shred like Syn xD .

Comment by Caulin

look up michael romeo. fat as hell, shreds faster than syn lol. it’s quite a sight.

Comment by Anonymous

Voted for Arin.
I love him far too much

Comment by Ruth

Go Matt!! He’s definitely the hottest! :) Just look at his smile!

Comment by Kasherton


Comment by Amber King

Haha, that is a no brained for me. I picked Syn. :) but, I think all of the A7X boys are incredibly attractive.

Comment by Alyssa

I gave a vote to the underrated and real leader of Avenged Sevenfold, Johnny Christ, lol

Who did you vote for, DBN?

Comment by Loghen

I’ll neeeverr ttteeelll….

Comment by deathbatnews

I bet it’s Matt :) or zack?

Comment by casey

do tell

Comment by TJ_A7X

I have a soft spot for Matt… He’s got a great smile :)
But they’re all hot ;)

Comment by Linds

Has to Be Mike Patton though

Comment by Bloke

I love him too! Kinda thanks to Syn though, I know mr. Bungle because of him :)

Comment by Jetske

Much as I love Aaron Lewis and Gerard Way (prettiest ever), when it comes to hot I have to go with Shads. Hands down. Too many deserving choices on this list!! Although if I ever meet Synyster Gates or Ray Toro I would lie and say “I voted for you!” or Zacky or Jared Leto or Danzig but not Marilyn Manson. Tough call.

Comment by axemother

Johnnnnnny ;)

Comment by Cass

they are all ridiculously gorgeous but I had to go with shadows, he’s killin it in the polls right now! ;)

Comment by Alicia S.


Comment by Anonymous

take a seat.. we’re fans. we don’t worship anybody. we just love the WHOLE band.

Comment by Monica

All 5 members, as of 2:44 AM PST, account for 32.23% of the whole poll and M Shadows and Synyster Gates are the top 2. That is crazy good!

Comment by Christian

M. Shadows ♥

Comment by Hannah_A7X

Voting for Johnny :) he deserves it!
A shame we can’t vote for Jimmy…

Comment by Alex - Denmark

you guys should really check Bathory. looks like young Sebastian Bach. oh and i will vote for Syn.

Comment by Ron

I’m a guy so I have no opinion, lmao

Comment by DRHa7x

M Shadows! <3
most beautiful man to ever walk this earth

Comment by Anonymous

Matty!! <3

Comment by francyA7X

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Umm…how is Ville Valo in the lead….?

Comment by Alyssa

Actually, its Bill from Tokio Hotel now. Last time I checked, T.H. was neither rock or metal. And o thought this poll was for men, not women (or men that try too hard to look like a woman).

Comment by Alyssa

When “Ready Set Go” came out, I thought he was a woman. So I really wonder how he could get on the list of “hottest dude”

Comment by Carol

According to the Editor In Chief of Revolver he was a write in: “The dude from Tokio Hotel (a write-in nominee BTW) was in the lead last nite. Lets make sure that does NOT happen again.”

Comment by deathbatnews

Thanks Ms DBN for the note.
And that’s always a reason I love Revolver. :)
But we have to admit one thing, those fangirls of TH are insane.
May the real dude win.

Comment by Carol

Why did almost all of the results lower?? Like, what’s goin’ on?

Comment by Anonymous

just to be a dick, i voted for lars ulrich. you know, being a straight male and all, i cant really judge hotness. but ulrich is ugly as sin.

Comment by Anonymous

How is Brian just 4%? O_o

Comment by Anonymous

It seriously takes a lot to get that % up! I’m voting for Matt – and voting and voting… (I’m not sure I can go to bed happy with someone that looks like a girl in the lead.)

Comment by base

Cmon really? The two guys in the lead aren’t even attractive; what’s wrong with people? Vote Matt <3

Comment by Linds

Gotta vote for Johnny, he’s such a cutie :D

Comment by Harley Quinn

They’re all hot, but Syn is the one for me!
Why do they make us choose?!

Comment by Anonymous

They might have had a picture of each person so people could compare them while voting – thumbs up for our guys, they are getting the gold, no doubt ;)

Comment by Anonymous

This is precious, lol.

Comment by Anonymous

I don’t think there gonna make it :( they are sooooo far behind
Tokio hotel fangirls are so insane!!!

Comment by Anonymous

Oh! We should choose one of the boys and concentrate all our votes. I think??

Comment by Candies

This is what I was thinking! Although my heart belongs to Synyster we have to concentrare on Matt because he has better chances to win!

Comment by aimilia_foREVer

Yeah my heart goes for zacky but matt is higher than him

Comment by Anonymous

O no what’s going on, looks like ima be spending some time voting getting our boys %s up :)

Comment by Sarah

All of them? :O

Comment by Anonymous

The A7X Family is over 9 million strong and Matt is still losing to a dude who looks like a chick and another who looks like a mannequin. Everybody needs to focus on voting for Matt. He’s the only one with a CHANCE of winning right now and it’s quickly fading. EVERYONE SIT AND VOTE FOR MATT. REPEATEDLY.

Comment by Leese

Can you vote multiple times??

Comment by Kasee

How is that guy from Tokio Hotel winning? -__- sorry but he looks like a chick to me.

Comment by Eternitys_charm


Comment by Danny Sidewinder Edson

Bill Kaulitz should be removed from the poll. TH is not Hard Rock or Metal ! Come on A7X family get to voting!

Comment by Tasha22

Even though im a straight dude, im gunna vote. matt and syn are some goood lookin guys. it pains me to choose, but my vote goes to matt

Comment by TJ_A7X

Synyster gates is the hottest with a close 2nd M Shadows

Comment by Lezli Hewtt Christensen

Fucking Tokio Hotel…

Comment by Marah


Comment by francyA7X

TOKIO HOTEL fans! Some people are calling us insane for supporting Bill Kaulitz. Well, whatever! Let’s keep this race fair & square. And see who’s gonna have the last laugh.

Comment by redstrutter

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