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Zacky Vengeance Calls Into 98.9 The Bear.
November 1, 2011, 1:28 pm
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98.9 The Bear recently got a call from Zacky Vengeance to talk about bringing their ‘A’ game on the “Buried Alive tour, how it felt for “Nightmare” to debut at #1, how much fun the band has on stage, his influences, getting starstruck with James Hetfield, working with Arin and the age difference, staying close to the fans, if he’s a fan of the McRib and much much more.

Thanks Alex for sending this in.


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that’s cool!!!

Comment by Chayo Geropsevenfold

I like how modest he is.

Comment by MattieDeathBat

It sounds like I might be able to beat Zacky at Guitar Hero but I bet he would smoke me on Rocksmith. Love how down-to-earth these guys always are in interviews.

Comment by axemother

Hell Yes! Zacky is a double cheeseburger kind of guy!

Comment by Morgan

he talked to the bear? hell yeah that’s awesome.

Comment by Anonymous

he’s so humble. :)

Comment by Kaylee

Love Zacky :)
And I really hope that Arin stays.. not only is he an awesome drummer but he also seems really cool. I don’t think the age difference is a huge deal. I can definitely picture him in the band in the future.

Comment by Linds

Good interview, I also love how down to earth these guys are. PS- A message to A7X. Please play Natural Born Killer on the Buried Alive Tour. I know I’m not going to any of the dates on the tour but I think that song would kickass live.

Comment by DRHa7x

I love Zacky, he’s always so nice. The Arin part made me smile, it’s amazing that they let him experience this. Really hope he stays :)

Comment by Mary

of course he’s a double cheese burger kind of guy! :P

Comment by Roger Revenge (@rrevenge)

I love Zacky! He’s so awesome!

Comment by JaCaria

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