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Fan Gets Chosen In To Sing “Second Heartbeat” With Avenged Sevenfold In Minneapolis, MN.
December 4, 2011, 5:20 am
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With only two weeks to go on the “Buried Alive” tour Avenged Sevenfold continue making some fans dreams come true. Last night in Minneapolis, MN a fan named Jeremy held up a sign that said, “It’s my dream to sing Second Heartbeat” and his wish was granted by M Shadows and the rest of the group. Deathbat News reader Ian sent in this video while a close up can be found below. Patrick Jolle said it best, “They’re like genies with tattoos!”

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Though I don’t know Jeremy, I’m very happy for him. It’s glad to see some fans have their dreams come true.

Comment by Carol

No, This was my fuckin’ dreaamm!

Comment by Kevss

When they come back to Brazil, I’ll have my time too, but doing the backing vocals :)

Comment by Gustavo

I should’ve held up a sign when I saw them. I can’t play any instruments or sing though so idk what it would’ve said. :D

Comment by Dianna

Very very jealous, well done Jeremy! Even if they start calling fans up to the stage when they next come to the UK, I don’t think I’d have the balls to get up in front of all those people and perform so kudos man!

Comment by Jordan

Im gonna bring a sign that says its my dream to plays duals with syn for second heartbeat.

Comment by Ryan Abeles (@RyanAbeles)

Well, no one has taken over for Zacky or Johnny yet so you might have a chance! Haha.

Comment by deathbatnews

Ha I was just thinking that. Come on bass players & lefties!

Comment by Dee

This makes me so damn happy to see A7x give these chances to fans. Jeremy rocked the stages big time!

Comment by Matthew

the dude’s an awesome screamer…. but he’s fairly flat when he sings lol… then again, i’d probably sing flat if i was in front of all those people….

Comment by Mike

I know Jeremy and I have heard him sing the song many times and he is really good, but he said that it was really hard to hear everything because of all the noise. But he still did an awesome job!

Comment by Chasidi

He had a cold lol

Comment by Anonymous

Yeah he was just getting over one. And now it is getting worse. Haha

Comment by Chasidi

This is the very best thing about Sevenfold :D their enthusiasm for the fans are at the same level as the fans enthusiasm for the band :)
This is beautiful :) it raises the mood of the crowd when one of them get to go on stage and be with them, and it sets a hope for guys who are coming to their shows ;)
This guys is really doing a great job with both the show and the screaming, although he didn’t relly hit the notes in the singing sessions, but nevermind that :P this was awesome!

Comment by Martin mariboe

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I was there and he did an AWESOME job! It was truly a great thing to see and the guys loved it!!

Comment by Anonymous

Congrats Jeremy, you were awesome!
And avenged is friggin awesome as well for continually doing this. Can’t wait to see what’s next :)

Comment by Linds

Wow that kid is good. I love it. Thanks DBN

Comment by Aaron

That was definitely the best of the “fan participation” songs.

Comment by SteveO6661

I was at the show last night. To be honest I was kind of mad when M. Shadows asked him to sing. I was thinking “NO I came here to listen to you sing!” But WOW Jeremy absolutely NAILED it. It actually turned out to be a highlight of the show. Only A7X treats their fans so well. Totally shows that fame has NOT gone to their heads at all!

Comment by spence_diggity

Congrats dude & good job!…you were awesome :)

Comment by KathyViiX

He actually did a great job! Only with A7X do you get this type of love!

Comment by Nolan

He was amazing last night! I hate how people are saying he cant sing. Really? Who cares! He was on stage with Avenged Sevenfold and you weren’t! Congrats man. It was seriously awesome!

Comment by Anonymous

Man, who cares if he can’t “sing”.. he can scream like a beast!

Comment by Ariane O'Leary

I always get scared that the fans will suck or freeze up in front of so many people but I love being surprised when regular people just own like that! It must feel awesome having M shadows sing backup for you!

Comment by Justin

i wanna do that soooo bad!
he was awesome btw!

Comment by EmilyA7X

I wanna play bass with them! always thought that would be AWESOME, but didn’t know i just needed a huge sign. that show was really intense, and Jeremy just made all of us Minnesotans proud <3

Comment by Danny Sidewinder Edson

What is with this band? Why are they so amazing?!

Comment by Bobbi

You know how many people are going to bring signs to the shows to get on stage? lol

But I think its cool that they’ve been doing this a lot lately. I don’t know if I could get on stage with them. I’d be so nervous.

Comment by Sara S.

He was actually really good!

Comment by David

Jeremy was pretty wasted too lol that or else he was just in shock haha

Comment by Danny Sidewinder Edson

No he was completely sober! And he was pretty shocked that they actually were going to let him sing on stage.

Comment by Chasidi

That was awesome! Not everyone can scream like that, I was damn impressed! Good job, Jeremy! (:

Comment by sara lau (@Sara_lje)

Jeremy is acually a good friend of mine and he showed me second heartbeat when he was giving me a ride home once. I would like to say that as far as treating people right, A7X does a hell of a good job. Jeremy deserved every second he was up there

Comment by Ben

not bad dude. that guy screams pretty fuckn gnarly. im next tho ahaha. i’d sooooo get up there and play seize the day or sing/scream one of their oldies

Comment by mikeyV

Jeremy, you can scream.. you fucking rocked that. And you boys.. I love you so much! Always look forward to seeing you guys live.. so awesome!

Comment by Ariane O'Leary

His scream is quite good. He rocks!
Btw, occh shit, Jeremy, YOU’R FUCKING LUUUCKY GUY!

Comment by polish_fans

Good job jeremy! lucky! And again Avenged Sevenfold gives me another reason to love them soooo much! there fucking awesome! I never thought to bring a sign when i went to see them lol I totaly should of lol I was right up front.

Comment by Ariel Wallis (@wariel2009)

holy crap, jeremy did a gret fucking job! sooo lucky. ahhh, I love the avenged boys so much, seriously its the best feeling knowing that they really care about their fans and love us just as much as we love them. A7X foREVer!!!! <3

Comment by francyA7X

I’ve never been more jealous about anything in my life. I’m glad jeremey didnt suck, he was actually pretty good. But I truely love that song and this band. soooo jealous

Comment by Anthony

this kid literally gave me goosebumps-I didn’t know what to expect at all and when he started nailing those screams I was in shock. this video and all the other “fan participation” videos bring tears to my eyes. Avenged Sevenfold is like no other band in the world. You can see how truely dedicated they are to their fans and their fans’ happiness obviously means a lot to them. I’ve been to close to a hundred concerts over the years (seen A7X five times) and I have yet to see a band who is so completely devoted to their fans and making their concert experience as memorable as possible. these guys really are so deserving of that “Fan-Friendly” Award they are nominated for. I hope they get it =)

Comment by LittleMissRESENTMENT

Yep.. goosebumps. Absolutely epic. He was confident, he killed it.. the crowd knew that.. they all fed off each other. Truly amazing. I love these boys. <3

Comment by Ariane O'Leary

That was awesome! Jeremy did a great job, esp with the screaming! I wish I could scream like that.

Comment by JaCaria

I was there for this concert, and that fan who perform was the highlight of the whole show. It was completely flawless.

Comment by Will

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