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Avenged Sevenfold Bring Fan On Stage To Sing “Buried Alive” In Green Bay, WI.
December 7, 2011, 6:07 am
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Last night in Green Bay, WI Avenged Sevenfold continued giving fans the chance to jump on stage with the band to perform a song and this time a fan named Ryan got to take the reigns from M Shadows on “Buried Alive.”

Thanks Anoush for the heads up.

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Lucky man I’d kill to see them in concert!

Comment by AvengedSevenfoldfoREVer1993

They are soooo FREAKING amazing, I want to see them SO BAD. When they took that dude up to play so far away, syn handed him HIS FLIPPING GUITAR, I would die!!! Literally. Die <3

Comment by A7XfoREVer

is there a video of that floating around somewhere? i hadn’t heard of them letting a fan play so far away, that’s awesome though!

Comment by Anonymous

You can watch it here.

Comment by deathbatnews

thank you for posting the link for me :) i should have realized that it would be on here somewhere ^_^

Comment by Anonymous

Not a problem :)

Comment by deathbatnews

Love ya Ryan ! Very proud of you :) Never forget that moment !! ♥

Comment by Jess McDaniel

gahh what a lucky kid I’m jealous

Comment by Megan

You’re amazing Ryan and deserved this more than anything!

Comment by Heather

lucky guy, shame you can barely hear him because of the girl recording

Comment by 6661

lol at the part the guys yelling “ima effin kill you!”

Comment by Anonymous

when did they become so fan interactive? lol i love it though, in GA they let a kid introduce second heartbeat….next time i see them im bringing a sign…

Comment by Deen

gah i would kill to play any of there songs on syns guitar…. or sing… or play rhythm next to syn…or play bass i dont really care

Comment by Andrew

I saw a7x in concert Sept.11, 2010 in honor of the Rev. I wrecked my car a couple weeks prior to the concert and went against Dr’s orders. I couldn’t not go lol. I somewhat met a7x after the concert I was being escorted to the medic station and was yelling at the emt that I didn’t need to be put in a wheelchair and I didn’t want to go to the medic station that my injuries didn’t happen there. The emt didn’t seem to care though. I heard people laughing and I opened my mouth about to yell at them and I choked on my words when I realized it was the Avenged Boys laughing at me. I shut up and fallowed the emt. I was in shock from that encounter I couldn’t fathom singing with them on stage. I’d probably forget the words of the song or my voice would crack.

Comment by Miranda Simmons

Congrats Ryan ur great!

Comment by Maya Lang

Haha, I couldn’t even imagine how gnarly it would be to be up on stage with everyone!!! You’re a very very lucky man! :)
Cheers from Canada! Avenged for life!

Comment by Darren MacDonald

I AM SO ABSOLUTLY JEALOUS! I went to one of their concerts and forgot my sign at home. Only one other person had a sign and they were brought back stage. Needless to say I cried for hours and I’m still kicking myself.

Comment by Katterina

Since it seems this is going to be happening every night, I think it’s about some a girl got up there!

Comment by Linds

True, I’m waiting for a girl to be up there to sing or play guitar!

Comment by Carol

I’m a girl. Hopefully, they’ll let me sing when I see them in Ontario. *crosses fingers*

Comment by JaCaria

This was me. And thank you all. I know I was really off pitch, but it was so hard to hear myself or anything up there that I wasn’t sure if i was even making noise.. -RMK

Comment by Ryan Kubacki

I really hope they don’t do this when they come to san jose for the make-up concert cuz i paid over 200 bucks and i paid for AVENGED SEVENFOLD not some fan trying to play so far away or second heartbeat. It’s neat that those kids get the opportunity to go up there and stuff but I wanna see Syn, Zacky, Johny, and Shadows not Ryan from Wisconsin (No offense to him, he did a decent job)

Comment by Jon

Seem’s like your a bit jealous. I think it’s great for fans to get to bond on stage with the favorite band. Remember, while your mad that avenged is letting a fan on stage, they are having the best moment of their life.

Comment by Dave

I realize that and I’m happy for the fans that do get to go up their and jam with them, but at the same time a part of me isn’t. I’d rather just see the band u know?

Comment by Jon

I get what your saying lol. But i personally would do anything to be up there with them

Comment by Dave

So lucky! ;/

Comment by Espen

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Comment by lilly7x

I love A7X so much for doing stuff like this! Ryan, you did a good job up there. Kudos man. You are very lucky. :)

Comment by JaCaria

Sooo lucky

Comment by David Levenson (@doughbyjr51)

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