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Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan Will Shine FoREVer.
February 9, 2012, 4:23 am
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Today would mark the 31st birthday of Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan and I wanted to do something special for the Sullivan’s (and the Avenged Sevenfold Family) on a day when an extraordinary life was brought into the world and, over the years, became an inspiration to us all.

Myself and a few good friends – Charlie E, Jessica M, Jake R, Kristen D and Elizabeth J – came together to purchase a star from the International Star Registry in honor and memory of James Owen Sullivan. The star which bears his name was created today (2/9/2012) and placed in the Ursa Major constellation also know as the Great Bear. This constellation is widely known as housing the Big Dipper.

The custom star kit from the International Star Registry along with a letter I sent was presented to the Sullivan family yesterday by the wonderful Mr Chris Epting on behalf of not only myself and the group that donated money towards the star but the entire Deathbat News and Avenged Sevenfold family. Restating what was written in the letter:

“Jimmy has been immortalized through his music and legacy and now he will FoREVer be looking down upon us all.”

Fans also formed together overnight to celebrate Jimmy’s birthday by getting two trends rolling Worldwide on Twitter:

Thanks Viktoria for the screenshot.


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Oh my god. So amazing. :’)

Comment by celia

Hes body is buried, but his soul will always be with us!

Rest in Peace James!

We love you!

Comment by Helles

What an amazing gift! <3

Comment by stallingsja

That’s so amazing. Made me all teary…
Happy Birthday Jimmy. Feb 9, 1981 – foREVer in our hearts <3

Comment by Linds

Thats AMAZING! Such a wonderful idea! <3

Comment by Dori

great bear,… like big bear where they recorded the self titled; anyway that was a wonderful thing for you to do and happy birthday rev!

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday Jimmy! <3 foREVer!

Comment by Dori

that’s amazing. thank you guys for everything you do for the family and for the guys. I hope jimmy will enjoy his present ;)

Comment by [sullivan]

Omb that’s amazing! That’s awesome. No matter what you believe he is looking down on us all.

Comment by chelsea

That is perfect, absolutely perfect.. :3

Comment by Emma

happy birthday jimmy you will always be the greatest dummer in the world ever even when your not in it. keep rockin in heven. i love you man <333 foREVer

Comment by Alexander Mogstad

James is my hero. Has been for 5years. Hes tge reason i stayed in music. We’ll miss you foREVer and always Jimmy. No one could ever replaced you. Happy Birthday Man.

Comment by Kara Hansen

Oh my Gods! That’s such a wonderful gift <3 Happy Birthday, Jimmy :)

Comment by harley quinn

An amazing idea on this very sad day! you guys are so cute, it made me tear up! I really wish we all could have met him! Jimmy, you are greatly missed and you’ll never be forgotten! my thoughts go out to his family and friends ♥

Comment by Lara Sparenberg

That’s really cool.
Happy Birthday Jimmy!

Comment by Kelly

Happy birthday Jimmy! <3

Comment by a tough cookie (@SusannaNO2)

Happy Birthday Jimmy, and keep on shining foREVer!

Comment by Jake R.

[…] check out to find out how Jimmy will Shine foREVer. Posted in Avenged Sevenfold Tags: a7x, avenged […]

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This is amazing now wen i look up i’ll always find jimmys star first he may be gone but his spirit is still with us in our hearts… Memories is all we have but still love him dearly… R.I.P. Worlds best drummer “the rev”

Comment by A7X forever

Best gift ever. You and your friends are amazing, Ms. DBN.

Comment by sara lau (@Sara_lje)

This is truly amazing. We were lucky to had have him and shared his music. He will always be missed, admired and mostly he will always be loved. Happy birthday Rev. Now you’ll be OUR lucky star, that we turn to when we look up at the dark sky.

Comment by Ari Sullivan

Wow! What an awesome gift for everyone! Thank you DBN!
Jimmy is foREVer in our hearts!

Comment by Tasha Ross Yetter

Happy Birthday James Owen Sullivan foREVer in our hearts

Comment by John Loui Estrada

thank you for making my day the way a good jimmy moment always would, foREVer strong. happy birthday jimmy, now we can have a cold one together

Comment by sparrow

the most epic thing as always done by avenged sevenfold fans <3. wonder how the guys and jimmy's parents reacted when they found out about this :D

Comment by Steph

That is amazing.. <3

Happy 31st Birthday Jimmy!


Comment by Neon Jedi

Happy Birthday Jimmy. Never Forgotten, Always Missed. foREVer. :)

Comment by Jackson Stringer

Happy birthday Jimmy, we all miss you so much!
You’ll be foREVer in our hearts<3
DBN, the gift is just truly amazing, now Jimmy can shine as the star he always was, forever

Comment by Cassie

Amazing!! Jimmy will be with us forever

Comment by Luana Giannese (@LuanaGiannese)

This is an amazing gift! I found this quite weird in good way because the first time I listened to Fiction, the song, I saw the big dipper for the first time in my life. It was like he was looking down on me. Happy birthday Jimmy we all love you <3

Comment by Jessica

I know what you mean. I jumped on the A7X wagon late so I didn’t see him live but the combination of Fiction and the guitar solo from So Far Away hit home for me and moved me so much that it changed my life in an instant. Like you said, Jimmy’s story and amazing music, and the A7X family have changed many of us. I know I strive every day to be good and kind enough to remain part of it!! :)

Comment by Anne Stenslien

foREVer young and free.

Comment by Revenant

That is the most amazing thing ever!

Happy 31st Birthday Jimmy!!

foREVer in our hearts


Comment by Shell

OMG that’s great!!

Comment by law!

How amazing! Happy birthday Jimmy! <3

Comment by Anonymous

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

What an awesome gift for Jimmy and his family; I’m sure they loved it! Great to know we can always see Jimmy when we look into the night sky now. =)

Comment by Kel

This has to be one of the most thoughtful, appropriate memorials I’ve ever heard. And I love that I can look up any night and see Jimmy’s star. foREVer

Happy 31st, Jimmy.

Comment by Star

This is absolutely, positively perfect. :’)

Comment by KimberlY

So honored to be part of this. Jimmy has had such an impact on my life. On every life he touched. He continues to every single day. He will shine forever. <3

Happy Birthday Jimmy! I love you and thank you!! I know you are looking out for each and every one of us. <3 <3 <3

Comment by Kristen D

That is a truly unique, wonderful gift!

Happy 31st birthday Jimmy,
Hannah x

Comment by H


Comment by Rena (@RenA7X_Spain)

Happy Birthday Jimmy! What a unique and awesome gift, very thoughtful and memorable, just like Jimmy! He will always be remembered foREVer.

Comment by Carmen Feuling

There is no greater pain than that of a mother who has had to bury a child. I too have lost a son, my son was killed by a drunk driver. Birthdays are very hard. I share in her grief. And my heart goes out to his family.

Comment by Rosalie Quilantan

<3 foREVer

Comment by ebzblackcherry

What an awesome way to remember a wonderful person!! He literally WILL shine on foREVer. Hard to believe Jimmy would’ve been 31. Happy Birthday, Jimmy. Love him always.

Comment by Sian

Happy Birthday Jimmy!~~ <3

Comment by Hanna

Happy Birthday Jimmy! I just wanna say thanks again for making such a positive impact on my life as well as many, many others. You and your music will never be forgotton.

A7X foREVer

Also much respect to DBN for your courteousness.

Comment by Andrew D

That’s awesome…He will be foREVer missed..

Comment by ashleigh

That’s simply amazing! After this post, and the one from Jimmy’s mum, I’m nearly breaking down in tears of happiness :’) RIP Jimmy <3

Comment by Amanda :)

That’s really cool!!! Happy Birthday, Jimmy!!!

Comment by Alyssa E

Aww, sweet idea.

Happy birthday, Jimmy <3

Comment by SS

That’s so beautiful and touching. <3 Nothing on this earth makes me happier than to know I'm a part of this family… also: Great Bear makes me think of 'Big Bear'. You guys could not have chosen a more perfect star. HA! We love you, Jimmy. Happy Birthday babe! <3

Comment by Atrum

The Reverend Will Neverend!
Happy Bir†hday Jimmy
Forever & E†ernally

Comment by J1&ONLY

Truly an awesome gift! Makes me very happy to be part of this family as well. Thank you!!

Happy Birthday Jimmy. You may be missed but you are clearly not forgotten!! <3 foREVer

Comment by Andrea Lam

Thank you Kortney, Charlie, Jessica, Jake, Kristen, Elizabeth and Deathbat News for this thoughtful gift. What a delightful, imaginative and endearing “Jimmy” memoriam – he loved the night sky. I’ll take the liberty of thanking you on behalf of the entire extended A7X family too – now we can all share our wishes on the same star. Very special!
Love & wishes,
Jimmy’s mom

Comment by Barbara Sullivan

It was an honor to be able to do something like this for your family. Thank YOU for always keeping the Avenged family in your mind on days like this. We appreciate all of the heartfelt words you share with us, Mrs Sullivan.

Comment by deathbatnews

That’s beautiful, DBN!
Thank you and your friends for doing it on behalf of us the fans.

Happy Birthday Jimmy – we love you.

Comment by Loghen

That is a good idea about the star! And we love and miss you Jimmy! foREVer!!!! <3

Comment by Ciera

That is a fantastic birthday present! I have a new star to wish on. Happy birthday Jimmy, you are one of my greatest inspirations, and will be foREVer <3

Comment by Lindsay

Happy Birthday Jimmy <3 We love & miss you very much <3

Comment by Chelsea

Thank you, DBN. Such a beautiful and appropriate gift! Happy Birthday, Jimmy! <3

Comment by Sandra Caldwell

This is such a beautiful present! I love the stars, its nice to know that i can look up and know that Jimmy’s looking back. Happy belated Birthday Jimmy, we love you. foREVer <3

Comment by shelby

Happy Birthday my hero,The Rev
I’ll miss you foREVer

Comment by JOE

I know this is late and I apologize. Happy Birthday Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. That is awesome to hear and I’m sure he would appreciate the gift.

Comment by Ghostflame83

that is the coolest fucking thing ive ever heard in my life.

Comment by Josh

Just now seeing this. That is beyond amazing!

Comment by JaCaria

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