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Philippine Concerts Announce Avenged Sevenfold Live In Manila.
February 9, 2012, 6:23 pm
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Philippine Concerts have announced that Avenged Sevenfold will be heading to Manila in 2012. The rumored date for this show is Apr 26th. This has not been confirmed by Avenged Sevenfold at this time.


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Damn that would be a good time to visit my homeland!! Why are my 2 favorite bands overseas this year??

Comment by A H (@MsAngieWow)

Thats my birthday D: A7X Y U NO COME TO SAN DIEGO ON MY BDAY?

Comment by Anonymous

That would be fuckin’ awesome. Tons of mothufuckass (including me) eagerly await that day. Wew!!!!

Comment by XcarminA7X

thousands of fans here waiting!!!! \m/

Comment by alecz

This is completely unrelated, but what ever happened to a Buried Alive video???? I’ve been waiting forever!

Comment by Matt

yea I know. I cant imagine it would take this long since all the fans already recorded all the footage

Comment by Zach

remember they said they were doing a live DVD or CD or something as well? I bet they release the Buried Alive video with that, whenever that may be.

Comment by Anonymous

They didn’t say they were doing one they said they had entertained the idea of it.

Comment by deathbatnews

I really hope they do something along those lines.

Comment by Anonymous

what happened to the link?
i really hope they go

Comment by victoria

Perhaps it wasn’t something they were supposed to announce because details were not/are not final.

Comment by deathbatnews


Comment by Nicole

I’m gonna cry! adsfkbsdkjhfhnskdjhsd It’s been my dream to see them for so long! I get finally to see the band that saved my life :’>

Comment by Steph

Looks like Mr.Reaper and I are taking a trip to my homeland.

Comment by MissREAPER (@xMrsReaperX)

Totally off-topic but goooorl I’m about to have a meltdown…

Bruno Mars won nothing, NOTHING!
I mean Adele is the shit and she was slaying our faves back and forth since last year but I mean, 6 nominations and no award?
Remember when I asked you if you thought the Academy would give Adele the Mariah treatment and you said she would sweep?
Well you were right, but they did give the Mariah treatment to him.
It’s already bad enough that Britney only has one and that Avenged Sevenfold doesn’t get nominated, now they’re going after my other fave too? What kinda merciless fuckery?!


Comment by Loghen

I’m not a fan of Bruno Mars but I understand how you’re feeling via Katy Perry (who had a killer performance.) I think after the year she had they could have at least given her “Best Pop Solo Performance.” Adele was destined to sweep, especially after her having to get surgery and then this being her big night back to the stage. She did an absolutely wonderful job though. With her around no one else was winning last night which makes it a little easier to stomach that Britney didn’t get nominated for anything. And, as much as I like Gaga (The Fame/The Fame Monster era) I’m glad her novelty is wearing off.

Comment by deathbatnews

this is why the grammy’s are worthless. they screw people over and don’t recognize anyone worthwhile (for the most part). I mean, any award ceremony that gives the Foo Fighters the nod over Dream Theater, Mastodon, and Megadeth, in a Hard Rock/Metal category, and also gives Chris Brown an award for anything needs to just go away.

Comment by Anonymous

Cant Wait ow Shit!

Comment by John Loui Estrada

i hope they do come here! we already missed the first A7X asian tour with The Rev :(

Comment by Jo Sirius

Guys! we are waiting like crazy bitches!!
here in costa rica! please!
we are waiting for u!

Comment by Anonymous

More details for Avenged Sevenfold Manila concert 2012.. Thank you… ;-)

Comment by mai largo

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