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Avenged Sevenfold Set To Return To The Far And Middle East This Spring.
February 13, 2012, 4:46 pm
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Avenged Sevenfold have announced they will be traveling to the Far and Middle East beginning April 16th in Tokyo, Japan that will end in a special show in Dubai, UAE on May 4th. Tour dates can be found below as well as quotes from M Shadows about heading overseas and the bands plans to perform at the Orion Music + More Festival. Keep an eye out for ticket information in your city.

“We are excited to go back to the Far and Middle East,” said Avenged Sevenfold front man M. Shadows. “We played to some of the most amazing crowds when we toured the album there, and we can’t wait to bring our live show back to our friends in those regions.”

Long time friends Metallica have asked Avenged Sevenfold to perform at the first ever Orion Music + More at Bader Field in Atlantic City, NJ, on June 24th.  M. Shadows had this to say:  “We really hadn’t planned to play the United States in 2012. But after Lars called to describe their plans for Orion and asked us to join them, we decided there’s no way we would miss it.”

14th Kanagawa, Japan
16th Tokyo, Japan Zepp
18th Nagoya, Japan Diamond Hall
19th Osaka, Japan Hatch
22nd Taipei, Taiwan Taipei University Auditorium
24th Bangkok, Thailand Thunder Dome
26th Manila, Philippines Araneta
28th Singapore, Singapore The Coliseum @ Hard Rock Hotel
29th Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Stadium Negara

1st Jakarta, Indonesia Carnaval Beach
4th Dubai, UAE Flash Forum


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Dubai? Holy shit, that’ll be dope

Comment by pinkyandthesheep

I’m so happy for those fans that never seen the band in these last 2 years.

Comment by [sullivan]

What about Israel? Israel has a huge fanbase yet A7X never came to the area. I’m happy for the asian fans, though, I wish it would be the same for Israel.

Comment by Tomer

It’s all about contacting your promoters and letting them know you want Avenged Sevenfold there.

Comment by deathbatnews


Comment by victoria


Comment by Viknes

Really? Taiwan but no Hong Kong?
Sigh…..I’ve been praying hard for the band to perform in HK…sigh….

Comment by Carol


Comment by Sha Hernàndez

I think LAMC productions are in charge! Their official twitter page lists Avenged Sevenfold as one of the concerts they’re gonna manage :)

Comment by A

Do you know why Dubai is removed from their site?

Comment by Cha

Its because they made a mistake, they’re playing in Abu Dhabi’s Think Flash Arena, not Dubai.

Comment by Chahla

oh my god, I hope the shows won’t be rated! :( The last time GC came to Singapore it was rated M18, dammit.

Comment by LRT

Happy to hear that the guys are going to be doing things but honestly they need to take a break and relax a minute. They work way way wayyy too hard! They are an inspiration! I also hope that Arin will get to record some with the band soon so that we can see how he’s going to work out. I wish them all luck and safe trips!!

Comment by Selisa

You guys are finally coming down to Malaysia.
Fuck yeah! My dream is coming true! :D

Comment by Ankie

Does anyone know if A7X canceled their UAE show or not? It was taken down from the site and until now there is nothing about it! Are they still going or what?

Comment by veexx

I think they took it down because they’ve realized that FlashForum isn’t in Dubai, it’s in Abu Dhabi. Therefore, the concert is in Abu Dhabi : )

Comment by Salma Yousif

Anyone got any idea what’s going on with the Abu Dhabi gig? We’re flying over from Australia and seriously need confirmation so we can book flights. . . ThinkFlash won’t confirm anything. I hope it’s not cancelled. :(

Comment by Casey Pierpoint

wouldn’t it be easier to see the show somewhere like japan, or malaysia or something since its closer :p ?

Comment by Salma Yousif

We’re doing Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and hopefully Abu Dhabi! The UAE gig is the one I’m most keen for haha.

Comment by Casey Pierpoint

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