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Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale Wants Collaboration With M Shadows.
February 14, 2012, 9:32 am
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Halestorm front-woman Lzzy Hale recently spoke with Loudwire and mentioned M Shadows as someone she would love to collaborate with.

“I would also love at some point in time to do a duet with M. Shadows from Avenged [Sevenfold] because I just love his voice; M. Shadows if you’re listening, I think we’d be good together. [Laughs] We toured with those guys, too, and they’re really sweet.”

“There was one time when we had a party back stage and [Avenged] threw this little gathering and on one side of the room was wine tasting and on the other side of the room was a tattoo guy giving everybody tattoos which I thought was amazing. [Laughs] So which side do I start on? I guess I’ll start on the wine tasting and see if I make it over to the tattoo guy.”

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Who doesn’t want a ‘duet’ with Matt? Hahaha

Comment by Jill


Comment by Cory


Comment by Lindseyy:)

Ain’t that the truth ;)

Comment by Stormie

1) that would be amazing, because i love halestorm.
2) she has a really nice voice. it’s different & not something you hear every day. put them together &… i think it could be really good.

Comment by Brea

I’ve always said how awesome it would be to hear Matt & Lzzy do a song together, and if it becomes a reality… I will be so happy. Two incredible voices, together on one song… \m/

Comment by Aaron

That would be fantastic!!! Their voices would compliment each other and the song would be totally epic :) would love to hear them collaborate!

Comment by nikka manwarren

That would be awesome! She’s got one hell of a voice to work with and I’d love to see what they came up with together! Hope it pans out someday.

Comment by River

Do It For Halestorm/PA Fans Shadz

Comment by Brian mohn

Hmmm M.Shadows getting some action from Halestorm

Comment by Anonymous

I certainly hope they tour together again in the future.

Comment by Cory

Yes!!! :)

Comment by BT

I would be here for this.

Comment by Loghen

Come on Shads! I wanna hear a duet! 2 GREAT voices on 1 song!!!!

Comment by foREVer Avenged

“Do It” in my Zacky V voice!!!

Comment by Anonymous

I would love to see this happen!! Shad’ and Hale’s voice would be amazing in unison. They would compliment each others voices so good.. I hope this happens cause it would be eargasmic to hear. trololol!

Comment by shelby!!

Yes it would!

Comment by BT

I really hope M. Shadows takes this idea into consideration. I’ve always wanted Lzzy Hale to collaborate with Avenged Sevenfold! I think they would sound great together!

Comment by Aaisha


Comment by Bobbi

That would be a dream come true. Holy shit. Lzzy and Matt in the same song together? My two vocal heroes. Seriously, that would probably end up being one of my favorite songs of all time.


Comment by Atrum

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