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Arin Ilejay And John Aldridge Give Avenged Sevenfold’s Deathbat A Makeover.
March 4, 2012, 7:16 pm
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Arin Ilejay is a lover of all things Walt D. and it shows in this custom engraved drum that was engraved just for him by John Aldridge. It features not only Avenged Sevenfold’s Deathbat but also a.. Goofybat, Donaldbat and a Mickeybat.

“The drum in this album was engraved for my friend Arin Ilejay, the drummer for the band Avenged Sevenfold. It features a classic style scroll design with a few unexpected elements. There are three large “Disneyfied” versions of the A7X Deathbat, and a few more of the Deathbats that the usual A7X fans would expect. I may have gotten a little carried away with the wings.”

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With how big of a Disney nerd I am I absolutely love this.

Comment by deathbatnews

How childish… and awesome.

Comment by Cory

That is absolutely bad ass. I love it.

Comment by April

That is soooo awesome!!

Comment by Nerissa Ramirez

I’m a huge disney nerd so this is mind-blowingly awesome:)

Comment by Tyler

How awesome! I’m at Disneyland right now!

Comment by Brittney

I’m completely in love with this!

Comment by Kelsi Anne Marshall

aww how cute <3

Comment by Heather Ann

This is perfect. My two favorite things brought together. :’)

Comment by Renee


Comment by Loghen

haha omg that is ridiculously cool!!!! :)

Comment by Alicia S.

Those deathbat designs are really cool :)

Comment by Konor

Amazing and I love every part of it!
Mickeybat rocks!!!

Comment by Carol

haha I love CLASSIC Disney too, up until 2003 when it started to suck

Comment by Anonymous

Why disneyland? If we have Amsterdam.

– M Shadows’s shirt, Bat Country video.

Comment by avenged?

I’m kind of upset with this, the deathbat isn’t for Arin to change, but at least it wasn’t murdered… it’s cute :D

Comment by Ginger James

Uh he didnt change THE Deathbat, he just put his spin on it on HIS drum.

Comment by Cal

The deathbat is trademarked, hope he doesn’t get in trouble, lol.

Comment by Anonymous

why would he get into trouble????that makes no sense……….the drummer from un d vided has a rev deathbat painted on his kit…..this kit is an avenged sevenfold inspired kit that he will be playing with…………avenged sevenfold. and he didnt come into your family….hes more apart of the a7x family than you are…..being part of the band at this present time and all

Comment by Nathan

meh, i guess if you like disney
but why ruin something thats almost been the
same for years?

Comment by Anonymous

He didnt ruin it if he likes it. He didnt get it done to please everyone else, he got it done for himself on his drum. Not that hard to understand. Its just like someone putting their spin on a Deathbat tattoo, it’s theirs so they can do as they please with it.

Comment by Cal

in that case
ill do my own deathbat and put
gary buseys face instead of a skull

Comment by Anonymous

Lol go for it, if that’s what you want to do. In this case, and many others where I have seen personalized Deathbats, it actually means something to someone clashing two things they love together.

Comment by Cal

So, you’re saying that the deathbat with jimmy’s skull ruins the deathbat? Arin paid a tribute to the characters he loves and to the deathbat itself!

Comment by vitor brasil

how would you feel if someone
came into your family and changed
the very thing you stood for?
yea personalizing it but keeping the skull
personalizing it and throwing mickey mouse on it
yeah….ruins the whole point.

Comment by Anonymous

Whatre you gonna do? Put Mickey hands on a skull? Put Goofy’s hat on a Deathbat? Youre taking this WAY too seriously dude, lol.

Comment by Cal

excuse you, I am not a dude

Comment by Anonymous

Awww yeah! That is so freaking Tight, love the Goofybat :D

Comment by Harley Quinn

It looks awesome!

Comment by JaCaria

ilove it it is so awsome

Comment by joey

I don’t understand why everyone is getting upset that he has his own deathbat characters. Get over it. I mean, when Cam Rackam made the members of Avenged in deathbat form, people weren’t saying “he killed it” and when the RevBat became big, people didn’t complain. My ArinBat on my arm, nobody complains about that… So why complain with something he wanted on his drum?

Comment by Alikz

“My ArinBat on my arm”

You have Arin tattooed?

Comment by Loghen

I Got one… Ill put a picture of Papa Gates with wings coming out of his head.. could be his new profile picture of facebook! Papa Bat!

Comment by alec

Haha yes, that would be my drummer’s dad. Looks fantastic Mr. Aldridge!

Comment by Kyle

Omg. I love Disney and A7X fan. I think thats the coolest thing ever!

Comment by Anonymous

Love it!! Disney and A7X, got to be the best thing ever =) x

Comment by Shell

As the engraver, I thought the Disneyfied Death bats showed the really whimsical side of Arin. But seriously folks, it’s just a drum for one guy honoring a few of the things that make him happy: Number one, being the drummer for A7X, and number two, his favorite cartoon characters. Granted, he liked the Disney characters before he joined A7X, so maybe the disney folks can complain about how he ruined their mousehead with batwings!

Comment by Anonymous

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