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Revolver Magazine Release Exclusive “The Book Of Avenged Sevenfold” Issue Covers For Sale.
March 13, 2012, 12:24 pm
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Revolver Magazine have uncovered a few issues of “The Book Of Avenged Sevenfold” that were part of a limited edition box-set in 2010. These covers were printed exclusively for the box-set and were never made available on their own until now for only $9.99 a piece. These are only available in very limited quantities so make sure you get yours now!


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The Johnny one is calling my name.

Comment by Jill

I think we know who this is :P JCAP!!!

Comment by The Great Cornholio

Is it the same book, just with different covers? Please answer!

Comment by Andrea


Comment by deathbatnews

I want one with all… But I’ve got basic problem: money.. :(

Comment by Synystra

Eh, I forgot.. Maybe it’s not available in Poland?
Like everything that’s fun… ;(

Comment by Synystra

How much would delivery be to the UK? really need this magazine :(

Comment by Kirsty

I just bought my copy, cost £12.75 in total

Comment by Melissa

Thank you SO much for posting this – I was just thinking the other day about trying to search for these on the net (last time I tried I had no luck).

Comment by Alyssa

This is awesome. I’m super tempted to buy the ZV one…

Comment by Sara S.

thank you so much for posting this, called my mom shes buying me all four of the ones of just there face xD so excited

Comment by Karly

Thank you for posting this! I’m getting the one with all of them now!!! Can’t wait:)

Comment by Michelle

just ordered mine with ZV on it. Super excited can’t wait till it comes :)

Comment by Anonymous

damn! the link won’t open!D:

Comment by Denise

They’re both working fine for me.

Comment by deathbatnews

That is awesome! I’ll have to pick them up! On a sort of unrelated, but related, note…does anyone watch The Voice? I was channel surfing Monday night, and it looked like Miranda Lambert was wearing a big deathbat ring. I don’t know, just throwing it out there in case anyone else mihgt have noticed.

Comment by Christen

Is the Johnny Christ one the only one that’s left now?

Comment by Daniela J

If he’s the only one left than yes. This morning only him and Zacky were left.

Comment by deathbatnews

Are they all gone?? I couldn’t find them):

Comment by Anonymous

Looks like it!

Comment by deathbatnews

dammit, I’m so late for this Dx I really am searching for this in a long time… AND I MISSED THE FUCKING CHANCE :'(((((

Comment by whatthevengenz

some one help me i realy realy need to know were to buy the books i want they realy bad so help me deathbatnews tell me i can buy they thankz…

Comment by michelle shadows 777

They’re sold out now.

Comment by deathbatnews

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