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Nominations Now Open For The Kerrang! Awards 2012.
April 8, 2012, 8:51 pm
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Kerrang! have opened up the nominations for the Kerrang! Awards 2012. Avenged Sevenfold, including separate members, can be nominated for quite a few of the categories like “Best Single*,” “Best Live Band,” and “Best International Band.” While we’re at it, lets support some of the family by nominating Brian Haner Sr for “Best Comedian” and the Rockstar Uproar Festival as “Best Festival.” – *When voting for “Best Single” try to stick with the 2011 release “Buried Alive.”

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DONE! Go Papa Gates!!!!! A7X & Rockstar Uproar!!!!

Comment by foREVer Avenged

The winner is avenged sevenfold,because a7x its my favorit band in my heart,so a7x org deathbat is winner!!

Comment by matthew indra baker

Go Papa Gates!!

Comment by Anonymous

go papa gates, avenged sevenfold in my fucking heart.

Comment by jimmy

Haha! Go A7X and Papa Gates!!
But we can vote for Zacky too, as Tweeter of the year!
And all of them on Hottest Male..

Comment by Synystra

Voted for A7X and Brian Sr!

Comment by Cal

I voted for them too! Let’s get them where they are supposed to be – Winning! ♥ Best band ♥

Comment by Lara Sparenberg

Voted for A7X and Brian Sr. – gonna vote some more tomorrow!

Comment by JaCaria

We can vote for So Far Away to right. We don’t need to vote for Buried Alive?

Comment by Ids

It would be easier to focus on the newest single which would be “Buried Alive.”

Comment by deathbatnews

I voted! I believe Buried Alive is the best single!

Comment by Anonymous

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