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Avenged Sevenfold’s Kawasaki, Japan Set-List.
April 14, 2012, 7:04 pm
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Heather from Deathbat-JP was kind enough to send in the set-list from Avenged Sevenfold’s show in Kawasaki, Japan.

1. Nightmare
2. Critical Acclaim
3. Welcome To the Family
4. Almost Easy
5. Buried Alive
6. So Far Away
7. Afterlife
8. Beast and Harlot
9. A Little Piece of Heaven
10. Bat Country

11. Fiction
12. Unholy Confession


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I’m jelly. Never seen them do Fiction <3
And I absolutely loved when they played ALPOH at uproar. That's a keeper :)

Comment by Lindseyy:)

I wonder if they will play Natural Born Killer in this tour, that song is gonna bring the house down!

Comment by Carol

doubt it. they even said they’re playing their most heard songs for the benefit of fans in those regions because they as less known there.

Comment by Anonymous

will this be the setlist for the rest of the asian tour?

Comment by Ryan Abeles (@RyanAbeles)

Should be. If anything changes it will be posted.

Comment by deathbatnews

Kind of similiar but it doesn’t matter. They might change it up every shows who knows. I cant wait for videos to pop up though!

Comment by Joel Paz

I was so happy with the setlist when they played Mt.Pleasant, MI last summer. All the regular songs, plus ALPOH, Save Me, and I they played Fiction @ the Palace show earlier that year.

Comment by Jovan

I hope this set list is just for the Asian run of shows. It would be extremely disappointing if they don’t mix up this set list somewhat when they play Mohegan Sun and the Orion festival shows. How about opening with something besides Nightmare? How about playing Trashed & Scattered, Burn It Down, Not Ready To Die, Danger Line, Scream? Not the same tunes played every show since 2010.

Comment by Mike D.

Is it just me, or playing Nightmare and follow it up with Critical Acclaim seems like a waste of intro power. Like, both of those songs are perfect for a starting song and having one of them play second doesn’t seem right.

If they saved Nightmare for the intro to the encore that would seem a little more fitting.

Comment by newbs28

I agree to an extent. Nightmare and Critical Acclaim are definitely openers, but they’ve been touring for Nightmare. No way you’re not going to open with that. And I’d be bummed if they didn’t still play Critical Acclaim, so I’d rather have them play it second than not at all.

Comment by Cory

Until they make a new album, they pretty much have to open with Nightmare. It’s hands down their biggest song right now and it has the most intro power. They opened with Critical Acclaim for every show they did in support of their self-titled album so I’m pretty sure they’re tired of opening with that too. I’ve seen them 4 times since Nightmare was released, and it’s just as powerful of an intro every time.

Comment by Mullet

Well said Newbs. Totally agree. Nightmare would a great encore. They need to mix it up a bit. Critical Acclaim is a great opener but so would be Second Hearbeat or Almost Easy or Chapter Four!

Comment by Mike D.

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